GH Update Tuesday 12/3/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/3/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny was in his office looking at a picture of Michael and Morgan taken during happier times. Shawn came in at Sonny's request. Sonny announced that he wanted to strike back against Julian, in retaliation for all the damage he caused. Shawn said that they still hadn't recovered from the shipment Julian sabotaged. Sonny replied that that meant nothing. He was most furious about what Julian did to Morgan. Shawn asked if they were going to do something to hurt Julian's profits, and Sonny said he had something more permanent in mind. Sonny clarified that they couldn't kill Julian, because Danny might need more of his marrow, but they could still hit him close to home. Shawn assumed Sonny was wanted to kill Ava. Shawn thought it made sense, because Ava and Julian were partners in the gallery, and Shawn was convinced that Julian helped Ava con the Quartermaines. Sonny agreed with everything Shawn said, but he said he couldn't kill Ava, because he promised Kiki he wouldn't. Even though Sonny thought Morgan would be better off if Ava died, he knew that killing her would only alienate Morgan and Michael. Sonny asked Shawn if they knew anyone else who was in Julian's circle. Shawn brought up Duke. Shawn wondered why Julian hired his old enemy, and Sonny speculated that Julian had an ulterior motive, just as he had when he got close to Morgan. Sonny figured that Duke wanted Julian taken down as badly as Sonny did.

Anna went to her office and found Duke waiting inside. Duke was relieved that Anna was okay, and Anna apologized for not calling. They hugged and Duke told her that her staff had done an excellent job getting Obrecht processed and put in a cell. Duke asked about Robin, and Anna told him she was at the church. Duke marveled at how he'd gone from being locked in the tunnels, awaiting the worst, to finding out Robin was alive. Anna wasn't giving Duke her full attention; she was staring at the picture of Robin with Patrick and Emma. Duke was appalled by what Obrecht, Jerry and Faison put Robin through. Anna couldn't imagine how much Robin had suffered at their hands. Duke thought Robin deserved complete happiness from now on. Anna agreed, and thought she deserved to be with her husband and child. Anna was concerned for Robin, because Anna knew what it was like to come back to reclaim your life and be hit with the fact that things had changed since you left. Duke knew what it was like, too. Anna was sure that Robin had done what Anna and Duke did and held on to the past as a lifeline. Anna was worried, because she knew that once Robin got to the church, the fantasy she'd been holding onto would be shattered. Anna believed that the disconnect between fantasy and reality would be heartbreaking. Duke told Anna that they would be there to help Robin come to terms with the changes.

Duke was surprised that Anna didn't go to the church with Robin. He asked if Robert went instead. Anna said no and Duke realized they must have stayed behind because of Faison. Duke sensed that something was going on with Anna. He asked if Faison hurt her or anyone else. Anna assured him that everyone was fine, and Duke asked if she captured Faison. Anna kept the truth to herself. Duke assumed that Robert was handing Faison off to the WSB and Anna didn't correct him.

Anna didn't want to talk about Faison anymore and she changed the subject to Robin. Duke was excited about celebrating Robin's return. Duke had already taken a few days off of work to look for Anna, but he thought that Derek would be willing to give him a few more days off. Anna realized she forgot to tell Duke the truth about his boss. Duke was stunned when Anna told him how the WSB had given Julian Jerome a new life as Derek Wells and forced Robert to keep the secret. Duke was enraged that Julian had been making a fool of him this entire time. He started toward the door, and Anna asked where he was going. Duke admitted he planned to kill Julian. Anna panicked. She grabbed Duke's arm and told him he couldn't do it. Duke argued that he should kill Julian because of all the pain he'd caused them. He pointed out that they'd have a child of their own, if it weren't for Julian. Anna wanted Julian to pay, too, but she didn't want Duke to put himself at risk by going after him. Anna cried that she couldn't bear the thought of another loved one being in danger. She begged Duke to let the police handle it, and she assured him that they would when the time was right. Anna asked if they couldn't just be happy that Robin was back and they were all together. She asked Duke to promise not to get in Julian's way. Duke promised and they kissed. Anna decided to go check on Robin. She told Duke that she wasn't going to let Julian ruin this day and he shouldn't, either. She kissed him goodbye and told him she loved him, then she left. Duke went online and read about Julian's return. Sonny called and told Duke they needed to talk.

At the wedding, Patrick and Sabrina were standing in front of Emma, holding hands. Patrick hesitated when it was his turn to say “I do.” He finally said the words, and the crying Robin turned to leave the church. Emma spotted Robin. Just before Lucy pronounced Patrick and Sabrina husband and wife, Emma called out to Robin. Robin turned around, and Emma pulled Patrick and Sabrina's hands apart and raced toward her mother. The stunned crowd watched as Robin scooped Emma up and held her close. Patrick and Robin's eyes met. Robin put Emma down, and Emma told her how much they missed her. Robin told her she missed them, too. Sabrina looked at Patrick, whose was staring at Robin in shock. Mac tried to rush toward Robin, but Felicia held him back and told him to give her a minute with Emma. Robin told Emma that she never stopped loving her. Patrick whispered Robin's name. Robin stood and said “Patrick.” Tears streamed down Patrick's face as he slowly walked toward Robin. He asked if this was a dream, and Robin told him she was really alive. Robin touched Patrick, while a hurt Sabrina looked on. Felix stood by his friend and asked if that was really Robin. A delighted Lucy confirmed that it was and added that this was the best news ever.

