GH Update Tuesday 11/19/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/19/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the nurses' station, Felix and Brad talked about their unsuccessful hunt for the right wedding dress. Brad thought Sabrina might have to compromise, since the wedding date was fast approaching, but Felix was determined to find the right dress so everything would be perfect. Felix thanked Brad for helping out. Brad suddenly remembered he was supposed to be doing something else instead of helping Felix. Before Brad went back to the lab, Brad nervously asked Felix on a date. He was surprised when Felix said yes. Patrick entered the scene and sensed what was going on as Brad walked away with a huge smile on his face. Patrick told Felix that Brad was untrustworthy and advised him not to get involved with him. Felix assured Patrick that he wasn't giving Brad a pass for trying to trick Patrick into thinking Ben was his. Felix had been thinking about Brad's indifference to Ben, and Felix believed Brad made a valid point when he said that he'd only signed up to donate sperm to Britt. Felix noted that Ben didn't look like Brad and he wondered if Brad thought Ben wasn't his son.

Felix didn't know if he'd ever understand Brad's behavior toward the baby, but Felix believed Brad had done enough good things to deserve to another chance. While Patrick thought Felix deserved better, he thought Felix might be able to bring out the good in Brad. Patrick was too focused on his upcoming marriage to hold grudges against Brad or Britt. Patrick thanked Felix for arranging the wedding on such short notice and said Sabrina was lucky to have Felix. Patrick hoped Carlos didn't try to interfere with the wedding. He explained that Carlos thought he was still hung up on Robin. Felix wanted to look out for Sabrina, so he gently asked Patrick if he loved Sabrina with his whole heart. Patrick thought Carlos was being a good man and a good friend. Patrick said that when Robin was alive, she came first and now Sabrina came first. Patrick vowed to do everything in his power to keep Sabrina happy. Felix was satisfied, and he hugged Patrick.

Carlos cornered Sabrina outside the GH lab and told her that Robin was still alive. Sabrina was appalled and told Carlos to stop, but Carlos insisted that he was telling the truth – he saw Robin in the lab. Still disbelieving, Sabrina asked if the lady said she was Robin. Carlos explained that Robin had lied and said her name was Epiphany. He added that he recognized Robin because he saw her picture at Patrick's house. Sabrina ordered Carlos to stop. Just then, Brad arrived and Sabrina asked him who was working in the lab today. Brad asked how he was supposed to know, and Sabrina pointed out that he was the lab manager. Brad told her it was none of her business and took Luke's file from her. Brad glanced into the lab and wondered aloud where “she” went. Brad tried to leave, but Carlos stopped him and asked him who he was looking for. Brad replied with a sarcastic and unhelpful answer. Carlos told Brad he (Carlos) was looking for Patrick's wife. Brad was confused, because he knew Robin was supposed to be dead. Brad flashed back to Nik bringing the masked woman to the lab, but he told Carlos and Sabrina that Ellie was working at the lab today. Brad left, and Sabrina hoped that Carlos was satisfied with the answer. Carlos asked if Ellie looked anything like Robin. Sabrina admitted that she didn't. Sabrina was skeptical that Carlos knew exactly what Robin looked like after only glancing at her picture, but Carlos reminded her that he never forgot a face. Sabrina maintained that Carlos's story made no sense. She pointed out that if Robin was alive, she would reunite with her family instead of going back to work. Carlos gave up, but he warned Sabrina that she was wasting her time planning her wedding.

Felix went to the lab, and Brad assumed he was there to cancel their date. Felix told him he was wrong, then he asked Brad to go to the wedding with him. Brad pointed out that Sabrina and Patrick hated him. Felix agreed and said they had good reason to. However, Felix said he and Patrick had come to an understanding. Felix wanted Felix to be there because it was Felix's best friend's wedding to her “Prince Charming.” Brad accepted the invitation.

Patrick walked up to Sabrina and hugged her from behind. He asked if she'd gotten lost taking Luke's results to the lab. Sabrina told him she'd gotten sidetracked. Patrick hoped it wasn't serious. Sabrina noticed Carlos walking toward the elevators and told Patrick it was nothing she couldn't handle.

At Wyndemere, Robin told Nikolas and Britt that she'd have a cure for Jerry in 48 hours. Britt was relieved that the nightmare was about to be over. Just after Robin said she'd have to make sure no one saw her, everyone heard Luke yelling Nik's name. Robin hid just inside in the secret passage, and a second later, Luke burst into the living room. Nik commented on the way Luke let himself in uninvited, then he introduced him to Britt. Luke realized Britt was Obrecht's daughter. Luke announced that Obrecht, Faison, Jerry and the doctor who saved Luke's life were holed up on Cassadine Island. Luke was taken aback when Nik and Britt didn't seem surprised. Nik said he was aware of the situation and monitoring it. Luke added that Jerry might be holding Robert and Anna captive. Luke told Nik to gas up the jet so they could go to the island. Nik refused. He covered by saying he wouldn't allow Luke to come barging in and ordering him around. Luke decided to go to the island on his own to help his best friends, Robert and Anna, out. Robin had no choice to reveal herself and tell Luke not to interfere.

