GH Update Thursday 11/7/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/7/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the polling place, Olivia tried to convince Morgan that he could still repair his relationship with Sonny. The glum Morgan yelled that it was already too late. Olivia was concerned. She asked if he was gambling again. “Not with money” Morgan said. He remembered taking the flash drive from Julian suddenly ran out, ignoring Olivia's pleas to stop.

Diane went to Franco's suite to accompany him to the art show. Franco, still in his gym clothes, was slumped in a chair. He refused to go to the show because it wasn't his work and because Carly was there with Derek. Diane reminded Franco that the entire point of the show was to make money. “What about love?” Franco asked. Diane laughed. She thought he already knew that love and money were intertwined. Franco moaned that Diane was hollow, just like his heart. The exasperated Diane made it clear that she didn't care about his heart; she only cared about getting compensated for all the time she'd spent defending Franco and organizing his art show. Diane's raised voice had no effect, so she tried a more sympathetic approach. She sat next to Franco, rubbed his back and told him to focus on the money instead of acting like a lovelorn teen. “But I'm a fraud” Franco whined. Diane pointed out that the money would be real. She kissed him on the forehead then firmly told him to go take a shower and get dressed. Franco thought Diane was heartless, but he stood up anyway. Diane argued that she had a heart, she just didn't tolerate wallowing in self pity. She was confident that everything would be fine, as long as the real artist didn't show up.

At GH, Lazaro, the current D.A., told Scott he was going to report him to the Voting Commission. Scott turned the tables by showing Lazaro the flash drive and saying he was about to tell the Commission that Lazaro had aligned himself with Sonny Corinthos. The trio went into an exam room to talk in private, and Lazaro's smug attitude faded away as Scott laid out the options. If Lazaro didn't pull out of the race and concede to Scott, Scott would take the recording public and Lazaro would probably serve time. Lazaro asked how he was supposed to explain this to the voters. Scott told him to use the old line about wanting to spend time with his family. Scott gave Lazaro an hour to resign, and he triumphantly walked out. Lucy took a moment to gloat to Lazaro before joining Scott.

At Pozzulo's, Kiki told Sonny and Max that her mother was the sister of Julian Jerome. She felt that he should know, just in case Ava was involved in the problems he'd been having. Sonny assured Kiki that she did the right thing. Kiki made it clear that she didn't want him to kill Ava, and Michael quickly told her this wasn't the time for that discussion. Sonny promised that Ava wasn't the one he was after. Michael asked if Sonny knew who'd been targeting him, and Sonny told him not to worry about it. Olivia arrived and it was clear that she was shaken. Olivia wanted to talk to Sonny in private, so Kiki and Michael left. Sonny instructed Max to go to the gallery, call Shawn and keep an eye on Julian. Max left, and Olivia told Sonny about her encounter with Morgan. Olivia was worried that he was in trouble. Lazaro suddenly walked in and announced that he needed to talk to Sonny alone. Sonny was irritated by the way Lazaro just barged in making demands, and told him that Olivia knew about the file. The agitated Lazaro revealed that Scott had proof that Lazaro stole the Julian Jerome file for Sonny, and Scott was using it to force him out of the race.

Lazaro suspected that Sonny had worn a wire and set him up in exchange for a deal. Sonny was so angered by the accusation that he grabbed Lazaro, and Sonny swore he'd never take a deal or wear a wire. Lazaro apologized and wondered how Scott could have found out about them. Sonny didn't know, and he told Lazaro to get out. Lazaro reminded Sonny that they both lost a connection to City Hall tonight, then he left. Olivia had a troubling realization and told Sonny that she saw Morgan talking to Scott. She went on to describe how sad Morgan had seemed when she talked to him and how he told her it was too late for him to reconcile with Sonny. “You don't think it's possible, do you” Olivia asked. Sonny didn't respond. He thought about Michael telling him how Morgan went into Sonny's office without permission and left the clock Sonny had given him. Sonny went into his office, slamming his palms against the door frame as he walked in. The concerned Olivia trailed behind him and stopped in the doorway. Sonny inspected the clock and found the bug.

TJ and Shawn were in the hallway outside the polling place. Shawn planned to drop TJ off at Molly's after he voted. TJ got impatient, because Shawn insisted on reading the entire voting pamphlet TJ didn't think this, non-presidential election was important, and he tried to talk Shawn into skipping it. Shawn countered that people had given their lives to ensure that they had the right to vote. Shawn suggested TJ catch the bus if he was in a big hurry. TJ asked Shawn to loan him the car instead, but Shawn said no. Shawn received a text letting him know Sonny had a job for him tonight. He told TJ he had to work, then he got up to go vote. TJ was curious about who Shawn was voting for. Shawn explained that he was voting for Lazaro, because Baldwin had a bad reputation. Shawn finished voting, then he and TJ engaged in some playful chatter. Max called Shawn and told him that Sonny wanted Julian to be “taken care of” tonight. Shawn, still wary from the last job, asked Max if he was sure that's what Sonny wanted, and Max confirmed that it was. Shawn's assignment was to wait for Julian to leave the gallery, then finish the job. After Shawn hung up, he noticed that something was bothering TJ and asked what was wrong. TJ was worried something would happen to Shawn.

