GH Update Monday 11/4/13

General Hospital Update Monday 11/4/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Luke returns to The Metro Court and sees that his niece, Carly, has assigned him to a room with less accommodations than what he's used to. Tracy is with him and is not content to see that the first thing he does after returning home is to call Anna Devane.

Sabrina, dressed as Electro-woman walks with Emma, dressed as Dynagirl, for Halloween. And they are both wondering about the “strange masked woman” who appeared to be lost or not know how to speak English. Little do they know that she is Robin. Not far away, Nikolas and Britt (the only 2 people who know Robin is alive and well) are trying to find her. Patrick takes an interest in the “strange woman” and asks her if she's ok, while she hides in a room unseen and wearing her mask.

Tracy asks why Luke is not back for 20 minutes when he has to “call Slim”. He asks her why she is so insecure. She reminds him that she risked her life and went to drastic measures to travel across the world to get him out of the compound, off the island and away from Jerry Jacks. She may not have the training and expertise that Anna has. But all by herself, she master-minded all that was needed to save his life. He protests that he's simply calling Anna because she's the police commissioner and needs to know what is going on. But she tells him if he calls Anna, she is leaving.

Anna and Duke find Faison. Duke holds a gun on him. Anna reads him his rights and tells him he's under arrest. But Duke can tell that the woman who looks just like Anna is not Anna. He knows he is standing beside someone else disguised as Anna.

Nikolas tells Britt he has to go and find Robin. Elizabeth is not far away and asks Britt where Nikolas has snuck off to so suddenly.

Patrick tries to talk to the “strange woman” whom he believes cannot speak English and is lost. He remembers that Emma talked to her and she did “help” his daughter so he wants to make sure she is ok. Nikolas appears and attempts to prevent him from finding out whom she really is.

Tracy tells Luke that she is concerned over whether he's getting better. He is not certain whether he is or not. So they cannot afford to have Anna or anyone knowing where Jerry Jacks is. She reminds him until they go to his specialist and confirm that he's on the mend, they might have to go back to that island and depend upon that doctor. He reminds her that Sean Donnelly had to die. She reminds him that she is not going to give up or let this go until his doctor confirms that he's ok. And she seems to know that if he promises to see his doctor, he might lie about that and once again disappear like he usually does.

After Nikolas leaves to find Robin, Elizabeth asks Britt what has happened. Knowing she cannot reveal the secret, Britt asks Elizabeth why she assumes that Britt has done something wrong to cause Nikolas to leave. And she asks Elizabeth why she cares what is going on between Nikolas and herself (Britt).

Nikolas attempts to “divert” Patrick by telling him that the “mysterious woman” is his son's new nanny. He invited her to the party. She didn't know anyone and was kind of uncomfortable. She's foreign and has been away from her family for a long time and her English is not great. So, Nikolas tells Patrick, he now realizes it may not have been a good idea to invite her to the party. Sabrina finds Patrick and takes him away from where Nikolas is hiding Robin. Robin overhears everything.

The woman who looks and knows how to talk just like Anna tells Duke that she will handle all of the arresting of Faison who he does not need to worry. But she quickly loses her English accent and sounds too German, as well as too “offended” by Duke talking about “that miserable bitch, Obrecht”, that he can tell that this is not Anna standing before him ready to go somewhere alone with Faison.

Luke tells Tracy he has important things to do, one of which being contacting Lulu and finding out how this motherhood thing is going for her. Tracy reminds him that she's pretty certain his daughter wants him alive. So his health is the first priority. But he tells her he has something very important to give to her. She asks what on earth that could be. He tells her he has to give her “the full enchilada”.

Britt tells Elizabeth she does not appreciate her grilling her about Nikolas nor judging Brit's behavior. She reminds Elizabeth if she cares about Nikolas, sees him as a friend and does not want him to get hurt, maybe Elizabeth should have thought about that before dumping him for AJ. She knows that Elizabeth has a past that doesn't look so much better than Brit's life. She knows about Elizabeth's history with Nikolas and how she had her chance with him and threw it away. So maybe Elizabeth needs to stop throwing stones and leave her alone.

Elizabeth gets Robin alone in a room. He tells her she can't risk being seen. She protests that she could not stay away from her husband or her little girl. But he tells her that she almost got found out. He reminds her of the consequences of revealing that she is alive. We then remember Lisle Obrecht Westbourne reminding Robin and Nikolas that if they reveal to anyone that Robin is alive, her parents could die.

