GH Update Friday 11/8/13

General Hospital Update Friday 11/8/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Heather is holding court at the Jerome gallery, She's explaining what her paintings represent, the BLT menu at Kelly's. Julian asks Carly who she is, but it's Sam who answers him. "Her name is Heather Webber, and she should be locked up."

Franco seems to be frozen on the spot. It's Michael and Silas who approach, but she grabs a cheese knife from the tray of a frightened server. Franco jumps away, as Heather begins waving the knife around. She tells Michael and Silas to back away. Kiki states the obvious, and says "Michael, she's got a knife."  Morgan gives Kiki a baleful look.  Sam and Kiki warn their men to be careful.

At Sonny's office, he recalls Michael telling him that Morgan came by to return the wedding present. He considers it a family heirloom. He picks up the clock and finds the bug that Julian planted. Olivia is shocked that Morgan would turn on his father like that.

At the gallery, Sam and Kiki hover behind their men. Sam tries to tell Silas that he doesn't know what Heather is capable of, but Silas thinks he can handle her. Heather introduces Silas to the painting, BLT. She's still pissed that he didn't keep up his end of the deal. She reminds him that he promised her a weekly supply of BLT's in exchange for her DNA. She then asks Sam how Danny is and Sam tells her to shut up. After declaring that no one will forget about her anymore. She runs around making sure that the paintings are hung correctly. Silas decides to call the cops, while Max, innocently, helps Heather with one of the paintings.

Carly keeps staring at Franco, but he is speechless.  Scotty and Lucy walk in, and wonder who let Heather out. They worry bout Heather blackmailing him.  Alexis is another late arrival, and wonders what's going on.  Julian gets word that Lazaro has dropped out of the race. He's pleased with Morgan, and that Sonny no longer has a DA in his pocket. He seems to think that he has one in his, as he glances at Scotty. Morgan doesn't seem very happy though.   Carly and Michael both notice how close Morgan seems to be with Julian.

In Sonny's office, he's reeling from the depths of Morgan's betrayal. He tells Olivia what the Jeromes heard including the hit. He tells her that Morgan has thrown in with the Jeromes.

Ava joins Morgan and her brother, and reminds him to pay attention to what's going on and not Morgan. He brushes her off, and heads towards Carly. Kiki turns around and sees Morgan and her mother together.

Diane begs Franco to tell her that this is just a performance piece. She begs him to tell her that Heather is just having another one of psychotic episodes. She wants to know if Heather was the obsessed fan. Diane doesn't like being lied to. Franco claims that he never lied, and that Heather was happy to do it. Heather overhears this and says that he told her that he understood her paintings. Sebastian joins them, and is thoroughly confused. Diane tries to defend Franco's cover-up with an elaborate interpretation, which Sebastian almost buys. Franco can take no more and tells Diane to stop. He admits that he's not the artist; that Heather is. Franco confesses everything, but he's mainly talking to Carly, asking for forgiveness. Heather does and watches sympathetically.

Ava notices that Morgan isn't himself, or paying attention. She wonders if Julian got to him, and he says no. She pushes some more and he admits he saw Olivia.

In Sonny's office, he thinks this all leads back to Ava. Why else would she sleep with a kid? Olivia thinks that she's trying to stick it to Carly.  Olivia wonders what kind of monsters would use a hurt kid like that. Sonny can't believe that his son hates him so much, and Olivia tries to convince him he doesn't. He's just hurt and confused, and doesn't know the right thing to do. He picks up the bug and says that he knew what to do with this.

Ava is concerned that Morgan is having second thoughts. She thinks that Olivia may have gotten to him, but he tells her no, she's on Team Sonny. Morgan tells her that Olivia is all about making Sonny feel better about himself.

Kiki is feeling sympathetic towards Franco, but Michael not so much. He's more curious about what is happening with  Morgan and her mother. Kiki turns around, and sees them huddled together. She thinks that they will break them up after she tells Morgan that her mother is the daughter of a crime lord. Michael thinks that he's sticking it to his dad.

Back in Sonny's office, they are discussing how to handle this situation. Olivia tells him not to keep her out of the loop this time. And because she bought him the information, he doesn't. He tells her about the plan to take out Julian Jerome tonight. "And this time he's not coming back."

The police arrive at the gallery, where Scotty takes charge. He tells them that this is Heather Webber, and they have to disarm her. Heather immediately drops the knife, saying she doesn't want to cause any trouble for Franco. Carly tells her that it's a little too late for that. Julian and Alexis both watch intently as the police cuff her.  Silas wonders why something strange always happens when he and Sam go out. Scotty announces that Lazaro has dropped out of the race, and that the mayor has asked him to step in. He and Lucy both say that he will keep his election promises, and he will start by locking up these two. He doesn't know why Franco hasn't been prosecuted already. Heather tells Scott that he can't arrest Franco and announces to a shocked crowd that Franco is his son.

Sam and Michael jump in and ask her to explain how. Heather says "Sometimes, as we all know, mothers lie about things." Kiki turns around and looks at Ava, who's looking at Silas.

Franco tells Heather that he appreciates her trying to help him out. He says that there's no way that Scotty is his father, which Scotty agrees with. Scotty orders the cops to take her away, but then Carly steps up, and wants to know what proof Heather has. Heather turns slightly, and Lucy (whose standing nearby) grabs the documents out of her coat pocket. Heather claims that they are a birth certificate and DNA test.

Back in Sonny's office, Olivia is trying to talk him out of going through with the hit. He tells her that things are already in place, and that Max and Shawn are already there. She tells him that Franco's show is going on right now, and Sonny tells her not to worry. She says that she has to remind him about what happened the last time. Sonny tells her how it felt when she got hit. He tells her about the plan, and they won't make the same mistake again.

