GH Update Wednesday 11/6/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/6/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

AT GH, Sam tells a surprised Silas that she's going to the opening. She tells him that because it's tied to pediatrics leukemia, she has to put in an appearance. Silas jokes that he has to go then, too. He offers to write a generous check, and they can go to the movies instead. Sam likes that idea, but has to keep an eye on Franco.

Heather Webber arrives, wearing a dark hat and glasses, at the Jerome gallery for Franco's show. She quickly realizes that Franco's paintings are really hers. "That little son of a...." she mutters, but she isn't angry, she seems more amused.

At Metro Court, Carly is, once again pounding on Franco's door, but he's not there. He comes round the corner, where he just saw Morgan leave Derek's hotel room. She reminds him that's she's bringing Derek/Julian, but he says not after what I have to tell you. Carly thinks he's just being jealous, and that Diane wouldn't like it. Franco tells her that Morgan is sleeping with Derek/Julian.

Morgan is at GH where he was witness to Scotty and Lucy's set to with Lazaro. He approaches Scotty, and says he couldn't help but notice his disagreement with Lazaro. Scotty tells him that the DA is trying to take him down. Morgan hands him the flash drive, and tells him to take Lazaro down with this. Scotty is curious where Morgan got it, and Morgan says "A friend." When Scotty asks him who, Morgan refuses to tell him. 

Sam and Silas are also at the hospital, where she tells him that she's going to the opening. She'd rather "walk on broken glass", but the show is tied to pediatrics leukemia research, so she has put in an appearance. Silas realizes that he has to go too, then jokes about going to the movies instead. They wonder whose idea it as to include leukemia research, and don't think it's Franco's.

Franco is at Metro Court arguing with Carly about her date with Derek/Julian. Franco tells that she won't want to date Derek/Julian after he tells her what he knows. She thinks that he's just jealous, and thinks Diane would be offended. Franco tells her that Morgan is sleeping with Derek/Julian.

At the restaurant, in Sonny's office, he is giving Max's orders about the hit on Julian Jerome. Unbeknownst to him, Julian and Ava are listening, back in Julian's hotel room. "That doesn't sound good." says Ava.

In the restaurant itself, Michael and Kiki argue over whether to tell Sonny the latest on Ava.

In the office, Max asks Sonny if he's sure about this. Sonny tells him to be there for 9 o'clock. Sonny says that "No matter what, Julian Jerome dies tonight".  He pounds his fist on the desk.

Back at GH, Silas and Sam firm up plans for the opening. He tells her that he knows her pretty well by now. He wonders what her real reason for going to the gallery is.

At the gallery, Sebastian has found Heather surveying her paintings. He still thinks that she's a buyer, and chats her up about Franco. He thinks that she's joking, when she tells him they are hers.

Back at Metro Court, Carly is absolutely stunned by Franco's declaration. He suggests they go into his room to discuss it. At first, she doesn't want too, but he reminds her that she was just banging on his door.  Of course, Carly's first thought is of Michael, but Franco tells her it's Morgan he's talking about. Franco wonders (as I did), "Why wouldn't it be ridiculous for Michael to be sleeping with Derek/Julian?" Carly ignores him, and tells him that Morgan doesn't "swing" that way. He's sleeping with Ava, but that doesn't stop Franco. He reminds her that Ava and Derek are working together. He's think they're both sleeping with Morgan.

Morgan is still at GH, fending off Scott and Lucy's questions. He tells Scotty to listen to the flash drive, it doesn't matter where it came from. He tells Scotty that he can use all the help he can get, according to the polls. Lucy gets upset by this. Scotty questions him some more, but Morgan tells him that he's just the messenger. Just as Morgan walks away from Scotty, Olivia grabs him and wants to know what he's doing talking to Scott Baldwin.

Back at Sonny's office, he and Max are firming up plans for hit on Julian. Sonny doesn't want anything to go wrong, this time. He tells Max that Shawn will be waiting outside for Julian.

In the restaurant, Kiki begs Michael not to go to Sonny with the latest news. She knows that her mother is an art dealer, and can be ruthless buying a painting, but Kiki can't believe that she is a criminal. Michael tells her that the Jeromes were heavy hitters, and someone has been coming after his dad's business. His dad has to protect himself, but Kiki still doesn't believe that her mother is a part of that. Michael thinks that whatever happens is because Ava started it. He has no sympathy for her at all. Kiki reminds him that they have no proof (unaware that Sonny does), and begs him not to say anything.

