GH Update Wednesday 10/30/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/30/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Dante has gone to the pier to meet Olivia. In a tender moment, he apologizes to Connie for all the fighting going on around her. They look up at a passing plane, then Dante continues to tell the baby, it's only because the grownups love her so much. Olivia shows up, and fusses over the baby. Dante asks why she wanted him to meet her. Olivia tells him that it's about his father.

At Maxie's apartment, Spinelli has returned from the kitchen with Maxie's favorite ice cream. Fearing the worst, he frantically tries calling Maxie, begging her not to do what he thinks she's doing. Ellie comes home, and is surprised to find him there. She sees the ice cream, and realizes that it must be for Maxie. Spinelli tells her it was, but Maxie has run off, and he's afraid of where she's gone.

His fears are justified, because she shows up at Dante and Lulu's door, demanding answers from Lulu. Lulu tries pretending not to know what she's talking about. Maxie shoves the court order in her face. "You're suing me for custody, and claiming I'm an unfit mother!"

Sonny's, back at the warehouse, going over the file Lazaro gave him. Shawn comes in telling him about a shipment, and sees the file. Sonny tells him that they now have proof that Julian Jerome is alive and well. He goes by the name Derek Wells.

Derek/Julian is at Ava's, where they're arguing over involving Morgan in their plans. He says he was Morgan's age when he got involved in his father's business. "Look how well that turned out." quips Ava. They talk about Morgan's desire, and whether or not he'll go through with it.

At the restaurant, Michael is clearing up the table, when Morgan turns up. He tells Morgan that he doesn't want to fight. Morgan says that he's there to see Dad. Michael tells him that Sonny isn't there. Morgan goes into Sonny's office, and plops himself down at Sonny's desk." I'll wait!" he says.

Ellie goes to put the ice cream, so Maxie can have it, when she brings home the baby. Spinelli tells her that the court order was denied, and that Dante and Lulu are suing them for custody. Ellie offers her sympathy, and is optimistic about the outcome. Spinelli tells her that Dante and Lulu are claiming that Maxie is an unfit mother.

Maxie and Lulu have an emotional confrontation over Connie. Lulu tells Maxie that all this is her fault.

At the pier, Olivia fusses over baby Connie. As Dante hands her the baby, she recalls her conversation with Sonny about Julian Jerome. Dante asks Olivia if his father is off his meds, but Olivia tells him that she and Carly are on him like hawks. She tells him she's worried about the men going after Sonny.

Sonny is at the warehouse telling Shawn about Julian Jerome, and how he became Derek Wells. Shawn wants to know what Sonny's plan is for Julian Jerome.

At her penthouse, Derek/Julian wants to toast to the return of the Jeromes. He pours Ava a bourbon, and she downs it so fast, she nearly chokes on it. Ava isn't as confident as her brother about their imminent success. He tells Ava not to let her feelings or "the kid" cloud her judgment. He gives her his drink, which she takes gladly. Derek/Julian leaves to go and fix himself another drink. Just then there's someone knocking on the door, and wouldn't you know it, it's Carly. Ava tries to get rid of her, because of her brother, but Carly is on a mission. She wants to see Morgan, and demands to know where he is. Ava tells that Morgan isn't here. Carly is stunned to see Derek/Julian, with drink in hand, enter Ava's living room. "What is going on out here?" says he.

At the same time, Sonny tells Shawn about Olivia's suggestion, about sitting down with Julian to try and work things out. Sonny has a better idea. He knows that The Jeromes get sloppy when they're unnerved. Shawn asks Sonny what he's doing. Sonny is phoning Derek/Julian. "I'm unnerving the bastard." They both chuckle.

Derek/Julian has his hands full with Carly and his sister. He tries to flirt with Carly, but she' having none of it. Carly and Ava snipe at each other. He tries to keep it civil, and tells Carly that there is nothing between him and Ava. They're just business partners, but Carly doesn't buy that for a minute. Just then, he receives a call from Sonny, wanting to meet with him . He tells the girls, he has some business to attend, too. He doesn't tell them that it's with Sonny, when he leaves.

Back on the pier, Dante asks Olivia what's going on with Sonny. Connie fusses, which distracts Olivia from answering his questions. She wonders why Connie is upset all of a sudden. Dante tells his mom, it's not her, then updates her on what happened with the court order. He tells her that the only way, that the only way they can win custody is for them to fight dirty.

At Maxie's apartment, Ellie and Spinelli are also discussing the custody battle. Spinelli fears that a confrontation with Dante and Lulu will only make matters worse. Ellie agrees, and he starts to leave to go after Maxie, but Ellie tells him not to go.

Over at the loft, Maxie is demanding to see Connie, but Lulu tells her that she is out with Dante. Maxie tries to reason with Lulu, not to go through with the custody battle. But things turn ugly real fast, when Lulu accuses her of murdering her baby.

