GH Update Wednesday 11/13/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/13/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny's sitting up in bed reading the newspaper about Julian. Olivia wakes up suddenly and wants to get ready to go to court. Sonny wants to talk about last night.

At Metro Court, Julian is on the phone with Ava, who's apparently freaking out about Sonny, tells her that no Sonny hasn't come after her yet. He's still trying to calm her down, when there's a knock on the door. As he tells Ava that it's not Sonny, he opens the door to find Alexis. He's only wearing his shorts. "If I knew you were coming, I'd put on my pants."

At Metro Court, Tracy opens the door to Luke's hotel room, urging him to get ready. They have an appointment with his doctor at GH. They have obviously have made up cause he says " Everything was working last night." She says she can't complain. Luke still wants to go to the cops about Jerry Jacks. Tracy reminds him that until they have proof that the cure works, they can't tell the cops. "Can't tell the cops what? " Dante asks. He's standing in the doorway with Lulu and Connie, in tow.

At GH, Damian and Ellie are talking about being back together. She's just sorry that she can't go to court with him. She thinks that he and Maxie will be victorious.

Maxie's already at the courthouse, and is a bundle of nerves. Felicia joins her, and tells her Mac sends his regrets, because he's still out looking for Robert and Anna. Maxie says that she understands, and Felicia gives her a hug from Mac.

Scotty is at the courthouse also, staring at Franco's birth certificate. Diane comes round the corner, and Scotty quickly slides the certificate into his briefcase. Diane offers congratulations, which Scotty assumes is about his election win as DA. But no she means his new found son, Franco.

Franco is waking up next to Carly in his hotel room. He can't believe that she's with him. He asks her if she thinks that she's made a mistake.

In Luke's hotel suite, there's a family reunion going on. When Tracy sees baby Connie, she asks Lulu if she can hold her. Lulu says yes, because she wants to go to her father.

She can't believe that he's alive, and they share a big hug. Luke starts to tell her about the cure, but Tracy just wants him to enjoy baby Connie. Of course, that's when Dante tells them, that depends on what happens at court today.

At the courthouse, Maxie where is still worrying about how she looks. She wants to look like a good mother the judge, and tells Felicia that she'll accept anyone's approval right now, even Felicia's. Felicia tells her that she looks lovely. Maxie quickly realizes she insulted her mother, and apologizes. Felicia accepts the apology, and they talk about her being an absentee mother. She tells Maxie that because of that, Maxie would make a good mother. Maxie admits that she's really scared.

At GH, Spinelli and Ellie are also talking about the upcoming custody battle. They know that it's going to get ugly, and that Diane and Alexis are good at their jobs. Ellie wonders what strategies Diane has come up with, and Spinelli mentions, that she wanted him to marry Maxie. Ellie is stunned.

At the courthouse, Scotty isn't interested in hearing, anything about Franco, but Diane won't let it go. She tells him that Franco isn't really that bad, especially since the tumor was taken out.  Scotty says that he doesn't buy "tumor made me do it" defense. He tells her that he admired her "going to the mattress" for her boyfriend. Diane laughs and says that Franco isn't her boyfriend, and that it was just a cover for his involvement with Heather. Scotty is appalled to learn that Franco's heart belongs to Carly. He tells Diane  that he's crazy about Bobbie, but Carly is a "pain in the neck".

Back at Metro Court, in Franco's room, Carly and he discuss the reasons she should run away from him. Franco says because of his newly acquired parents, a second rate DA, and a crazy mother who hates their guts. They actually joke about the money he owes her. He wonders if she'll dump him and go back to Derek Wells. They have not yet heard the news that he's Julian Jerome.

Alexis flings the newspaper at Julian, and says tells him not to flatter himself. When he asks why she's here, she flings his newspaper at him, and says "I brought you you're paper. Proud of yourself?"

At Casa Corinthos, Olivia makes up excuses as to why they ended up in bed together. She says that she's glad that she was there for him. So that's the way you see it, says Sonny. Olivia says that they don't have to make out like it's something it's not. Sonny surprises her and says it did.

Alexis is sparring with Julian in his hotel room. She congratulates on neutralizing Sonny by putting himself on the front page. She doesn't like him painting himself a hero by using Danny. They argue some more, before he asks why she's really there. "What other reason would I have? she asks. He brings up the kiss from the night before. When he asks if she's come back for more, she laughs in a biting way. She then hauls off and slaps him. He says "Ouch! Did I strike some kind of nerve?" She tells him that it felt really good. Alexis tries to explain that she's there, because she doesn't know what place he has in her life. She doesn't want to be dragged into a mob war. When he asks if it's because Sam suddenly has a father, she tells him that it's because the father is him. She tells him that Sam was already involved with someone from the mob, and it didn't end well. They argue over whether or not he's legit, and whether or not he's going after Sonny. She didn't appreciate him using Sam and Danny as an insurance policy. She warns him to stay away from Sam and Danny.  He tries to tell her that he's a changed man, but she doesn't believe him.

