GH Update Thursday 11/21/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/21/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Sabrina raced into the Metro Court and apologized to Felix for being so late for their meeting. Felix wanted to show her and Patrick the hotel restaurant, as a possible reception venue. Sabrina promised to make it up to Felix by buying him a massage at Deception. Felix pointed out that the Spa hadn't opened yet. Felix told Sabrina that she was being so lackadaisical about planning the wedding that he wouldn't know she was getting married tomorrow. Sabrina sighed that she wouldn't be getting married tomorrow if Carlos got his way. Felix jealously wished Carlos was pursuing him like that. Sabrina told Felix that Carlos was bad news, because he worked for a mobster. She was adamant that she didn't want Felix, Patrick or anyone else she cared about near Carlos. Sabrina planned to deal with her ex on her own. Felix suggested advised Sabrina to ignore Carlos, but Sabrina didn't think that would work. She told Felix that Carlos was claiming Robin was alive. Felix loudly repeated what Sabrina said, and she quickly shushed him. Sabrina explained that Carlos said he saw Robin in the lab. Felix dismissed the possibility that Robin was still alive, but he wondered if Carlos might have seen Robin's ghost. Sabrina pointed out that ghosts weren't real, but Felix thought Carlos was more likely to have seen a ghost than an undead Robin. Sabrina was confident that Carlos was trying to stir the pot again. Sabrina told Felix that Carlos had done it before when he drew attention to Patrick's wedding ring and tricked Patrick into thinking Robin called him. She was convinced that Carlos was trying to stop the wedding. Felix swore he wouldn't succeed.

Sabrina asked Felix to be her maid of honor. Felix was touched, but he told Sabrina he didn't do drag anymore. “How about person of honor?” Sabrina said. Felix was surprised she was asking him instead of her family. Sabrina countered that he was family and that she couldn't get married without her best friend by her side. Sabrina was shocked and hurt when Felix said no, but Felix quickly revealed that he was just joking. He accepted and told her he was proud to stand with her on her wedding day. Felix hoped she'd spread her joy around, so he could get engaged one day. Sabrina promised to be Felix's wing-man once the wedding was over. Felix wondered where Patrick was.

Ava ran into Carlos on the pier. He was lost in thought, staring at the water. Ava noted that he looked troubled and asked if something or someone was on his mind. “Yeah, but I'm not on hers,” Carlos lamented. He grumbled about Sabrina marrying a man despite the fact that his wife was alive. Ava knew Sabrina was marrying Patrick and that Robin had died a couple of years ago. When Carlos said Robin was still alive, Ava was willing to accept this, because Julian had faked his death. Ava was curious about why Carlos thought Robin was alive. Carlos revealed that he saw Robin. Ava listened to his story and when she realized he had no proof that he saw Robin, she asked how long he'd wanted Sabrina back. “Years” Carlos said. Ava theorized that Carlos had imagined seeing Robin, because he was upset about Sabrina's upcoming wedding. Carlos told Ava that Sabrina didn't believe him either, then he admitted that he barely believed it himself. Ava was miffed that Carlos had already told Sabrina. She felt that Carlos should have come to her (Ava) and discussed the right way to break the news. Carlos countered that there was no time for that – the wedding was tomorrow. Carlos would have told Sabrina even if he didn't want her back, because he believed she deserved to know the truth. Ava advised Carlos to spare Sabrina the pain from a broken heart and tell Patrick what he saw. Carlos explained that he drove to Patrick's the night before, but he decided against telling him the truth, because he knew Patrick wouldn't consider him to be trustworthy, due to his feelings for Sabrina and his mob ties. Carlos assured Ava he meant no offense. Ava told Carlos she saw it as a compliment. “Sabrina's fate is out of my hands and into Robin's” Carlos said.

Ava leaned her head on Carlos's shoulder and confessed that she knew what it was like to love someone who didn't love you. Carlos wondered what idiot would possibly spurn Ava. Ava smiled sadly and said he wasn't an idiot, just arrogant. Ava changed the subject back to Carlos's situation. She told him she didn't want him to end up like her. Carlos tried cheering Ava up by telling her she seemed to be doing all right. “I'm not” Ava said, in a pained tone. Ava asked Carlos to let her go to Patrick on his behalf. Carlos appreciated Ava's offer, but he turned her down, because he knew it would only make matters worse between him and Sabrina. Carlos thought Sabrina and Patrick needed to see Robin to believe she was alive. Carlos left.

