GH Update Wednesday 11/20/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/20/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Kiki and Michael arrive at the courthouse for AJ's trial. Kiki finds a heads up penny, and says it's good luck. Michael is distracted and worried about AJ. Monica arrives and asks if they've seen AJ. Michael tells her that he hasn't arrived yet. Just then, AJ shows up, accompanied by guards, and says "I'm here."

At GH, Ellie finds Elizabeth, who was looking at the paper with AJ on the front page, and asks if she's heard the news. She thinks that she means AJ, but Ellie is talking about the custody battle. Elizabeth asks her what happened.

At Maxie's, Spinelli tries to comfort her, telling her "this isn't the way he wants to do things." He starts to tell her that he has to leave when Diane shows up and finishes his sentence for him. "The judge ruled that Maxie isn't allowed within 20 feet of her daughter.

At the Falconeri loft, Lulu is walking around holding Connie. She's making plans for the day, but when Dante asks if she's okay, she ignores him. Suddenly, there's a knock on the door. It's Olivia and Sonny who have come to say goodbye to the baby.

Felix is at Metro Court restaurant talking about the wedding to Carly. Carly blurts out that she slept with Franco.

In his hotel suite, Franco is on the phone to Miscavige to make sure Heather is locked up. Suddenly, there's a knock on the door. He picks up a large vase, thinking it's Heather, but no, it's his newfound father, Scotty Baldwin. He tells Scotty that he thought it was "Mother". Scotty asks if Heather is locked up at Miscavige. Franco reminds that she has a habit of getting out. He tells him that he's a little freaked. He shows him that note Heather sent him, threatening Carly. Franco says that Scott is the new district attorney. What is he going to do to protect Carly?

In the restaurant, Carly pleads with Felix to just listen and not judge her. He's still in shock over her sleeping with Franco. She tells him that she slept with Franco after the art show. "It was that good?" quips Felix. She tells him it was a disaster, and that everything changed for Franco that night. He found out that he isn't a Quartermaine.

At the courthouse, AJ thanks Monica for being there, even though he's hurt her. She tells him that she brought him a suit, and that no matter what, she will not let him go through this alone. Michael agrees with that, and AJ tells him how grateful he is for the three of them. He looks around and says that there does seem to be someone missing. Of course, he means Elizabeth.

At GH, Ellie is still filling her in on what happened, and Elizabeth is surprised to hear that Lulu and Dante didn't get to keep the baby. She's even more surprised that Spinelli was awarded sole custody. Elizabeth feels bad about the outcome for Maxie. She didn't want to keep Maxie away from her daughter, but she had to tell the truth. Ellie says that she understands, but Elizabeth tells her that she hates going to court, the way some people hate hospitals. Ellie wonders if she'll attend AJ's trial then.

Diane continues to issue a stern warning to Spinelli and Maxie that she is not allowed near her daughter. Spinelli speaks for both of them, since Maxie looks like she's about to break. Diane reminds him that Maxie hasn't always followed the rules. Diane hands him the court order and tells them that if Maxie goes within 20 feet of Connie, she will go to jail, and he will lose custody.

Olivia takes Connie from Lulu, and tells her how much she means to her. Connie touches Olivia and Sonny's faces. Sonny also tells her how much she means to him They both tell her how she helped them get over her namesake's death. The baby looks like she loves Sonny. Dante and Lulu stand by helplessly.

Now in the courtroom, AJ is asking Michael and Monica, if there is any sign of Elizabeth. He says that he hasn't seen her since the arraignment. He says that Elizabeth only came because Michael asked her too. Michael tells him not to count her out yet. Of course, that's when Elizabeth shows up.

Diane takes her leave of Maxie and Spinelli to go to court. Diane reiterates the judge's ruling, and asks Maxie if she understands. Spinelli says yes, but Diane wants to hear it from Maxie. Maxie numbly nods her head. Diane hands him a bill, and says that because he's a single father, he can pay in installments. She tells Maxie that she doesn't have to pay anything, because she lost the case. She apologizes to Maxie for not being able to win this for her, and leaves. Spinelli has to leave also, but doesn't want to leave her alone. He tells her that Ellie is helping him, and stops himself. Maxie picks up a picture of Connie. and Spinelli leaves reluctantly . Just before he does, Maxie finally speaks, and ask him to "take care of our little girl."

