GH Update Tuesday 10/29/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/29/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Kiki entered Pozzulo's and asked why Michael wanted to meet her there. Michael had arranged for them to have a private dinner. Kiki thought that he wanted to celebrate the end of her marriage. They kissed. Michael poured some wine and explained that they were actually celebrating because Sonny put him in charge of the restaurant. Kiki was thrilled for Michael but curious about how this happened. Michael explained that he was unemployable due to his felony, his last name and AJ being a murder suspect. Michael admitted he was stressed out about trying to make the place into the “showcase” Sonny wanted it to be. Kiki was confident that Michael could do it. They kissed, then Michael told Kiki that Morgan had taken the news badly and run out before telling Sonny why he'd came. Michael wished there was a way to get through to Morgan. Michael had a feeling that Morgan had come to the warehouse hoping to mend fences. Kiki didn't want to talk about Morgan anymore, she wanted to talk about who cooked the meal. Michael teased that he wouldn't tell and he and Kiki playfully threatened not to kiss him anymore until she got answers. Michael revealed that Cook II, the Quartermaine chef, was responsible. The man was sick of working for Tracy, so Michael was thinking of hiring him.

Things started heating up between Michael and Kiki, until Kiki put a stop to it. They both agreed that they shouldn't take things further, because someone could walk in. Kiki toasted to Michael and his new restaurant, then he toasted to her – the person who made him want to be successful.

Morgan and Ava had just finished having sex on the living room floor. Morgan mentioned that he couldn't wait to see the look on Sonny's face when he realized Morgan had teamed up with the Jeromes. They kissed. There was a knock on the door, and Morgan asked Ava to ignore it, but she got up and got dressed anyway. She opened the door – it was Julian, there to talk to Morgan about Sonny. Ava snapped that Julian had said enough to Morgan last night when he almost had him killed. Morgan told Ava it was okay. Julian wasn't sure Morgan was sincere about being on their side. He wanted to know why Morgan had suddenly changed his mind about telling Sonny that the Jeromes were in town and going after him. Morgan explained that he decided to keep quiet when he realized Sonny hired Michael even though he'd always refused to hire Morgan. “He chose Michael again and he always will and I hate him. So I want to help you take him down,” Morgan replied. Julian still wasn't convinced. He thought Morgan might have lied to save himself from Carlos or that Morgan might have told Sonny the truth, then Sonny had sent Morgan to double cross Julian. Morgan insisted that Sonny would never do that. Ava agreed and added that Sonny wouldn't ever endanger Morgan like that. Morgan didn't think Ava was right about that. “He wouldn't do it because he didn't think I have what it takes to work for him,” Morgan countered. Ava added that if Morgan told Sonny the truth, Julian would be dead by now. Morgan felt like he'd made a mistake trying to go warn Sonny, but he was glad he'd done it, because what he saw gave him the final kick he needed to do something about Sonny. Julian wondered if this was a temporary rebellion. Morgan was adamant that it wasn't and that he wanted to help Julian. Morgan flippantly said he was going to go take a shower, unless Julian planned to have Carlos killed him. Julian smirked and said Carlos wouldn't be coming this afternoon, but he'd told Carlos to stay available. Morgan left and Julian said Morgan's mouth was going to get him in trouble some day.

Julian said he had bigger problems, and he confided in Ava about Sam and Alexis figuring out that Sam's father was Julian Jerome. Ava asked how that was possible. Julian explained that Alexis told him she did a DNA test, but they'd gotten interrupted before she told him whose DNA they tested against Sam's. Ava asked if Alexis suspected that he was Julian, or if she' was suspicious about Ava. Julian didn't think that Alexis or anyone else besides Morgan knew or suspected the truth. Julian raised his voice and told Ava he wasn't happy about her “boy-toy” knowing the truth. Morgan walked in and asked what he had to do to convince Julian that he was on his side. Julian groaned and warned Morgan about sneaking up on people. Morgan wanted Julian to trust him, and Julian asked why he should trust Morgan's word. Ava asked if Julian was threatening Morgan and he said no. Julian wanted Morgan to prove that he was willing to go after Sonny.

