GH Update Friday 11/22/13

General Hospital Update Friday 11/22/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

At Wyndemere, Britt goes to Nikolas's room, and is embarrassed when she realizes that she's woken him up. Britt tells Nikolas that she's worried cause she hasn't seen her mother recently.

Obrecht is a little tied up at the moment, and none too happy about it. She and Duke are arguing over whose fault it was to let Faison get the better of them. Duke blames her for getting Faison out of jail, in the first place. Obrecht blames Luke.

Luke is in his hotel room talking on the phone to Dante. Dante apparently is asking Luke's advice on how to handle a despondent Lulu. Luke tells him to just be patient, because she's a Spencer, and heals in her own time. Just as he tells Dante to just love her, there's a knock on the door. He opens the door to Robert's smiling face. "Come on. Tell me you missed me!"

Back at Wyndemere, Robin looks at wedding invitation that she pilfered from the lab. Faison enters from  the tunnels, and asks why she looks so sad. He tells her today is the day that she will be reunited with her family. As long as she cooperates, that is.

It's also Sabrina's wedding day, and she's relaxing at home, looking at a picture of her and Patrick. Of course, that's when Patrick calls her. They talk about his bachelor party, until Felix comes, and demands that she get ready. She thanks him for not letting her go out the night before. He's anxious for her to get ready and he's got everything she needs: coffee, CoeCo cosmetics and her beautiful wedding dress.

Faison and Robin argue over who's in charge, him or Jerry Jacks. Robin talks back to him, which Faison isn't too happy about. When he threatens her, she tells him that she knows he wouldn't hurt her, because of Anna. He tells her that Robert, on the other hand, is fair game.

Robert is having a joyous reunion with Luke in Luke's hotel room. Luke is surprised to see his old friend. He tells Robert that the last thing he heard was that he and Anna were trapped in Helena's lab and being held captive by "Him!" Luke points to Jerry Jacks  who's being dragged to the door by Anna. "You believe everything you hear?" she says.

Back at Wyndemere, Faison and Robin continue their war of words. Robin calls out Faison for his obsession with her mother. Faison grabs Robin and tells her to grow up and stop being such a kid. She gets free but doesn't back down. "All my life, I have seen my parents do the impossible. They're a team, and that's why you tried to separate them -- because you want to manipulate my mother and lure her into loving you, but you know what? That's never gonna happen, because my mother despises you. " Faison pulls a gun on her for her insolence.

Upstairs in Nikolas's room, he and Britt talk about the missing Obrecht. She tells Nikolas that she thinks her father is lying. She just checked her mother's room, and her bed hasn't been slept. She thinks that something must've happened to her.

Duke tells Obrecht that this has nothing to do with Spencer. He has his own problems right now. Obrecht isn't surprised that Duke knows about Luke's illness. She tells Duke how much she admired Helena Cassadine and her methods. She goes on to tell Duke that Luke went in search of a cure and stole it from Jerry Jacks. Duke says that there is no cure, but Obrecht tells him that there is now. She tells him that Faison helped develop the cure, along with a genius young doctor. Obrecht says that Duke knows the doctor very well. When he asks who it is, Obrecht doesn't tell him.

A hung-over Elizabeth arrives at Patrick's and grabs his coffee. They talk about his bachelor party, and how much they had to drink. She wonders why he doesn't look like she feels. He tells her that he was up early, and already hydrated. He tells her, "Because this isn't my first rodeo there, darlin'. I used to be a professional at this. I've been hydrated since dawn. Plus I have to look good for my bride when she meets me at the altar."

That's what Felix is all about at his and Sabrina's apartment, getting the bride looking good. When he shows he the dress that he picked up in Corinth, Sabrina tries to hide her disappointed. Felix realizes that she's still wishing it were her mother's dress. She confesses that if she had her mother's dress, she feels that she would have her blessing. She thinks that it would make everything all right for her and Patrick. Felix gives her a hug.

At Wyndemere, Britt can't believe she even cares what happens to her mother. After everything she's done, including kidnapping Ben, and all the trouble she's caused Nikolas and Robin.  Nikolas tells her that they are getting through it, and Ben and Spencer are safe. Britt tells him that what her mother's done can fit a book. But she's still worried, but Nikolas can relates. He talks about his demented relatives Stefan, his father and Helena. He tells her that even after all they did, he still feels their loss. He asks her when was the last time that she saw her. She tells him that she was taking a tray of snacks into the tunnels. Nikolas tells her to get dressed so they can go and look for Obrecht.

