GH Update Monday 12/2/13

General Hospital Update Monday 12/2/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Outside building where Patrick and Sabrina's wedding is under way, Robin stands ready to surprise them all.

Britt finds Nikolas after he's been assaulted by Faison and his goons and she's determined to be there for her friend and not let him get involved in the mess with her parents.

Anna finds Faison with Robert and tells her ex husband that after all this man has done, it's time to put an end to him once and for all. He has to die. Hearing that, Robert assumes she's joking. But she tells him she's deadly serious and the two of them have to kill Faison.

Luke is on the phone contacting his sister, Barbara Jean (Bobbie). But he's shocked to hear Jerry Jacks answering Bobbie's phone revealing that he's holding her hostage. Luke tells Jerry he better let her go. But Jerry reminds him that she is his only form of “insurance” to get what he needs.

Robin stands outside the wedding halls and hears Lucy reciting the rituals and ready to perform the ceremony.

Britt attempts to heal Nikolas' wounds and tells him that she has been away from her medical practice for a long, long time. She’s worried that her superiors at the hospital might take her patients from her. And she knows that he saved hers' and her baby's life and she realizes she does not have any friends or anyone who cares about her except for him.

Anna tells Robert that as long as Faison is alive, it will never be over for him. Putting him in prison does not solve the life-long agony their family has had because of him. He always finds a way to reign terror on them and won't stop until they end him once and for all.

We see Patrick and Sabrina in the chapel with Lucy acknowledging all of the guests, family and friends of the happy couple. She also mentions all of the friends that have passed, how they are missed and have been taken from them too loon yet will never be forgotten on this joyous day.

Luke tells Jerry that if he needs the cure for his illness, he can find it and get out of their lives. But Jerry informs Luke that Bobbie attempted to find it but it was gone. So he tells Luke unless he’d like to see his sister suffer, Luke better listen very carefully to him.

Nikolas has Britt with him alone at the house and talks to his mom who has both his and Britt's respective kids. He reveals his great relationship and bond with his kids as well as with Ben and with his family and friends. She listens and admits that she does not have the confidence in her ability to be a parent that he has.

Robert tells Anna he believes she's over-reacting about Faison. He believes that risking a murder charge might not be worth it for them. But she furiously tells him that nothing and nobody can give them back the time and all of the things that this man has taken from them. She tells him the only way to protect their family is to end him once and for all.

While Patrick and Sabrina are joined and ready to tie the knot, Lucy has Mac come up and recite a passage from scriptures about how love is always trusting, never jealous or impatient. Love always hopes and always perseveres. And at that point, Lucy announces that now is the moment everyone has been waiting for so the bride and groom will read the vows of their own that they have written. Sabrina announces that she has always wanted the perfect family and it's the most important thing in her life. She talks about her mother passing away at a young age. She talks about how she kept to herself, read about fair tales throughout much of her life and dreamed about finding her own prince charming. And little did she know that the reality would be so much better. So she thanks Patrick for bringing out the person she's always wanted to be. He gave her confidence to go after she wants and gave her love and support and most importantly a family. She no longer needs to read fairy tales. He has given her the perfect happy ending and she will always love him for that.

Robert tells Anna he knows that she believes Faison has haunted her throughout her life. But it would not be self defense. The man is in custody. But she tells him that this is a threat they cannot neutralize. And Robert cannot tell her that this is a man and not an animal or a monster. He needs to realize what is before them. But he tells her that if they kill him, they will have to live with themselves.

Nikolas tells Britt she need not worry. All the kids are fine. She tells him she knows. But her son is so young and has spent more time away from her than with her. He tells her he knows but his grandmother is happy to look after the kids. And it's not her fault that her son has been kept away from her. Believing that Brad is her son's father, he tells her he does not understand how Brad cannot step up. At that point, she admits that she has to tell him something and reveals to Nikolas that Brad is not her baby's father.

At the wedding chapel, Patrick recites his vows about how his life was empty and distraught when he lost the love of his life. He worked and was blinded not to see this wonderful woman who worked by his side with him. But he's not blinded anymore. She has given him love and a new life for him and his daughter when they desperately needed it. He tells her he will spend the rest of his years making it worth all she has sacrificed and given to them.

