GH Update Tuesday 11/12/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/12/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Michael and Morgan fought on pier 52. Michael vowed to never forgive Morgan if Sonny died due to Morgan's actions. Michael was about to punch his brother again, when Kiki ran up and yelled his name. When Michael looked at Kiki, Morgan punched him in the head. Michael hit his head on a beam then fell into the water and disappeared. Kiki unleashed a flurry of slaps and shoves on Morgan and yelled at him for what he'd done. Morgan argued that Michael started it. Kiki urged Morgan to jump in and rescue Michael, but he refused. Michael resurfaced, and Morgan turned to leave. Kiki begged Morgan to help Michael. “He has you. You get him out!” Morgan spat before storming off. Kiki knelt down and tried to guide Michael toward her. Michael struggled to swim to safety, but he sank again. Kiki screamed for help, then she jumped in the water. Franco and Carly were walking by and spotted Kiki. They got her out of the water and she told them about Michael. Carly called 911 while Franco jumped in and searched for Michael.

In Franco's suite, Franco and Carly kissed, at first timidly, then passionately. They moved over to the couch, and things started heating up, but when Franco slipped Carly's dress straps off her shoulders, she jumped up and flew to the other side of the room. Carly announced that she couldn't do this and wondered what she'd been thinking. She said this didn't make any sense, and Franco agreed, because he thought she was too good for him. Carly told him it wasn't about pity. She admitted that she wanted him, even though she'd tried to ignore it and use Derek to distract her. Franco understood that Carly had been conflicted, but he thought she was finished fighting her feelings, now. Carly told him he was wrong – her inner turmoil was just beginning. Franco didn't understand; if Carly could get past his parentage and his loss of talent, what could be holding her back. Carly told him it was what he'd done to her son and daughter. Franco took responsibility for Michael's rape. Carly acknowledged that Franco didn't mean for that to happen. Franco admitted he'd been stupid and arrogant to think he could control things. According to Franco, at the time, he thought he was protecting Michael, but he now realized he'd been misguided. He asked Carly to believe that he never meant for Michael to be hurt. Carly did believe Franco, but Franco told her he knew that wasn't enough. He reminded her what she'd said at his trial – that even though his tumor was gone, she still didn't trust him with her children. Carly cried that she didn't know. Franco hoped this meant there was a chance Carly would change her mind. He asked what he could do to prove himself to her. Carly, sounding frustrated, said she had no idea. Franco told her that it felt like another person had done all the terrible things he'd done. Franco felt like Carly had awakened him after his operation. Carly pointed out that Franco said the tumor wasn't the source of the darkness inside him. “What if that comes back?” she asked. Franco was terrified of that, but he didn't think it would happen. Carly realized she wasn't able to take the leap of faith and believe that Franco would never hurt her family and friends again. “I want you, but I can't. I can't” Carly said tearfully, before rushing out of the suite. Franco told himself he had to let Carly go.

Franco pulled the unconscious Michael from the water, and Carly did CPR while Kiki told Michael how much she loved him. When Michael came to, Carly asked what happened. Kiki was about to tell the truth, but Michael cut her off and made up a story about slipping and falling in. Michael thanked Franco for rescuing him, but Franco gave Carly the credit for saving Michael's life. He told Michael that he had a good mom. The paramedics arrived and checked Michael over. He had a concussion, but he insisted that he was fine and didn't need to go to the hospital. Carly strongly disagreed, but Michael couldn't be swayed. Carly relented when Kiki promised to take him home and keep an eye on him and keep Carly updated.

As the four of them were leaving, Morgan walked out from around a corner. He waited until everyone was out of sight, then he walked to the edge of the pier at the spot where Michael fell. Ava walked up and was relieved to see Morgan, because he hadn't been answering his phone. She saw his bruised face and asked what happened. Morgan told her about the fight and Ava kissed his cuts. Ava gently reminded him that she'd tried to warn him that turning against Sonny would have a cost. Morgan told Ava he was willing to pay it. Ava promised to help him, and they hugged.

Michael and Kiki went home and got in bed. Kiki wanted to know what happened with Morgan. Michael told her he'd been trying to make Morgan see past his hurt feelings and realize that his antics were going to get someone killed. Kiki told Michael that Morgan had left him to drown. She thought Michael should have told Carly about the fight. Michael thought it was better to keep quiet and spare his parents the truth. He added that although he hated Morgan right now, he also loved him and still hoped he could be saved from the Jeromes. Kiki curled up next to Michael and rested her head on his chest.