Epiphany and Elizabeth double checked with each other that what they were seeing was real. Brad grumbled that he knew she was alive.

The dazed Patrick took Robin's hand and told her that he watched her die; they gave him her rings. Robin explained that someone had faked her death. Patrick wanted to know who, and Robin told him that didn't matter right now. She told him she'd been locked up and had been trying to get back to him for a long time and now she was finally here. “And you're getting married,” she said. Patrick looked at Sabrina, then turned back to Robin. Robin and Robin told him how she called him last year on Emma's birthday. Emma reminded Patrick that she told him Robin called. Patrick remembered thinking Emma made it up. He apologized to Robin, and she told him it was okay. Patrick asked about the phone call and the sightings in the lab. Robin told Patrick that she did call and go to the lab. Everyone at the church heard this. She explained that she didn't reveal herself sooner because lives were at stake. She added that she was the woman at the Halloween party who helped Emma. Emma remembered that she had been sad. Robin told her that she was sad because she wanted to be with Emma.

Felicia continued to encourage Mac to wait, so Robin could talk to Patrick. Felicia admitted that she wanted to go to Robin, too. Mac was still in awe.

Sabrina told Felix she couldn't believe she was watching her almost husband reunite with his not dead wife. Felix wished he could tell Sabrina this wasn't actually happening.

Robin apologized for not being able to tell Patrick the truth sooner. She assured Patrick that the danger was over and that she was home. Patrick kissed Robin. Sabrina sank to the floor and wept.

Robin told Patrick this was so much better than she dreamed it would be. Patrick told her he dreamed about it too but he never thought it could really come true. They kissed again. Emma got Patrick's attention and pointed out that Sabrina was crying. Patrick turned and watched as Sabrina ran out of the room sobbing. Felix stared at Patrick, then went after her. Patrick looked at Robin, who told him to go talk to Sabrina. Robin assured Patrick that she wasn't upset with him. Then, Robin admitted that she saw the entire ceremony. Patrick asked why she didn't say something sooner. Robin explained that she realized he truly loved Sabrina, so she decided to leave and find a better time to reveal herself to Patrick. Robin urged Patrick to go to Sabrina. Patrick didn't want to go, because he was afraid he'd lose Robin again. Robin promised him that wouldn't happen. Emma told Patrick that she wouldn't let Robin go. Patrick asked Robin to stay right there. He touched her face and walked out. Mac walked over and hugged Robin, then Felicia joined them. Robin realized she missed a lot while she was gone. Mac hugged Robin again for so long that Felicia joked that he was going to crush her.

Lucy joined Liz and Epiphany, and they watched Robin with Mac and Felicia. Liz felt guilty for encouraging Patrick to ignore his gut feeling that Robin was alive and marry Sabrina. Epiphany told Liz she was being a good friend and that no one could have seen this coming. Lucy added that she was thrilled that Robin was back, but she was concerned for Sabrina, too. Liz couldn't imagine what she was going through.

Mac wanted to take care of Robin and asked if she wanted to sit down or needed anything. Felicia told him that Robin would tell him what she needed. Mac told Robin to never leave him again, then they hugged again. Anna came in and Emma told her that Robin came back. Anna picked Emma up and grabbed Robin's hand. Mac realized that this was what Anna and Robert weren't telling them. Anna apologized and explained that they wanted to tell him, but they didn't want to get his hopes up until they knew for sure. Mac assured Anna that he understood. Anna said of course he did, because he was Mac Scorpio. Mac decided to let Robin go mingle with the others who loved her. Anna glanced around and asked where Patrick was.

Sabrina went into another room and nearly hyperventilated. Felix arrived and calmed her enough so that she could breathe. He apologized. Sabrina felt like she should be happy for Patrick and Emma, because this was their dream come true. Felix told Sabrina that she was allowed to be hurt. He encouraged her to say that this wasn't fair. Sabrina cried that she was one second away from being Patrick's wife when his other wife walked in. Sabrina thought about all they had overcome to get to this point and she still didn't get Patrick in the end. “Patrick still isn't mine and he never will be” she sobbed. Felix thought there might still be a chance for Sabrina and Patrick. Sabrina countered that Patrick kissed Robin like she (Sabrina) wasn't even there. Felix thought it made sense for Patrick to have a big reaction at first, but he thought things could change in time. “Patrick only has eyes for Robin. It's always been that way.” Sabrina said. Sabrina called herself a placeholder. She cried about how happy she'd been and how excited she was to start her life with Patrick and Emma. “It's over” Sabrina said. “Maybe not” Felix replied. Sabrina was sure she and Patrick were through. She told Felix that Patrick didn't want her or even want to see her right now. Just then, Patrick walked in.