At the same time, Sonny and Olivia are discussing their new found relationship. He tells her that she's always been there for him, even when he fought her. She tells him that he's not the easiest person to get along with, but the dimples make up for it. Sonny tells her not to brush off what happened last night. He tells her that he wouldn't be here if it weren't for her, and then he turns on the charm. She thanks him, and says she has to get to court. Sonny says that he wants to go, too, but not just yet. Guess what happens next?

In Julian's hotel room, he and Alexis are still arguing over who he really is, and if he's going after Sonny. Of course, she doesn't believe him, He tells her that he would never let anything happen to Sam and Danny. He would never hurt them. She scoffs and says especially not Danny because he's his insurance policy against any "accidents". Julian tries to convince her that he cares about all of them, including her. He talk about their connection, and it's matured like red wine. Alexis tells him that when he left out pertinent details about himself, the wine soured. She warns him to stay away from her family. He leaves to go to court.

Maxie is still freaking out, and Felicia tries to calm her down. They talk about Felicia past as an absentee mother. She thinks that Maxie will b a good mother because she knows what it's like not to have one. Maxie worries about losing her baby, but Felicia tells her that we're in this together.

At GH, Spinelli explains to Ellie how and why Diane wanted him to marry Maxie. She thought it might help them impress the judge. Ellie nervously asks Spinelli what his answer was, and he tells it was emphatic no. He tells her that his non-marriage to Maxie was bad enough. He also tells her that if he ever gets married again, it will be to Ellie, because he loves her. She tells him that she loves him, too. He says that he has to leave, and she wishes him good luck.

In his hotel room, Luke is trying to absorb what Dante and Lulu are telling him. Lulu is determined to keep her, but they need a babysitter, because they have to go to court. Luke gladly accepts "grandpa" duties with "Baby Cupcakes", but Tracy wants to know if the baby is "portable". She tells them that Luke has a doctor's appointment at the hospital.  Lulu thinks there's a catch, but he assures her that there isn't. Tracy changes the subject, and tells Luke  that he gets to enjoy being a grandparent. Tracy tells Lulu that she always knew that she would be an amazing mother, and sends them off. "And if you ever want to talk to the cops, you know where I am." Dante says on the way out.

Scotty is still at the courthouse, when he receives a phone call from Julian Jerome. He requests Scotty's presence.

In Franco's hotel room, he's still insecure about Carly's feelings for him. She wants to know why he's pushing her away. He tells her that they're fine while in this room, but out there people are gonna ell her not to have anything to do with him. Carly tells him that she's never cared what people think, and will tell them to go to hell. Franco can't believe she's with him, and is scared he's going to lose her. She tells that he's not going to lose her. She gets up to have a shower, and invites him to join her. Of course, there's a knock on the door, so Franco answers it. It's one of Carly's staff, with a box of roses. "I didn't order these." says Franco. "They're for Mrs. Jacks." says the young man. Franco opens the box and finds dead roses. He picks them up and says "Really, Dude? They're dead!"

 Tracy and Luke have arrived at GH, where they fid Ellie. "Hello Miss Trout." says Tracy. Ellie turns around and is pleasantly surprised to see Luke arrive and well. She starts to talk about the polonium when she sees baby Connie. "Where you get that baby? That's Damian's baby." she says. "On eBay. The bidding was brutal." jokes Luke. Again, she asks, why they have Damian's baby.

Spinelli finally shows up at court, and apologies to Maxie for being late. He admits to being nervous, and asks how she is. "Nervous doesn't begin to cut it." as she glances over to see Dante and Lulu, who have also shown up.

Alexis joins them and Lulu apologizes for being late. She tells her that they had babysitting issues. Alexis is all business, so Dante asks her if there's anything to discuss. Alexis asks them if they really want to go through with this. She tells them it's going to get ugly. Dante glances over at Maxie and Spinelli, but in the end, he agrees with his wife. Lulu says that they're willing to do anything. Dante is surprised to see Sonny arrive with Olivia. He figured that he would want to lay low. He tells him that he reads the papers. Sonny tells him not to worry about Julian Jerome, just do what he needs to do.

 Scotty arrives at Julian's hotel room, congratulating him on his big reveal. Julian apologies for knocking Scotty off the front page, especially after such an impression. They banter back and forth about the election, and how he won it. But Scotty being the smart cookie that he is, cuts to the chase, and ask Julian what he wants.

