GH Update Friday 11/15/13

General Hospital Update Friday 11/15/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Diane is still badgering Lulu on the stand about being a murderer. Alexis objects and Judge Walters admonishes Diane. "Ms. Miller, need I remind you that it's your job to ask the question. It's up to the witness to testify." Diane heeds the warning and tries again. She asks Lulu if she's a murderer, which causes Dante to speak up. "This is ridiculous. Lulu has never killed anyone." Judge Walters tells him to pipe down, or he'll clear the courtroom. Dante remains quiet but frustrated. Diane continues with her line of questioning. She tells the judge that she has proof that Lulu has killed not once but twice.

Mac has just arrived and starts to ask if Alexis was just as bad. Felicia tells him "worse" and asks about Robert and Anna. Mac tells her that it's like they just disappeared, but when she tries to ask him more, he wants to concentrate on Maxie's case.

Robert and Anna are still trapped in Helena's lab. They are trying to break out the old fashioned way, but all that happens is Robert getting a sore shoulder. "God, we're never gonna escape out of this door!" Anna cries in frustration. They're running out of options and things to harm Jerry with. Robert is determined to protect Robin from Faison. Robert is upset with himself for not telling Mac what was going on. Anna thinks that Duke will save them.

At Wyndemere, Britt comes upon her mother carrying a tray of snacks. She asks who they're for, and Obrecht tells her they're for her father. Britt doesn't buy her mother's story, but Obrecht insists it's for Faison. She reminds Britt that this used to be her father's home, and he's enjoying exploring the place. Britt doesn't buy it, and wants to know what he's really up to.

At GH, Patrick is about to enter the lab when another doctor stops him to congratulate him on his engagement to Sabrina. Dr. Dosky tells Patrick how happy he is for him, and that Robin would approve. Robin is listening just on the other side of the door.

Sabrina is at the Drake household, waiting for Felix to pick up the wedding dresses she rejected. When there's a knock on the door, she thinks it's Felix, but it's Carlos. He wants to talk to her, but she tells him that she's getting ready for work. He notices the wedding dresses and wonders what's going on. She tells him that she's getting married next week and tries to get him to leave. She tells him that "Mr. Wells" is probably looking for him. "You heard the news," says Carlos. Sabrina says that the man who signs his paychecks put it on the front page of his own newspaper. Carlos tells her that he wanted to have full disclosure. Sabrina is shocked that this is what Carlos has been doing since she left home. Carlos lies and says he didn't know who Derek Wells really was. She tells him that his life is his business and none of hers. She doesn't understand why he wanted to tell her. He tells her it is because he plans on spending the rest of his life with her.

AT GH, Patrick tells Dr. Dosky that he has to pick up Luke's test results from Brad. Dosky tells him that he saw Brad take off awhile ago. Patrick says he knows his way around a lab, and the two part ways. Robin scrambles to find a hiding place under the desk. Patrick enters the lab and stops to take it in for a moment.

At Wyndemere, Britt tries to join her mother for some "spelunking." Obrecht tells her that it's too dangerous, and that Britt has to be there for "little Cesar." Britt corrects her, and says "Ben." Obrecht leaves on her mission. Britt starts to pick up Ben's toys and is startled by Nikolas. Nikolas apologies and asks if everything is okay. She tells him that she thinks that her parents are up to something.

Duke receives a rude awakening when Faison throws a pail of water on him. "God, I wanna kill you with my bare hands," growls Duke. Faison taunts Duke who calls for Nikolas, but, of course, they can't hear anything. Duke threatens Faison, saying "By all that is holy, I will take your life!" Faison gags him and tells him that he should've stayed out of his affairs and away from Anna!

Anna reminds Robert that the guards should be bringing in their food soon. She suggests they prepare, and Robert says with what? To prepare the table? Anna is talking about negotiating with the guards, but Robert tells her that they have nothing to negotiate with. "How could I have been so stupid?" says Robert as he watches Anna chew on Emma's gum. "Is that a rhetorical question?" Anna asks.  He starts talking about how they're the best of the best, and they talk about previous tight spaces they've been in. One in particular involves a goat chewing her way to help them escape. Suddenly, an idea comes to him, and he asks how much gum she has left.

In the courtroom where Mac has just arrived, Felicia asks him if he found Robert and Anna. He tells her no. It's like they just disappeared. He wants to talk about it later. He just wants to know how Maxie is. She tells him they were right, and it's getting ugly.