At the gallery, Sebastian is still trying to charm Heather, especially when she appears disappointed in Franco's work. He introduces himself as Franco's agent, and tells him that she's an escaped mental patient. He thinks she's joking, and that it's a remark that a Franco fan would make . She tells him that she was Franco's number one fan, until now. 

Back in Franco's room, Carly thinks this is another desperate ploy from Franco to break up her and Derek/Julian.  They argue about whether or not he's using her kids to hurt her. Carly asks if he's actually seen them in bed together. Franco says no, but he did see Morgan coming out of Derek/Julian's room. Derek/Julian was just wearing a robe.  He tells her that Derek/Julian put his arm around Morgan and said ""remember, no one needs to know about our relationship". Franco is pretty sure what that means.

Back at GH, Scotty is trying to figure out who Morgan is among all the players. Lucy reminds him that he's Sonny and Carly's son and Bobbie's grandson. He wonders if this makes him trustworthy since "one parent is a sociopath and the other is a pathological liar." "Well, we don't but you can't always blame the person for their parents' mistakes." says Miss Coe. They are still curious why Morgan would hand them incriminating evidence against his father. Lucy says that Heather already put him in jeopardy, and this could win the election. They decide to listen to what's o the flash drive.

In his hotel room, Ava and Derek/Julian are still listening to Sonny making plans for the hit. Ava tells him that it was lucky that Julian didn't kill Morgan when he wanted too. If he had the would never have known what Sonny was planning. Ava thinks that her brother should stay away from the gallery, but Julian has other plans. She freaks when he doesn't listen to her, and even packs a gun. "Corinthos has his plans for tonight and now I have mine." he tells her.

In Franco's room, Carly thinks this is just another one of Franco's desperate moves. He repeats what he saw and heard, but she refuses to believe him. Her reminds her that Ava is a predator, and that Derek is of the same ilk. Carly gets frustrated, and resorts to threatening to evict him again if his paintings don't sell.

At the gallery, Sebastian is still trying to win over Heather, when Diane turns up with some paper work. He leaves Heather at the bar, and tells the bartender to take care of her. He goes to join Diane, who has some paper work for him to sign. Heather listens to their conversation, and recalls showing Franco the painting, she gave him for his birthday. She recalls Franco pretending to understand her painting, and asking for 12 more like this one." "You little liar." she says, downing a drink.

Sebastian is telling Diane about the potential client, he thinks he has. When he goes to introduce them, Heather has ducked round the corner.

Back at GH, Sam admits to having an ulterior motive to go to the gallery. She wants to check out Ava, and to see if she can find out more about her father. Silas offers to go with her, even though Sam thinks she can handle Ava by herself. Silas reminds her that Ava fights dirty. She's surprised that he's not trying to talk her out of this one. He tells her that he's learned to trust her hunches.  Silas confesses that he just wants to spend some time with her. 

Lucy ad Scotty are looking for a computer to plug the flash drive into. They pass Lazaro talking to the press, which upsets Scotty. Lucy has signed out an exam room in Kevin's name. They plug in the flash drive to a laptop, but Scott can't help watching Lazaro acting like a winner.

When Olivia asks him why he was talking to Scott Baldwin, Morgan gets snarky with her. Olivia tells him that he's heard a lot of about Scott and none of is it good. Morgan says that he can  handle himself, then tells her it's first election and he told Scotty he was voting for him. He makes a sarcastic remark about Lazaro having hers, because she has to follow orders. Olivia tries to reach out to him about Sonny.

Sonny and Max come out of his office, and are surprised to see Michael and Kiki still there. Michael tells him that there's something he has to tell him.

In her brother's hotel room Ava tells him that he must have a death wish. Ava tries to talk him out of it, to no avail. He tells her that he agrees with Sonny. "This has to end tonight!" He tells her to get ready for her opening.

Sam and Silas are firming up their plans for the night. He even compliments her on how she looks . She tells him that there is a dress code. She tells again, that he doesn't have to come if he doesn't want, too. But he playfully says that he doesn't want to miss seeing her dressed up. As they get in the elevator, he says" Just don't think some stupid art show is gonna be very romantic. " She reminds him that with Ava and Franco hosting, it should be interesting. They give each other a knowing look.

