GH Update Monday 11/18/13

General Hospital Update Monday 11/18/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In the court at the custody battle for baby Connie, Diane calls Dante to the stand and asks him if his wife lied when she said she never considered running away with the baby. Although he evades the question, she asks him if Lulu was or was not lying.

Tracy takes Luke to the doctor. Patrick and Sabrina examine him and confirm that he is completely free of plutonium poisoning. Tracy is elated and hugs Patrick. They bring baby Connie with them. Patrick remarks that instead of thanking him, she should thank the “mysterious doctor” overseas who found the cure (little does he know it's Robin)

Meanwhile, Britt and Nikolas are kissing.

While Phason and Obrecht hold Duke hostage, she is ready to kill him but Phason stops her knowing that they “need” Duke to persuade Anna.

Not far away, security alarms are ringing and security officers are running to the scene with guns.

Dante does not answer Diane's question of whether his wife lied. She reminds him that he is an officer of the law and it would not be “honorable” to commit perjury answering that question. She then repeats the question of whether his wife lied when she said she did not ever tell anyone she was ready to take baby Connie away and run. Dante then admits yes. She did lie. He clarifies that she said that but did not mean it and it may have been a momentary lapse of judgment and something Lulu said without thinking. Diane probes him if Lulu had a “momentary lapse of reason” when she gave a lot of thought to a plan involving asking her father in law, known crime Lord, Sonny Corinthos, to help go on the run with the baby. And Diane leads Dante to admit that Lulu had every intent to break the law and kidnap baby Connie until her cop husband talked her out of it.

Right when Sabrina and Patrick declare to Tracy, Luke and baby Connie that they are engaged, we see Carlos entering the hospital lab where Robin is hiding. And he comes face to face with her. He tells her that he is looking for his girlfriend, Sabrina Santiago who is a nurse. And he looks at Robin reflecting that it appears he's seen her (Robin) somewhere before.

When Dante confirms, under oath, that Lulu just committed perjury and did, in fact, tell him that she had every intention of kidnapping the baby, she remarks to her husband that he had a choice and chose to betray her. When Diane returns to her clients, Spinelli asks her if Lulu will be charged with perjury. She tells him she does not know but has some worries about their case..

When Carlos finds Robin in the lab, she tells him she's a nurse. Her name is Epiphany Johnson. In response to that, he tells her he’s never heard that name and it is a very odd name.

Right then, Anna and Robert come face to face with Jerry and hold guns on him demanding he drops his and surrenders.

Not far away, Obrecht struggles with Phason when he decides to hold her hostage along with Duke.

Britt admits that she was very surprised that he'd want to kiss her. And maybe this is just their “way of coping” given all that is happening. He then tells her that he is now going to be honest with her and tells her he believes that is a load of crap and there is something between them. But she tells them that maybe the two of them together is a mistake. She does not want to hurt him by getting him involved in her mess. He then reminds her that he has already told her he does not hold her responsible for her parents' actions. But she clarifies she' snot talking about them. She's talking about herself and her own crimes.

Right then, Patrick, Sabrina, Luke and Tracy all realize that they cannot find Anna. She seems to have “disappeared”.

Diane calls Spinelli to the witness stand and asks him how it feels to have a previous friend betray him and prevent him from having a baby that is his own flesh and blood. He protests that Lulu is still his friend. He does not believe that she would do wrong or intend to hurt him or Maxie. She is a good person. And he faces Lulu and Dante and tells them both that he never intended to hurt them and neither did Maxie. And he believes that is what started this entire thing in the first place. Maxie could not bring herself to tell them that she was no longer carrying their baby. She did not want to hurt them. But now they are all hurting each other. Diane then asks Spinelli to clarify if it's true that the baby is his and if he and Maxie still intend to raise her. He replies yes.

When Britt tells Nikolas that she has committed her own crimes, he tells her he only knows of one for which he bailed her out. He does not hold her parents' crimes against her. He tells her that he's done crazy and illegal things in his life. He knows she might be capable of doing something crazy in order to protect baby Ben. There's nothing wrong with that. But she levels with him telling him she’s never met anybody like him who is good for her. And she odes not want to lose him as a friend. He tells her he does not want that either. She tells him she is scared. He tells her so is he and he kisses her again.

Robin then asks Carlos to wait when he's ready to leave and asks if he is Sabrina's ex. Did they used to “date”? He admits it was more serious than that. He wanted to marry Sabrina. But she's chosen someone else. She's going to marry Dr. Drake next week. She tells him she has heard. And right away, Carlos can tell that Robin is just as devastated by that as he is. And he asks her why.

