GH Update Thursday 10/31/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/31/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

It was Halloween in Port Charles. At the Jacks' home, Carly, dressed as a cat, tried to convince Josslyn to be something besides an ear of corn, but the little girl insisted on wearing last year's costume again this year. There was a knock on the door and Carly opened it and found Franco standing there, dressed as Andy Warhol. Carly closed the door in his face and sent Josslyn into the kitchen for more candy. Franco kept pressing the doorbell until a fed up Carly opened the door and gave him a little shove. She asked what he wanted, and he said “candy” so she grabbed a handful and threw them at him. Carly tried to slam the door again, but Franco positioned himself in the doorway, so she couldn't. He told her he had a treat for her. Carly grudgingly let him in. At that point, Josslyn returned. Franco realized that Josslyn's costume was a play on “Children of the Corn, and Josslyn was pleased that someone finally got it. Carly fumed as she watched Franco chatting with Josslyn and she quickly sent her daughter upstairs to play.

Once Josslyn was gone, Carly ordered Franco not to bond with the girl. Carly impatiently asked what he had for her, and Franco gave her an invitation to his art show opening. He pointed out that 10% of the proceeds were going toward pediatric leukemia research. Carly told Franco she'd need another invitation for her date, Derek. Franco stated that she wasn't bringing Derek to the show. He thought Derek was a philistine. Carly insisted that she was too bringing him. She got close to Franco and whispered that Derek was interesting and sexy, prompting Franco's reply that he knew someone sexier. Carly announced that she and Derek would just go somewhere else, so Franco revealed that Derek didn't need an invitation to the gallery, because he was Ava's silent partner. Franco noticed Carly was surprised and he pretended to be shocked that Derek had kept something from her. Carly thought that explained why she found them together in Ava's apartment – they were partners, not sleeping together. Franco was sure they were sleeping together in addition to being partners, and he warned Carly not to get involved with someone who'd sleep with Ava. “Like you?” Carly countered. Franco explained that he'd slept with Ava, before he knew any better, a long time ago in the B.C. “Before Carly,” era. Franco thought Carly should know better. Carly demanded to know why he cared. Franco didn't answer and Carly leaned in close and asked if the cat had his tongue. Franco wished she did. Carly wondered what his “girlfriend” Diane would think about his preoccupation with Carly's personal life. Franco told her Diane meant nothing to him; someone else had stolen his heart. Carly believed that person was bound to get hurt. Franco swore he'd never hurt anyone he loved again. Carly started rambling about this woman, but she was speechless when Franco told her that she knew he was referring to her. He told her that every second she spent with Derek was a waste of time – time she should be spending with Franco.

Franco pulled Carly close, rested his forehead on hers, and softly urged her to stop playing games and admit she was into him, too. Just as they were about to kiss, Josslyn called for Carly. Franco told her to stay, but Carly slowly pulled back. She stroked Franco's cheek and told him he needed to leave. Franco told her he was a patient man, and he left. Once he was on the porch, he admitted he'd just lied about being patient and vowed to win Carly's heart tomorrow. He left and a woman (only the hand was shown) stepped onto the porch and pulled a butcher knife out of a picnic basket.

Felix was dressed as the man from the board game Operation. He viewed the spooky décor of the GH assembly room, then Brad came in wearing the same costume. Felix ordered Brad to change. Brad refused. He worked hard on his costume for “Gay Christmas” and he wasn't going to change to satisfy Felix's ego; besides it was too late to get a new one. Felix suggested that he go as the deadbeat dad that he was. Brad didn't see it that way. In his view, he was honoring Britt's wishes. Felix didn't believe Brad would be willing to step up even if Britt wanted him to. Brad insisted that he wasn't as awful as Felix made him out to be. He reminded Felix that he'd done the right thing by telling the truth about the baby's heritage at the Christening. Felix spat that he'd turned five lives upside down, but he reluctantly admitted that Brad had been right to tell the truth. Felix then challenged Brad to do right by his own child.

At the Drakes, Sabrina, dressed as Electra Woman, and Emma dressed as Dyna Girl, worked together to rescue Patrick/Indiana Jones from an avalanche of stuffed toys. After the game was over, they sat on the couch and Emma wondered who they'd save next. Patrick admitted he was hoping Sabrina would be a bunch of grapes again this year. Once they got on the subject of last year's Halloween, Emma recalled that Britt had made fun of nurses. Patrick told her that Britt was someone else's problem now. Emma reminded everyone that last Halloween, she'd told Sabrina about the Nurses' Ball and Sabrina had the idea to bring it back. Sabrina credited Robin for inspiring everyone to put the ball together and Emma with helping out. The doorbell rang it was Elizabeth/Snow White, Aiden/Buzz Lightyear and Cam/Woody from Toy Story. Patrick invited them in and Liz said they'd just come form Carly's. Patrick said that if there was a holiday Carly did well, it was Halloween. He and Liz exchanged a look. Liz congratulated Patrick and Sabrina on their engagement. According to Liz, it was the talk of the hospital, thanks to Felix, and everyone was really happy for them. The kids started whining because they weren't allowed to eat all of their candy right now and Sabrina went over and settled them. Patrick smiled and told Liz he loved that about Sabrina.

