GH Update Monday 11/11/13

General Hospital Update Monday 11/11/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sam and Silas leave the art gallery event and she tells him that she cannot deal with heather. Every time it appears that heather is locked up, she finds a way to escape. And now, heather has revealed that she's Franco's mother. Sam comments that in regard to that, she actually feels sorry for Franco with the thought of that.

Franco returns to his hotel room and is lying on the couch stunned and shocked. When he hears someone come in, he assumes it's Diane. He tells her she needs to leave him alone. But Carly reveals she's there to talk to him.

Sam admits to Silas that she is tempted to murder Heather but realizes the consequences. He tells her that as long as Heather is gone, they need not worry.

Inside the art gallery, when Julian and Ava conclude that “the party is over” and Morgan is ready to join them leaving and continuing to be in cahoots with them, Sonny enters unexpectedly. He remarks that the party has just started. Observing him, Ava is afraid that Sonny might have discovered the bug that Morgan installed for them inside the clock that he returned, gave to Sonny and put in his office to hear all his private conversations. Sonny reveals the bug he's discovered, demands to know how his own son could betray him and demands that Morgan answers if he did or did not install the bug in his dad's office. Morgan then admits he did.

Carly goes to talk to Franco and sounds like she cares if he's ok. She tells him she realizes it's a huge revelation for him to hear that Heather Webber is his mom. He tells her he's not all that worried. He realized that when the tumor was removed from his head, everyone wanted to believe he's a changed man. He knows doctors say it and are obviously paid to see it. But she wants to believe otherwise. He tells her that when he woke up, it meant so much to him to see her looking at him just like he was a real person, a sane person and not a psychopath. But now he finds out that he has psychopathic genes that he cannot help.

Sam informs Silas that Heather has done some unforgivable things. She first had Sam believing that her baby died after he was born. Heather engineered the belief that Franco raped and fathered her son instead of Jason. Sam did not find out otherwise until after Jason died. So she will never forgive Heather. She is dangerously sick. Silas tells her he understands that but Sam needs to realize that nothing and nobody can ruin her life nor harm Danny. Her son has beat all the odds. She tells him that she sees him (Silas) as the only hero there. He wants to tell her he was merely doing his job. But she does not want him to be modest. She still believes that “Derek” is a stranger who was able to donate bone marrow that just happened to be a match and saved Danny. She tells him she is so grateful that both he (Silas) and Derek are in their lives.

Michael confronts Morgan after learning, for the first time, that his brother planted a bug to double-cross his father. He tells his son and Kiki it's very obvious why and for whom he did it. Alexis is there, believing that “Derek” is her friend and a hero and does not want to believe anything negative about him. But Sonny tells them it's very obvious that Ava and “Derek” (whom only he knows is really Julian and Ava's brother) put Morgan up to planting the bug in his office.

Silas and Sam are outside the gallery of the building. He tells her how special and unique and independent she is. She tells him she knows about his similar “independence” of not wanting to ask for or need anything. He tells her that may be true, but he can think of one thing that is worth asking for which is to kiss her. She tells him she thought he'd never ask. And they kiss.

Franco tells Carly that maybe he will choose denial and refuse to accept Heather as his mom. He does not want to think that he has that crazy gene. She protests that he does not know that he is Heather's son. He tells her the thought that he's the product of a one night stand between a nasty politician and a lunatic. He does not believe that Carly wants anything from him except to demand he pays what he owes in which case she may sue him for the bill. She protests that she is not concerned about that. She just wants to make sure he's ok. But he tells her that he does not want anything with her and she can go back to her boyfriend. He is furious.

Morgan admits to his dad and brother that he made his own choice to join forces with “Derek” and Ava. But he again blames his family for putting Michael before him and believing that he will never measure up to their standards. Michael then angrily tells his brother he's tired of his self pity and blaming others for everything. Sonny again demands his son tell him how he could betray his own father.

After Franco tells Carly he cannot forgive her for being with Derek Wells, she tells him that she only did that because she thought he was with someone else and is seeing Diane. But he reveals that they've been having misunderstandings and he tells her that the only woman for him is her.