Back at the gallery, Carly and Heather have a war of words about Jason. This upsets Sam, so Alexis and Silas warns them to back off. Carly apologizes, but she just wants to know the truth. If Franco and Jason weren't brothers, then who is Franco's mother. Heather makes another shocking announcement that she is.

Scotty and Lucy both deny his relationship with Heather, until Scotty suddenly remembers Jason as a baby. Heather recalls their scheme to control the Quartermaine fortune. Scotty swears that he's a changed man now , and of course, Lucy backs him up.

Heather tells Carly that Scotty never knew she was pregnant. She tells her that she was still in love with Jeff Webber (Elizabeth's father), and hid her pregnancy. Jeff had her locked up "for a few hallucinations", and Scotty recalls how she used to break out of there too. She calls them "furloughs".

Sam questions her about Susan, and Heather tells her that she lied. She tells her that she and Susan were pregnant at the same time in New York. Sam is shocked that she would sell her own baby to Betsy Frank. She tells Franco that she never stopped loving him and how proud she is of him. She couldn't tell him until now. Carly says that Franco has been in trouble before, so why now? Heather blames her sudden honesty on the fact that her son's fate is now in Scott's hands. Lucy objects vehemently against Heather blaming Scott. Heather carries on with her story about running into Scott just after Laura asked him for a divorce. He remembers that her favorite place is Kelly's. Lucy can't believe this is true, but Scotty can.

Ava wonders why Morgan isn't interested in Franco's father drama. She thinks he's too busy thinking of his own.

Back in Sonny's office, Olivia and Sonny argue over whether or not she should've told Dante, because he's the police. Sonny doesn't trust the police, and thinks they're in cahoots with the WSB. Sonny has no doubts about going after Julian now, because he's coming after his family.

At the gallery, Lucy attacks Heather because of all of her lies. Carly and Sam also have doubts. Carly asks her where the proof is, so Heather turns around. Lucy grabs documents out of Heather's coat pocket. She reads the birth certificate that names Heather and Scott as Franco's parents. Sam and Carly say that these can be forged. Franco stands by in shock and disbelief. Heather says there's a DNA test. Lucy grabs both of them and takes them over to Silas and Alexis for verification.

Heather turns to Franco and begs him to believe her. She tells him how much she loves him. She says now they can be together as mother and son. She tells him that's why it was so important to her to get him away from Carly. The look on Carly's face is priceless.

Diane jumps back into the fray and defends Franco. She agrees with Heather to let Franco go, since there was no fraud, and Heather was a willing participant. She asks Heather if she wants to press charges, and Heather says no. Suddenly, Max erupts saying that he can't believe Diane is defending Franco after everything he did to Jason. She's surprised when he says that he's done carrying a flame for her. Diane chases after him and tells him that there was never anything between her and Franco. She tells him that she's missed him, and wants to talk privately. Max says that the boss needs him and leaves.

Franco, Carly, and Scotty all ask Alexis and Silas if the documents are real, and they say they look real. Heather tells Scott to feel free to run another DNA test, but he tells Lucy that he doesn't think Heather is lying.

When Sam wonders why she did all this, Heather reminds her of the letter she failed to deliver. Sam finally freaks out at Heather for all the crazy things she's done to her. Silas thinks it's time for Heather to be taken away, and Scotty agrees. As they lead Heather out, she warns Carly to stay away from her son. She tells Franco that she loves him, and she's proud of him for being just like her.

Ava sidles up to Julian, and wonders why he hasn't left yet. She noticed that Max already left, and now would be a good time to escape. She's worried that Sonny may send someone else to kill him. Julian tells her to relax, and that he has a guardian angel. He looks towards Sam.

Max arrives at Sonny's office, and interrupts Olivia and Sonny in a moment. Sonny says that he was waiting to hear from him. Max tells them that things kind of blew up at the gallery. When Olivia gets concerned, he tells her that it has nothing to do with her. Sonny tells him that Olivia is aware of everything. Max breathes easier and tells Sonny that Shawn wants to have one more okay from Sonny. Sonny says that he will take car of this himself. Olivia tries to go with him, but he orders Max to make sure she stays put.

Sam wants to go and make sure Heather is put away. She doesn't want her to snatch Danny again. Silas agrees to go with her, and they leave.

Diane tells Franco that she will try and do damage control, but Sebastian overhears her, and tells Franco that he's finished in the art world. Diane yields, and tells Carly that Franco is all hers. Carly tries to talk to Franco, but he's obviously shell-shocked, and he leaves also.

Lucy asks Scotty if he's okay, but he's just as stunned as Franco is. She suggest that they leave before the vultures circle round them. They pass Morgan on the way out, and thank him for his help. Morgan says "No problem", and Lucy wonders what will happen when Sonny finds out. Morgan says he can handle his father, and walks away. Lucy wishes him good luck with that. Scotty sighs almost in sympathy.

Michael has been watching Morgan all night, and thinks there is something up with him. "Other than sleeping with my mother?" says Kiki. He tells her that he saw Morgan with Derek Wells earlier, and Scott Baldwin just now. She wonders what business could he have with them.

Ava joins Morgan and assures him that she will make him forget everything when they get home.

Back in Sonny's office, Olivia is pacing back and forth. She and Max worry about Sonny.

Franco is back in his hotel suite, thinking of Heather's last words to him....."you're just like me." As the words are repeated over and over, someone knocks on his door. Thinking it's Diane, he tells her to go away. Of course, it's not Diane, but Carly.

Back at the gallery, Ava is trying to catch guests as they leave to give them a brochure. She finally gives up and joins Julian at the bar. Just as she states that this party is over, Sonny walks in, and announces that it's just beginning. Ava and Julian turn around in surprise.

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