Things are not much better at the Falconeri loft. After Olivia and Sonny's emotional goodbye, Lulu takes Connie back. They tell Lulu how sorry they are, and Lulu says "I'm sorry, too, that Maxie will be raising our baby." That's when Olivia and Sonny inform them that Maxie isn't allowed near the baby, and that Spinelli got full custody. Olivia and Sonny tell them that if they need anything to call them. After they leave, Lulu calls it a "hollow victory" proving Maxie to unfit, and they still don't get to keep Connie. Lulu blames Dante. The baby fusses, sensing something's wrong.

Back at Metro Court, Franco pleads with his "new daddy" to help him protect Carly. Unfortunately, Scotty sees him and Heather as a political liability. He's actually there to ask Franco to, well, back off. Franco realizes that he will receive no help from his father. Scotty tells him that he will make sure the security at Miscavige is tightened up. Once outside the room, however, Scotty doesn't look happy with himself.

Carly is explaining things to Felix in the restaurant, that Scotty is Franco's father, and "super psycho" Heather Webber is his mother. She tells him that Franco was devastated, but Felix says that, surely there was another way to comfort him. He reminds her that Franco was "hot to tort" with Diane. She tells him that was just a cover-up. "You really don't have this listening, nonjudgmental thing down at all, do you?" says, Carly, but Felix is onto her. She tells him it involves Heather Webber, and he says it's really bad, isn't it? Carly continues with her story of how she thought Franco was hiding another woman in his room., but it turns out it was Heather. "Heather Webber, barking mad, LSD-injecting, psycho-killing Heather Webber is his mother? " says Felix. He tells her to run, before it gets worse. Too late! We see Heather slinking around the corner in a raincoat, and black hat.

Sonny and Olivia arrive at the courthouse, where they run into Scotty. Sonny taunts him about his new office. They banter back and forth about Lazaro, and how Morgan helped get him elected. Sonny tells him that because Morgan did that for Julian Jerome, so Jerome owns him now. Scotty says that he was elected by the people. He tells Sonny that he has the people's best interest at heart. Sonny tells him that he better get AJ convicted, and not let his history with the Quartermaines get in his way. Scotty asks if Sonny is threatening him, and Sonny tells him to take it any way he wants. He and Olivia walk away, but Diane shows up behind Scotty and says, "Looks like you have a lot to lose."

Inside the courtroom, AJ tries to talk to Elizabeth, and she tries to speak, but the bailiff calls the in session. Judge Chua reads the charges, and tells Scotty he may begin. Scotty's opening statement is that he will prove that AJ Quartermaine killed Connie Falconeri aka Katherine Hardwick Howard.

Back at Metro Court, Heather sneaks onto an elevator without Carly and Felix seeing her. Carly and Felix are still arguing over Franco. He reminds her that Franco is responsible for what happened to Michael. She tells him that she hated Franco for that, but then Franco saved Michael's life. Felix thinks it's gratitude, but Carly tells him it wasn't. She tells him that ever since they removed the tumor, that she's seen a different side of Franco. She tells that she saw Franco fighting the darkness, even before the tumor. Then Felix reminds her of Heather, who keeps escaping the institution. She tells him that Scotty promised that he would tighten up security a the institute. She tells Felix that she's sure everyone is safe from Heather.

Not quite, as Franco finds out, when she shows up at his door. "Good morning, Sunshine." says Heather. Franco pretends to be pleasant, and lets her in, He grabs her roughly, and tells her to stay away from Carly, or he'll kill her. She tells him that she's only protecting him from being hurt. He warns her again that he'll kill her. She doesn't think that he has it in him, so he goes for hr throat and says "Watch me."

Spinelli has joined Ellie at GH, where she asks him if he talked to Sam. He tells her that Sam has graciously decided to let him stay with her. In fact, she's looking forward to it. Ellie asks how Maxie is, and Spinelli tells her that, she is shattered, and barely speaking. The only thing she said to him, was to take good care of their daughter. He's worried about who will take care of Maxie.

There is a persistent knocking on the door, and Maxie yells "Go away! I don't want to see anyone! I don't want to talk to anyone! What part of "go away" do you not understand?!" she says opening the door. It's Mac and Felicia.

Back at the Falconeri's loft, they are arguing over Lulu perjuring herself. When Dante says that he's a cop, Lulu reminds him that Sonny shot him point blank and should be in jail. He perjured himself for Sonny, but not for his own wife she cries.

In the courtroom, Diane gives her opening statement in defense of AJ. Judge Chua tells Scotty to all his first witness so he calls Sonny. Sonny recalls the night that AJ was threatening Connie at his house. Scotty asks him what would've happened if he hadn't show up. Sonny says that AJ would've killed her, which Diane objects too. Sonny goes on to tell how Michael and Elizabeth showed up to drag AJ away from there. He says that AJ threatened Connie before he left. They continue with the night of Connie's death and the way Sonny found her. He gets emotional remembering and tells them that Connie had written AJ in her own blood.