Obrecht is taunting Duke about who this doctor is. They are busy trying to untie themselves. They continue to argue, but Obrecht thinks it's a waste of time, since Faison will never let them go. Duke begs to differ cause he wants to get back to Anna.

In his hotel room, Luke takes great pleasure in taunting Jerry. It seems that Jerry is getting weaker, as Luke is getting stronger, thanks to the cure. Jerry is encouraged and says that his doctor is well on the way to developing another dose. Robert reminds him that his doctor is their daughter, who he's held captive for two years. "But not for much longer, methinks." says Robert. Anna excitedly tells Luke that Robin is alive. Luke tells that he knows and he's seen her, much to Anna's amazement.

Robin is still battling Faison in the Wyndemere living room. Faison is highly annoyed with her and has a gun pointed at her. "You're right. My love for your mother will never die, but you, on the other hand, I couldn't possibly care less. You know exactly why you're here! But maybe you have become a little more trouble than you're worth, huh?" he says angrily. Suddenly, Britt and Nikolas show up, and Nikolas aims a gun at him, "FAISON!" he yells.

Back at their apartment, Felix gives Sabrina a pep talk about her wedding. He tells her that even though she doesn't have her "dream dress," it will still be okay because she's marrying the man she loves. She finally agrees, and he sends her off to take a shower and get ready. As soon as she's out of earshot, he calls Elizabeth for back up.

Mac brings home Emma, who's very excited, but much too loud for Elizabeth. Emma asks her why she's wearing sunglasses in the house, and Patrick covers for her, and says she has a headache. Just then, her cell phone goes off with an obnoxious ring tone. It's Felix asking her for help, so she takes off, and Emma goes with her.

Luke tells Anna that he not only saw Robin but spoke to her at Wyndemere. Robert is relieved that he didn't just imagined he saw her. They are surprised that Obrecht's daughter is involved, but Luke continues with his story. He tells them how Jerry is holding Robin, Nikolas and Britt hostage while Robin finishes the cure. He says that Faison is in charge, and he told Robin that Jerry would kill her parents if she didn't cooperate. Luke and Robert rejoice that Robin can finally tell the world that she's alive. Jerry tries to say something but all three of them tell him to shut up. The celebration is cut short when Anna tells them that Jerry still has one more hostage.

In the Wyndemere catacombs, Obrecht isn't happy to hear about Anna again. All this time, they've been struggling to get free of their bonds. Duke is almost free of his ropes, he tells her that they have to work together, even though she despises him.

 Up in the living room, there's a standoff between Nikolas and Faison. Faison wonders where Nikolas got the gun, but Nikolas just wants to protect his friends. He tries to reason with Faison, who is still threatening Robin. He asks Robin if she's all right, and Robin says she is. Britt asks her father what happened to her mother." What happened to my mother? Did you lose your patience with her, as well? "she asks. Faison gets annoyed with her questioning him about Obrecht, which makes Britt more suspicious. Faison says they should be more worried about what's going at GH, and for once, Robin agrees with him. She says that the cure should be ready soon. Nikolas says that he'll get the launch ready, and Robin announces that she's going to GH. Faison grabs her arm, and says she will stay where she's told.

Elizabeth and Emma arrive at Felix and Sabrina's apartment. Felix is taken aback by Elizabeth condition and when he asks "What happened to you?" Both Emma and Elizabeth say "Don't ask!" Emma asks for Sabrina, and Felix sends her off to look for her. Felix tells Elizabeth that Sabrina wasn't thrilled about the dress he picked. They talk about some secret plan, and Felix says "So no Hail Mary pass?" Of course that's when Sabrina and Emma show up, and Sabrina asks, " What Hail Mary pass?"

Mac and Patrick have been left by themselves at Patrick's. They talk about how excited Emma was about the wedding, and how much she loves Sabrina. Patrick asks about Robert and Anna, and Mac says that he hasn't heard from them. Mac isn't all that surprised, with them being former spies and all. Patrick hopes they get back in time for Emma's sake.

Robert and Anna are still in Luke's hotel room. She is showing Luke the picture of Duke tied up somewhere in the depths of Wyndemere. Jerry tries to point out that they just cant go up to the front door. Luke taunts him until Jerry says, " It's amazing what you can accomplish with a little foresight, don't you agree, Miss Devane? " Anna tells him that Faison has orders to shoot Duke if he doesn't hear from him every day. "Yes, I made a call yesterday as a gesture of good faith, but I'm not making any more calls until I get the cure. If I don't contact Faison within an hour, Lavery's a dead man. " says Jerry. Robert decides an hour is all they need to rescue Duke and Robin.

