GH Update Thursday 11/14/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/14/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

In the Wyndemere foyer, Robin told Nikolas she'd been awake the whole night trying to figure out how to extract the antidote from Luke's blood for Jerry and dreaming about reuniting with Patrick and Emma. It had been very difficult for Robin to hug Emma at Halloween and leave without revealing she was alive. Robin has having a hard time enduring the separation because she was so close – she could walk into her house at any time. While Nik was sympathetic, he pointed out that Jerry would kill her parents if she broke the rules. Robin understood that, and she knew it would be difficult to disobey Jerry without getting caught, because Faison and Obrecht were watching her every move. Robin explained that she came downstairs, because Faison was upstairs skulking around and hovering over her. Robin was also worried that Patrick would get remarried while she was in hiding. Nik gently told her that the only way to prevent that was to go home to Patrick herself. Robin agreed. She believed that the cure had been in Luke's system long enough that he should be producing antibodies that she could use to cure Jerry. Nik was impressed that Robin had found a cure for polonium poisoning while being held captive. Robin told him she was motivated, because she hated that everyone thought she was dead. Nik admitted he felt bad about not attending her funeral when she'd been such a good friend. Robin thought the important thing was that he was here for her, now. Robin said she needed to get some of Luke's blood. Nik told her that Luke had a doctor's appointment today.

Britt was shocked when she caught Obrecht emerging from the secret doorway in the the living room wall. Obrecht lied and said Faison had just taken her on a tour of the catacombs under Wyndemere. Obrecht explained that Faison used to live in those catacombs. Britt made a scornful comment, and Obrecht said it was no wonder Patrick despised her and Britt had to conceive a child with someone from a lab. Britt wasn't fazed by her mother's words. Britt accused her mother of lying. Obrecht and Faison hadn't been getting along, so Britt didn't think Faison would take her on a romantic tour. Obrecht stuck to her story, so the skeptical Britt asked where Faison was now. When Obrecht claimed he was still reminiscing in the tunnels, Britt called her mother's bluff and walked toward the secret passage. Just then, Nik and Robin walked in and Nik asked for Britt's help with “Ben's deadbeat dad.”

Britt went to check on the baby before she made the phone call. Nik and Robin gloated to Obrecht that soon Obrecht would be out of there and Robin would be home. Obrecht smirked and asked Robin how she knew Patrick would choose her over Sabrina. Robin was adamant that she and Patrick were soul mates and couldn't be torn apart. Obrecht pointed out that Patrick slept with Britt just months after Robin “died.” Nik urged Robin not to let Obrecht get to her. Obrecht crowed that Patrick connected with Britta over the baby and was devastated to learn that he wasn't the father.

Brad paged Felix to the GH lab and gave him a framed portrait of the two of them taken at the Halloween party. It showed Brad in his new costume; the one he changed into because Felix asked him to, so they both wouldn't be dressed as the same thing. Brad hoped it would be a reminder that he wasn't such a bad guy. When Felix said he liked the picture, Brad smiled in relief and promised that there would be more reminders to come. They seemed to be about to kiss when Ellie walked in and broke up the moment. Ellie was excited because Luke's test results could provide groundbreaking information about polonium poisoning. She noticed that she'd interrupted something, but Felix told her he was just about to leave.

Felix left, and Brad's grin faded, and he berated Ellie about her bad timing. He grumbled that this was the first time he'd gotten through to Felix since the mess with Britt's baby. Ellie snarled at Brad for talking to her like that when he knew she was on edge because of Spinelli's custody trial. Ellie reminded Brad that she couldn't be there to support Spinelli, because Brad had refused to let her take the day off. Elizabeth was keeping Ellie up to date; things weren't going well for Spinelli's side. Brad didn't understand why Spinelli and Maxie were fighting for the child that they'd tried to pass off as Dante and Lulu's. Ellie lit into Brad for revealing the truth about Connie's parentage when it was none of his business. Brad argued that he'd done that to prove to Felix that he was a better person. Ellie spat that Brad should prove he was a good person by taking an interest in his own child. Ellie resumed testing Luke's blood. At that point, Britt called. Brad asked if this was about the baby, and Britt said of course not. Britt asked if Luke's blood sample was at the lab. Ellie heard Brad say “Ellie's working on it.”

