GH Update Thursday 12/5/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/5/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Mac was in the hall outside Maxie's apartment, talking to Felicia on the phone. He was eager to tell Maxie that Robin was alive. Ellie let him in and Mac asked if Maxie was asleep. Ellie said Maxie was gone. Mac called Maxie's cell and left her a voicemail. Ellie told Mac how Maxie had come to Spinelli's, wanting to spend time with her daughter and how she wouldn't leave until Spinelli threatened to call the police. Ellie knew how this sounded. Mac clarified that it sounded like Spinelli was cold and unfeeling. Ellie said Spinelli was neither, and she wouldn't hold this against him. She explained that Spinelli didn't want to turn Maxie away, but he had to, unless he wanted to lose custody of their daughter. Mac called Felicia back. She still hadn't heard from Maxie. Ellie could tell that Mac was worried. Mac explained that Maxie lived moment to moment and couldn't imagine what life would be like six months from now. Mac hoped his news would give Maxie an example to live by. Mac grinned as he told Ellie about Robin. Ellie had heard lots of good things about Robin, and she was sure Spinelli would be thrilled by the news. Mac knew Maxie would be, too. Ellie shared that she'd been inspired by Robin's great lab skills. Mac said almost everyone loved Robin. Ellie realized he was excluding Sabrina. Ellie was curious about where things stood between Patrick and Sabrina. Mac didn't know. Mac asked Ellie to call him if he heard from Maxie. Ellie told Mac again that she was happy that they had Robin back. Mac said now he needed Maxie back, and he left. Ellie's phone rang. She hoped it would be Maxie, but it was someone looking for Ellie. The person told her something unexpected.

Robin and Anna were in Anna's suite. Anna handed Robin a coffee and asked if Felicia took Emma to school. Robin said yes and that she (Robin) rode in the elevator with Emma to see her off. Anna thought it was good for Emma to be kept on her old routine. Robin agreed, but she admitted that if it were up to her, she would have kept Emma there and cuddled with her all day. Robin confessed that having Emma with her would have distracted her from Patrick's absence. They had a heart to heart and Robin explained that she had imagined that she'd walk in the door and reunite with her family, who'd been waiting for her. Robin was glad that Patrick and Emma went on without her instead of staring at her picture for two years, but she had dreamed that things would go back to normal when she returned. Robin said that Jerry had woken her up from that dream when he showed her the DVD and she learned about Sabrina. Anna told Robin that after two years of psychological torture, she shouldn't blame herself for not anticipating this. Robin felt like she should have known that Patrick wouldn't become a monk after she “died.” Anna told Robin that she had done what any normal person would do and clung to the truth that everyone loved her and would be happy she was back. Robin agreed that Patrick was happy she was alive, but she pointed out that he'd made other commitments. Anna acknowledged that people would have to make adjustments and that someone might get hurt, but she told Robin that was all Faison's fault, not Robin's. Robin wasn't so sure. She told her mom about the video she made in which she urged Patrick to find love after she died, for his sake and for Emma's. Robin asked how she could blame Patrick for doing what she told him to. Anna told Robin that no one was blaming anyone for anything.

Robin told Anna that she watched the entire wedding and couldn't believe what she was seeing. According to Robin, the things she said in the DVD had been an abstract idea; she never truly thought there would be a living breathing person taking her place in her family. Robin moaned that Patrick took her advice and fell in love with someone who fell in love with him, too. Anna hugged Robin. Anna pointed out that Robin had two years to think about this, while Patrick hadn't had any time at all. Robin admitted that she wasn't being fair. Anna countered that she was being human. Robin explained that she refused to go home with Patrick last night, because he hadn't broken things off with Sabrina. Robin said all she could do now was wait and see what he did. Anna told Robin that Patrick had gone to a really dark place when Robin “died.” According to Anna, Sabrina was a sweet girl who helped Patrick through his grief, but she wasn't the woman he changed his life for or the woman who gave him Emma or the woman he married. Anna was confident that Patrick would choose Robin. Robin wished she shared her mother's certainty.

Robin was still trying to come to terms with all the changes that happened while she was gone. Babies had been born and Jason and Edward had died. Anna made sure Robin knew that the medicine she developed to combat Jason's brain tumor had been a success. Robin bemoaned the fact that Jason had survived that health crisis, only to be shot in the back by Faison. Robin was touched when Anna told her Edward saved Emma's life – he refused to take the antidote Tracy stole for him to protect him from the poison Jerry put in the water supply, and he gave it to Emma instead. Anna told Robin that it wasn't all grim. Anna added that if Mac and Felicia could find their way back to each other, so could Patrick and Robin. Robin said it was difficult not to feel like an interloper in the life Sabrina, Patrick and Emma built together. Anna told Robin it was her life and she was allowed to want it back. Robin wasn't sure her wants mattered. She said that if Patrick didn't want Sabrina, he would have broken up with her already. Anna asked Robin if Patrick would be the man she loved if he immediately broke up with Sabrina after all she did for him. Robin admitted that it was unrealistic to think that Patrick would just walk way from Sabrina last night. Anna didn't think the decisions had to be made immediately. Robin knew that Patrick would eventually have to make a final choice. According to Robin, she wouldn't blame Patrick if he decided that Robin was his past and Sabrina was his future.