Judge Walters has arrived and the battle begins. He reminds us of why we're all here." Be seated. This is a custody hearing to determine permanent legal custody of the child Constanza Louise Falconeri. Current custodial parents are Lesley Lu Spencer Falconeri and Dante Falconeri, who are petitioning for parental rights and legal custody of the child in question. A previous request for a court order to hand over the child to Maximiliana Jones and Damian Spinelli was denied. Have I got it right so far? " Diane and Alexis both agree he is. The judge goes on to say that he's read the case, and that Dante and Lulu are suing for parental rights of the child. He asks Alexis on what grounds, and she tells him on the grounds of being an unfit parent. He asks her if she has any witness, and she says does.  He tells her to proceed , so Alexis calls Elizabeth Webber. Elizabeth tells the story of Maxie's affair with her then husband Lucky.

At GH, Tracy, Luke and Ellie are arguing over who Connie's rightful parents are. Tracy says we'll just have to see what the judge says. Connie looks like she knows they're talking about her. 

In the courtroom, Elizabeth recalls the sordid details of Maxie 's relationship with Lucky. Diane tries to object, to no avail, but Alexis says that she hasn't finished her point yet. Elizabeth continues telling how she and Lucky reconciled, after he got sober. Maxie pretended to be pregnant, then ran around town, desperately trying to get pregnant. Diane tries to object again, but the judge turns her down. Alexis asks her what happened next, so Elizabeth continues. She tells the court how when Maxie couldn't get pregnant, she threw herself down a flight of stairs so she could pretend to have a miscarriage. Alexis tells the judge that now she is finished.

Maxie apologizes to Spinelli for what he has to hear about her. He wasn't around when this happened.

Julian mentions how Lazaro was in Sonny's pocket. Scotty quickly responds that Julian thinks that he should be in his. Julian claims that he's a legitimate businessman, which Scotty scoffs at. " Oh, yeah? I got some swampland in Florida you might be interested in, then. " Julian rambles on about a new front page story on Scotty, to which Scotty says no. Julian continues on how he followed his campaign and noticed that his ex-wife Lucy Coe, worked along side him. Scotty realizes that the other shoe is about to drop. He mentions how Lucy used to be involved with his father. He (laughing sarcastically) that his father was quite fond of her. He pulls out a picture of Lucy, and says she's responsible for Victor's death. He gives the picture to Scotty, who holds it together until he leaves. He then collapses against the wall, looking at Lucy's with a worried look on his face.

Franco is still questioning the Metro court staff member about the roses. He asks him who sent them, so the young man points to the card in the box, and leaves.    He throws the roses on the coffee table, and reads the card. "Dearest Carly, stay the hell away from my son, or else. Hugs, heather Webber." Oh, my... says Franco. Carly comes looking for him , so he throws the card away. She sees the flowers, but he lies and tells them they're for her. When she notices that they're dead, he blames the florist. She tells that he doesn't have to send her flowers, and they race each other back to bed.

There a break in the custody battle, giving Dante and Lulu to talk. She doesn't think the judge will grant Maxie custody after hearing that. Dante almost feels sorry for Maxie. Lulu says that Maxie brought this on herself. Lulu insists this is the only way to keep Connie. Alexis comes back, and asks if Lulu is sure that she wants to pursue this. Dante it totally unaware of what's going on now.  Lulu will do anything to keep her daughter.

Maxie apologizes to Felicia and Spinelli, but there's more to come. Court resumes, and Judge Walters asks Alexis to call her next witness, She calls Maxie, and Diane immediately tries to calm her client. They apparently anticipated this, but Maxie doesn't feel very prepared.

In the peanut gallery, Olivia also feels some sympathy for Maxie. Sonny says that Alexis is doing what they have to do. Olivia knows that the kids will be heartbroken if they lose  Connie. She also know they will be, too, but at what cost?

Luke stops the squabbling and explains to Ellie that he found an alternative to chelation therapy. She agrees to draw blood, and says she will be taking it to the lab ASAP.

On her way to the lab, Ellie runs into Elizabeth, who's just come back from court. When Ellie asks her how things are going, Elizabeth tells her testified for Dante and Lulu, but it doesn't look good for Maxie.

Back at the courthouse, Maxie is sworn in, then asks the judge if she can speak. He grants her request. "It's about Elizabeth Webber's testimony. I just -- I wanted to say that I deeply regret hurting lucky and Elizabeth, but I only did it because, at that time, I was... very messed up. But I am not that same person anymore. I swear. " she says. Judge Walters asks her if Elizabeth was lying, and she says no, but that doesn't make me a bad mother. Alexis stands up and says, "What about being a murderer?" There is a collective gasp from those in the room.

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