Spinelli doesn't understand why Ellie doesn't want him to go after Maxie. Ellie plays the voice of reason, and tells him that its time to divorce himself from Maxie's actions. She reminds him that Dante and Lulu are only accusing Maxie of being an unfit parent He has to show the courts that Connie has at least one viable parent.

Dante tells Olivia how worried he is about Lulu. He's never seen her like this before, and he's worried about what it's going to do to her. He tells her that Lulu is going for the jugular, and will d anything she can to keep Connie. Olivia asks him if that's what he want too. He tells her that he loves Connie, and doesn't want to let Maxie off the hook. Dante is concerned how everything will affect Lulu.

Back at the loft, Maxie is taken aback by Lulu's viciousness. Lulu is angry because she never got to grieve for that baby. Maxie apologizes to Lulu, and tells her how bad she feels. She tells her it was an accident. She also tells her that it doesn't give her the right to take Connie away from her.

Ellie apologizes to Spinelli for her part in the whole mess. He tells her that there's more than enough blame to go around. Ellie tells him that she regrets lying to him. This means a lot to Spinelli. Ellie and Spinelli work out their differences, and profess their love for each other.

Derek/Julian has arrived at the warehouse, with a bodyguard. Sonny has Shawn frisk both of them, and takes away the bodyguards gun. He begins taunting Derek/Julian by saying he's had some trouble lately. Derek/Julian holds his own by telling Sonny that he needs protection when he meets someone like him. Sonny tells him that some new enemies have moved into town, and have been giving trouble. Derek/Julian acknowledges this, but wonders what it has to do with him. Sonny tells him that it has everything to do with him.

Carly refuses to leave the penthouse without Morgan. Ava calls her a child, and some sniping ensues. Ava tells Carly that she doesn't know Morgan very well. Ava says that it's Morgan choice being with her. "Two consenting adults having fun." Carly says that she's still his mother and we'll see how he feels when he finds out about Ava and Derek Wells. Ava smirks knowingly.

Morgan refuses to leave Sonny's office, even though Michael reminds him that Sonny doesn't like anyone here when he's not. Morgan gives Michael a hard time, once again, well, for being Michael. When Michael tries to force him to leave, Morgan flips out on him.

Sonny puts on the charm for his enemy, but Derek/Julian says he doesn't understand what Sonny's troubles have to do with him. Of course, Sonny means Mr, Wells' newspaper, and all the headlines he's made for him. Sonny wonders why he's never come to him for a quote, so Derek/Jerome asks him for an interview right now. Sonny gives him information about the people coming after him. He tells him that the guy who ordered the hit is named Julian Jerome. Derek/Julian doesn't blink.

Morgan is still having a go at Michael. But when Michael says he'll throw him out, Morgan stands down. "You're not worth it." he tells Michael. He leaves the wedding gift that Sonny gave him (the jewelry box from Grandpa Mike), and says maybe Sonny will give to Michael when he marries Kiki. Michael sighs in frustration, as Morgan storms out.

Carly is frustrated because she's not getting anywhere with Ava. Ava assures Carly that there is nothing going on between her and Derek. Carly senses that there is a connection between Ava and Derek, but it's not what she thinks it is. Ava calls Carly a prude, and taunts her about Ava's relationship with Morgan and Derek.

Sonny continues to taunt Derek/Julian by giving him a run down on the Jerome family history. Shawn and Sonny laugh at how Victor died choking on a necklace. He calls Julian a wannabe and implies that he wasn't very smart. Derek/Julian doesn't blink an eye, even when Sonny mentions the revenge plot. Sonny says that the revenge story would make a good headline. "You could sell a lot of papers with that?" Derek/Julian can only nod in agreement. "Unless of course, there's a reason you couldn't print it?" Sonny tells him about the informant, but since he's gone, Derek/Julian can't print the story without proof.

Morgan comes home to the penthouse, and refuses to leave with Carly. Morgan laughs when Carly tells him that Ava is sleeping with Derek Wells. Carly finally gives up, but not before telling Ava that one day she'll smack that smug smirk off of her face.

Sonny concludes his business with Derek/Julian by telling him, that whoever is messing with him, he will mess with him right back.

At Maxie's apartment, Ellie tells Spinelli that they are in this together. They kiss and make up, but there's no such thing for Lulu and Maxie. Maxie and Lulu are torn apart forever. Maxie takes a deep breath outside Lulu's door, before she leaves. Inside the loft, Lulu clings to baby's blanket, and breathes in her smell.

Dante asks again what's up with Sonny. Olivia flashes back to her conversation with Sonny again. She decides not to tell him anything. She tells him to just focus on his family.

Sonny returns to his office, where Michael tells him that Morgan was there. Michael tells him that he returned Grandpa Mike's clock.

Morgan admits to Ava that it was fun watching Carly squirm. They begin to make out, but Derek/Julian comes home. Ava asks him where he's been, and he tells her business. He doesn't tell her what, but instead asks Morgan if he got the job done. Morgan tells him that, thanks to bugs planted into Mike's old clock, he can listen to his dad's every word.

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