GH Update Wednesday 11/27/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/27/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Silas and Sam have arrived at the church, where Silas notices she drifts off, when she signs the guest book. Silas asks her where she went just now. Sam tells him that she was just thinking about Jason, and how close he and Patrick's late wife were. She tells him about the pep talks she and Patrick have been having about moving on. She says that if Patrick was able to find love, then maybe there's hope for the rest of them. She tells him to sign the guest book.

In the bride's room, Sabrina puts on her lipstick and asks Emma how she looks. Felix arrives with Sabrina's dress and a nervous Emma tells him he's late. Felix tells her to check the attitude, that he had to make a few adjustments. Emma says that they need something blue, which makes Felix wonder where Ellie is with her bracelet.

Ellie is just leaving Sam's when Maxie shows up. She wants to see the baby. Spinelli is trying to comfort a fussy Connie.

In the church, Patrick and Elizabeth are doing a last minute check. Rings, check, Carlos? Elizabeth says there's no sign of him. Birdseed is being taken care of. A nervous Patrick wants to check on something, but Elizabeth won't let him. She teases him about looking sweaty when Bobbie and Noah show up. He's worried about them being late. Elizabeth reminds him that Noah is catching a later plane, and that Bobbie went by to see Luke.

Bobbie is at Metro Court, receiving the news that Noah can't make it after all. She gets to tell the bad news to Patrick and Emma. She knocks on Luke's door, and when he doesn't answer, she warns him that she's using Carly's pass key. Bobbie is in for a surprise when she doesn't find her brother but Jerry who's handcuffed to Luke's bed. "Lucky you," says Jerry.

Anna joins Robert and Robin in the Wyndemere living room. She tells them that Duke and Obrecht are on the ferry back to Port Charles. When Robert asks if she gave her any trouble, Anna says she was surprisingly cooperative. He asks her if Obrecht knew where Faison might be, but Anna says no. Robert thinks that Anna and Robin should leave, just to be safe, but Robin wont leave without Nikolas. Britt bursts in, saying that she has Jerry's cure, but stops short when she sees Anna. She asks Anna when she got here, and Robert tells her, when they turned the tables on Jerry Jacks. He asks who she is, Anna and Robert tells him that she's Faison and Obrecht's daughter. Britt tells him that she's not happy about it either. She asks if her father has been caught. Anna says, "Not quite."

Luke is on the grounds, pointing a gun at Faison, telling him that if anything has happened to Nikolas. Faison tries to taunt him about Nikolas being Laura's son from another father. He thinks that Luke hates Nikolas, but Luke informs him otherwise. Faison gets Luke to open the door to the tack room, where Nikolas is being beaten. Luke tells Nik not to worry, because his ride is here. Nikolas doesn't look impressed.

Maxie is making it difficult for Ellie and Spinelli, who reminds her that she can't come within 20 feet of Connie. Maxie is desperate and says she has a present for her daughter. Spinelli tells her to give it to Ellie, but Maxie is defiant. She wants to give it to Connie herself. Connie continues to be fussy, which isn't helping. Ellie, feeling sorry for Maxie, goes to bat for her. Spinelli focuses on Connie.

Back at the church, Patrick and Elizabeth talk about Noah and Bobbie getting back together. They talk about how it was because of the Nurses' Ball, and how the Nurses' Ball was because of Sabrina. Epiphany arrives and says," You have a lot to be thankful for where your bride is concerned, Drake Jr." "Don't I know it," he says, sounding like the old Patrick. They tease him about his arrogance, and how good he looks in a tux. Elizabeth leaves, giving Patrick and Epiphany a chance to talk.

Elizabeth goes out to the foyer, and runs into Brad. She asks him why's he's there, and he says that Felix invited him. 

Felix is with the bride helping her get ready. When he mentions the invitation mix-up with Ellie, Emma freaks out about bad luck. Felix tries to calm her down, when there's a knock on the door. Lucy enters, and is greeted warmly by Emma. She tells Sabrina that she looks beautiful, and Felix hints that she will look even more so with her dress on. Felix gives her the script for the wedding, and tells her that he has copies. Lucy, is obviously upset, and announces that she can't marry Sabrina and Patrick. 

In the church, Epiphany asks Patrick how the nerves are. Patrick insists he can handle it. Epiphany tells him not to worry about Carlos and his accusations. Patrick doesn't seem to know what she's talking about, so Epiphany continues to tell him not to listen to Carlos saying that Robin is alive. Well, he wasn't until she brought it up. "Some fools just don't know when to quit," she says.

Back at Wyndemere, Robert and Anna update Britt on her mother's whereabouts. She is no help when it comes to Faison Robert says that Luke had Faison in custody, but now they're both missing. Robin, Robert, and Anna all turn to look at each other. Anna is the one to tell Britt that they think Faison has Nikolas.