Luke, Bobbie, Carly and Jerry were on the balcony of the Metro Court. Jerry was holding a knife on Bobbie, threatening to kill her unless Luke gave him the antidote. There was a helicopter waiting to help Jerry escape. Luke refused to take Jerry's deal, and he threatened to throw the cure off the roof unless Jerry let Bobbie go. It was clear that Bobbie and Carly disapproved of Luke's tactics. Jerry asked Luke if he'd really let his sister die. Luke was confident that Jerry wouldn't hurt Bobbie. He casually tossed the vial into the air and caught it. Jerry relented and let Bobbie go. Carly put her arm around her mother and hurried her back inside. Luke forced Jerry to drop the knife and kick it over to him. Jerry reached out for the cure, but Luke refused and said he was going to give it to an old friend instead. Jerry argued that the cure wouldn't exist without him, but Luke wasn't swayed. Jerry angrily grabbed Luke and they started to struggle. Bobbie and Carly watched in horror as Jerry and Luke fell off of the balcony. Bobbie wailed that Luke was dead as she rushed toward the balcony. Carly held Bobbie back, then she went and peered over the edge. She spotted Luke clinging to the wall. Carly told Bobbie that Luke was alive and added that she wasn't so sure that was a good thing. Luke told Carly to stop being cute and help him up. Carly and Bobbie helped Luke back onto the balcony. Bobbie expressed her relief, and Luke celebrated because the cure had made him strong enough to hold onto the wall, while the weaker Jerry fell. Carly was furious that Luke gambled with her mother's life. Bobbie told Carly that Luke was just bluffing, and Luke insisted that he'd never risk Bobbie's life. Bobbie did think that Luke had pushed the bluff too far, though. Luke asked Bobbie if she was okay, and Carly interrupted and continued to tell Luke off. Carly demanded to know why Luke didn't just give Jerry the antidote. Luke told her he was saving it for Sean Donely. “Who the hell is Sean Donely?” Carly asked. Luke told her that he was a loyal friend of his and Bobbie's.

Julian and Ava were lounging in the hotel lobby. A waiter addressed Julian as “Mr. Wells” and Julian snapped that he was “Julian Jerome.” The man apologized and left. Julian wondered where Morgan was and snidely asked Ava if he was studying for the SATs. Ava told him she was there to talk about Duke, not Morgan. Ava couldn't figure out why Duke hadn't confronted them yet. Julian told Ava that Duke had taken a leave of absence before the party. He thought it was possible that Duke hadn't heard who they really were, yet. Ava scoffed and said Duke would have to have been locked up under ground to have missed that news. Julian still wasn't convinced Duke knew, and he wished he could see the look on his face when Duke found out the truth. Ava still didn't understand why Julian found it so amusing to hire his old enemy. Ava was worried that Duke was laying low and devising a plan to take them down. Julian laughed, because he wasn't concerned about Duke. He told Ava she should worry about the real adversary, and not the “upstanding boyfriend of the police commissioner.” Ava said Sonny wouldn't kill Julian, because of Danny. She thought it was lucky for Julian that Sonny was so close to Sam and Danny. Julian moaned that Sam wouldn't return his calls or let him see Danny. An unsympathetic Ava told her brother that was a small price to pay for being untouchable. Julian thought Sonny might go after Ava instead. He pointed out that Ava was his sister, his partner and she was sleeping with Sonny's son. Ava nervously pointed out that she wasn't the one who went after Sonny's shipment and trashed his warehouse. “Close enough.” Julian countered. Julian coolly whispered that Sonny could have her killed at any moment. He slammed his hand onto the table a few times to mimic the sound of gunshots. Just then there was a crashing noise from outside. Ava yelped in fear.

Ava and Julian investigated and found the source of the sound – Jerry unconscious on the ground with an awning beneath him. Julian knelt down to check on the man and recognized him as a former associate. Julian found a pulse, then he tapped Jerry and called his name. Jerry came to, and recognized Julian. Jerry begged Julian to get him out of there. Julian didn't make a move, so Jerry promised him anything he wanted – money, guns... A waiter saw the trio and ran out to help. Julian sent him back inside to get ice and towels. Ava realized her brother was going to help Jerry, and she wondered if it was wise to get involved with him again.

Back on the balcony, Luke decided to make sure Jerry was dead. Carly and Bobbie were convinced that Jerry didn't survive the fall, but Luke wanted to be sure since Jerry had cheated death before. Luke left and Carly and Bobbie went into the restaurant. Carly apologized to Bobbie for Jerry. Carly didn't think Jerry cared about anyone except Jax and his mother. Carly wasn't looking forward to telling them that Jerry was dead and that he almost killed Bobbie. Bobbie told her to leave the last part out, because she was fine. Carly felt bad that she was too wrapped up in getting the reception ready to notice that Bobbie was in danger. Carly realized that the reception should be underway by now and she wondered where everyone was.

Luke raced downstairs, but he was too late. Jerry was gone. Ava went back outside and greeted Luke. Luke asked where Jerry was, and Ava pretended she didn't know who he was talking about.

Jerry was in the passenger seat of Julian's car. Julian got in and told Jerry he had a boat waiting for him. Julian told Jerry that he'd owe him big if he survived.

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