GH Update Monday 11/25/13

General Hospital Update Monday 11/25/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sabrina is in her apartment ready for her wedding shower when her cousin, Juan appears and surprises her.

Ava goes to Patrick's home and knocks on his door. He opens the door and coldly says: “Can I help you?”.

Britt enters the hospital lab in search of clues that might tell her where her mother is.

While in captivity, Obrecht breaks free and holds the gun on Duke Lavery. She tells him she's “sorry it's had to be this way.” But before she can say or do any more, Anna busts through the door and pulls a gun on her. He tells her he knew she'd come, but Obrecht tells Anna unfortunately, she's just a little too late to save him.

Not far away, Robert is walking through the house holding a gun ready to catch a criminal. He walks in a door and is startled to see his long lost daughter, Robin. She rushes to hug her dad and tell him how much she's missed him.

Luke comes face-to-face with Faison who holds a gun on him. Luke demands to know where Duke Lavery and Robin are. He tells Faison he better answer him or Luke will blow Faison's beard of his face.

When Robert re-unites with his daughter, he tells her that he's failed to save her, but she tells him that the needle Obrecht used on him was meant for her. So he saved his daughter's life. She tells her dad she knows he was in a coma and asks if he is alright. She tells him that nothing matters as long as he's ok. And she explains that Jerry threatened to kill him and her mom if she revealed to Patrick or Emma or anyone that she was alive and well. She was in the lab for months and could not figure out how to get out and she asks him how he and her mom managed to escape. He tells her that they both have FBI training and found a way, but she wonders where her mom is right now.

Anna finds Obrecht holding a gun on Duke and holds a gun on her demanding she drops it, but Obrecht refuses and tells Anna she better drop her gun or Duke will die. Anna reminds Obrecht she had no reason to hurt him, but Obrecht tells her she does. If she can kill Duke, it will serve a purpose for her. It will hurt Anna.

Sabrina introduces her cousin, Juan Santiago to Felix who is a big fan of Juan's music. He seems to know Elizabeth. And he gets to meet Sabrina's soon to be step-daughter. Emma shakes his hand and he smiles, happy to meet her.

At Patrick's door, when Ava rings his bell, he tells her he knows all about her and her brother. He knows they are bad news. So he does not have time or interest to talk to her. He has a wedding to get to. If she wants an invitation, it will not happen, but she clarifies she has no interest in attending his wedding. In fact, she tells him, she is there to tell him there should not be a wedding.

When Britt goes to the lab, Brad catches her. She tells him he better get out of there and leave her along, but he firmly tells her that he no longer takes orders from her or from her boyfriend, but she reminds him that Nikolas asked him to keep watch and he failed. He asks her just whom that woman was who Nikolas brought into the lab, in secret. She tells him it's none of his business.; He asks if it's none of his business because the woman in question is Patrick's dead wife.

Sabrina's cousin Juan informs her that he found out about the wedding by Elizabeth tracking him down. He as able to get away from music tour. And he pulls out a black jacket for his cousin. She is surprised and asks what that is. He tells her it's her wedding dress.

When Ava tells Patrick there “should not be a wedding”, he asks her what is up with that. He knows that Carlos is her friend and probably working with her and her slimy brother. And is this some sort of threat from them that if he marries Sabrina, he'll wake up with a horse's head in his bed. In response to that, she coldly tells him please do not insult her. She does not have any such agenda. She's there to help. He asks her just what she believes she can do to help him. She tells him she can enlighten him. There's something he needs to know. His wife is alive.

Robin asks her dad where her mom is and where is Jerry. He tells her that her mom is out on a mission and they found Jerry and shot him, although not fatally but enough to get him to tell them where she was. And Jerry is meanwhile, being stashed at the metro court. He tells her that nothing and no one will stop her parents from finding her. Not Obrecht. Not Jerry Jacks. And not Faison, but she tells him she's worried about Faison. He's getting weirder and weirder and she doesn't want to think of what he will do when he finds out that Robert and Anna are on the island.

Luke tells Faison that it would take great pleasure to splatter his brains on the floor after what Faison has done to Luke's family. He stole Lucky from him just like he stole Robin from Robert and Anna.