At the gallery, Julian told Sam he'd been longing to tell her she was his daughter and claim her and Danny. Julian said he loved them both and wanted to build a relationship with them, but he'd never have the chance, because Sonny was going to have him killed. Sam asked Sonny if this was true. Sonny replied that Julian was a liar and a fraud. Alexis ordered him to answer the question. Ava added that she and Julian heard Sonny order Julian's execution. Ava assumed that Shawn was going to carry it out. Sonny wondered why Sam would be interested in getting to know Julian after everything Julian did since his return to Port Charles. Sonny listed the things Julian had done and he stressed that Julian had really messed up by targeting Morgan. Alexis tried to diffuse the tension by emphasizing that this was Sam's father, but Sonny told her that no one knew that until just now. Silas thought the timing of the revelation was very convenient for Julian and he accused him of having an agenda. Ava argued that Julian's only agenda was staying alive.

Alexis asked Sonny to go outside with her, but Sonny refused. Sonny thought Alexis should understand that he was protecting his family, including their daughter Kristina. Sam, nearly in tears, asked what about her family. Sam walked over, between Sonny and Julian and told Sonny that this was about Danny. Sonny replied that Julian and Danny were just like Michael and AJ; they had no connection. Sam argued that Danny would need Julian if his leukemia returned. Ava punctuated Sam's point by telling Sonny that killing Julian could kill Danny. Sonny insisted that Danny would be fine. Sam told everyone that Julian had just agreed to take part in a study at the hospital to try and bank bone marrow for Danny. Ava asked Silas what the chances were that Danny's leukemia would return, and he told her the five year survival rate was just over 85%. Ava turned to Sonny and asked if he was willing to take the 15% risk with Jason's son. Sonny swore he'd never do anything to hurt Danny. Sonny agreed with Silas's point, and he predicted that Julian would break his promise to bank some marrow for Danny. Sonny pointed out that Julian could get in an accident and die. Julian asked everyone if they realized Sonny was threatening him. According to Sonny, Julian thought he was safe as long as Danny needed him to live. Sonny felt that this meant Julian was holding Danny and Morgan as hostages. Ava stood up for Julian and told Sam that she knew he loved Danny.

Sonny said if he were Sam's father, he'd crawl on glass to get to the hospital to have those tests, and he knew Alexis would do the same. Sonny was confident that Julian wouldn't. Sonny left. Sounding hopeful, Sam asked Julian if he would get the tests. To Alexis and Sam's dismay, Julian admitted that he wasn't going to participate in the study. He felt that that he needed to stay alive to protect Danny. Julian loved the boy, not just because he was his grandson, but because he was amazing. Julian swore he'd move heaven and earth for Danny, but he wasn't going to bank his marrow, because then Sonny would kill him. Sam was hurt and angry. She demanded to know if Julian had changed his mind or if he'd never intended to let them store his marrow in the first place. Silas thought Julian had been lying when he originally agreed to be in the study. Julian ordered Silas to stay out of it. Silas ignored the order and theorized that Julian had provoked Sonny because he knew he could use Danny as an insurance policy. Sam thought this meant Sonny was right – Julian was treating Danny like a hostage. Julian tried to convince Sam that the best move was to do nothing. Sam spitefully called Julian “Dad” and told him that doing nothing could one day make her have to helplessly watch her child waste away. Ava asked Silas to reason with Sam, but Silas ordered her not to talk to him. Sam and Silas left. Julian tried to go after Sam, but Alexis stepped into his path and called him a bastard.

Shawn, gun in hand, waited outside the gallery for Julian. Shawn sensed that he wasn't alone, and he spun around and held his gun on Carlos. A tense conversation followed. Carlos introduced himself as gallery security and he told Shawn he couldn't take the gun inside. Shawn asked if Carlos was protecting the paintings or Derek, then he revealed that he knew that Derek wasn't his real name. Carlos divulged that he'd familiarized himself with Sonny's employees, including Shawn. Carlos told Shawn to leave, and when Shawn refused, Carlos prepared to draw his gun. At that point, Sonny walked outside and called things off. When Sonny left, Shawn called Carlos a “dead man walking” and advised him to quit his job and save himself. Carlos wouldn't consider it. The men glared at each other and acknowledged that they were on a collision course. Shawn promised that when the time came, Carlos wouldn't see him coming, then Shawn left.

TJ and Molly were babysitting Danny at Sam's penthouse. TJ tried and failed to reach Shawn by phone. Molly found out that TJ was so worried because Shawn was doing something for Sonny. She tried to reassure him by telling him that her mom worked for Sonny, but TJ argued that as a bodyguard, Shawn's job was to get hurt to protect Sonny. Molly noted that TJ never seemed bothered by Shawn's job before. TJ had the feeling that Sonny was in more danger now than he had been in the past. Molly tried to comfort TJ by reminding him how capable Shawn was. TJ hoped Shawn would be okay, because he had been there for TJ, unlike his mother. TJ sighed that if something happened to Shawn, he'd have no one. Molly pointed out that he'd have her. They hugged.