Robin wanted to get some air. Anna offered to drive her around, but Robin wanted to be alone. Anna joked that she'd like to shackle herself to Robin's leg, but she figured that if Emma could handle going to school and being away from Robin, she could, too. They hugged. Robin thanked Anna for rescuing her, keeping her sane and taking care of Patrick and Emma. Robin said Anna would always be her hero. Anna considered Robin her hero, too. After Robin left, Mac stopped by, looking for Maxie. Anna told him she hadn't seen her.

Sonny called Shawn into his office. He gave him a picture of Carlos and told him to watch him around the clock and do an investigation on him. Sonny remembered that Shawn had already had a run in with Carlos and asked if he could handle him. Shawn was confident that Carlos wouldn't be a problem. According to Sonny, Julian and Ava thought they were untouchable, due to their relationships with Danny and Morgan. Sonny thought his organization could get to the Jeromes another way. Shawn asked if Sonny wanted him to kill Carlos. Sonny wanted to send a message to the Jeromes, but he couldn't make a move on Carlos until he made sure he wasn't family. Sonny reached into his desk and pulled out a picture of his late wife Lily Rivera. He explained that she was his the daughter of a mobster from Puerto Rico. Sonny took over her father's territory. Lily had been pregnant with Sonny's child when she was been killed by a bomb her father planted to kill Sonny. Sonny said Lily was special and she deserved better than he gave her. Sonny thought the chances of Carlos being in Lily's family were slim. However, he felt he owed it to Lily to leave Carlos alone until he was sure he wasn't related to her. Sonny made it clear that Carlos would be killed if he wasn't Lily's relative.

At the nurses' station, Patrick looked at an “in memoriam” photograph of Robin that was on the counter. Another doctor wondered why Patrick wasn't on his honeymoon. Patrick didn't respond. It was as if he was in a daze. Felix walked up and warned the other doctor that Epiphany was upset about something he did. The man left so he could stay out of her sight. Felix told Patrick they needed to talk. Patrick tried to avoid Felix, but Felix insisted that they talk, because Sabrina was his best friend. Patrick finally got fed up and demanded to know what Felix wanted. Felix revealed that Sabrina was missing. Patrick was concerned and wanted details. Felix explained that Sabrina had asked Felix and Brad to give her a minute alone, then she slipped out of the church. Felix hadn't been able to reach her by phone. Patrick wondered if Sabrina had gone to stay with a friend. Felix said he'd already checked that out. He even tried to file a police report, but couldn't because Sabrina hadn't been missing for 48 hours. Patrick said Sabrina wouldn't hurt herself. Felix agreed, but he still wanted to find her to make sure she was okay. Patrick said that they should try to find her. Felix thought that Patrick had to be the one to find her. Felix said he'd do it, but Sabrina wasn't returning his calls. Felix wasn't sure Sabrina wanted to hear from Patrick, but he was confident that she wouldn't be able to ignore him.

Carlos was walking through his studio apartment. He stubbed his toe on an empty liquor bottle. He picked it up, then sat next to Sabrina's wedding dress. Carlos glanced over at Sabrina, who was asleep in his bed. He waved some coffee in front of her and she woke up. She looked at the shirtless Carlos, then peeked under the covers at herself. Her eyes widened and she asked Carlos what they did. Carlos handed Sabrina some clothes to put on. She smacked him on the back and ordered him to turn away from her. He did and she put a shirt on. Sabrina wondered how she got there and why she had a headache. Carlos told her it was from the tequila she drank. Sabrina flopped back onto the bed, looking regretful. Carlos got her a bottle of water and told her how she ran into him on the pier, crying. Sabrina remembered crying on Carlos's shoulder. Carlos said she asked him to take her somewhere that no one would find her. Sabrina was irritated that he took her to his place, but Carlos explained that he was new in town and he didn't know anywhere else to go that fit the bill.

A panicked Sabrina asked if they slept together. Carlos told her they shared a bed, but nothing happened. Sabrina leapt out of bed and asked why she hadn't been wearing clothes, earlier. Carlos explained that he helped her undress, because he didn't want her to vomit on her wedding dress. Carlos added that he kept his eyes closed and that he'd never take advantage of her. Carlos asked if she knew that, and Sabrina tearfully admitted that she didn't know anything anymore. Sabrina said she knew Robin was dead, and now she was paying the price for not listening to Carlos. Sabrina thought she should have listened to him. Carlos disagreed. He thought she was right to ignore him, because he'd been a jealous, possessive jerk when he came to town and pursued her even after she said she wasn't interested. Sabrina thought Carlos was wrong about himself, but Carlos insisted that he had been all of those things. Sabrina said that if she had listened, Patrick wouldn't have left her at the altar and kissed Robin in front of her. Sabrina's phone rang. Carlos guessed it was Patrick and asked Sabrina what she was going to do.