In the stables, Luke tells the henchman who was beating Nikolas to drop the gun, which he does. Luke leans into Faison and says, "So much for continental superiority. " Alas, another henchman comes up behind Luke, and points a gun at him. Faison turns to Nik's henchman and tells him he's fired. He then turns to Luke and says, "You were saying? "

In Luke's hotel room, Bobbie and Jerry share some banter about his supposed deaths and their relationships. Jerry, who's coughing badly, reminds her that she always gave him the benefit of the doubt. Bobbie says that she regretted it every time. She's more interested in how he came to be handcuffed to her brother's bed. He attempts to chuckle , but ends up coughing.

Luke is placed next to Nikolas, and says "You owe me." Nikolas asks for what, since he got caught. Luke tells him that was all part of the plan. "Great plan," mutters Nikolas. Faison breaks up their bickering, by telling them that he's the man with the plan. Faison says that he's not sure if there's room enough for both of them.

At the church, Elizabeth can't believe that Felix is even hanging around with Brad. "Miss a day. Miss a lot," he tells her. He gives her his arm, and says "Bride's side, please." They go back inside the church.

In the bride's room, Emma is upset about Lucy's announcement. Felix is upset, cause they told the minister that he could take the day off. Lucy tells them to find someone else like Mac or Epiphany. Sabrina says that they're not ordained, but Lucy tells them how easy it is. Felix wonders if her "license to wed" expired, and she tells him that she doesn't even know if she believes in marriage anymore. Sabrina asks why, and Lucy sobs that her marriage is over.

In the church, Patrick assures Epiphany that he isn't letting Carlos get to him. Epiphany is glad to hear it, because Patrick and Sabrina have come too far. Patrick thanks Epiphany for standing by him, and helping him get over losing Robin. She tries to brush it off but Patrick won't let her. They have a heartfelt moment before Epiphany tells Patrick to go and get it done.

At Wyndemere, Britt is worried about what Faison might do to Nikolas. Robin suggests that they all go look for him. Neither Robert not Anna like that idea. Robin says that she knows the house, but they don't want to lose her again. She finally agrees to stay behind and they promise to come back with Nikolas.

In Luke's hotel room, Bobbie, sits down near Jerry, when he tells her that he's really dying. He tells her that he's been in hiding for the past year, because of the incident last year. Bobbie, mockingly recalls how he poisoned the town's water supply and nearly killed a long list of her loved ones. Jerry explains his reasons, and says that he's really the one dying now. He tells her how Luke stole the cure and left him for dead. Bobbie gets up from the bed thinking this is too much. He tries to play on her sympathies, and she asks him how plans on getting the cure. He tells her about the cure at GH and asks her to let him go. She decides to call Luke instead.

Luke can't answer her, and turns the phone off. He's busy trying to negotiate with Faison over which hostage to take. Faison is mad cause Luke ruined his new jacket. Luke asks him what he wants. "How 'bout a song, a little dance, and Scorpio's head upon a lance?" says Faison. Luke asks how about a boat, but Faison already has a boat. He says that his boat is big enough for him, Anna, his men, and one hostage. Luke tells him to take the hostage (looking at Nikolas), and let the other one go free. Faison refuses to go that far.

At Sam's penthouse, Spinelli tries to talk sense into Maxie. He doesn't like Maxie and Ellie treating him like the bad guy. Maxie blames the judge, but Spinelli reminds her that she can go to jail if he ignores the judge's orders. When Ellie doesn't believe him he directs her to the decree that Diane brought over earlier. Spinelli tells Maxie that she has to leave, but Maxie refuses to go anywhere.

Back at the church, Lucy tells Sabrina, Felix and Emma about her latest marital spat. Felix tries to do damage control when suddenly there's a knock on the door. Sabrina hopes that's Ellie with the bracelet, but it's Patrick.

Back at Wyndemere, Robin is frantically trying to call Patrick. Britt encourages to just go and see him before the wedding. Robin doesn't want to leave until Nikolas is found. Britt gets frustrated and remarks that maybe there's still a chance Patrick will take her advice and call it off. Britt is forced to tell Robin that she saw Patrick earlier in the lab. Robin wonders what he was doing there on his wedding day. Britt tells her that he was looking for her.

Faison is trying to decide who the better hostage would be Luke or Nikolas. Luke and Nikolas start to bicker over whose more valuable. Faison decides to take Nikolas, because he's less annoying than Luke. Faison decides to flip a coin and Luke says to Nikolas. "Heads, I win. Tails, you lose, huh?"

In Luke's hotel suite, Bobbie is annoyed that she can't reach Luke. She tells Jerry that they will have to wait until he calls her back. Jerry doesn't like that idea, so Bobbie says that they an call the police. He begs her to go to the hospital, and get the dose. Jerry plays on their past, but Bobbie says that anything they had ended when he got arrested on their wedding day. Jerry softens his tone, and suggests it's all in the past and he doesn't mean anything to her anymore. Bobbie reconsiders and asks if the cure is in the lab.