Robin told the stunned Luke that she cured him and that Jerry holding her parents hostage until she cured Jerry, too. Luke didn't think they should assume Jerry would keep his word and free Robert and Anna after he was cured. Luke was adamant that Anna and Robert needed to know Robin was alive. He told Robin how Robert had been so distraught over her “death” that he contemplated suicide. Nik tried to silence Luke, but Luke ignored him and told Robin how Robert went to the bridge at Blackstone Canyon and how Luke had to tell Robert a terrible lie to stop him from jumping. Robin was near tears when she asked how her mother handled it. Luke told her Anna was devastated. Nik didn't approve of Luke trying to pressure Robin into defying Jerry. Luke explained that felt compelled to do something to help. Robin told him he already was helping and she filled him in on how his blood was being used to make the antidote. When the cure was ready, in 48 hours, they were going to trade it for Robert and Anna. Luke countered that they should give the cure to Sean Donely instead and let Jerry die. Nik told him that Jerry would kill Robert and Anna. Robin added that Luke couldn't tell anyone she was alive.

Everyone involved in the custody battle was in the courtroom waiting for the judge's decision. They were all surprised he'd already made up his mind. Ellie raced in, after getting a text from Spinelli. Although the judge thought the Falconeris had a strong case, he refused to grant custody to them. Lulu jumped to her feet and cried that the judge couldn't do this. The judge was firm – the law said that this was not Lulu and Dante's child. The judge also added that Lulu hadn't helped her case by lying on the stand. Lulu apologized and promised to do anything to make up for it so she could keep Connie. When the judge refused to change his ruling, Lulu ran out sobbing, ignoring Dante's pleas for her to wait. Alexis told Dante she was sorry. Dante told her she'd done all she could. When the judge mentioned surrendering Connie to her new custodians, Dante got a knowing look on his face and rushed out of the courtroom. Alexis apologized for her clients and promised to pass along the judge's orders to them later. Maxie was happy about winning, but Spinelli was troubled by what it cost. Maxie asked the judge when they could pick up the baby. Everyone was shocked when the judge announced that he didn't think it was in Connie's best interest to be raised by Maxie.

The judge was appalled by Maxie's actions after the miscarriage, including during the proceedings. The judge thought Spinelli was right when he said Maxie hadn't intended to hurt anyone. However, the judge felt that Maxie had shown a lack of ethics and good judgment, which lead him to conclude that she wouldn't make a fit parent. Maxie stood and wept as she told the judge he couldn't take her child away from her. Diane ordered Maxie to be quiet, but Maxie didn't listen and asked what was going to happen to Connie. The judge gave Spinelli full custody. Maxie expressed shock, and the judge told her that she'd deceived and manipulated Spinelli as much as she had Dante and Lulu. According to the judge, Spinelli had behaved gallantly, and the judge was impressed that Spinelli had expressed empathy for Dante and Lulu. Maxie told Spinelli to do something. Spinelli stood and respectfully told the judge that the ruling was unfair to Maxie, because the child belonged to both of them. Spinelli asked if Maxie would be granted visitation rights. Maxie was taken aback that Spinelli was only arguing for her right to visit the baby. Maxie was devastated when the judge said no. Spinelli exclaimed that Connie needed both of them, but the judge told him that he didn't think Connie should be near Maxie.

The judge told Maxie to think about the damage she'd inflicted on everyone involved. He added that she'd committed fraud and violated the terms of the contract by hiding the miscarriage and allowing the Falconeris to pay for her medical expenses and caused them emotional pain by letting them get attached to a baby she knew didn't belong to them. The judge added that she endangered Connie because she hadn't disclosed her accurate family medical history. He ruled that it would be detrimental for Connie to have contact with Maxie. Maxie loudly protested, but the judge ignored her and said “you will go nowhere near that baby for a period of six months.” The judge said they'd revisit the possibility of visitation after a six month period. He ignored Maxie's pleas and left the room. Maxie asked Diane if he could do this, and Diane said yes.

Tracy took Connie to Luke's suite and vented to the baby about Luke risking his life a short time after he'd been cured. Tracy felt that any reasonable woman would walk away from him, but she admitted she wasn't reasonable where Luke was concerned. Tracy was shocked to find Olivia waiting for them inside. Olivia reminded Tracy that as the hotel manager, she had keys to all the rooms. Olivia picked Connie up and told Tracy that the judge was about to rule on the baby's custody. Tracy and Olivia cooed at the baby and talked about the adult Connie. Olivia thanked Tracy for the roses she'd sent and told her that Connie would have approved. Tracy said she and Connie had been becoming friends before she died. A remorseful Tracy said Connie would probably still be alive if Tracy hadn't pushed her to reveal that Kiki was a Quartermaine. Olivia urged her not to feel guilty and said that AJ was solely to blame. Tracy appreciated that, but she still felt just as responsible.

Tracy and Olivia were apprehensive about what the judge would do. They wondered if they should wait there or go to the courthouse. Just as they decided to go to the courthouse, Lulu arrived. She smiled brightly and told them that the judge had decided in her favor. Lulu took the baby and quickly gathered her things. Olivia was relieved, but Tracy gave Lulu a quizzical look and asked where Dante was and why Lulu was in such a rush. Lulu claimed Dante was at home getting things ready. Lulu opened the door to leave just as Dante arrived. Olivia hugged Dante and congratulated him. Lulu urgently told Dante they should take Connie and go. Dante told her he couldn't let her do that. Dante's eyes filled with tears and he told Olivia and Tracy that they lost the case. Olivia repeated what Lulu said, and Dante told them that Lulu was trying to run off with the baby. Lulu asked Dante to move out of her way so she could take her baby home. Dante told her he was sorry, but he couldn't let her take the baby. Dante told Lulu she knew this was wrong. Tracy quietly urged Lulu to listen to Dante. Lulu cried that if she didn't do this, she'd lose Connie, and Dante put his arm on Lulu's shoulder and told her they already lost her. They held each other and wept.

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