At the Metro Court, Carly goes to her mother's room and is shocked to see Jerry holding Bobbie hostage. He talks about the Spencer family reunion getting bigger. She asks what he's talking about. They then reveal to her that Jerry is forcing Luke's hand to give him what he wants by holding Luke's sister and niece hostage. Luke then enters and tells his niece she needs to back off and realize that Jerry means business. Luke reveals that he has just one dose to save only one life. And he's not sure he's going to waste it on Jerry. But Carly demands that her uncle gives Jerry whatever he wants. She won't let her mother be in danger while Luke plays games with Jerry.

When Anna reveals to Robert that she's ready to kill Faison, he asks her if she will be able to face Robin or Emma or Duke or anyone she loves if she goes through with this and reminds her that if they do this, there is no going back. She tells him she realizes that. She tells him she's asked herself if she can live with blowing Faison off the face of the earth. And after a lot of soul searching she can answer that with a yes. But, she tells Robert, the question is if he can live with himself if it's done.

After Britt reveals to Nikolas that Brad is not the father of her baby, she realizes she does not know how to explain that so she tells him that Brad only intended to be a sperm donor and mistakenly assumed that Patrick would accept the responsibility of fatherhood. So it's not fair to Brad. She's now come clean and realized she could not have Patrick falsely believing he's the father of her baby. And she realizes Nikolas has good reason not to trust her after all of this. But he assures her they are past that. And for the record, he's gracious of her to be concerned about Brad. But what about her? She tells him that she realizes that regardless of whether Brad and her baby share DNA, he's no more a father to Ben than a stranger on the street. He tells her he doesn't think that's entirely true. But she tells him that she sees the biological father she has and realizes DNA means nothing. Whereas Nikolas is an example of what it takes to be a real father to a child.

Patrick and Sabrina are ready to present their rings and declare that they are wed. Right outside the door, Robin enters unseen.

Britt tells Nikolas she needs to return home. It's been a long day and she needs to get her stuff in order. But he tells her he doesn't want her to leave. He wants to make certain she is ok. He tells her it's only been a few months they've known each other, remembering how they first met on the 4th of July. She remembers herself having a really bad night on that day and how she was really happy to meet him and get to know him. He remembers his own situation was not happy on that night and it made him feel a lot better to meet and talk to her. He tells her that he knows they've both been through a lot and he doesn't want to be anywhere else except with her.

Anna gets ready to pull the trigger and blow Faison away but Robert urges her to wait. And he tells her that for Robin and their family and everyone they know and love as well as for themselves, if they are going to do this, they need to do it together, he tells her.

Patrick tells Sabrina that this is about the family they are going to become. Robin watches as they light their candles. Lucy announces that Epiphany Johnson is going to sing a song that is very dear to the bride and groom's hearts. Epiphany sings about not being alone anymore; about a person no longer having to search when they find people who are there for them. Robin listens as Epiphany sings. Robin stands and observes Patrick, Sabrina and Emma united happily and standing together.

As she sings, we see Nikolas and Britt sleeping fully clothed beside each other on his bed.

Robin watches and hears when it appears that Patrick and Sabrina are joined in holy matrimony.

Carly, Luke, Bobbie, and Jerry are on the roof of the hotel while a helicopter hovers above them. Jerry holds Bobbie at gunpoint and tells her daughter and brother once Luke give him the cure to save his life, they can have Bobbie back. Luke holds the vial in his hand and tells Jerry he has a better idea. Jerry either frees Luke's sister or Luke with throw the cure off the ledge.

It appears that Anna and Robert have carried out their plans to permanently rid the earth of Faison. He faces her and admits to his ex wife that she may have been right to do what she did. They are both stunned,

As Lucy is ready to declare Patrick and Sabrina married, she hesitates and she notices that Patrick is distracted by “something”. Emma turns to see her mommy. She runs and Robin picks up her daughter and holds her while crying. And all the people in the chapel look to see Robin and are stunned beyond belief to see that she is very much alive.

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