After Danny fell asleep, TJ and Molly played video games until Sam and Silas arrived. It was clear that Sam was still upset. She rushed upstairs to check on Danny, and Molly asked if everything was okay. TJ asked if anyone got hurt. Silas told them it was an eventful evening, but everyone was fine. He gave the teens some money to go out for pizza. They left, then Sam came back downstairs. Danny was fine; she couldn't tell by looking at him that he'd ever been sick. Silas asked Sam if she wanted to talk about her father. Sam said Danny was in the middle of a mob war and she didn't know how to protect him. Sam wanted to believe Julian genuinely cared about her and Danny, but she couldn't help remembering what Silas said about the timing of Julian's announcement and Sonny's point that Julian had been lying to her for months. Sam said now Julian was using Danny as a shield. She wondered if there was anything he wouldn't do or anyone he wouldn't exploit.

Silas knew from experience that it was difficult to wash your hands of your family, even if they were troubled. Sam though Julian was trouble. Sam seemed exhausted and admitted that she didn't want to discuss this anymore. Silas was about to leave, but Sam asked him to stay. They were about to kiss, but Danny's cries interrupted them. Sam groaned and Silas kissed her head and told her he'd take a raincheck. Silas told her to call if she needed anything, then he left.

Max dragged Olivia into a hotel room against her will, because Sonny had ordered him to take her someplace safe. Olivia had struggled with Max and given him a black eye. Once Olivia calmed down, she opened up to Max about Sonny. She had put her romantic feelings for Sonny aside while she waited for him to heal, but now she was worried that the moment was gone and that she and Sonny wouldn't be able to recapture what they had. Sonny arrived and told Max that nothing happened and told him to go take care of his eye. Max offered to check the perimeter, but Sonny didn't think it was necessary. Max left and Olivia asked the frustrated Sonny if everything was okay. Sonny smashed something and broke it and told Olivia that Julian was still alive. Olivia gently asked Sonny about Morgan and the bug. The depressed Sonny quietly told her how Morgan had proudly admitted to choosing the Jeromes over him. “I lost my son” Sonny said. Olivia pulled Sonny into a hug and asked him what she could do to make it better. Sonny asked her to be there with him. They had sex.

Alexis and Julian were now alone in the gallery. Alexis confronted Julian about hiding his identity and Julian insisted that he had no choice. Alexis told Julian that he chose to go after Sonny. She argued that if she Sam and Danny meant something to Julian, he should have dropped his vendetta against Sonny as soon as he realized who they were. Julian didn't think Alexis should fault him for going after a gangster and a killer like Sonny. He complained that she was choosing sides. Alexis told Julian he'd made a brilliant move by bringing Danny into this – now Julian could go after Sonny and Sonny was unable to retaliate. Alexis was seething with anger. She told Julian he was hanging her daughter and grandson over an abyss. She was unapologetic about choosing sides and vowed to do whatever it took to protect her family. Julian told her that she didn't have to protect her family from him, but Alexis felt he'd proven otherwise.

Alexis wished Julian good luck with Carly, because Carly and Sonny were close. Alexis tried to walk away but Julian grabbed her arm and told her he didn't want Carly and never did. Alexis accused Julian of casting Carly aside because she wasn't useful to him. Julian wanted Alexis to believe he really did love Sam and Danny and that he was devoted to protecting them. Julian admitted that he was benefiting from being Danny's donor where Sonny was concerned, but he insisted that that didn't change the way he felt about Alexis, Danny and Sam. Alexis told him to go get tested, then. Julian told her there were no simple answers. He asked Alexis to trust him, and Alexis asked why she would do that. Julian reminded Alexis that she trusted him once, that night when she followed him out of the bar to his car. In a disbelieving tone, Alexis asked Julian if he was going to seduce her. Julian kissed Alexis and whispered that he remembered her, then he kissed her again. Julian promised to see Alexis soon and walked out, leaving her flustered.

Carly knocked on Franco's door and when he answered, she returned the jacket he'd let Michael use. Franco asked about Michael and Carly told him that he was fine. Carly kept standing in the doorway, and Franco wondered what else she wanted. Carly reminded him of how she'd said being with him would require a leap of faith on her part. She said he'd just saved her son's life and she wanted to take that leap. Franco pulled her into a kiss, then they went into the bedroom, where they had sex.

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