Back at GH, Patrick urged Sabrina to pick up. Felix's phone rang. He answered and Sabrina told him she was okay. Felix told Sabrina he had feared she was passed out in a ditch. Sabrina admitted she'd been passed out at Carlos's. Felix was shocked and assumed they slept together. Sabrina filled him in, then Felix told her that Patrick freaked out when he found out she was missing. Sabrina was surprised, and Felix told her to call Patrick. Sabrina asked Felix not to tell Patrick she spent the night with Carlos. Patrick walked over and asked Felix if he was talking to Sabrina. Felix hung up and told him it was a false alarm; Sabrina was fine. Patrick wanted to know where she'd been. Felix lied and said she'd spent the night with Joyce, a nurse at GH and that they were currently eating breakfast. Just then, Joyce walked out of the elevator. Patrick pulled Felix into the elevator and ordered him to tell the truth.

Sabrina scurried around Carlos's place gathering her things. Carlos asked her to stay, but Sabrina said she had to go find Patrick, because he was looking for her. Carlos theorized that Patrick had gathered up the courage to break up with her. Felix called Sabrina, but she rejected the call. Sabrina told Carlos he was annihilating the good will he'd built by being so kind to her, last night. Carlos insisted that he was being honest, but Sabrina yelled at him and accused him of trying to undercut her relationship with Patrick so Carlos could get her back. Carlos pointed out that Patrick ran away from her, but Sabrina argued that it wasn't that simple. Sabrina thought there still might be something left to salvage. Sabrina tried to leave, but Carlos grabbed her, spun her around and told her that Patrick didn't love her, but Carlos did.

Felix left Sabrina a voicemail – he'd told Patrick the truth and Patrick was on his way to Carlos's.

Sabrina told Carlos that she didn't return his feelings. Carlos tried to prove her wrong by kissing her. Just then, Patrick walked up and saw them through the open doorway.

The depressed Maxie took flowers to Georgie's grave. Maxie figured that Georgie wouldn't be surprised she was there. Maxie admitted that she screwed up her life. She thought it made sense for her to go to the grave, because her sister always helped her put her life back together. Maxie thought she was beyond repair, this time. Maxie assumed her sister must be appalled by what she'd done to herself, the Falconeris, Spinelli, and worst of all, her daughter. Maxie wondered what she was supposed to do, if she couldn't raise her daughter. She felt like everything was meaningless without her. Maxie thought that the six month waiting period might as well be six years, since no amount of time would change all the lies she told. Maxie didn't think she could just wait for the judge to have a change of heart – she needed her daughter now. Maxie decided there was no point in being here anymore, and took a bottle of pills out of her purse. Maxie believed that as long as she was alive, she'd keep trying to violate the court order, which would hurt Spinelli and the baby. Maxie told herself that the best option would be to protect everyone by removing herself from the equation. Georgie suddenly appeared. Maxie knew Georgie was going to tell her to stop and think and not to go through with it. Georgie told Maxie that if she killed herself, she'd be hurting Mac, Felicia, Spinelli and most of all, her daughter. Maxie told Georgie that doing this was a way to right a wrong and make up for what she'd done to Robin. Georgie told Maxie that there was nothing to make up for – Robin was alive. Maxie hoped Georgie would understand. Georgie replied that she didn't understand, then she realized that Maxie wasn't listening to her. It hit Georgie that Maxie was too consumed by grief to see or hear her. Maxie asked Georgie to forgive her.

Maxie read her suicide note addressed to her family and friends. She assured them that they weren't to blame and apologized if her death hurt them. Maxie said her intentions were to make things easier for everyone. “All I do is hurt other people, and all I do is hurt.” Maxie said being separated from her daughter was too much to bear and trying to be with her would make things worse. “This is the only way out.” Maxie asked Spinelli to take care of their baby and tell her she loved her. Maxie asked Spinelli not to let the baby grow up to be like her. Maxie wanted her to grow up to be kind, bold, loyal and unique with a big heart, like Spinelli. Maxie told her daughter that she loved her, even though she was leaving her. Maxie advised her child to always take her Grandpa Mac's advice and to indulge her Grandma Felicia's by listening to her stories about her Aztec heritage. Maxie added that she should remember that less is more, when it comes to makeup and jewelry. Maxie dumped the pills into her hand and stared at them.

Robin went to the cemetery and stared at her memorial plaque. Georgie squeezed her shoulder, but when Robin turned around, no one was there. Robin walked around the cemetery, looking for the person who touched her. She stumbled upon Maxie and called her name, just as Maxie was about to take the pills.

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