Lulu is railing at Dante for not doing for her what he did for the father he never knew. Dante tells her that he had to face reality and that the decks were stacked against them. Lulu isn't going to let him off the hook that easily.

Felicia and Mac try to comfort Maxie, but it's not that easy. Apparently, they didn't know what had happened until Diane called them. Maxie is at a loss when they ask her why she didn't call. "And say what? "Mom, Mac, I lost my little girl"? I can't do this. I can't live without her. " She falls apart in Felicia's arms.

At GH, Spinelli receives the call that he's been dreading. When Ellie asks, he tells her that the social worker is ready to meet them. Ellie offers to go with him and he gratefully accepts it.

Dante tells Lulu that he couldn't lie because Connie isn't their daughter. Lulu keeps saying no, but an emotional Dante tells her that they won't be going anywhere with her. As Lulu weeps he tells her that they're under a court order to surrender Connie to Spinelli today.

Diane takes over in the courtroom, and offers Sonny her condolences. She wastes no time in establishing his history with AJ regarding Michael. Scotty objects calling her questions inflammatory, but Judge Chua sustain with a caution to Diane. Diane asks Sonny if he witnessed AJ killing Connie. Sonny says no and Diane calls the evidence circumstantial. Scotty objects saying that's for the court to decide. Diane concludes her questioning, and the judge releases Sonny. Judge Chua asks Scotty to call his next witness and to AJ's surprise, he calls Elizabeth. He swings around in his chair to look at her.

Back at Metro Court, Carly is defending herself and Franco to Felix. When Felix criticizes her taste in men Carly asks him about Brad. Felix says he's not into Brad the Cad, but Carly doesn't buy it. He admits it reluctantly. She tells him that this is how this listening thing goes. She's not judging him and she thinks that Franco is a changed man.

Franco is telling his mother that people think she's changed. He's still holding her by the throat, and says, menacingly, that they both know he hasn't. Suddenly there's knocking at the door and it's two men saying they're from Miscavige. He almost chokes her as a warning, before opening the door.

Scotty questions Elizabeth about the night he threatened Connie. He asks her how AJ was feeling afterwards. Elizabeth hesitates as she flashes back on what AJ said. "They're lucky I wasn't armed myself, because I swear to God, if I was, I would've killed Connie right then and there. Scotty again asks her if she heard AJ say anything against Connie. She finally admits it, and Olivia freaks out on her for not saying anything. Sonny comforts her, as he glares at Elizabeth. AJ looks away, cause he still doesn't remember anything.

Lulu is lying on the bed with Connie, having a hard time letting go. Dante tells her that he doesn't want to lose Connie either, and that they have to stick together. Connie is fussing and Dante tells Lulu he loves her, but she won't look at him. Suddenly there's knock on the door, and Lulu picks up Connie and holds her close. Dante opens the door, and he finds Spinelli, Ellie, the social worker and an officer.

Diane is cross-examining Elizabeth about her previous testimony. She establishes that AJ didn't mean what he said. Scotty redirects, and gets Elizabeth to admit if she thinks, given the chance, AJ would've killed Connie. The Judge asks Elizabeth to step down and she does looking at AJ. AJ puts his head down, cause he can't look at her. Judge Chua asks Scotty to call his next witness, so he calls Olivia to the stand.

The Miscavige guards have Heather in tow, and tells Franco that Miscavige is looking into tightening up their security. He tells them to get Heather out of here. She tells him that everything she does is for him. He tells her that he doesn't care, and tells her to stay away from Carly.

Carly and Felix are finishing up, and he says that he has her back. He just tells her to be careful.

In his hotel room, Franco rips up the note and thinks he has his problem solved.

Heather is in cahoots with the guards. She and her "boys" go off arm in arm.

Spinelli tells Dante and Lulu how bad he feels, but Lulu isn't that accepting. Dante hands Ellie Connie's bag of things and last minute instructions. Connie has strange musical tastes as Lulu tells them that she likes Arctic Monkeys but hates Robin Thicke. When they him how fasts she moves, Spinelli says that he will keep an eye on her. Dante says a loving goodbye to Connie as does Lulu, who has trouble keeping it together. Dante hands the baby over to Spinelli, who leaves reluctantly. As soon as they're gone, Lulu falls apart.

Mac tells Maxie that they are there for her. He and Felicia will help her get through this.

Scotty begins questioning Olivia and asks her about the security footage from the hotel. Diane wants to know what footage, and he tells her it's from the night AJ killed Connie.

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