Diane is questioning Lulu who claims she doesn't know what Diane is talking about. When Diane asks her about Logan Hayes, Alexis immediately objects, shouting "Relevance!" Diane claims she's showing Lulu's history of violence. The judge allows it so Diane continues. Lulu says she knows the name, and Diane reminds her that Lulu had a close personal relationship with Logan. Lulu defends herself saying that Maxie and Logan tried to manipulate her into falling for him. Diane pushes Lulu about Logan's death. Alexis objects but Diane continues on, and asks if Lulu left Logan to die, after she stabbed him. Alexis objects, calling out Diane for badgering. The judge orders Diane to move on. Diane asks Lulu if she felt justified killing Logan Hayes. Lulu says she had no other choice, and Diane says "Because he was a threat to you?" Lulu answers "Yes." And again Alexis calls out Diane for badgering. Then Diane asks Lulu if she can justify killing her unborn child. "How can you ask me that?" she says, looking directly at Maxie and Spinelli. Spinelli puts his head down, while Olivia gasps, covering her face with her hands. Alexis says, "Good question." Alexis reminds the court that Lulu's right to choose was upheld by the Supreme Court. The judge agrees and tells Lulu she doesn't have to answer. But Lulu now wants to and says that she had sex before she was ready, and that it was the hardest decision she ever had to make. She tells the judge that she wasn't ready to be a mother then, but she is now.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Britt that her parents worry him, too. He tells her to be more specific, but she changes her mind. She says that as long as her parents stay away from Ben, she's fine. Nikolas persists so she confesses that all this coming back and forth between the walls. Nikolas laughs and says "Ah, the catacombs." She says that it reminds her of the movie "The People Under the Stairs". They joke about how "sick" her parents are, and that most of his family was "demented." She then changes the subject and asks if he got Robin to the lab okay. He says yes, and that he left Brad in charge. Britt is shocked to hear this and tells Nikolas that Brad isn't the most responsible person.

Sabrina is trying to convince Carlos that her future is with Patrick. He tells her that he's not giving up on her.  She tells him that he is setting himself up to be hurt. "Because you still care about me." he says. She admits she does, but not the way he thinks. He asks her to run away with him. When she refuses, he gets angry and trashes the dresses, and insults her. She tells him she's had enough, and pushes him out the door. "It doesn't matter because I will find the right dress, but if I don't, I don't care, I've found the right guy." He says "I'm not finished," but she closes the door on him.

Obrecht has finally arrived in the catacombs. "Finally," says Faison, "Lavery hungers. "I know the feeling," quips Obrecht. "Where you were?" he asks, frustrated. She tells him that she was trying to satisfy his daughter's curiosity. He shoots back that they wouldn't have this problem if she had given him a son! She tells him that she'll send his complaint to his sperm. Duke calls them both "mad hatters." They start to argue about why they need to keep Duke alive. Obrecht wants to eliminate him.

Back in the courtroom, Alexis again objects to Diane's "vulgar theatrics". The judge overrules her, but urges Diane to get on with, and reminds her that she already has two strikes against her. Diane tells the judge his warning is duly noted, and says that she just has one more thing to bring up. She asks Lulu what her state of mind was, when she heard that Maxie and Spinelli wee suing for custody. Lulu doesn't get the question so Diane asks her how she reacted. Lulu says that she was upset that they were trying to take her daughter away. Diane reminds her that that is up to the court to decide. Alexis objects , which the judge sustains, and again urges Diane to get to the point. Diane asks whether or not, she was prepared to take drastic action. When Lulu says she doesn't know what Diane is talking about. Diane asks her about running away with Connie. Alexis says assumes facts not in evidence. Diane asks Lulu if she didn't tell Maxie that, Lulu hesitates as she recalls the conversation with Maxie. With Maxie watching intently, Lulu lies on the stand.

At Wyndemere, Britt isn't happy with the news that Nikolas chose Brad to guard Robin. Nikolas wonders if he should go back to the hospital, but Britt calm down, and says it's not necessary. Nikolas is confused by her reaction, but Britt says that Brad would find him more threatening than her. Nikolas is torn between going back to the hospital and leaving Britt alone with her maniac parents. He tells her that he doesn't want them around her and Ben ever again.

In the catacombs,  Obrecht and Faison are bickering about the benefits of keeping Duke alive. "I'm still sitting here." Duke reminds them. Faison suddenly flings the tray of food out of Obrecht's hands for her insolence. "Damn." says Duke, as he watches the Danish roll to the ground. Obrecht picks up the knife, and goes after Duke. She and Faison struggle, and argue at the same time. She tells Faison, that Lavery serves no purpose. Duke says he begs to differ, and Faison says Lavery alive means something it does to him. Obrecht still doesn't see clearly until Duke yells at her, "Don't you get it, you stupid woman? He needs to keep me alive... in order to get to Anna." She turns to Faison in amazement.

Anna and Robert are madly chewing gum. He complains about the flavor but she tells him to shut up. It's their granddaughter's favorite. Two guards bring their dinner. "More moussaka," the guard says "if you don't like it, don't eat it." Anna asks for news about Robin, and one of the guards says, "Not for you to know." Robert asks for some salt and wine. The guard retrieves some salt and says "Enjoy." As soon as they leave, Robert turns to Anna and says "Let's blow this joint!"

