GH Update Wednesday 12/4/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/4/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

In the bride's room, Felix tries to comfort the heartbroken Sabrina. Sabrina can't believe what just happened and feels like she's lost Patrick forever. Felix tries to tell her otherwise, but all Sabrina can think of is how Patrick couldn't take his eyes off of Robin. She thinks he doesn't even want to see her again.  Of course, that's when Patrick enters.

In the church, Robin is being surrounded by loved ones, who are thrilled to see her, especially Mac. Anna joins them and asks where Patrick is. She realizes how confusing it is for everyone. Elizabeth says it's getting figured out and greets her old friend. "You don't call, you don't write." she teases Robin. They joke around a bit until Elizabeth says "Welcome home," and they hug.

An exasperated Carly returns to Luke's hotel room, and tells Bobbie that Jerry is gone. Bobbie wonders how, and Carly tells her that an awning broke his fall. Bobbie wonders how he got away, in his condition, and Carly tells her that Luke thinks that he had help. Bobbie asks where Luke is, and guesses he went after Jerry.

Carlos shows up on the pier, right after Julian has dispatched Jerry. He asks him who that was, and he tells him "Ah, just seeing off an old friend, one who's gonna owe me big time. he's planning on using Jerry in his war against Sonny.

Sonny has invited Duke to his office. They talk about their "common enemy", Julian Jerome.

Julian notices that Carlos is upset, and remembers that it's Carlos's ex is getting married today.  He's surprised when Carlos tells him that Patrick's first wife is alive. 

Back at the church, Robin is being greeted by Epiphany. "Dr. Scorpio-Drake. As I live and breathe. Does this mean you're going to be coming back to the hospital soon?" she says chuckling. She, Robin and Elizabeth share a warm moment until Lucy joins them. "You look so beautiful." says an emotional Lucy to Robin. She gives Robin a big kiss. Anna wants to talk to Robin, so she asks Lucy and Felicia to look after Emma. Mac and Anna take Robin aside to see if she's all right and wants to leave. Robin tells Anna that she told Patrick she would wait for him. Robin didn't realize how hard the reunion would be, but Anna reminds her that that's what kept her alive all that time. Anna tells her that that dream is gone, and now they have to face reality. Mac and Anna try to reassure her that Patrick loves her. They both saw it when he thought Robin was dead.

Felix leaves Patrick and Sabrina alone to talk. Patrick says that they have to talk, but Sabrina says "What more is there to say. You're wife's alive."

Back at Metro Court, Carly tells Bobbie that Luke saw Ava Jerome hanging around. Bobbie is surprised to find that Julian had yet another sister.  Carly says that she doesn't trust Ava and Bobbie says "because she's sleeping with my grandson. What's wrong with her?" she asks. Carly doesn't answer her, so Bobbie continues. "Well, you know, I still can't believe that Julian had yet another sister. They're like termites, those Jeromes. You think they're all dead, and then poof! Out pops another one." Carly asks Bobbie to sit down, and apologizes for not telling her sooner, but it has to do with Lucas. Bobbie says that Carly is scaring her, and Bobbie is shocked when Carly tells her that Julian Jerome is alive.

In Sonny's office, Duke tells him that he just found out about Derek Wells being Julian Jerome. When Sonny questions him, Duke says that he would never have taken a job with him if he had. When Duke calls him "Mr. Corinthos", Sonny asks him to call him by his name. Duke tells him that there are very few people that he hates, but Julian is at the top of the list. Sonny wants Duke's help in taking "the bastard" down.

Carlos tells Julian that he tried t warn Sabrina. Julian suggests that Sabrina is going to need a shoulder to cry on. "It might as well be yours." he says as he sits on the nearby stairs.

Patrick and Sabrina try to deal with Robin's reappearance. Sabrina thinks that Patrick is going to tell her that he's going back to Robin. Patrick is too stunned to say anything. Sabrina tells him that they're through.

In the church, Lucy is torn about leaving Robin and checking on Sabrina. Brad, uses this as an excuse to find Felix. Mac and Felicia are overjoyed to have Robin back. Mac picks up Emma, who says that she's happy too. She's wonders how long Robin can stay with him. Mac is confused, and Emma asks, "Will Mommy have to go back to heaven soon?"

Robin is with Epiphany, whose blubbering all over her, with Anna hovering in the background. Robin asks if Epiphany looked after Patrick for her. Epiphany says that she tried, and was worried that he wouldn't make it. Robin says he did and, thanks her, and everyone who helped get him through.

