GH Update Tuesday 11/26/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/26/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie was at home solemnly standing over the empty crib, holding a stuffed animal. Ellie arrived; she'd spent the night with Spinelli in order to help out with the baby. Maxie asked how her daughter was. Ellie gave Maxie a full update on the baby's activities. Sam had been teaching Ellie and Spinelli how to care for the baby. Connie was settling in to her new home nicely and she seemed fascinated by Danny. Sam had been providing a lot of guidance and support. Maxie didn't take any comfort from what Ellie said. She sadly responded that it sounded like one big happy family. Maxie remembered that Ellie never wanted to be a mother because she didn't want to add to the strain on the earth's resources. Maxie found it ironic that Ellie never wanted to be a mother and now she was a mother to Maxie's daughter. In a compassionate tone, Ellie insisted that she wasn't her mother. Ellie said she was just helping Spinelli out for a little while. Maxie thought that six months suddenly sounded like forever, and she scoffed at the idea that she would suddenly be a good person by then. Ellie felt that Maxie was already a good person, but Maxie disagreed, because Maxie had blackmailed Ellie into keeping her secret. Maxie was at a loss to explain why she'd been so invested in giving up her baby. She was also remorseful because there was nothing she could do to get her back. Ellie moved closer to Maxie and reached out to touch her, but Maxie recoiled and asked her to leave. Ellie asked if there was anything she could do, and Maxie asked her to kiss her little girl for her. Ellie left.

Mac and Felicia arrived to take Maxie to the wedding. The depressed Maxie said she wasn't going. Mac and Felicia told Maxie that Patrick wanted her to be there. Maxie thought Patrick would be too focused on Sabrina, the woman who gave his life meaning after Robin died, to miss Maxie. Maxie said if she could be happy for anyone, it would be Patrick, because he'd fell in love again and moved on. Maxie didn't think she had the strength to go to the wedding. She felt that if she went, she'd spend the whole time wishing she could take her baby to the wedding, too. She used to pity the parents who'd have to leave an event with their fussy baby, but now she pitied them. Maxie couldn't stop thinking about her mistakes. Mac told Maxie that the wedding could be a distraction. Felicia told Maxie that Emma expected to see her at the wedding. Maxie tried to get out of going by saying she didn't have anything to wear, and Mac revealed that they brought an outfit for her. Felicia told her she needed to take care of herself in order to get herself for her daughter's sake. Mac added that she should fake it 'til she made it, and they urged her to go get dressed.

Spinelli and the baby had moved in with Sam. Spinelli fretted because his daughter wouldn't finish her bottle, until Sam stepped in and told him the baby was full. Spinelli was relieved when Sam assured him that he was doing a lot better at this than he had last night. Spinelli commented on Sam's outfit, and she told him she was going to Patrick and Sabrina's wedding. Spinelli thanked Sam for helping him last night and admitted he didn't know what he would have done without her and Ellie. Spinelli was surprised that Ellie seemed to have an affinity for child care. He had wrongly assumed that she wouldn't want to take care of a baby because she didn't want a child of her own. Sam shared her own experiences – she hadn't thought of herself as being maternal, but she was doing fine with Danny. Spinelli was grateful that Sam took him and his daughter in. Sam was happy to have them. She had a lot of extra room now that Rafe was gone, and she thought single parents should stick together. Spinelli felt that it was unfair that his daughter was missing out on her mother's love due to a court order. According to Spinelli, this was killing him and Ellie, and he knew it must be worse for Maxie.

Sam was glad Spinelli was around, because she was having a hard time coming to terms with her new family. Julian kept calling and asking to speak to his grandson. Sam thought Julian sounded possessive of Danny and it made her cringe. She felt that she was going to have to find a way to deal with Julian, but she wasn't ready for it yet. Spinelli tried to figure out how to burp the baby, and Sam gave him tips. Just then, Silas arrived to escort Sam to the wedding. Silas complimented Sam's looks and teasingly asked if she wanted to be seen with him. They remembered that Silas hadn't made a good first impression on Patrick. Sam told Silas that Patrick had convinced her to go on a date with Silas. They agreed that their first date, and all their other dates, had been disasters. Sam wondered what would happen at this one. Ellie arrived and Sam asked why she wasn't going to the wedding. Ellie explained that she never got her invitation.

Sabrina put a stethoscope in a drawer. A worried Emma ran into the room and told Sabrina that she didn't think there was going to be a wedding. Sabrina listened patiently as the girl explained that Felix was in his room working on Sabrina's wedding dress and saying bad words. Emma was afraid that Felix wouldn't finish the dress in time and that Sabrina wouldn't be able to marry Patrick. Sabrina assured Emma that things would be fine and that she'd get married to Patrick and the three of them would become a family even if Felix didn't finish the dress. At that moment, Felix walked out and told her he finished the dress.