Patrick informs Luke and Tracy that Anna and Robert when to Switzerland on a private mission. They did not tell him exactly what they intended to do. But it appears they went to find Phason.

Right then, Phason ties up Obrecht's hand and keeps her prisoner along with Duke. He admits to Duke that he won't let Duke keep Anna from him. Obrecht panics and pleads that Phason cannot leave her down there. He tells her he can and he will.

When Anna and Robert find Jerry Jacks, he shows them a picture, on his phone, of Duke, to prove that he's been caught and is held prisoner.

Diane tells the judge that this case should never have gotten this far. And there's one simple fact. The baby in question does not belong to Dante and Lulu Falconeri. Alexis argues that the baby is just as much her clients' as the one that Maxie miscarried. She reminds the court that Ms. Jones lied many times to them and to the baby's father and put the baby at further risk by keeping her clients in the dark about the medical history of the baby. Lulu and Dante paid for all of her expenses, planned their lives around raising the baby, had a christening for her and have proven they are the only people looking out for the baby's best interests. Diane concludes,, that at the end of the day, this is not about who loves the baby more but who has the right to legal custody. And it's very obviously Maxie Jones and Damien Spinelli. Alexis counters that it's Dante and Lulu Falconeri.

Phason comes up from the place where he's holding Obrecht and Duke. He notices Britt and Nikolas and asks his daughter if this is her new suiter. She tells him it's really none of his concern. And she asks where her mother is. It's odd she hasn't been around for a while. Where is she?

While Obrecht and Duke are locked up, they argue about who is going to “win”. She tells him it's unlikely he will ever see Anna again after Jerry has found her.

Meanwhile, Jerry demands that Anna and Robert drop their guns. But they do not and she fires a shot. And he falls to the ground.

Patrick is surprised when Luke informs him that Jerry Jacks is alive. And he is very intrigued about who might have come up with the cure for what could have killed Luke. He asks if it might be Obrecht, whom he remarks is a psycho but might be a brilliant doctor who could have found it. Luke then tells him no. It was not Obrecht. It was an “anonymous” woman doctor.

When Carlos leaves Robin alone in the hospital lab, she admits that maybe she can find Patrick before he has a chance to marry Sabrina. Outside, Carlos sees a picture of Epiphany Johnson and is able to tell that she is not the same woman that Robin identified herself as.

After court is adjourned, Diane asks Alexis if she wants to go and get a drink during the recess. Alexis tells her she is not in the mood. Ellie joins Spinelli and maxie and Mac and Felicia assure their daughter that she will win the custody battle. The DNA will prove that the baby is hers' and Spinelli's and they need not worry. But it appears things might not be this simple.

When Patrick learns from Luke and Tracy that Jerry Jacks is alive, he tells them he needs to find Jerry before it's too late. They urge him not to mess with Jerry because he and Obrecht and Phason are not “ordinary” criminals. But they all wonder why they have not seen or heard from either Anna or Duke since Halloween.

While Obrecht and Duke are held hostage in the same room, Anna and Robert manage to disarm the Jerry's guards. Robert holds a gun on Jerry who is on the floor unable to get up and tells him he's usually the “merciful sort” except when someone threatens his daughter. And he won't hesitate to blow Jerry away. But Jerry reminds him if he dies, then Robert will never find Robin.

At the hospital, Luke leaves the room and tells Tracy he needs to go where he can get some answers, at Windermere.

Right then, Robin conducts a plan and leaves the hospital lab with a mask to hide her face, and departs.

After Luke departs, Patrick remarks to Tracy that at least he's back to his old self. She asks if he can promise 100% recovery for Luke. He tells her yes although he hasn't a clue who found the cure that saved Luke's and many other peoples' lives. Tracy takes baby Connie on the elevator and rides with Ellie who informs her that the closing arguments are over and both parties are waiting for the judges' ruling.

Right then, court is re-convened. Both lawyers inform their clients that the judge has made his decision.

Britt demands that Phason tells her where her mom is. He evades her question and tells her perhaps her mom got lost. Maybe she enjoys exploring. He knows he did. He leaves Britt alone with Nikolas who remarks that it appears that Phason has something going on that looks even creepier than usual.

When Obrecht and Duke are held captive, she tells him there is nothing they can do. And with his “annoying girlfriend” looking for him and failing to find him, it makes things even more “interesting” for Phason.

Right then, Anna and Robert are ready to find Robin and subdue Jerry.

Carlos is in shock when it appears he's put two and two together in finding out who the mysterious woman (Robin) whom he just met, really is. He finds Sabrina who is not interested in seeing him or hearing what he has to say until he tells her that he believes he's found out that Patrick's wife is alive.

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