Liz confided in Patrick that she'd been surprised about the engagement, due to Patrick's difficulty moving on. Patrick said that talking to Liz had helped him overcome that issue and realize that he wanted to move on with Sabrina. He thanked Liz and they hugged.

Cam smiled shyly as Emma announced to everyone that Cam was her new boyfriend. The adults exchanged surprised smiles and Liz and her boys left for the party. Emma was eager to get to the party too, because Cam would be there. She told Patrick that she was getting married, too. Duke dropped by and Emma greeted him warmly. She wondered why he wasn't wearing a costume and he told her he was dressed as a businessman. It was clear that Duke had something important to say, so Sabrina took Emma into the other room. Duke hadn't heard from Anna and he was worried she was in trouble. He knew that Anna had checked Robert out of the clinic shortly after Faison's escape and he feared that they'd gone after Faison and he'd gotten the upper hand. Patrick wondered if Nik and Anna might have crossed paths while Nik was looking for Obrecht and Anna was looking for Faison. He advised Duke to ask Nik if he'd heard from Anna. When Emma and Sabrina returned, Emma invited Duke to the party. Duke told her he couldn't, because he had some business to take care of. Duke left and Sabrina asked Patrick if everything was okay. Patrick said yes.

At Wyndemere, Obrecht, was wearing a traditional German outfit. She followed Robin down a hallway, carrying a costume that she wanted Robin to wear. “Just try it on” Obrecht pleaded. Robin firmly refused and told her to ask Britt if she wanted to play dress up. Obrecht admitted that she'd already tried. Obrecht trailed behind Robin to the living room, moaning that this was Obrecht's favorite holiday. Robin didn't care. Obrecht urged Robin to stop moping and have fun, prompting Robin to snap that Obrecht could kidnap her and fake her death, but she couldn't make her have fun. Obrecht was disappointed, and Robin grumbled that she was sure Faison would comfort her. Robin wondered where he was.

Lesley was dressed as a crone and Spencer was a Captain Hook. She took him to the door of Wyndemere and reminded him to say “trick-or-treat” when his dad opened the door. They rang the doorbell and Faison/Beetle Juice answered and greeted them. Spencer and Lesley looked terrified and Lesley let out a loud scream.

A distraught Britt burst into Nik's bedroom, before he had a chance to put his shirt on. Britt told him that Obrecht had placed Ben in a black bassinet with an upside down cross over it. Britt caught her mother hovering over her son holding a pair of demonic looking eye contacts meant for the baby. Britt had prevented Obrecht from putting the contacts in Ben's eyes, to complete the Rosemary's Baby look, but Britt was still overwhelmed by her parents' presence in her child's life. Britt wanted to kill them. Nik was sympathetic, but he reminded her that she couldn't do that yet, because her parents had all the power. He did promise that he would make sure they stayed away from Ben, though. Britt wasn't sure he'd be able to keep his promise, but Nik told her he could be very persuasive. Still upset, Britt revealed that Obrecht had tried to make Britt wear a costume too, like they were a duo. Nik pulled her into a hug and told her they'd get through this and her parents would pay. Britt smiled and admitted that no one had ever made a vow to her like that before. “That is a damn shame,” Nik replied. They were about to kiss when Lesley screamed and startled them. Obrecht and Robin went into the foyer and found a Faison crouching next to the unconscious Lesley and fanning her face. Robin checked on Lesley and Obrecht asked what he'd done. Confused, Faison said they were just having fun and that the crone must be weak. When Nik and Britt came downstairs, Spencer emerged from his hiding place and clung to his father. Nik asked Spencer what happened. Spencer explained that they'd come to surprise Nik and that “the bad guy” scared them. Nik asked Faison if this was true. Faison defended himself by saying that that was the point of Halloween. Nik made it clear that Faison would pay if he'd hurt Nik's grandmother.

Britt and Robin sat with Lesley and noticed that she was coming to. Obrecht whispered that they couldn't have any witnesses, and Nik ordered her to shut up. There was some bickering until Robin told Obrecht and Faison to leave, so they wouldn't be discovered. They, and Robin, went into the living room and closed the door.

Lesley regained consciousness and sat down in a chair, and Nik asked what she was doing there; he thought she and Spencer were at the house in Como. Lesley explained that they'd come to town to see Lulu's baby, and Spencer had wanted to surprise Nik. Lesley suddenly remembered what happened and yelled that Faison was there. Robin, Obrecht and Faison listened to the conversation on the other side of the door. Faison had a gun. Back in the foyer, Nik managed to convince his grandmother that she'd seen Alfred, not Faison. He told her he'd never harbor the man who kidnapped his brother Lucky and terrorized the town. Spencer asked about the ladies who'd just gone into the living room. Lesley didn't remember, and Spencer told her the women had helped her. Lesley decided to go thank them, but Nik quickly guided her back onto the chair and told her she should take it easy. Faison and Obrecht decided to take drastic measures and kill Lesley. Inside the living room, Robin tried to yell, but Obrecht grabbed her and covered her mouth.