Felix, Sabrina and Emma gathered things for “old, new, borrowed, blue.” Emma let Sabrina borrow her hair ribbon. Sabrina wanted to wear the turquoise necklace Carlos gave her, but Felix nixed the idea both because it was from her ex and because it was turquoise. Sabrina thought they could skip the blue, but Emma was adamant that they had to observe the entire tradition. She explained that Maxie told Robin that bad things would happen if you didn't. Felix called Ellie to ask to borrow her blue bracelet. Ellie was happy to loan the bracelet to Sabrina, but when Felix asked her to bring it to the wedding, Ellie told him she wasn't invited. Felix put Sabrina on the phone. Sabrina told Ellie she left her invitation in the lab. Ellie wondered what happened to it.

Felix did Sabrina's makeup and it was clear something was bothering her. Sabrina sent Emma into her bedroom to get a new hair ribbon, and Felix asked Sabrina what was going on. Felix guessed that Sabrina was upset about her mother. Sabrina did wish her mother could be at the wedding, but she was wondering if there was a connection between the rumors that Robin was in the lab and the missing wedding invitation. Felix told Sabrina there was no way Patrick's dead wife took the invitation.

Sam told Spinelli and Ellie that Alexis offered to watch the baby so they could go to the wedding. Spinelli declined, because he was enjoying his time with the baby. Ellie was going to stay, too, but Spinelli reminded her that Sabrina needed her blue bracelet for luck. He joked that if something bad happened, it would be on Ellie's head. Spinelli assured Ellie that he'd be fine alone with the baby. Ellie gave the baby a kiss from Maxie, then a kiss from herself. “Goodbye Exquisite One,” she said. Ellie opened the door to leave and she and Spinelli were surprised to find Maxie standing in the hallway.

An upbeat Elizabeth arrived at the Drake home, eager to assist Patrick before the wedding. Patrick fumbled with his bow tie and noted that Liz was over her hangover. He told her she drank from a shoe at the bachelor party. Liz but she didn't believe him. Liz noticed that her friend was troubled and asked what was going on. Patrick told her he was thinking about Robin. Liz assured Patrick that was normal on a day like this and that she was thinking about her, too. Patrick told Liz about Ava saying that Carlos recently saw Robin. Liz quickly dismissed it as a sick plot to trick Patrick into postponing the wedding, but Patrick kept thinking about Ava asking him if he wouldn't want to know for sure. He grabbed his coat and announced that he was going to the lab to check things out for himself. Liz maintained that Ava was untrustworthy, because she was Julian's sister and because she'd attempted to trick the Quartermaines into giving Kiki an inheritance. Patrick asked why Ava would say that to him. Liz wasn't sure, but she figured it had something to do with Carlos. Patrick told Liz that Ava said he belonged with Robin and Sabrina belonged with Carlos. Liz told Patrick that he did belong with Robin, but she was gone now. When Liz realized Patrick still gave credence to Ava and Carlos' story, she firmly told him not to undermine his happiness. Liz told Patrick that he'd honored Robin and grieved for her for a long time. Liz asked if he wanted to go chase after Robin's ghost when he was supposed to be getting married to Sabrina in an hour.

Epiphany arrived, after Patrick left. She and complimented Liz on throwing a great bachelor party. Liz didn't remember Epiphany being there. An amused Epiphany showed Liz some pictures from the bachelor party. Liz was mortified when she realized she really had drank from a shoe. Epiphany asked where Patrick was, and Liz told her that he went to the lab and why. Epiphany thought someone was playing a cruel hoax on Patrick. Epiphany was confident that Robin would go home if she were alive, not back to the lab. Epiphany wished Robin was alive, but she didn't think she could be. She hoped that someone in the lab would give Patrick some peace of mind.

Brad and Britt argued at the GH lab. Brad asked Britt if Robin was still alive. When Britt refused to answer the question, Brad threatened to tell everyone that he wasn't her son's father. Brad was irritated and confused by Britt's lie. He didn't understand why she would claim he was Ben's father, when he was Asian and Ben didn't look anything like him. Britt explained that Patrick was pressuring her to tell him who the baby's father was. She gave Brad's name, because she knew Patrick would believe it, since everyone knew Brad and Britt had schemed together. Brad regretted going along with Britt's lie. Britt felt that it was too late to tell the truth now. Brad disagreed and he repeated his ultimatum – she could tell him the truth about Robin, or he would tell the truth about her baby. Britt argued that it cost Brad nothing to keep the lie going, so she didn't understand why he was using it as leverage. Brad said he was sick of Felix viewing him as a deadbeat dad. Britt was unsympathetic to Brad and said she thought things were going well for him and his “girlfriend.” Brad told her that things would go better if Felix didn't think Brad was ignoring his child.