At Ryan's Bar in NYC, Sam and Silas confronted Delia with their belief that she was Victor Jerome's mistress and mother of his daughter Ava. Delia sputtered a denial and hurried toward a room behind the counter. Sam and Silas stopped her and assured her that they weren't looking to cause trouble for her or come after her. Sam revealed that she was there for personal reasons, looking for answers about her past. She added that if Ava was Victor's daughter, that would make Ava and Sam family. Delia asked why Sam didn't just ask Ava. Silas explained that Ava was dishonest and hadn't been forthcoming about whether Julian was her brother. Delia asked why they didn't ask Julian and they told her that he was dead. Delia found Silas disarming and admitted that she was attracted to him. She asked what his name was, and he told her, then he asked her to answer Sam's questions . He added that Ava's daughter would also appreciate this information. Delia yelled that Ava never told her she had a granddaughter. Now that the secret was out, Delia filled Sam and Silas in on the details. She had dated Victor for a short time, before breaking it off, because he was bad news. Then she discovered she was pregnant. Delia, believing she was too young and irresponsible to be a good parent at the time, gave her baby up for adoption. After that, Delia married Frank Ryan and went on with her life, until the adult Ava suddenly showed up, just like Sam had, looking for answers about her family. Delia reluctantly told Ava about Victor and what he did. To Delia's surprise, Ava wasn't upset about being a mobster's daughter – she was happy about being the daughter of such a powerful man and she wanted to be a part of it all. Ava immediately lost interest in Delia and took off. To Delia's dismay, she'd never heard from Ava again.

Delia asked if they knew her granddaughter. Silas said yes, and Delia asked what she was like. Sam called Kiki smart, pretty and kindhearted. Silas smiled and added she was boy-crazy and a lot less screwed up than you'd expect someone raised by Ava to be. Silas showed Delia a picture of Kiki. Delia saw herself, and Silas, in Kiki's features. Silas admitted that he was Kiki's father, and he explained that Ava had kept him in the dark about it until the truth recently came out. Delia thought Ava might have been a better person if she'd raised her, but she couldn't go back and undo it now.. Delia had Silas text her the picture of Kiki, then asked them to tell her granddaughter that drinks were on Delia if she ever came to NYC. Delia then warned Sam to watch out for the Jeromes.

At the coffee warehouse, Sonny predicted to Olivia that Julian's next step would be to target Sonny personally, Sonny wanted to eliminate the problem before that could happen. Olivia asked if Sonny was planning to kill Julian. Sonny told Olivia that he was only confiding in her because he knew she wouldn't turn her back on him. Olivia agreed that she wouldn't, but she was still uncomfortable with the idea of Sonny killing the man. Sonny argued that Julian might be planning to kill him. Olivia countered that Sonny didn't know that for sure. She was worried that if Sonny killed Julian, someone in the Jerome organization would kill Sonny in retaliation. Sonny insisted that he knew what he was doing and he'd be fine, but Olivia didn't buy it. She reminded Sonny of the pain she and his kids had gone through when he was suicidal after Connie's death and they thought they would lose him. She begged Sonny not to put them through that again. “If you go after Julian Jerome, he won't be the only one who gets hurt,” Olivia insisted. Sonny said he'd disappear for awhile, but Olivia argued that the Jeromes would go after Sonny's family instead. She said Ava had already gotten her hooks into Morgan, and she didn't want Sonny to lose someone else. Frustrated, Sonny asked if she had another idea. Olivia confirmed that she did and Sonny humored her and asked her to explain. Olivia thought that Sonny and Julian should sit down together and work out a truce like civilized intelligent people. Olivia felt that Julian must have a heart, maybe he even had a family he cared for. Sonny was convinced that Olivia's suggestion was bound to fail. He told her that Julian had left a trail of bodies behind in the 80s. Olivia thought that he might have changed, but Sonny argued that Julian had hit his shipment, targeted his warehouse and could even go after Sonny's family next. According to Sonny, if he asked to talk with Julian, Julian would laugh in his face.

Olivia suggested that Sonny have Dante help him broker a deal with Julian. She thought the cops might be able to offer Sonny protection or keep an eye on Julian. Sonny countered that the authorities had already given Julian a new identity and they might be protecting him even now. Olivia didn't think the cops would condone what Julian had done to Sonny's warehouse. Sonny told her he had no proof that Julian was involved. Olivia asked Sonny to let Dante find the proof. Sonny appreciated that Olivia didn't want anyone to get hurt, but he didn't want to send Dante after Julian and have Dante protecting him. Olivia understood that, but she pointed out that Dante would have the entire police force behind him. She thought the WSB might even run Julian out of town. Sonny yelled that didn't want Dante getting involved, and Olivia jumped. He felt that their son had enough on his plate already, with the baby. Sonny touched Olivia's shoulder and apologized for being so harsh. He swore he had it under control. Near tears, Olivia declared that she was scared. She'd lost Connie, they might lose little Connie and she didn't want to lose Sonny, too. Sonny insisted that he wasn't going anywhere, and he asked her to try not to worry about him. Sonny left to get something from the back, and Olivia called Dante.