Lesley insisted that she was fine. She tried to take Spencer into the living room, but the doorbell rang and interrupted her plans. It was Liz and her kids. Lesley was pleased to see her other grandsons and she admired their costumes and gave Cam a hug. Liz asked Spencer how he chose to be Captain Hook. Spencer explained that the Cassadines owned lots of ships. Lesley took the kids to another room, and Nik asked Liz if she thought Spencer chose the costume because the Cassadines were evil villains. “Not all of them” Liz said with a smile. Britt watched, arms crossed, as Nik and Liz smiled at each other, then she loudly said “Hi” Liz said hi, then they made strained small talk about how nice it was that Ben was back at home instead of with Britt's “awful mother” and AJ and his murder rap. The kids broke up the tension by running back in the room. Cam asked if Spencer could go to the GH Halloween party. Robin looked wistful when she overheard Cam tell Spencer that Emma was his girlfriend. Nik playfully complimented Cam on his good taste, but Liz told him not to encourage this. Lesley joined everyone and Spencer revealed that he had a girlfriend who lived in Italy.

Liz thought they should all go to the party together. She looked straight at Britt and said that Sabrina and Patrick would be there, then she mentioned that they were engaged. Robin overheard the whole thing. Britt and Nik decided to go to the party, but they weren't sure what to wear. Liz offered to take Lesley and the kids to the party while they figured it out. Lesley was relieved to have an excuse to leave the creepy home. On her way out, she asked Liz if she'd noticed the resemblance between Alfred and Faison. Liz shuddered and asked her not to say that name. Nik entered the living room and told everyone that the guests were gone. Faison found Liz more beautiful than she'd been the last time he saw her. Nik warned Faison to stay away from her. Britt added that he should stay away from everyone. Nik told Faison and Obrecht to go upstairs. They left. Nik felt bad that Robin couldn't go, and he offered to stay and keep her company. Robin told them to go ahead, that way they could make sure Lesley didn't say anything else about Faison.

Obrecht and Faison encountered their daughter, who was now dressed as a dark angel. Britt explained that Nik had found the costume. Obrecht was planning to babysit, but Britt said she would never let Ben stay with them. She told her parents that their only job was to stay out of sight and keep an eye on Robin.

Nik showed Robin his dark prince outfit, then he sympathized about how hard this must be for her. Robin admitted it had been hard to hear Liz's voice and realize how much the kids had grown up. Robin knew she'd missed so much with Emma and that she'd never get those moments back. Robin was desperate to see her family. Nik understood, but he reminded her that it was too dangerous to let anyone know she was alive. Nik promised that they'd find a way to neutralize the house-guests and she'd get her family back. Britt walked up to them, pushing Ben in his stroller and told Nik they were ready. They left and Robin thought about her talk with Nik, while she looked at the costume Obrecht had tried to make her wear. Later, Obrecht tried to convince Faison to dress up as David Hasselhoff. They walked into the living room, hoping to convince Robin to join in the fun and were shocked to see that she and the costume were gone. Meanwhile, Duke found the door to Nik's castle open and he let himself in.

Liz, Lesley and the kids got to GH. The kids ran off and Liz asked Lesley if she was okay. Lesley was still shaken about Faison. Liz gently told her that she couldn't have seen Faison; he was in prison and even if he wasn't, he wouldn't be staying with Nik.

Patrick, Sabrina and Emma made it to GH. Patrick introduced Lesley to Sabrina. Emma tried to get Cam to kiss her on the cheek, but he ran off. Spencer offered to be Emma's boyfriend instead. The adults watched and Patrick asked Lesley what her grandson's intentions were toward his daughter. According to Lesley, Spencer had his father's good manners. Liz joked that Emma was a goner, because few women could resist Nik's looks, title and flawless manners. Liz rolled her eyes when Lesley told Patrick that Nik was bringing Britt to the party. Emma introduced Sabrina to her new boyfriend. Spencer. Sabrina laughed, but Patrick still couldn't believe his little girl was already interested in boys. Sabrina assured Patrick that Emma's romance would be over by tomorrow. Patrick said it had better be, and Sabrina joked that she'd help him deal with Spencer if it wasn't.

Everyone walked out of the lobby and at that moment, Robin, dressed in a cloak and mask, entered the hospital.

Back in the assembly room, Felix was scolding Brad for eating the treats that were meant for the kids. Felix thought it was another sign that Brad didn't care about kids, then he called him out for abandoning his son. Brad wondered what Felix would say if he told him that Ben wasn't his son. Just after this, Britt and Nik walked in.

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