At the gallery, Sebastian doesn't understand where Heather went. He wastes no time in flirting with Diane though. They discuss their mutual friend Franco, and Sebastian wonders if she's noticed a change in him. She tells him that since he had the brain tumor out, he does seem more "grounded". They wonder what the future holds for him. Sebastian goes back to flirting with Diane, who has to leave to get ready for the opening.

In his hotel room, Franco seems to be on the verge of breaking down and telling Carly the truth. She senses something is bothering him, but he goes back to the whole Derek/Morgan thing. She gives up and goes to get ready.

At Sonny's restaurant, Michael decides to not tell Sonny about Ava. He tells Max to watch out for his father, because of all the trouble around lately. Sonny senses that it's something else, but Michael just tells him to be careful. This town has gotten a lot more dangerous lately.

At Derek/Julian's hotel room, Ava freaks out when she sees the gun. He tells her it's for protection, just in case. She asks him what his plan is, and he tells her to calm down and go and get dressed. He leaves to go to the gallery.

At GH, Scotty and Lucy realize they've hit the jackpot! They realize that they have a recording of Lazaro and Sonny working together. They start jumping up and down with Scotty saying "I win" over and over. They get caught up in the moment, and almost share a kiss.

At the gallery, Sebastian finds Heather again, still thinking she's a customer. She plans on making them hers alright.

While Heather keeps drinking and plotting, Silas and Sam arrive, and they're not impressed at all. Sam says that the paintings make her hungry, while Silas wants to redo his bathroom. Suddenly, Derek/Julian pops up, and remarks that he's surprised to see Dr. Clay there. The two men banter, before Derek/Julian asks Sam about Danny. They chitchat about Danny and Alexis, then he changes the subject to Franco. Sam admits that she's not a fan, but she was curious as to who decided that proceeds would go to leukemia research. He tells her that Franco didn't, but before he can tell her anything else, Derek/Julian spots Carly, and goes to greet her.

Scotty and Lucy break apart, and he apologies to her for getting carried away. Lucy asks him what he's going to do with the information. Scotty wants to use it to destroy Lazaro, of course, but still doesn't understand why Morgan gave it to him.

Olivia is still trying to reach out to Morgan. When she brings up Sonny, Morgan goes off on her about how Sonny plays favorites, and that he loves Michael more. Olivia tells him that isn't true, and he knows that deep down. She thinks that Morgan is angry at himself for lying to Kiki to keep her. Morgan is obviously is still angry at Sonny for betraying him. Olivia tells him some hard truths, and that she knows what it's like to lose your first love.

At the restaurant, Sonny still thinks that Michael wanted to tell him something, but Michael tells him no. Kiki finally speaks up, and tells Sonny that she asked Michael not to tell him something. Kiki tells him that they found out something about her mother.

Diane, looking smashing, arrives at Franco's hotel room, and finds him not even dressed. She tells hi that they are already late, and he despondently tells her that he's not going.

At the gallery, Carly, also looking fine, is greeted warmly by Derek/Julian. Sam asks if they're seeing each other, and Derek/Julian tells her that they're just getting to know each other. Carly announces that Franco just told her that Derek/Julian is also seeing her son.

Olivia is still trying to calm down Morgan, and tells him that Sonny was off his meds that night. Morgan says that's no excuse, and that Sonny still would've picked Mikey. He admits that he didn't want to lose Kiki. Olivia has a heart to heart with him, and tells him that it's not too late to mend fences. Morgan flashes back to Derek/Julian giving him the flash drive. He tells her it is too late.

Lucy still worries about who gave him the flash drive and why. But Scott badly wants to win this election. Before Lucy can stop him, Scotty bursts out of the room and goes after Lazaro. "You crooked lizard." he yells.  Lazaro tells him that he was just on his way to report Scotty to the voting commission. Scotty announces that he was just going to tell them about Lazaro being in bed with a Mafia Don.

Said Mafia Don wants to know what Kiki has to tell him. Michael tries to stop her, but Kiki goes ahead anyway. Kiki tells Sonny that Ava was lying to everyone, and that she is part of the Jerome crime family.

At the gallery, Carly's announcement causes a stir. "You said it was going to be interesting." quips Dr. Clay to Sam. Carly confronts Derek/Julian about his relationship with Morgan. He assures her that it isn't what she thinks it is. When she asks him what their relationship is, Ava comes to his rescue. "Looks like the jig is up, Derek. Isn't it about time you told everybody the truth?"

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