Robin sat on the living room floor of Wyndemere, holding a paper and looking depressed. Nik walked in and gently said that staring at the lab work wasn't going to make the cure be ready any faster. Robin told him this wasn't about Luke. She showed him an invitation to Patrick and Sabrina's wedding. Nik joked that his and Britt's invitation hadn't arrived yet. He asked Robin where she got it, and Robin admitted she stole it. Sabrina had left it in the lab for Ellie. Robin described hiding under the table while Patrick and Sabrina were in the lab, being affectionate with each other. Nik now understood why Robin had been in such a bad mood. Robin filled Nik in on her encounter with Carlos. Nik worried that this would blow their cover, but Robin said there was nothing they could do, except hope that Carlos didn't connect the dots. Nik promised to keep an eye on the Carlos situation. Nik told Robin that if Carlos was really as in love with Sabrina as Robin said, and he realized who Robin was, he wasn't going to keep quiet. Robin assured Nik that Carlos did love Sabrina, but Sabrina didn't want him, because she and Patrick were in love. Robin felt like she'd lose her chance after the wedding. Nik pointed out that Patrick was only marrying Sabrina because he thought Robin was dead. Robin didn't think that changed the fact that Patrick had fallen in love with someone else.

Nik took Robin's hand and marveled that she hadn't gone crazy as a result of being separated from her family. Robin wasn't sure she hadn't, but Nik declared that she was as strong and grounded as ever. He urged her to think positive and told her that Patrick was waiting for her, even though he didn't know it yet. Robin disagreed. She didn't think Patrick's feelings for Sabrina would disappear when he found out Robin was alive. Robin predicted that her family wasn't going to pick up where it left off once she revealed that she was alive. “Patrick is moving on” Robin said. Nik pointed out that none of them knew she was still alive. Robin said Patrick took the advice she gave him on the DVD and found happiness with someone else, who by all accounts was a good person. Robin started to cry and she wondered if it was fair to force Patrick and Emma to give up the happy life they'd built without her. Nik insisted that Patrick and Emma needed Robin, but Robin disagreed, because they had Sabrina. Nik told Robin that she was still the woman Patrick fell in love with and had a child with. Robin noted that Patrick fell in love with Sabrina too and Emma saw her as her new mommy. Nik told Robin that in 24 hours, Jerry would be out of her life and she'd be back in Patrick and Emma's. He pulled her into a hug. Robin looked over his shoulder at the wedding invitation.

Patrick was on his way to meet Felix and Sabrina, when he spotted Elizabeth working at the nurses' station. Patrick called her a couple of times to get her attention and asked if everything was okay. Liz groaned that it had been a long day. Patrick asked how things went in court. Liz admitted that she hated testifying against AJ. Patrick sat down and she told him everything that happened at the courthouse. AJ had somehow been unaware that Liz had been subpoenaed, and when he saw her walk into the courtroom, he assumed she was there to support him. Liz had been honest and told the court that AJ said he wanted to hurt Connie. Even though Liz had clarified that AJ didn't mean it, the damage was already done. Liz feared that her testimony might send AJ away for the rest of his life. Patrick believed that AJ would only have himself to blame if that happened. Liz wasn't sure AJ had killed Connie. Patrick told Liz that she'd done her job by telling the truth and now it was out of her hands. Liz thought AJ looked miserable in the courtroom; as if he knew he'd be spending the rest of his life alone. Patrick countered that AJ had Monica and Michael. Liz said she couldn't be there for AJ anymore. When Liz got involved with AJ, she thought their relationship would work out because they were both seeking redemption, but now she realized that wasn't a good basis for a relationship. “I guess we were doomed from the start, unlike you and Sabrina” Liz said. Liz was happy for the two of them. She noted that Patrick had come a long way since Robin's death. Patrick asked Liz to be his best man at the wedding. Patrick teased that he was choosing Liz due to her organizational skills, then he became sincere and told her she had been there for him and Emma through tough times and he couldn't imagine standing at the altar without her being there with him. Liz accepted and they hugged. Patrick realized he had to get going to meet Felix and Sabrina. Liz asked Patrick to call her his “best person.” Patrick agreed. Liz suddenly decided Patrick needed a bachelor party. She told Patrick that she would send a cab to pick him up in three hours. Patrick agreed and left.