Back at Wyndemere, Britt hung up and told Robin that the blood was there. Robin was going to go to the lab, but Obrecht didn't trust Robin not to let someone see her. Obrecht told Britt to go get the blood and bring it back. Robin pointed out that she needed the lab equipment, and Obrecht told Nik to buy her what she needed. Robin countered that Jerry was so ill that they didn't have time to set up a new lab.

At the GH Lab, Ellie asked Brad why Britt was interested in Luke's blood samples. Brad didn't know. Britt called Brad a second time. He took the call, then he asked Ellie about Luke's test results. When Ellie said she was almost finished, Brad gave her the rest of the day off and tried to rush her out. Ellie wouldn't leave without an explanation, so Brad told her he was trying to be nice and let her go to the hearing. Ellie didn't believe Brad was acting out of benevolence. Brad insisted that this was all part of his attempt to become a better man, and he threatened to fire her if she wouldn't accept his gift to her. Ellie agreed to leave, then she began to gather up Luke's blood samples to take them upstairs, per protocol. Brad panicked and promised to do it himself, then he hurried her out the door.

Nik and Robin prepared to leave Wyndemere. Britt decided to stay and watch Ben and Obrecht. Obrecht reminded Robin that communicating with anyone at GH would get her parents killed. Robin swore she wouldn't do anything to endanger her parents, especially when she was so close to going home. After Nik and Robin left, Britt went to check on Ben. Obrecht tried to sneak a tray of food into the tunnels, but Britt caught her and asked what she was up to.

At the custody hearing, Alexis cross examined Maxie. Maxie maintained that she was a good mother, so Alexis asked about “fact” that she was a murderer. Maxie didn't know what Alexis was referring to. Spinelli stood and pointed out that Maxie had been lying when she confessed to killing Lisa Niles. Alexis clarified that she wasn't talking about that “example of Maxie's extremely poor judgment.” Maxie demanded to know what Alexis was talking about. Alexis looked at Lulu, who gave Alexis the approval to go ahead. Alexis announced that she meant Robin. Maxie was stunned and insisted that Robin's death was an accident. Alexis countered that Maxie had admitted to killing her. Felicia raced over to Lulu and made it clear that she was appalled that she would use what Maxie said out of grief and misplaced guilt against her. The judge ordered everyone to stop the outbursts. Olivia and Sonny noticed that Dante didn't know this was coming and didn't approve of it. Dante quietly told Lulu that this was too much.

At the Drake home, Patrick and Sabrina showed Emma her new flower girl dress and announced that they were getting married next week. Emma was surprised they were getting married so soon. Patrick explained that they loved each other and Emma so much that they didn't want to wait to become a family. Emma was excited about the wedding, but she hoped Spencer and Cameron weren't going to be there, because she didn't want them to ruin her dress like they ruined her costume. She asked Sabrina if she remembered how the the nice lady help her get cleaned up. Sabrina said she remembered the lady who didn't speak English. Emma shared that the woman spoke English to her. Patrick recalled that Nik said she was Spencer's nanny. Patrick still felt that there was something strange going on with that. Emma asked Patrick and Sabrina to take her to Nik's so she could thank the woman again and invite her to the wedding. They humored Emma, but didn't agree to take her.