Patrick tries to explain how he feels to Sabrina, but it's not easy. Sabrina says that it's pretty clear from the way he kissed Robin. He tells her how surreal it is, and he never meant for anything of this to happen. As she hands him the rings, she cries "It's still happening. Sabrina tells him that she knows he didn't mean for any of this happen. She wants him to take the rings, and let her go.

Brad has found Felix, (who's been waiting outside the room), and asks how it's going. Felix start to pretend he wasn't listening, then admits that he can't hear much.

Sam finally gets a few minutes alone with Robin. They talk about Jason, and how much they miss him. Sam tells her about Danny, and who they named him after. Robin says that she can't wait to meet him. Robin tells Sam, "Faison, the man that took Jason from you, was the man that had me locked up this entire time, and you should know that, well, my parents made sure that he will never hurt anyone ever again." Sam hopes it's true. Anna overhears this and leaves.

Anna wanders over to Mac and Felicia, who are trying to tell Emma that Robin doesn't have to go back to heaven. They try to explain to her that mommy never died. When Emma asks how, Anna tells her that a someone played a mean trick on us. Anna says that is' all over now. And out of the mouths of babes, Emma asks, "So does that mean Daddy isn't marrying Sabrina? "

Patrick is having a hard time letting go of Sabrina. Sabrina breaks down as he tells her that he still loves her.

In Sonny's office, Duke tells him that there's no one he wants to hurt more than Julian. Sonny mentions that he basically destroyed Duke's life. "I lost a child because of him." says Duke bitterly. "And he turned my son against me?" Sonny says it's settled, they take the son of a bitch down.  Duke reminds him that Anna doesn't want him anywhere near Jerome, but he will applaud from the side lines. Sonny's hands are tied because Sam needs Jerome for his bone marrow, because of Danny. So they can't go after him directly, and Sonny wants to know who's next in line after Ava. They come up with Carlos Rivera.

Carlos and Julian are still down on the docks. Carlos tells his boss that he's the last person that Sabrina wants to see. Julian can sympathize. "Yeah. Yeah, I get it. Sometimes the people we care about the most... are the ones who push us away. "

As they leave the church, Silas checks on Sam. She tells how happy she is for Patrick and Emma to have Robin back. She admits that she can't help but think how she would feel if Jason came back. He asks her what she would do. She says "nothing. Because it doesn't matter. There are only so many miracles that can go around. I got my miracle when Danny was cured of leukemia. Silas says she doesn't want to get greedy.  She thinks him for coming with her. "It was some wedding, huh?" says Sam. They both chuckle about it. Silas jokes, "And another back from the dead, you know. I mean, is it just me, or is there a lot of that going on in this town? I don't know, says Sam, and just as they round the corner, they run into dear old dad......Julian.

Bobbie can't get over the fact that Julian is alive. Carly says she didn't know how to tell Lucas, and Bobbie gets defensive, and says that Tony was Lucas's father. She says that Julian Jerome was never in Lucas's life. Carly asks if Julian ever knew, and Bobbie wonders how  long it would take him to find out.

Brad and Felix still can't make out anything from inside the bride's room, but they have a moment when their faces come very close together.

Lucy grabs some time with Robin. They catch up, and Robin tells her how glad she is Lucy is back. Lucy gives her a big hug. Robin says that she has to thank her, for bringing back the Nurses' Ball. Robin tells her that she saw a DVD of it, and she loved it.  Lucy tells her it was Sabrina who spearheaded it, because it was important to Patrick. Robin says that she seems like a good person, and Lucy says that she is.

In the bride's room, Patrick tells Sabrina that he loves her, and it wasn't pretend. He meant every word he said at the altar, and she wasn't a replacement. Sabrina (crying) tells him that he can love them both, but he can't have them both. She tells him to choose between her or his wife.

On the pier, Julian tries to talk to Sam, but she wants nothing to do with him.  He tells her that he cares about her and Danny, but she doesn't believe him. He asks about Danny, and Silas tells him that he's all set with bone marrow, if that's what you're asking. Julian swears he isn't, but then Silas goes off on him about his recent actions regarding Sonny. Julian says that it's the other way around. "Oh. Oh, okay. So, uh, so you're denying that you declared war on Sonny?" she asks.