Robin yells at Faison to take his hands off of her. Nikolas warns Faison again if he harms Robin, he will shoot him. Faison thinks Robin has had too much leeway, and wants Britt to go instead. Faison doesn't trust Robin, and Britt is a doctor. Robin tells Nikolas that Faison won't hurt her because she's the only one who can administer the drug to Jerry. Britt wants to know that Obrecht is okay, but Nikolas assures her that he will look for Obrecht.  She reluctantly agrees to go in Robin's stead. As soon as she leaves, Nikolas wants to take Robin and search the catacombs, but Faison will have none of it. Robin tells Nikolas to go and look for Britt's mother.

Obrecht is frustrated with Duke being unable to untie their ropes. They are arguing when they hear a noise. Obrecht thinks it's Faison coming to finish them off , but no, it's Nikolas who's still holding his gun, and is surprised to see Duke.

In his hotel room, Luke doesn't like the sound of being left behind. He reminds Robert that Faison has done as much to his family as theirs. Jerry, of course, would love for Luke to join them. Again they all tell him to shut up. Jerry carries on though, "I mean that sincerely. I mean, you made short work of my guards on the island, and that was when you had polonium in your system. It was really quite impressive you were able to do so much. I mean, having your organs shut down hurts like a son of a bitch." Anna tells him not to look for sympathy from them. Luke, however, has a better idea. He drags Jerry from the chair he was sitting in and handcuffs him to the bed. Luke won't be talked out of joining them.

In the Wyndemere living room, Robin and Faison resume their argument about her parents. She calls him a "textbook psycho", which gets Faison all riled up. "When you don't have any more power and any more resources, and you certainly won't have my mother. You'll be alone. How pathetic. " Robin tells him. He's had enough, and starts pushing her to move, so he can put her some place away from him.

Mac and Patrick are still at the house alone. Patrick thanks Mac for watching Emma, and Mac tells him it's no problem. They talk about their relationship and have a heart to heart. Mac tells him that just because Patrick is moving on, doesn't mean that he isn't part of Mac's family. It's a touching moment between the two men.

Back at her apartment, Sabrina wants to know what Felix and Elizabeth are talking about. Elizabeth tells her it's just wedding stuff, and Felix says that she wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. Sabrina asks about the sunglasses, and again Elizabeth says "Don't ask." She changes the subject and wants to see the wedding dress. Emma wants to see it too. Elizabeth tells her it's beautiful, and that Patrick won't be able to take his eyes off of her.

Mac and Patrick finish off their conversation, with Mac wishing him good luck at the church. Mac asks if Patrick has heard from Duke, and he says no.

In the catacombs, Nikolas questions Duke about how long he's been there, but Duke doesn't remember. Obrecht is surprised that he's freeing her too. Nikolas tells her that Britt was worried about her. "Your daughter has more consideration for you than you've ever had for her. If left to my own devices, I'd let you rot down here. I wouldn't even bother searching for you." he tells her. Suddenly, Faison shows up, and just as Obrecht yells "Nikolas!" Faison clobbers him.

Emma announces that she's hungry so she and Felix go to the kitchen. He asks if Elizabeth or Sabrina want anything and they say no. They continue to talk about the dress when there's a knock on the door. Felix wonders if it's their surprise. Sabrina opens the door and says "Oh my God!"

Patrick also receives an unexpected visitor.

Anna, Robert, and Luke have arrived at Wyndemere and are surprised that no one is around. Luke, Anna and Robert decide to split up. Luke knows the grounds, so he goes outside. Anna heads into the tunnels or "down the rabbit hole" as she tells Luke.

Nikolas had loosened Obrecht's rope enough, so that she can free herself. Duke asks her to free him too, but instead she pulls Nikolas's gun on him.

Robert is searching upstairs, room to room, when he kicks open a bedroom door. Robin is startled and grabs a vase.

Luke is back in the living room, calling for Faison. Faison comes from the tunnels, and says "Hello, Spencer."

Duke is pleading with Obrecht to work with him, but Obrecht doesn't trust him. Obrecht tells him that their alliance is over, and goes to shoot him. Anna shows up, with her gun aimed at Obrecht and says, "Drop it!"

A father and daughter are reunited as Robin and Robert fly into each other's arms.

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