Felix arrived carrying several wedding dresses for Sabrina to choose from. He'd talked the owner of the bridal shop into letting him borrow them. Patrick had to go to work and the excited Felix hurried him out the door. Felix didn't want Patrick to see Sabrina in her wedding gown and mess things up. Patrick didn't think anything would go wrong. “Nothing's going to stop me from marrying Sabrina,” he said. After Patrick went to work, Emma changed into her dress. Felix and Sabrina gushed over how cute Emma looked, then Sabrina hugged Emma and said she was lucky to have Emma in her life. Emma felt the same way about Sabrina. Sabrina put on a mini fashion show for Felix and Sabrina, but they didn't like any of the dresses. Sabrina wondered what she was going to do; they couldn't get any other dresses in time for the wedding. Emma picked up Robin and Patrick's wedding photo and suggested that Sabrina wear a dress like Robin's. Sabrina complimented the dress, but told Emma that wouldn't be right. Sabrina told Emma that Emma could wear the dress one day. Sabrina's eyes filled with tears and she told Emma she always dreamed of wearing her mother's dress. Felix had an idea and asked Sabrina for pictures of it. Sabrina explained that she didn't have any. Her father had put them away when her mom died and wouldn't let Sabrina take them when he shipped Sabrina off. When Emma found out that Sabrina had also lost her mother when she was little, Emma guessed that that was why Sabrina understood her. “That's how you know that nobody, not even you, can take my mommy's place” Emma said, then she hugged Sabrina. Sabrina promised to take the very best care of Emma, just like Robin did, even though she couldn't take Robin's place. Emma smiled and said she already did. Emma went upstairs to change and Felix promised to make sure Sabrina had the perfect wedding dress. Sabrina trusted Felix, since he transformed her on the night of the Nurses' Ball. Felix left and Sabrina stared at Robin and Patrick's wedding photo.

The judge asked Maxie if she was responsible for Robin's death. Maxie, who was near tears, said yes. Spinelli leapt up and told Maxie that it wasn't her fault. “It was” Maxie countered. The judge scolded Spinelli then told Maxie to continue. Maxie recounted the events leading up to the explosion – Matt had called Maxie a bad person for getting Liz fired. Maxie wanted Robin's help fixing things, so she went to the GH lab to ask Robin to go to a party with her. Robin couldn't go, because she was working and because her mother was in town. Maxie had told Robin that Felicia couldn't be bothered to give her advice. In the present, Maxie apologized to Felicia about what she said, and Felicia mouthed “I love you.” Maxie went back to her story – when she failed to convince Robin to go to the party and help her repair things with Matt and Liz, she called Robin selfish then grabbed her purse and stormed out. Maxie's purse had gotten caught on a gas valve and broke it, causing the the leak that caused the explosion. Maxie was filled with remorse about her final words to Robin, who, according to Maxie, was brilliant and generous and like a sister to her. Alexis didn't have any more questions. It was clear that she felt uncomfortable with what happened.

Diane got up and asked Maxie if she intentionally killed Robin. Maxie was adamant that she didn't, and Diane emphasized that Robin's death was the result of a terrible accident. The judge called a ten minute recess. Maxie looked emotionally drained as she walked out to the gallery. Felicia hugged her. Maxie thought this proved Lulu would do anything to prove she was unfit. Felicia told her that all Maxie had done was shown the judge how desperate she was. Felicia and Spinelli wanted to leave the courtroom for awhile, and Maxie told them to go without her. Dante left the courtroom, too and he rebuffed Lulu when she tried to go with him. Lulu was about to follow Dante anyway, when Maxie confronted her about using Robin's death against her. Both were near tears. Maxie pointed out that Lulu was the one who helped Maxie accept that Robin's death wasn't her fault. Lulu felt that Robin's death and Maxie's lie about the baby were part of a pattern Maxie had of doing damage and not realizing it until it was too late. Maxie insisted that her lie wasn't malicious and that it had been an attempt to do the right thing. Lulu thought that Maxie didn't know what was right. Lulu tearfully asked why Maxie even wanted the baby. According to Lulu, Maxie would just hurt Connie like she hurt Lulu and Robin. Lulu turned to leave, but Maxie grabbed her arm.

