GH Update Tuesday 11/5/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/5/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Carly noticed men leaving Franco's suite and asked what was going on. They explained that they were moving Franco's paintings. Carly pondered whether or not she wanted to get into it with Franco today. Meanwhile, Franco prepared for a workout. He walked into the living room from one of the back rooms and was shocked to see that Diane had let herself and the movers into in suite. Diane told him that she was there to help move his paintings, then she noted that the paintings weren't really Franco's work. Franco was listening to Diane talking about the importance of keeping their relationship quiet when he glanced up and saw Carly standing in the doorway. He alerted Diane, then he clarified that Diane wasn't talking about a romantic relationship. Skeptical, Carly asked what Diane had meant. Franco told her it was complicated. Diane leaped into the conversation and told Franco that there was no use denying their lust for each other. She pulled Franco into a passionate goodbye kiss, then she quietly warned him to keep Carly in the dark. Diane left to supervise the transfer of the paintings to the gallery. Carly tried to leave, but Franco grabbed her hand and pulled her in close. They stared into each others eyes and Carly softly asked what was left to say. Franco didn't speak, so Carly pulled her hand away and walked out.

Ava was at her gallery making some last minute arrangements for Franco's show, later that night, when Sam showed up wanting to talk. Ava replied that she didn't have time, but Sam persisted and asked if Ava had a minute to talk about Sam's father. Ava pretended not to know anything about Sam's father, so Sam revealed that she knew her father was Ava's brother Julian. When Ava continued to lie, Sam revealed that she'd gotten the whole story from Delia, Ava's mother. Ava's calm demeanor began to crack and she got more uncomfortable as Sam repeated what Delia said about having Ava with Julian and giving her up for adoption. Ava spat that Delia was a money-grubbing liar, and Sam added that Delia was also telling the truth. Ava finally acknowledged that that she was Victor's daughter, then she demanded to know why Sam cared. Sam explained that she grew up not knowing she was adopted – she thought her father was a conman.

Sam had always been curious about her father, but she didn't want to push Alexis. Ava thought it might have been wiser if Sam had just let it go. Sam explained that she only looked for her father because Danny got sick and now that she found him, he was dead. Ava admitted that she could relate. Sounding desperate, Sam asked Ava to tell her something, anything, about her dad. Ava said that Julian was strong and vital and would have been devoted to Sam. Ava stated that the Jeromes were all gone, shortly after she found them. Sam pointed out that Ava was still around, which prompted Ava to say that she and Sam were blood, but they weren't family. Sam was hurt and asked if Ava was saying she didn't care about her. Ava clarified that she meant that people give biological bonds more importance than they deserve, but she did care about Sam. Ava added that she was concerned enough that she worried about what would happen to Sam when she found out Silas's secret.

Ava encouraged Sam to use her P.I. skills to look into Silas's past before she got in too deep. Sam wondered if Ava was trying to be vindictive or push an agenda. Ava said that she and Silas were through. Sam said if that was true and Ava truly cared about her, Ava should just tell Sam the secret. Ava didn't respond, and Sam assumed her silence meant that there was no secret to tell. Diane walked in and told Ava she was there with the paintings. Ava left to take care of things, and Diane chatted with Sam about Danny and asked if she was coming to the opening, tonight. Sam replied that she wouldn't go if Diane paid her. Diane told Sam that part of the proceeds were going to pediatric leukemia research. Sam wondered who decided to do that. Diane didn't know, but she thought that Sam's presence might help the cause.

Kiki came to GH at Silas's request. They made smalltalk and Kiki asked if it had been hard to leave NYC. Silas loved the city, but Port Charles had become a home to him. Kiki hoped Silas had found her a job. Silas was working on it, but hadn't found anything for Kiki yet. Silas explained that he wanted to talk about Ava. Kiki wasn't interested in hearing about her mother, but Silas insisted that she needed to hear this. He told her that her uncle's name was Julian Jerome and asked if Ava had mentioned him. Kiki had never heard the name. Silas continued and said Julian and Kiki's grandfather were dead, but her grandmother Delia was alive and would like to meet her. Kiki wondered if Delia had always known about her, and Silas said no. While Kiki was digesting the news that she had another living relative, Silas told her that Sam was her cousin. Kiki was stunned. She thought Sam was great; Michael thought very highly of her. Kiki realized this meant Danny really was her cousin. She found the entire thing very confusing and she wished that her mother had told her about her family before. Silas thought there was a chance that Ava wasn't just covering up her family's mob ties, but her own. Kiki asked if Silas was saying her mother was a mob boss? Silas didn't think she was the boss, just connected. Kiki was angry with Ava, but she wasn't ready to conclude that she was a criminal. Silas agreed that there could be another explanation. He wished he had better news for Kiki. Kiki replied that Silas gave her the truth, which was an improvement. She left.