Michael tells Morgan that it's reprehensible that he trusts Ava and Derek and does not realize that they are using him. Morgan is responsible for his gambling debts. Ava “appeared” to have bailed him out but was only doing that in order to lure him into bed and to put him up to betray his father. Sonny tells his son that when he found this bug in his office, it destroyed him and broke his heart. Morgan tells his father his heart was broken first. And he walks off. Michael then goes after his brother and tells him he will not walk away from that. Kiki runs after Michael and demands that he lets Morgan go. But he tells her that he can't let this one go. Morgan might not understand how serious this is. But he is determined to make him understand. Kiki confronts her mom and tells her that it was not enough to get Morgan into her bed, to sleep with her daughter's husband. She had to put him up to working for her. She bailed him out of his gambling debt and prayed on his vulnerability. She's been playing Morgan from the start. And, Kiki tells her mom, she has also been playing her daughter. In response to that, Sonny “clarifies” to Kiki that her mother has had a part in this. But there is someone even more devious than Ava who is behind this entire operation. Hearing that, “Derek” then responds and tells his niece that Sonny is talking about him. Kiki confronts her mom and tells her that she has ruined everything. It’s all her fault what she did not Morgan. She's responsible for the entire thing. She tells her mom that Michael has gone after Morgan and she has to go and find them. Sam and Silas come inside and Alexis tells them how Ava put Morgan up to betraying Sonny. They find that reprehensible but Silas tells her it doesn't surprise him that Ava would do that. But only Sonny knows an even more startling revelation. Derek reveals that he is Ava's brother.

Outside, Michael tells Morgan that he cannot believe he could do what he did to their father. But Morgan tells his brother that his dad deserves it because he favors Michael over Morgan. But Michael asks his brother that even if that is true, does not mean that Sonny deserves to do? Morgan reminds his brother that their parents sent him away and Kiki dumped him for Michael. Michael tells his brother that even if that is true, Morgan cannot serve their own father's head on a platter and see Ava and Derek as people he owes loyalty to.

Sam asks Sonny if it's true that the man standing before her, whom he has concluded is the scum of the earth, is her father.

Carly tells Franco that she knows he believes that when they cut out that tumor in his brain, they cut out his talent. But he needs to know that if he gives it time, he will be amazing.

He tells her that “they” have taken his life. He believed his entire life that he had some sort of connection to Jason. But he now knows that that connection is gone. Jason is not even his brother. He is the son of a hack politician and a whack job. And his entire life is a lie. He is nothing and has nothing to give to her. So she needs to forget about him.

Sam tells the “Derek” that this is too much to process. Franco is Heather's son. And Derek is her father. She asks him if it's true that he is her father and Danny's grandfather. He protests that he did not have a clue when he met her that he impregnated Alexis with her all those years ago and she is his daughter. Hearing that, Alexis is stunned to see that this man whom she's gotten to know yet has never known the identity of until now, is Julian, her daughter's father.

Michael reminds Morgan that he had to lie to Kiki to entrap her into marrying him because she did not love him the way he wanted. Morgan tells his brother that Kiki did and could love him. But Michael asks his brother why Kiki would love a sniveling little back stabber like Morgan.

Alexis demands that Julian tells her when he figured out for the first time that he is Sam's father, the guy who got teenage drunken Alexis pregnant during a one night stand many years ago, and Danny's grandfather. He replies that it was a long time ago, to which they conclude that he lied to them and to everything about his true identity until Sonny suddenly blew him out of the water, only minutes ago, in this very interaction. Sonny concludes that Julian is a slimy dishonest piece of trash.

Outside, Morgan hits Michael in the face after hearing his brother talk about his pathetic “poor me” behaviors and refusal to own responsibility for his own life and realize other people are dealt unfortunate hands and don't behave as he does.

Carly sits beside Franco on the couch. He reaches for her but tells her if she were smart, she'd be getting away from him. She tells him she believes he needs a friend. He tells her he does not need her making a gesture for him out of pity. But she protests that it's not about pity. And they kiss passionately.

Julian protests to Sam that she can see and understand he's had reasons not to reveal his true identity. But she is his daughter. He wants to be there for her and for Danny. But he realizes he cannot do that. And she might realize just whom she has to blame for that. Sam is speechless not knowing what to say or do.

Michael tells Morgan that he needs to realize the consequences of his actions. He could have had their father killed. Maybe he needs to think about that the next time he's screwing Ava. He knocks Morgan down and they are ready to really hurt each other until Kiki appears. She frantically urges them to stop. Morgan punches and pushes Michael into the water.

Julian concludes to Sam that being able to be her father and her son's grandfather is kind of impossible. She asks why. He looks around and tells all the people that he now knows that Sonny is going to kill him as soon as he leaves the gallery. He asks Sonny if that is not true.

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