Sabrina is surprised to find Patrick in the lab. She was looking for Ellie to give her a wedding invitation. Robin is still hiding and listening to all of this. They talk about plans for the upcoming wedding. Patrick and Sabrina kiss, but he senses something's wrong. Sabrina tells him that Carlos dropped by again. When she tells Patrick about Carlos working for Derek Wells aka Julian Jerome, he gets upset. Patrick doesn't want Carlos anywhere near her or Emma. She tells Patrick that Carlos told her that his business with the Jeromes is legit. But Patrick knows all too well that doesn't mean anything. Robin hears Patrick tell Sabrina how much her friendship with Sonny and Jason cost his family. Robin is concerned when she hears about Sabrina's mob connection.

Carlos has arrived at GH looking for Sabrina. An unsuspecting nurse tells him that she saw Sabrina go down to the lab.

At Wyndemere, Britt and Nikolas talk about their dire situation. They compare notes on their demented relatives, and Nikolas wants to find his "inner" Cassadine to deal with her parents. She asks Nikolas how far he would be willing to go. He tells her that he would do anything to protect his family and friends, and that includes her and Ben.

In the catacombs, Duke tries to convince Obrecht to turn on Faison. He tells her that Faison's end game has always been Anna.

Lulu lies on the stand, much to Dante's and Maxie's surprise. The judge calls for a recess, and lets Lulu step down. Ellie asks Spinelli how he's holding up. He tells her that he hoped it wouldn't come to this. He was hoping that Dante and Lulu would come to their senses. He is heartbroken that their friendship is, as Diane calls it, "scorched earth."

Maxie tells Mac and Felicia that she isn't lying about what Lulu told her. Mac and Felicia tell her that they believe her, but there's no proof. Diane overhears them and says "That's not necessarily true." She looks over at Dante and Lulu.

Lulu is thanking Sonny and Olivia for coming and showing their support. Olivia assures her that they will be there no matter what. Dante thanks his father for coming, then drags his wife away. He's upset with her for perjuring herself on the stand. Lulu has tunnel vision where Connie is concerned. she doesn't think she did anything wrong. He asks her if she told Maxie what they had planned. She admits that she did, but it was in the heat of the moment.

The clerk announces that the court is now in session.

Dante and Lulu are still arguing, when Dante tells her to sit down. The judge asks Alexis to call her next witness. Alexis says she has no further witnesses. Judge Walters turns to Diane, who stuns everyone by calling Dante to the stand.

At GH, Carlos is directed to the lab, where Patrick is concerned about Carlos' connection to the mob. They agree that if Carlos is a danger to them, they will bring Anna into it. Patrick decides it's time to get back to work; Luke is waiting for his test results. Sabrina apologizes again for Carlos, and Patrick says the best way to get rid of him is for her to marry Patrick. They kiss before they leave, and Robin comes out of her hiding place.

At Wyndemere, Britt doesn't think that Nikolas would be able to kill anyone. She doesn't want to be one to corrupt him because of her parents. He tells her that she doesn't really know him. She thinks he's a hero, and she's never had one before. She admits to having done bad things, and that people hate her for good reason. She appreciates him for giving her a second chance. She says that they'll beat her parents and come out the better for it.

In the catacombs, Obrecht is coming to the realization that Duke is right. "A broken clock is right twice a day," Faison says cryptically. They start arguing again, and she says that he is doomed to failure. But Faison is beyond all reason now.....he says that he had Anna before, and he will have her again.

Robert, using tape, lifts the fingerprint of one the guards from the ID pad. He douses salt on the tape, and applies the tape to a wad of gum. Anna jokes she is sorry that she missed that class. He has invented the "Gum Thumb".

Dante is sworn in as a witness, and Diane goes after him right away. She asks him if Lulu was lying or not.

Britt asks Nikolas to promise that he won't do anything crazy. He tells her that he won't take any unnecessary risks. He tells her that he can't promise her that, because he happens to care about her. Britt wonders when that happened, and he says that it just  snuck up on him. He tells her that he likes it, and he doesn't want to let it go. Britt and Nikolas share their first kiss.

Her parents are still bickering over Anna. Duke tries to intervene by trying to get Obrecht to go against Faison. Faison tells Duke to shut up, and that Obrecht, is "loyal like a dog." Duke continues to implore her, and finally the dime turns. She tries to stab Faison  with the butter knife. He overcomes her, and she ends up tied to the post like Duke.

Anna and Robert put the "gum thumb" to the test, At first the lock doesn't open, but then, voila, freedom!

Robin is trying to focus on her work when Carlos bursts in and grabs her. "I told you I wasn't through, Sabrina." Carlos demands that Sabrina turn and look at him. He realizes that it's not Sabrina!

Sabrina and Patrick are heading back to the nurses' station. They're talking about Luke's polonium poisoning. Patrick tells her about the "genius" doctor that found the cure. Sabrina says that she should be given the Nobel Prize. Sabrina asks who she is, but Patrick doesn't know, and doesn't think he ever will.

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