In Sonny's office, Michael talked about his plans for Pozzulo's, but Sonny wasn't listening. He was focused on the clock he'd given Morgan as a gift that Morgan had returned to him. Michael noticed that Sonny was distracted and offered Sonny a chance to get things off his chest. Just then, Max escorted the District Attorney, Benjamin Lazaro, into the office. Sonny told Michael they'd talk later, then he asked if Benjamin shouldn't be out politicking. Benjamin was confident that he had the election in the bag. Michael introduced himself to Benjamin and said “you're prosecuting my, uh, AJ Quartermaine.” Sonny shooed Michael out the door, and he and Max left. Sonny told Benjamin to call first next time. Benjamin explained that he was there to retrieve the file on Julian, that he'd loaned Sonny. It was clear that Benjamin was very anxious about putting it back in storage ASAP. Sonny calmly noted Benjamin's agitation and wondered if he was nervous about the election. “If Scotty Baldwin is elected, it's bad for me and worse for you” Benjamin warned, pointing out that it was good for Sonny to have a friend in the DA's office. Sonny ordered Benjamin to relax. Benjamin explained that the town was digitizing all the files and he didn't want them to notice that Julian's file was missing and trace it back to Benjamin and Sonny. Sonny took the file from a drawer and tossed it on the desk. Benjamin asked if Sonny wanted to make copies, but Sonny was finished with the file now that he knew the WSB had given Julian the new identity of Derek Wells. Benjamin wanted to know what Sonny was going to do about Julian, but Sonny reminded Benjamin that it was best that he not know, so he could retain plausible deniability.

Morgan went to Julian's suite, unannounced. Julian, fresh from the shower, opened the door in a towel and mentioned that he had hoped it would have been Carly at the door. Julian let Morgan in and he sat on the couch playing with Julian's laptop while Julian went and got a robe. Morgan was curious about why Julian wanted to see his mother. Julian wouldn't say. He told Morgan to be careful with the laptop, because it was connected to the bug Morgan had planted in Sonny's office. Morgan asked if the bug was working. Sonny had been tight-lipped so far, but Julian was still optimistic that they'd hear something useful. The bug picked up Sonny and Benjamin's conversation, and Morgan and Julian overheard the whole thing. Julian realized this meant that Sonny knew who he was when he called him into the warehouse the other day. Morgan quickly pointed out that he hadn't told Sonny anything. Julian knew that. Julian was impressed that Sonny didn't let on that he knew. Morgan didn't understand why Sonny hadn't already gone after Julian. Julian thought that Sonny wanted to know more about Julian's operation before he made a move. Morgan thought Julian should go after Sonny before Sonny came after him.

Carly knocked on the door and called out to “Derek.” Morgan hid out of sight while Julian let Carly in. Carly asked him to meet her at Franco's opening. He agreed and she left. Morgan returned and Julian made it clear that he didn't want Morgan inquiring about what just happened. Julian had an assignment for Morgan, and Morgan was pleased to learn that it involved taking down Sonny. Julian unplugged a USB drive from the computer and handed it to Morgan. Ava called Julian made plans to come talk to him about Sam. Julian and Morgan confirmed that Morgan was to hand the drive over and deliver the message. Julian walked Morgan into the hallway, gave him a pat on the back, and reminded him that no one could know about their relationship. They didn't realize that Franco was also in the hall and that he saw them together.

Carly knocked on Franco's door. He spotted her and jogged over. Carly announced that she was going to his show, but she was bringing “Derek” as her date. Franco told Carly she wasn't going anywhere with Derek. Then he told her that he knew something about Derek that she didn't know.

Michael had several slices of cake on a table at Pozzulo's. He wanted Max to taste them and help create the new dessert menu. Max was reluctant to eat the fattening cake and he suggested that Michael ask Morgan to be the taste tester. Michael confided in Max that Morgan resented everything about him. It was hard for Michael to deal with being estranged from Morgan because they'd been close when they were younger. Max urged Michael not to beat himself up over it. According to Max, Michael had been a great big brother to Morgan, and deep down Morgan knew Michael loved him. Michael hoped Max was right. Max joked that Michael could always try giving Morgan a smack on the head. Michael grinned and asked if Max had done that with Milo. Max told Michael how he and Milo had fought over Milo's decision to quit, then reconciled. Max was confident that the same thing would happen for Michael and Morgan. Michael thought about the argument he and Morgan had in Sonny's office which had come close to becoming physical.

Sonny walked Benjamin out of his office and told Max to make sure one saw him leaving. Michael knew that this wasn't the first time he'd seen his father with the DA. Michael was concerned that Sonny was trying to rig AJ's murder trial and he tried to talk him out of it. “We don't need to discuss this,” Sonny replied firmly. Kiki walked in and Sonny and Max disappeared into the office. Kiki asked what was going on, and Michael said he'd tried to have a conversation about something that was none of his business. Kiki told Michael that she'd found out about several new relatives, including Julian Jerome. Michael revealed that Sonny thought the Jeromes were going after his business. Kiki asked if Sonny thought her mom was involved. Michael wasn't sure, but he knew it wasn't a good idea to make an enemy of his dad.