Anna holds a gun on Obrecht and tells her all the hideous things she's done. Obrecht tells Anna that she (Anna) infects everything she comes in contact. Anna infected “her” Faison when he was young. He was a brilliant scientist. He wanted a child with her and he abandoned the woman who loves him, Obrecht tells her emotionally like she's ready to cry and revealing she is in love with Faison. Anna affirms that she despises Faison and his twisted obsession with her (Anna) is not Anna's intent. Anna asks Obrecht of she thinks that Anna could have gotten rid of him forever and given him to Obrecht, doesn't she think Anna would have done that? Obrecht emotionally tells Anna she is a fool and someone as petty as her could never understand Cesar's genius. Anna could never deserve his love. Yet Faison still pines for her. All the reasons he loves Anna is the reason he could never love Obrecht. Hearing that, Duke comments to Obrecht that she is insane. She blames Faison's fixation for Anna on Anna and wants to kill him in order to punish Anna.

Luke and Faison hold guns at each other and Faison dares Luke to do what he threatens to do. Luke fires a shot and Faison falls over.

In the hospital lab, Britt asks Brad where he got this crazy idea that Patrick's wife is alive. He replies from Sabrina's ex. Hearing that, she is very surprised to hear that Sabrina has an ex and the thought that she's been with any man besides Patrick or that anyone else would be interested in her. He tells her a guy named Carlos brought up Robin Scorpio Drake's life. In response to that, she tells his this Carlos sounds like an idiot to try to sell to him that a dead woman would resurface after staging her death and go to the hospital lab instead of attempting to find her husband and child. And she asks Brad just what he told Carlos. He replies that she may relax because he did not tell him anything about Robin. Carlos told him that Ellie Trout was the mysterious woman working in the lab, but they both know that's a lie, he tells Britt when he remembers she told him he'd have the day off. And then Nikolas suddenly walks in with this mysterious unidentified woman. So, he asks Britt, what is the story. Is Robin Scorpio Drake back from the dead. She attempts to tell him and asks why he'd care. He replies to her because of Felix.

At Sabrina's home, her cousin tells her that he, Elizabeth and Felix did some brain storming and found the perfect dress. And they urge her to unzip the case and look at it. She does and discovers it's her mother's wedding dress.

After Ava informs Patrick that his wife is alive, he asks her if that is some sick scheme that she, Carlos and Julian have to come between him and Sabrina. It's one thing that Carlos doesn't want Sabrina to move on, but they use his dead wife? That's disgusting, but she tells him that is not the case. She is not doing that. He concludes that he got this mysterious call from a woman who said she was Robin. And now he knows it must have been her. He admits it sounded very much like his deceased wife, but now he knows what happened, but she tells him she assures him she did not call him pretending to be anyone. She did not know about the call but bets it really was Robin. And Carlos did actually see Robin. Patrick then angrily demands she gets off his property.

Robin explains to her dad that Britt went to the lab. Nikolas went looking for Obrecht. And Faison locked her in this room. She was ready to lose hope until she opened the door and saw her dad, her hero. When Faison caught her parents, she was afraid she'd never see them again, but now she knows whey are safe.

Anna holds the gun on Obrecht, telling her she needs to put the gun down. Because if she shoots Duke, it will be the last thing she does on this earth. Obrecht angrily asks her if she plans to have Obrecht surrender and go to the WSB while Anna and Lavery get to live happily ever after. She tells Anna she'd rather die where she stands then allow Anna a moment's peace. Anna then urges Obrecht to listen to her. Isn't it herself whom Obrecht despises instead of Duke? She needs to let him go and kill Anna.

Luke is ready to dispose of what appears to be dead or unconscious Faison, but Faison reveals he is awake and not ready to die. He reveals he is wearing a bullet proof vest and is not hurt when Luke shot him through the heart. Luke lies on the floor and tells Faison he should have shot him in the face.

Obrecht continues to hold the gun on Duke. Anna is ready to put her gun down and let Obrecht kill her, but Duke urges Anna not to do that.

Robin and Robert conclude that there is such a “precedence” in their family of pretending they are dead. And it all comes back to Faison, but he tells them it' will all be over very soon. Faison and Obrecht will get their just due.