TJ confessed that he'd come to realize that he was uncomfortable with Shawn's job. TJ said Shawn told him he protected people, but TJ knew that Shawn had to hurt people sometimes. Shawn interjected that he didn't hurt people who didn't deserve it. TJ pointed out that Shawn was putting his life at risk. Shawn compared his job for Sonny to being a soldier. That didn't make TJ feel better; TJ's dad was killed while working as a soldier. TJ told Shawn he wouldn't have anyone left if anything happened to Shawn. TJ's dad was dead, and he didn't think his mom wanted anything to do with him. When Shawn told TJ that wasn't true, TJ countered that she hadn't visited TJ in the two years since she sent him to Port Charles. Shawn tried to assure TJ that his mother loved him. Shawn didn't approve of how TJ's mom handled things, but he knew she was going through a tough time. TJ pointed out that he'd lost his father, too. Shawn felt that he (Shawn) lost TJ's father, too, but he felt that it was different for TJ's mother. Shawn studied TJ's face, with a smile, and told him he was the spitting image of his dad when he was younger. Shawn had met both of TJ's parents back then. According to Shawn, while it wasn't fair, TJ's mom had a hard time looking at TJ without remembering what she'd lost. “But she didn't lose me,” TJ said, in a hurt tone. He asked Shawn why his mother couldn't see that. Shawn didn't have answers for TJ. TJ asked Shawn if when he looked at him, he saw the friend he killed in a friendly fire incident. Shawn put his hand on TJ's shoulder and told TJ that when he looked at him, he saw his best friend, his brother, and a young man that his friend would have been proud of. TJ hugged Shawn.

At the gallery, Carly waited for Derek to explain why Morgan had been in his room, while Silas and Sam looked on. Ava strolled over to Derek/Julian, took his arm, and told him it was time that they let everyone in on their little secret. Derek shot Ava a quizzical look, but he told her she could do the honors. Ava announced that Derek was her silent partner at the gallery. Carly was underwhelmed, and Ava remembered that Carly already knew that. Carly wanted to know what this had to do with Morgan being in Derek's room. Ava claimed that Morgan had been picking up contracts on Ava's behalf. Sam realized this meant it had been Derek's idea to donate some of the proceeds to leukemia research. Sam was touched when Derek admitted it and told her he did it for Danny.

Sebastian, the art dealer, approached Heather, still disguised in her shades and floppy hat, and tried to engage her in conversation about Franco, thinking she was a potential buyer. Heather wasn't paying attention, because she was thinking about how Franco pretended to understand her paintings and tricked her into making more. Sebastian told a joke and grew concerned when Heather didn't laugh. Heather guzzled another glass of wine and told him her happy face and mad face were the same.

Morgan arrived at the art gallery and joined Ava, Derek and Carly. Carly was still skeptical about Ava's explanation, so Derek told her to ask her son. Ava told Morgan that Carly thought Morgan and Derek were involved. The horrified Morgan realized what Ava was saying. He stammered “You mean, like...” Ava said “like this” and pulled Morgan into a deep kiss. She looked straight at Carly, who grabbed her. The women flung insults at each other, and Derek and Morgan separated them. Ava told Carly there was nothing she could do to keep her and Morgan apart. Derek asked Carly what had gotten into her, and Carly spat that Ava was a predator.

Sebastian made a speech to mark Franco's arrival, then he walked in with Diane on his arm. Franco looked nervous and Diane whispered some reassuring words. Franco thanked everyone for coming and said their love and support meant everything to him. Franco locked eyes with Carly as he spoke and it was clear that the message was directed at her.

Sam and Silas unwound after the fight by ordering some whiskey at the bar. Sam thought she should check on Carly. Silas sensed there was history there, so Sam told him that she and Carly hated each other sometimes and didn't at other times. Silas nodded toward Carly, who was chatting with Franco, and told Sam she looked fine to him. Sam told him that Carly would always be fine; this was just a little uncomfortable. Silas thought they should mind their own business. Sam realized she didn't see Derek, and she wondered where he went.

Franco was pleased when Carly complimented his speech. He mentioned that he was disappointed he missed the catfight and that he'd bet on Carly to win the next round. Carly announced that Franco had been wrong about Derek and Morgan. Franco was happy for her and Morgan. “And Derek” Carly added. Franco hoped she and Derek had a wonderful evening. Carly hoped Franco and Diane had a great evening, too. Carly glanced around and asked Franco where his girlfriend was.