Sonny told Max about Julian, then he ordered him to go to Franco's opening tonight. Sonny explained that he was going to “take Julian out.”

Sam found Silas at GH and he shared details about his conversation with Kiki. Sam told Silas that she'd had a talk with Ava. Sam added that Ava had tried to deflect by bringing up Silas's past. Sam felt that everyone had baggage and a right to privacy, including herself. Silas asked if this meant Sam was keeping secrets, and Sam said it meant that Silas had the right to keep his secret. Silas thanked her, and Sam told him she was going to Franco's show. Silas grumbled, and Sam told him about that some of the proceeds were going to fund pediatric leukemia. Silas groaned that this meant he had to go, too. He wondered whose idea that was. Sam figured that Franco was behind it.

A room in the hospital had been converted to a polling place and campaign posters for Scott and Benjamin lined the hallway leading to the room. Scott caught Lucy drawing Devil's horns on Benjamin's poster. He ripped the poster off the wall and warned Lucy that he could get in trouble for what she'd done – it was a voting day violation. Scott asked if she'd behave, and Lucy insisted that she was only trying to help him win. Scott told her to do that by voting for him. He grabbed her arm and guided her into the room, grumbling that he couldn't have any shenanigans sinking the election. A moment later, Heather entered the room, disguised in a lab coat and hospital mask. Lucy got annoyed when a volunteer asked Scott for his name, because she thought the woman should recognize that he was a candidate. Lucy made a speech about why Scott was the right man for the job, until the volunteer told her she couldn't solicit votes inside the polling place. Lucy assured Scott that she and Kevin were voting for him, although Kevin was voting by absentee ballot, because he was out of town. The two entered separate voting booths and shortly after that, Heather slipped into Scott's booth. The startled Scott asked what she was doing there. Heather had come to vote for him. Scott pointed out that felons like her weren't allowed to vote, but Heather didn't care. He urged her to leave, so they wouldn't be seen together, but Heather refused to go anywhere until she delivered her message. Scott didn't want to hear her message; he just wanted her to go.

Lucy went looking for Scott and spotted two sets of legs in his voting booth. She thought she'd caught him in the act with a woman and she yanked the curtains open and came face to face with Heather. Lucy squeezed into the booth and demanded to know what Heather was doing there. Scott tried to get Lucy to quiet down and not draw attention to them. She wouldn't listen, so he put her hand over her mouth, and she bit him. Everyone jostled and shoved each other, trying to get enough room in the tight space. Scott told Heather this election was hanging by a thread and he couldn't have anything mess it up. Heather invited Scott to Franco's gallery opening. Lucy interjected that she and Scott weren't fans of contemporary art. Heather replied that Lucy wasn't invited. Heather smoothed Scott's suit over his chest and told him Franco was a genius. Heather begged Scott to go, and Lucy wondered why Heather wanted Scott to be at the opening. Heather cradled Scott's face in her hands and insisted that he needed to be there. She said if he refused, she'd be forced to open the curtains and let everyone see them together. Scott promised to go to the show.

Benjamin came to the polling place and saw the disguised Heather, Lucy, and Scott leaving the booth. Benjamin asked Scott about the women. Lucy delivered a rambling explanation about Scott showing her how the voting machine worked. Benjamin asked about the other woman and Scott pretended he didn't know who Benjamin was talking about. Benjamin vowed to file an inquiry as soon as he finished voting. He hoped he'd get to prosecute Scott himself. Scott vented to Lucy about Heather torpedoing his career.

Morgan entered the polling place while Scott and Benjamin were talking. He held back until Scott and Lucy finished talking, then he approached Scott. Scott asked the “Kid” what he wanted. Morgan handed him the USB drive and told him he could use it to take Benjamin Lazaro down. Scott asked what was on it and where Morgan got it. Morgan replied that he got it from “a friend” and he advised Scott to just listen to it.

Heather's artwork now covered the walls of the gallery. One of the workers admitted that he didn't get it. Diane told them that their job, herself included, wasn't to understand it, it was to collect the paychecks. Diane hoped the real artist didn't get wind of this. She left, and Heather, now dressed all in black with a hat and glasses for a disguise, walked in and was shocked by what she saw.

After Ava brought Julian up to speed, he calmly used his computer while she frantically paced around the room. Julian told Ava that she was blowing things out of proportion, but she argued that Sam was one step away from blowing Julian's cover and ruining their plans. Julian said that sadly, Sam's activities weren't his top priority right now. Julian told his sister that Sonny knew the truth about him. Ava immediately said Morgan had nothing to do with it. When Julian said he knew that, Ava bombarded him with questions about how Sonny found out and whether he knew she was involved. Julian told her to hush and let him listen. Ava settled on the couch and the two of them overheard Sonny put a hit on Julian.

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