In the hallway, Dante told Sonny that he wanted to keep his daughter, but not like this. Sonny thought Dante should be willing to go along with this if that's what it took. Sonny warned Dante that if you didn't keep your kids close, you'll lose them. Maxie and Lulu's confrontation got loud and Dante and Spinelli raced in and separated them. Dante asked what happened and Lulu moaned that Maxie grabbed her. Alexis told Lulu to calm down, because fighting with Maxie wouldn't help the case any more than accusing her of murder would. Lulu argued that they had to do that to keep the baby. Alexis felt that the case needed repair, and she asked Lulu if she could handle taking the stand.

Spinelli asked Maxie if she was okay. Maxie said she would be as soon as they got the baby back. Spinelli wasn't sure that would happen after Liz's testimony. Maxie stared at Lulu with contempt and told Spinelli that they should go after her as hard and heartlessly as she'd gone after Maxie.

Lulu had composed herself by the time she took the stand for Alexis's questioning. Lulu's take was that Robin's death was a terrible accident caused by Maxie's carelessness. Lulu told the court that Maxie ignored the orders to stay on bed rest and had chased a dog. Lulu said that Maxie tripped and fell and killed Lulu and Dante's baby. Spinelli and Maxie listened with pained expressions as Lulu wondered if Maxie would have another careless accident with Connie and kill her, too. Alexis didn't have any more questions. Lulu was surprised when Diane revealed that she had some questions for her. Diane announced that Maxie wasn't a murderer, but Lulu was.

Spinelli was surprised to see Ellie come into the courtroom and take a seat.

Tracy, Luke and Connie were in an exam room waiting for Luke's bloodwork to come back. Tracy wondered if Connie was hungry. Neither Luke or Tracy had been hands on parents so they weren't sure. Tracy figured she was, so she gave Luke a bottle and told him to feed his granddaughter. Luke fed Connie and told her this might be the only time he got to do this. After the feeding, Luke expressed relief that Connie had withstood his poor child-rearing skills. He and Tracy talked about the way Lulu always forgave Luke, and Luke admitted he'd worried about the way Lulu put him on a pedestal, where he didn't belong. Tracy told him that she (Tracy) had no illusions about who Luke was. She knew how awful and amazing he could be.

Tracy and Luke took Connie and went to find out what was keeping the doctor. They ran into Patrick and he told them that the doctor had an emergency. Luke and Tracy told Patrick about the brilliant doctor who'd been working on developing a cure for polonium poisoning. Luke said he'd taken her possible cure and he felt great. Patrick was intrigued and said he'd like to meet the woman who developed the treatment. Luke and Tracy told him that would be impossible, because she was very private. Patrick wouldn't drop the subject, so Tracy cut him off and asked him to go get Luke's test results from the lab. Tracy took the fussy Connie out of her stroller and comforted her while Patrick went to the lab. Tracy told Luke she always wanted a little girl, then Lulu came into her life. Being Lulu's stepmother hadn't been easy, but Tracy considered it the most rewarding experience of her life. Luke told Tracy that Lulu would need her if she lost the case.

Robin, who was disguised in scrubs and a mask, and Nik went to the GH lab. Robin scurried inside, past Brad, who asked Nik for an explanation. Nik condemned Brad for being more concerned about the lab than about Ben. Brad protested that this was his lab. Nik shot back that he was the hospital's biggest benefactor, so Brad should do what he was told. Nik ordered Brad to stand guard in the hallway. Brad caved in, and Nik went inside and closed the door. Robin got choked up over being in the last place Patrick had seen her alive. Robin composed herself; she didn't want to postpone her reunion with Patrick longer than necessary. Nik left, so she could get to work.

Robin remembered racing back into the lab to get Jason's medicine, despite Patrick telling her not to, and getting locked in.

Nik reminded Brad that he'd be fired if he let anyone disturb the doctor or go into the lab, then he left. Felix called Brad from the Drake porch and asked for his help. Brad hesitated for a second, then ran off to meet Felix.

Patrick walked toward the lab.

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