At the loft, Dante held Connie on his lap, while Lulu took a phone call. Lulu had fear in her voice as she repeated what Alexis had just told her. Alexis was on her way to court to argue against a motion Diane filed regarding Connie's custody. If Diane won, Dante and Lulu would have to turn Connie over to Maxie and Spinelli today. A panicky Lulu announced that the courts couldn't just force them to hand Connie over, and Dante apologetically told her she was wrong. Lulu took Connie from Dante and asked how that would work. Dante explained that the cops, accompanied by a social worker, would come and take Connie by force. Lulu was horrified about the idea of people Connie didn't know taking her out of their home. Lulu handed Dante the baby and frantically started to pack. She wanted the three of them to go on the run. Dante tried to reason with Lulu by reminding her that there was a chance Alexis could win, but Lulu wasn't willing to risk losing. Lulu stated that as Luke's daughter, she knew how to go on the run. Lulu was oblivious to the fact that Dante was against her plan, and she decided to call her dad for help. Dante argued that they didn't even know where Luke was. Undeterred, Lulu decided to ask Nikolas for help. Dante asked if she was going to take advantage of her brother. Lulu came up with another idea. She announced that they'd pack some supplies and go talk to Sonny. She was sure he'd be willing to use his connections to help them disappear. Dante gently asked Lulu to think this through – was she willing to give up her life and raise their little girl as fugitives? Lulu confirmed that she was, because the three of them would be together. She asked Dante if he was willing to stay there, knowing that officials could arrive at any minute and take their baby away? Just then, there was a knock at the door. They exchanged worried looks then Dante opened the door.

Alexis walked in and told them that the judge had denied Diane's petition - no one was coming to take the baby today. Alexis told them that next, they'd have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Maxie was a bad mother. Alexis asked Lulu if she was prepared to devastate her best friend. Alexis spoke frankly and told them that this fight would be ugly and painful and would destroy Lulu and Maxie's friendship and possibly destroy Maxie too. Alexis asked if they wanted to pursue this. Lulu said yes, but Dante didn't respond. Alexis asked Lulu to write down everything she could think of that would prove Maxie was unfit. After Alexis left, Lulu asked Dante why he hadn't replied to Alexis's question. Dante admitted that the idea of tearing Maxie apart felt weird. Lulu said losing Connie would feel worse. Dante got a call from Olivia, who asked him to meet her at the pier by Sonny's warehouse. She assured him that nothing was wrong. Dante told Lulu about the call. He left and took Connie with him, so Olivia could see her. Lulu told herself she wasn't going to feel guilty, because Maxie was the one who started this. Lulu said to herself that she was Connie's mother and she could take better care of her that Maxie could, then she sat down and started making a list of Maxie's faults and misdeeds.

Maxie returned home with an armload of baby things. She walked in and noticed that Spinelli had already assembled and decorated the crib. Maxie was delighted and said that she couldn't wait until their baby was home. Spinelli didn't think it was good for them to get too far ahead of themselves, but Maxie countered that Diane made it seem like it was a done deal. Spinelli grinned and admitted that he did have a feeling that they'd have their daughter in a matter of hours. He'd just been trying to be pragmatic and prepare for the “unlikely” chance that it didn't happen. Maxie was concerned about their lack of parenting skills, and Spinelli reminded Maxie that she'd been very good with Emma when Robin was suffering from post-partum depression. Maxie, on the other hand, felt like everyone else did the dirty work while she played with Emma and bought her cute clothes. Spinelli gestured toward a stack of parenting books he'd purchased. He added that he was sure they could count on Mac and Felicia to help out. Maxie confessed that she was afraid that she'd be a bad mother and that the baby would hate living there and miss Dante and Lulu. Spinelli admitted that he was scared too, but he believed that their daughter would feel their love for her and that the three of them would be okay.

Diane arrived with disappointing news for the pair. The judge had ruled in Alexis's favor and agreed to allow Dante and Lulu to fight for custody of Connie. Spinelli asked what the Falconeri's strategy was. Maxie didn't think they had one. Diane handed Maxie an envelope and told her that Lulu and Dante were claiming Maxie was an unfit mother. Maxie was stunned and asked how they could do that. Diane said they were doing it out of desperation. Diane guaranteed that she would prove Maxie had a right to her daughter. Spinelli realized he and Maxie should have expected this. Maxie shocked and outraged that that anyone would think that she would mistreat her daughter. Maxie was certain that Lulu must not know about this. She didn't think Lulu would do that to her. Diane corrected Maxie and explained Alexis couldn't do this without Lulu's permission. Spinelli added that Lulu had told him she'd do whatever it took to keep Connie. Diane assured Maxie that she wasn't going to let that happen. Diane left.

Spinelli returned from the kitchen with Maxie's favorite snacks, but Maxie was nowhere to be seen. Maxie went to Dante and Lulu's. When Lulu opened the door, Maxie demanded to know how Lulu could do this to her.

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