Felix returned to the hospital after showing Patrick and Sabrina the restaurant. He'd learned that Liz was best person, and he told her they needed to coordinate. Felix raised the subject of hair and nails, but Liz said she had plans to go to the pub with Patrick.

Back at the hotel, Patrick and Sabrina decided to hold the reception at the Metro Court. Patrick mentioned going home, and Sabrina told him she was going back to her apartment, instead of home with Patrick, due to the old superstition. Patrick was confident that the wedding would be perfect. Sabrina agreed. They kissed, and Patrick told Sabrina they'd have the rest of their lives together. They walked out arm in arm.

Olivia was on the stand at AJ's trial. Scott produced a DVD and asked Olivia, as hotel manager, to authenticate it as footage from the hotel on the night Connie was killed. Diane objected because the prosecution hadn't made her aware that the footage existed. The judge decided to allow Scott to make his point. Olivia confirmed that the DVD was real. Scott predicted that the DVD was going to end the trial and get justice for Connie. Diane objected to the DVD being shown, because she had tried to get the hotel security video from that night and she was told it didn't exist. The judge asked Olivia for an explanation, and Olivia testified that some of the DVDs had been misplaced or destroyed in a flood. Monica found all this suspicious. Sonny stood up and argued in favor of showing the DVD. The judge was sympathetic to Sonny, because of his loss, but warned him to be quiet. The judge temporarily dismissed the jury, because she wanted to watch the video before deciding if it was admissible. Kiki asked Michael if he was sure he wanted to stay. “Yeah, I have to be here, for both my fathers” Michael said. On the other side of the room, Olivia asked Sonny the same question. Sonny wanted to stay. He felt that Connie would want him to know what really happened to her, and that she wouldn't rest until AJ was locked up.

Diane told AJ to stay composed, no matter what the video showed, because when the jury returned, they'd be studying his demeanor, looking for signs of his guilt or innocence. The video began and Olivia and Sonny, held hands. Michael, Monica and Kiki did the same. The video showed a drunk AJ staggering into the Metro Court and onto an elevator. Diane argued that it wasn't really AJ, but Scott countered that a bellhop and facial recognition software both confirmed that AJ was the man in the video. The video showed AJ select the third floor, where Crimson was located, then he pulled out a gun. The video ended after AJ stumbled off the elevator. The stunned and distressed AJ whispered that he really did it – he killed Connie. Sonny glared at AJ, and Monica and Michael looked upset.

AJ and his supporters were surprised when Diane didn't object to the jury viewing the video. Michael told his grandmother that Diane must have something up her sleeve. Diane added that she had no objections as long as the prosecution showed the rest of the footage. Surely the prosecution must have video of AJ shooting Connie, Diane challenged. The judge was also interested in seeing the rest of the video. Scott was forced to admit that there was no more footage – it had been destroyed in the flood. Diane argued that the jury couldn't be allowed to see the prejudicial video, without seeing the part that would exonerate AJ.

The judge decided not to allow the jury to see the video, then she called a recess until tomorrow. Michael congratulated AJ and complimented Diane on a job well done. AJ wasn't in good spirits; he told Michael, Monica and Kiki that he now knew he killed Connie. Michael asked if AJ remembered something. AJ still didn't remember what happened that night, but now that he'd seen the video, he didn't see how he could be innocent. Diane urged AJ not to think the worst. She told him that no one would really know what happened unless the other videos were found.

Back on the pier, Ava pulled several DVDs with the Metro Court logo on them out from under her coat. She glanced around to make sure she was alone, then she tossed them into a barrel and set them on fire.

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