Sabrina cries happily when she sees her friends present her with her mother's wedding dress. Elizabeth and Felix tells her that they wanted everything to be perfect. They won't do anything less for their best friend when she is marrying prince charming. She draws her two buddies and her cousin toward her and tells them she loves him.

Brad reveals to Britt that he wants to have a shot with Felix. She asks him why even he would want Felix, but he tells her that if he can get Dr. Drake's wife back, he could prove he's capable of doing the right thing and be able to win some points with a guy of quality. So, he asks Britt, if she will help him with that.

Ava urges Patrick to know that she is not lying. Carlos did not lie. He saw a woman whom he knows is Robin Scorpio Drake. He tells her he does not buy that. If that's really true, why didn't Carlos tell him himself? Why did he send Ava there to tell him? She tells him that Carlos did inform Sabrina. He tells her that's not true. Why didn't Sabrina tell him about this conversation she had with Carlos. Ava replies it could very well be because just a part of Sabrina did not want to consider the possibility that Robin is alive. And, Ava asks Patrick, if there is not just a part of him that wants the same thing.

Sabrina asks her cousin if he could stay for the wedding. He tells her he'd like to more than anything. She took him away to find her the perfect dress, but he has to go on tour with his band. She tells him he's made her dream come true. She hugs him. He faces Emma and tells her he needs her to take care of his cousin. Elizabeth walks him out and tells him she's sorry he has to leave so soon. They reflect that they are old friends who have not seen each other for so long and they both miss Emily. She asks him if he's married. He tells her yes to a wonderful girl named Becky and asks Elizabeth if she is seeing someone special. She tells him not presently. She was seeing someone, but it did not work so it's just her and her boys. He tells her he knows that won't last too long. She is far too special to be alone and he hugs her.

Ava asks Patrick if there is not some reason why Robin has stayed away for this long, but he does not buy that and asks her why she is doing this. She replies she's doing this for Carlos. She knows he loves Sabrina more than anything. And she happens to know what that feels like. She knows feeling the need to be with someone who wants to be with someone else. Hearing that, Patrick smugly tells her that's “very sad” but she needs to project her romantic fantasy upon someone else's life. She needs to leave him and Sabrina alone. Ava tells him she doesn't even know Sabrina, but she knows Sabrina is making a mistake to throw away the man who loves her for some romantic fantasy. Patrick tells her it's not a fantasy. They are getting married, but Ava remarks that Carlos would walk through fire for that woman. She doesn't know, but Carlos' commitment to Sabrina goes a lot deeper than Patrick's. In response to that, Patrick asks her if her observation about his is based upon a 5 minute conversation with someone she does not know. She tells him she's sure he's a great guy, but he can't give Sabrina what she needs nor can Sabrina give that to him. And she asks Patrick if he could be convinced that his wife is alive, wouldn't he want to know and be able to find her.

When it looks like Faison is ready to kill Luke, Robert walks in and disarms him. And he demands to know where Faison has kept Robert's daughter.

When Anna has dropped her weapon, she tells Obrecht that she knows she understands the capacity of love so deep that no sacrifice is too deep. Don't they both have that in common? Obrecht tells Anna she is right. It's Anna she wants to kill and not Duke. So Anna can die if she wants, but right before she can take action, Duke is behind her unseen by her, freeing himself. And he grabs her and disarms her. They tie Obrecht and Duke is free. Anna re-unites with the man she knows and informs him that she could not tell him before but Robin is alive. He is shocked to find that out and tells her that she must put him aside, not worry about him and go find his daughter.

Robin and Robert rush to save Luke from Faison. Robert ties him to a chair. And they go to find Anna.

Brad demands that Britt tells him if she knows whether Robin is alive. She tells him she has no obligation to give him that information. He tells her if she does not, he won't have any obligation not to tell everyone that he is not the father of her baby.

Sabrina is happily getting into her wedding dress with her friends beside her.

Patrick is alone in his house, staring at his wedding photo with Robin. And he remembers Ava asking him if Robin were really alive, would he not want to know.

Robert returns to Nikolas' home with Robin. Anna enters secretly and she and Robert almost accidentally kill each other holding guns on each other not knowing who they are coming in contact with, but they are happy to all be re-united.

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