Anna and Robert have reached the stables and can spot Faison and two of his men. They talk about coming up with a plan that's simple and straightforward. Faison says that at long last the universe, (as he turns over the coin) has spoken, and Luke Spencer's time has finally come. Faison throws him the coin. Luke and Nikolas just sit there nodding their heads.

Britt fills Robin in on what happened after Carlos made his accusations. Britt tells her that he showed up at the lab in a tux asking her and Brad if they had seen Robin. She tells her that if she knew that her parents were, she would told him that Robin was alive. She tells her that she told him to listen to his doubts. Robin asks her what Patrick's answer was. Britt tells her that he was sure about Sabrina. Robin understands that he is because she took care of him and Emma, and she loves him, while she's dead.

Back at the church, Emma tries to stop Patrick from seeing Sabrina. Sabrina tells her that it's okay, because she's not dressed yet. Felix makes a point of saying that they don't have much time. Patrick insists. Felix takes Emma and Lucy out of the room, so Sabrina and Patrick can talk. She compliments his tux and he tells her that he can't wait to see her in her dress. Patrick wants to clear the air about Carlos, and Sabrina is sorry to hear that Carlos told him. He tells her it wasn't Carlos, but Ava Jerome. Sabrina apologizes for not telling him, but he doesn't care. He admits that he went to the lab, but when he left there, he closed the door on his old life. He tells her that he can't wait to be her husband. He urges her to get her dress on and go get married.

Spinelli and Ellie are having a hard time getting rid of Maxie. She's desperately wants to hold Connie. Spinelli threatens to call the police.

Bobbie has obviously gone to the hospital, but has come back to Luke's hotel suite, empty-handed.  Bobbie tells Jerry that she looked everywhere in the lab, but it looks like his people cleared out. Jerry begs her to let him go.

Back in the stables, Faison is about to kill Luke. Nikolas tells him, " Luke, I wasn't serious about you taking a bullet for me." Faison tells Luke to say hello to Helena for him, just as Anna bursts in. He tells her not to shoot, as he holds a gun on Luke. Anna pretends to surrender to Faison. "Oh Anna," says Faison. I knew you would come." She tells him that now that she's here, to let the Luke and Nikolas go. She places a hand on Nikolas's shoulder to calm him. Faison says he needs a hostage. She offers herself instead., but he doesn't buy it. He tells her that she'll come willingly or not. Anna holds a gun on herself. Luke pleads with her not to do it. Anna says that there's nothing else Faison can do to her, because she feels numb. When she goes to shoot, Faison grabs the gun, and Robert bursts in, guns blazing. Anna kicks Faison's gun away after the melee ends. Nikolas asks about Duke and Robin, and Robert says they're fine. Nikolas remarks that that only leaves this psychopath. Anna says he's all hers.

Bobbie is on the phone with Noah saying that she's not going to the wedding after all. She gives the excuse that she's got a splitting headache.

Elizabeth is relieved when she finds Patrick. He tells her that he just had to check on something.

Felix, Lucy and Emma return to the bride's room, where Lucy announces that Felix talked her into performing the wedding. Lucy asks him for the script, but Emma says that they still need something blue. Lucy gives Sabrina her handkerchief that she's been crying into . Of course, they don't use it.

Nikolas and Luke return to Wyndemere, where Nikolas goes straight to Britt. Robin asks where her parents are, and Luke says with Faison, in custody, so it's all over, but Robin knows there's something else she has to take care of.

Patrick, Lucy, Elizabeth and Felix are in the foyer, where Lucy asks if Noah is actually coming. He's supposed to give the bride, since one of Sabrina's family could make it. Elizabeth tells them the bad news that Noah is stuck in Seattle. Felix has an idea, and Lucy is anxious to get this party started.

Robert and Anna are still at the stables, where Faison is tied up. Robert wants to call the WSB, but Anna has other ideas. Robin joins them to see if they're okay. Faison tells Robin that she was right about her and she tells him that, of course she was. Anna tells Robin that Robert will take her back to the mainland. Robin is reluctant to leave, but Anna sends her off to get her family back. Anna stays behind with Faison.

Spinelli and Ellie finally close the door on Maxie. We can hear Connie crying as Maxie leaves her present at the door.

The wedding is about to start, with Patrick giving Lucy a kiss on the cheek. Elizabeth and Emma make their entrances.

Britt gives the cure to Luke, but he doesn't plan on giving it to Jerry. He's sending it Sean Donely. Luke finally answers Bobbie's call, while Britt looks after Nikolas. It's not Bobbie, but Jerry Jacks.

Felix takes Noah's place and walks Sabrina down the aisle. Emma tells Patrick that Sabrina is so pretty, to which he agrees. Lucy is almost in tears.

Faison and Anna are left alone when he taunts her about their relationship. Anna accuses him of being such a blight on her life. Robert returns and he and Anna talk about what to do with Faison. Robin suggests they get the "bastard" to prison and grabs Faison, who is eager to go, because the sooner they take me away, the sooner he'll be back. Anna insists that she wants Faison dead.

Robin arrives at the church, just as the ceremony begins. She stops short of going in.

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