Diane was pleasantly surprised when Max approached her. She didn't expect to see him there, since she didn't know him to be into art. They exchanged pleasantries, then Max asked if it was true that Diane was dating Franco. Max could understand why Diane wouldn't want him (Max), but he was mystified about why she was with Franco. Diane told Max it wasn't what it looked like

Ava alerted her brother that Sonny's bodyguard was there. Derek had spotted Max too, but he wasn't worried because Max couldn't have gotten a gun past the gallery's metal detectors. “Dammit, Julian” the worried Ava hissed, “Sonny's men are waiting for you outside, and they are going to kill you.” Unfazed, Derek told Ava he had it under control.

Derek made his way over to Sam and Silas and apologized about the commotion. Sam advised him to warn Ava that Carly was not someone to mess with. Sam wanted to ask Derek something, but she was afraid it was the wrong time. Derek assured her that she could ask him anything. Sam said it concerned Danny, and Derek agreed before Sam could explain what she wanted. Silas and Sam explained that Silas was trying to develop a way to store donated bone marrow. If the research panned out, they could store some of Derek's marrow and always have it on hand in case Danny got sick and Derek was unavailable. Silas wanted to run several tests on Derek to further his research. Derek readily agreed to participate, and Silas told him to go to the hospital tomorrow. Sam hugged Derek.

Kiki and Michael went to the gallery to warn Morgan. They found him with Ava. Ava apologized that Kiki was upset about her relationship with Morgan. Kiki cut Ava off; she didn't want to hear anything her mother had to say. Morgan wasn't interested in listening to Kiki, but Kiki insisted that Morgan needed to hear this. Michael and Kiki revealed that Ava was Julian Jerome's sister. Morgan said even if that was true, it didn't matter; Sonny was in the mob, but that didn't mean Michael and Morgan were.

Kiki implored Morgan to think about all the terrible things Ava had done and ask himself whether he wanted to take the risk. Morgan softly asked why Kiki cared. Kiki claimed she never stopped caring about Morgan. She and Michael begged Morgan to distance himself from Ava before he got caught in the crossfire. Morgan thanked them and said he could handle himself. Michael stressed that Ava could be involved with the people attacking Sonny. Ava swore she wasn't a criminal and claimed she found Michael's statement absurd and embarrassing. Kiki gave Morgan a pleading look and called him “Captain.” Morgan told her she had no right to call him that anymore. Kiki begged Morgan to leave Ava until they figured out what was going on. Morgan asked why he should believe them, when they didn't even sound convinced. Kiki claimed she was convinced; she just lacked proof.

Morgan thought Kiki had no right to call Ava a liar, when Kiki lied all the time. Morgan reiterated that Kiki and Michael betrayed him and that Ava was the only one on his side. Morgan walked away and took Ava with him. Michael noted that Morgan hadn't seemed surprised to hear that Ava and Julian were siblings.

Scott and Lucy arrived at the opening. Soon afterward, Scott received a phone call. He hung up and happily told Lucy that Lazaro had pulled out of the race. Scott was DA again. Lucy said she was happy, too, but she was so subdued that Scott wondered if she was sincere. Lucy told him she was just concerned about who he'd gotten involved with when he accepted Morgan's gift.

Sebastian made his way to Heather, who was drinking another glass of wine. He was excited because someone at Wyndemere had purchased on of “Franco's” paintings. Sebastian told her that she'd better hurry if she wanted to buy one of the masterpieces. Heather asked if he really thought they were that good, and Sebastian told her he thought they'd been painted by a mad genius. Finally, Heather told Sebastian that she'd buy every painting there, but she wanted something from Franco first. Sebastian agreed to her terms.

Carly smiled at Franco and told him it looked like his comeback was a success. She guessed this meant she wasn't going to have to kick him out. Franco grinned and said he was glad, because he liked being under her roof. Carly admitted she didn't get Franco's vision, but she knew he was gifted. She motioned toward the crowd and said “Look. You're an artist!” Franco decided to tell Carly the truth, but Sebastian started another speech before he could come clean.

Sebastian announced that someone was prepared to buy all of the art on the condition that Franco explain what the paintings meant. Sebastian gestured toward the painting Heather gave Franco and told Franco that the buyer was most interested in that one. Heather watched as Franco approached the painting. Franco was at a loss to explain the painting, which consisted solely of several different colored stripes. The crowd grew confused as Franco stalled and stammered and Diane attempted to prompt him by feeding him lines. Heather got fed up and called Franco an idiot. She removed her disguise and told Franco he lied to her and pretended to get her vision, because he wanted to take credit for her genius. She announced that the painting was of a BLT, then she marched over and turned her painting so that the lines ran horizontally instead of vertically.

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