Brad said he wanted to know the truth so he could redeem himself by sparing Felix's friend from the humiliation. Britt didn't buy it. She thought Brad just wanted to play the hero at the wedding, like he did at the christening. Brad argued that Dante and Lulu deserved to know the truth. He said he was trying to do the right thing again. Britt shot back that she was trying to do the right thing too. She snapped that there were things that were more important than Brad's desperate attempts to impress Felix. Britt yelled that she couldn't say anything about Robin, because it was an actual matter of life and death. Brad pointed out that Britt had inadvertently given him the answer. “So it's true. Patrick's wife is alive,” Brad said, just before Patrick walked in.

Patrick didn't overhear what Brad said. He showed Brad a picture of Robin and asked if he'd seen her before. Britt gave Brad a hard stare, silently urging him to keep quiet. Brad stalled by pointing out that he'd been hired after Robin died. Patrick clarified that he was asking Brad if he'd seen Robin recently. Patrick admitted that this was an unusual question but said he was just checking things out. Britt asked Patrick if he was really trying to check things out or if he was looking for a way to cancel the wedding. She gently told him that it wasn't too late to call things off, if he wasn't ready. Britt assured him Sabrina would understand if he wasn't ready. Britt thought Sabrina would probably postpone the wedding on her own if she knew Patrick was there looking for his dead wife. Patrick didn't want to discuss his feelings with Britt. Britt understood why Patrick felt that way, but she strongly urged him to postpone the wedding if he was still stuck on Robin. Patrick declared that he wasn't having second thoughts and that he shouldn't have come to the lab. He told Britt and Brad that his wife was gone, and he left. Brad told Britt that he wasn't so sure she was.

At Wyndemere, Robert and Anna were both tense with their guns drawn, on either side of a corner. When they rounded the corner and saw each other, they relaxed and filled each other in on what happened to Duke, Obrecht and Faison. Duke was in the tunnels guarding Obrecht and Luke was outside guarding Faison. Anna asked about Robin, and Robert told her to see for herself. Anna turned around and saw her daughter standing in front of her. Anna flashed back to the moment she reunited with Robin after she'd been kidnapped as a child. In the present, the women had a joyous reunion, and everyone including Robert was moved to tears. Anna said she'd been told Robin was alive, but she didn't believe it until this moment when she saw it herself. According to Robin, when she'd been held captive, she had to focus on the present, because it hurt too much to think about how much she missed her family. Anna held Robin and promised to never lose her again. The family shared a group hug, then Anna thanked Robert for convincing her that Robin was alive. Anna told Robin that Robert saved her, but Robert insisted that he and Anna did it as a team. He told Robin that she was living proof that the best things he and Anna did were things they did together. The doorway to the secret passage opened, and Robert and Anna suddenly drew their guns. They calmed down when Duke walked in. He and Robin stared at each other in amazement then hugged. Robin told him about the time Faison visited her, wearing a Duke mask. Robin told Duke she thought he was dead, and he told her no more tears except happy ones.

Anna and Robin hugged again, and Anna promised that she, Robert and Duke would take care of everything so Robin wouldn't have to. Anna explained that they hadn't told anyone that Robin might be alive, because they didn't want to give them false hope. Anna was confident that this would be the happiest day of Emma and Patrick's lives. Robin looked uncertain and she showed Anna the wedding invitation she'd stolen from the lab. Anna was surprised and dismayed on Robin's behalf. Anna told Robin that Patrick had confided that he was having a hard time getting over Robin. Anna realized Patrick and Sabrina arranged all this while Anna was out of the country. Anna told Robin that Robin could meet with Patrick before the wedding. She headed toward the door and Robin stopped her and asked where Nikolas was. All Anna knew was that Faison had knocked Nik out when he caught him trying to untie Obrecht and Duke. Faison took Nik with him. Robin was pleased to hear that Faison double crossed Obrecht. Duke and Robert looked upstairs and couldn't find Nik. Robin told everyone that Nik had been the first friendly face she'd seen in a long time and he'd protected her. Robin insisted that they couldn't leave until they found him.

Robert decided to go force Faison to tell him where Nik was. Duke was going to go too, but he suddenly almost fainted. Robin thought Duke might have a concussion. After Duke was situated on a couch, Robert and Anna went to question Faison. Duke noticed the invitation and asked what it was. Robin filled him in and Duke gave her his phone and told her to call Patrick. Robin made the call.

Back at the Drake home, Liz and Epiphany were rushing out the door when Patrick's cell phone rang. They were in a hurry, so they left the phone behind. Robin left Patrick voicemail telling him she was alive and coming home to him and Emma.

At Wyndemere, Robert and Anna came inside and announced that Faison, Luke and Nik were nowhere to be found.

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