In his office Sonny's ears perk up when he hears the name Carlos Rivera. Duke tells him that Carlos is Julian's #2, and brought him fro Puerto Rico. Duke wonders if Sonny knows the name and he says yea, he knew some Rivera's. Duke tells him that it's a common name. Duke is ready to make a move on Carlos, but Sonny wants to check out Carlos first. "What kind of a move are we talking about?" asks Duke.

At the church, Elizabeth and Robin talk about Emma, and how she's grown. She tells Elizabeth how she was at the Halloween costume ball. Robin gets tearful, when she tells her that Emma introduced Sabrina as her new mommy. Robin says that she saw them together as a family when Patrick was saying their vows.

Patrick tells Sabrina how sorry he is for hurting her, but he's not sorry that Robin is alive. Sabrina says that neither is she, but he should be with wife. They are both in tears, and Patrick runs into Felix and Brad when he leaves. "She's going to need you" and rushes off. Felix tells him "I'm on it." and goes in to comfort his heartbroken friend.

Robin and Elizabeth are still discussing Sabrina and Patrick, and how she told him to go after Sabrina. She wonders what if Patrick doesn't come back but, of course, he does.

Back at Sonny's office, Duke tells him that the only "a monster" like that understands is force. Sonny says that Julian doesn't work like that anymore. Sonny says that he's tearing down his life and organization bit by bit. Besides, says Sonny, he has the upper hand. "How's that?" asks Duke. Sonny tells him that he has someone who knows Jerome better than he knows himself. He wants Duke to work for him.

On the pier, Julian isn't getting anywhere with Sam or Silas. Sam lets Silas go after Julian. "Thank you. Let's be clear. You're using your daughter and her son as a shield to protect your own sorry ass.  And yet it has nothing to do with them." Julian ignores Silas and tells Sam that he just wants a chance. But Sam is adamant and says. " This will be the last time I say this. I don't want to have anything to do with your world, Julian. And I'm sure Lucas doesn't either. Julian doesn't know who Lucas is, and Sam realizes her slip up, grabs Silas and leaves. Carlos returns with another six pack, just as Sam and Silas leave. Julian isn't interested in the beer anymore.

In the bride's room Felix tries to keep positive for Sabrina. Brad is hovering outside. Sabrina feels sorry for Patrick for the choice he has to make. Felix isn't feeling so generous, and asks how Patrick left it. She tells him that he needs time, and that she told him to go back to Robin. Felix tells her that he would do anything to fix this for her He gives her a kiss on the cheek, and tells her that she has to get out of wedding dress. Sabrina recalls how hopeful she was when she got it. She cries realizing how wrong she was.

In the church, Patrick has picked up Emma, who tells him that Mommy doesn't have to go back to heaven. Patrick says that's the best news ever, just as Robin enters the room.    Anna collects everyone outside (even if Mac doesn't want to leave) so they can talk. Anna says that she'll come back and check on her. She reminds them that they have all the time in the world. Robin and Patrick share a kiss, then she asks about Sabrina. He says that she's trying to be strong but she's hurting. Robin says she tried to avoid that, but wants to know how everything is. Patrick is an emotional wreck, but Robin just wants her life back. Robin is upset that Patrick can't make up his mind. He tells her that he wants her to come home with him and Emma. Robin says no.

At Metro Court, Carly hears from her staff that the wedding is called off, "Well, that's why we have deposits." she says, slamming down the phone.  Julian rushes past Carly and Bobbie, and says "What are you looking at? Bobbie says someone had a rough night. Carly tells her, "That was Julian Jerome." Bobbie gasps.

Julian is in the elevator, thinking of Sam's parting words. He wonders who Lucas is.

Duke tells Sonny that Anna has given him an ultimatum about working on the other side of the law. Sonny tells him that Anna doesn't have to know. Sonny tells him to think about his offer, and get back to him. 

Brad enters the bride room, just as Felix rushes out, and says Sabrina's gone. Sabrina heads to the pier sobbing, and runs into Carlos.

Robin asks about Emma's sleeping habits and Mr. Moo. She explains to Patrick that she can't go home as long as he's thinking about Sabrina. Anna and Emma arrive just then, and Anna senses the tension. She suggests that Robin and Emma spend the night with her. Anna smoothes the way and takes Emma outside. Robin and Patrick tell each other how much they love each other before she leaves. They both break down once they are out of each other's sights.

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