Not far away, Emma finds her daddy and asks if he “found the nice lady”. Sabrina asks him if he found her. He replies that Nikolas informed him that she's his nanny. But he doesn't entirely buy that and knows there's something going on that he does not know about.

Nikolas tells Robin he knows how desperate she is. But she might want to be mindful that it's entirely possible that Obrecht and Faison have found out what she has pulled. She tells him she doubts that knowing that they are both too distracted right now.

Duke tells the woman who looks just like Anna that he knows she is not like the Anna he knows. She does not know how to read Faison his rights. It's kind of fishy that Obrecht has suddenly disappeared and nobody knows where she is. He thinks that maybe Obrecht is standing right in front of him.

Elizabeth continues to grill Britt knowing that she's keeping a secret and remembering that there has been suspicion that Faison, the psychopathic lunatic (whom she has no clue is Brit's father) is on the loose. She knows that Brit's mother has some sort of secret going on with Faison. Hearing that, Britt suggests Elizabeth asks her mother.

Duke holds the gun on the woman who looks and speaks with the accent that almost sounds like Anna and tells her he knows all of the crimes she (Obrecht) has committed. She protests that he must trust the woman he loves (Anna). He tells her she needs to take off the mask. He also addresses Faison, reminding her that “that clown over there” pulled the very same very sophisticated stunt by impersonating him with an identical mask that almost fooled Anna into thinking Faison was Duke. And he knows she's done the same thing with an Anna mask. He tells her she either takes off the mask or he will shoot her. She then pulls off the Anna mask to reveal herself and whom she really is.

Robin tells Nikolas she understands his point. But she does not regret what she's done for a single second. She saw her husband. She could see the pain in his eyes. She also saw Emma. She is so beautiful and grown up and smart. He tells her he knows and can see his son has a crush on Emma. She cries and tells him that she has lost such a major time in her life. She also saw Sabrina. And he's right that she's really nice and really pretty. But how long is she supposed to hide in the shadows with someone else taking her place. Another woman is taking over her life with her husband and her child. She's taking Robin's family away from her. And she has to get it back.

As soon as Luke tells Tracy he is ready to give her “the full enchilada”, she is very surprised to think of what he might really mean. He might be merely suggesting that he wants Mexican food. But he tells her that he is ready to commit to her. He tells her he loves her. She does not know how to process that. She remembers he said that once when he was afraid he was dying, or delirious and not aware of what he was saying. He tells her he said what he meant. He admits he was not certain he could give her what she wants and needs. He was sick and not certain of anything. But he is now. He wants to give her all of him. He reaches to kiss her and she pulls away. He asks her why. She says before they do something that they cannot take back, she needs to know what he means by “the whole enchilada". She point is she does not know what he means. She's made too many mistakes in his life. So she needs clarification. He then tells her he wants to be there for her. He wants to be her friend and her lover. He can't promise that he will never make a mistake or hurt her. But he can promise he will do whatever he has to do to make her happy. He asks her what she says to that.

Nikolas tells Robin she will get back to her family. All she has to do now is find Luke, and give him the cure. Find Jerry and do what he wants. And she will be back with Patrick and Emma. But she's very worried about Jerry, Obrecht and Faison. She reminds him that those three people are monsters and she wouldn't put anything past them. He tells her he definitely understands that.

Patrick tells Sabrina he has to check on this “strange” nanny to Nikolas' son, although she tells him it's none of their business. Nikolas tries again to divert them while she wears her mask He tells them that she cannot speak English. But Patrick knows she spoke very coherent English to Emma. Nikolas tells him that he taught her those words to say to Spencer, his son, when he has a bad dream. And he doesn't know why Patrick is making such a big deal of this.

Luke tells Tracy he's just laid all his cards on the table. So she can't leave him hanging. He needs to know her answer. She tells him he knows her answer. He's always known her answer. They move closer and she tells him this enchilada he's talking about, she wants it spicy. And they kiss.

Robin and Nikolas return to Lisle Obrecht and Faison. They inform them they know that Robin attempted to blow their secret. So they will have to kill her mother. But Nikolas confirms that nobody saw Robin. She has not defaulted on her promise. So they can't do that. Lisle asks how they can be sure that no one saw her. Robin asks if they can see any indication that she did not stay undetected. She wore the costume with the mask. Nobody saw her or recognized her. So they can stop threatening her parents.

Back at the hospital, Patrick finds he “can't let it go” in finding out about the mysterious woman wearing the mask.

Obrecht and Faison remind Robin and Nikolas they “want to make certain no one gets hurt”.

Duke lies unconscious on a deserted road somewhere.

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