GH Update Monday 10/28/13

General Hospital Update Monday 10/28/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie is on the phone to Spinelli while outside of Kelly's telling him she's confident that Diane can arrange for them to be able to legally take their baby home just like they want. Right then, Patrick comes out to see her and announces that he has some news. He and Sabrina are getting married. And although Maxie wants to be happy, she can somehow sense that her cousin Robin is not far away.

And right then, we see Robin ready to find her husband but running into an obstacle course while trying to go outside. Nikolas finds her and knows that she might regret leaving although she tells him she's going to go and prevent her husband from marrying another woman.

Sabrina goes to see Carlos and informs him that she and Patrick are engaged.

Maxie tells Patrick she did not know that he and Sabrina were that serious. He tells her he'd like her to give him her blessing. But she asks him if he's really sure about this.

Olivia goes to see Sonny and is concerned about what he's secretly doing. He tells her he does not want her getting into his private dealings. He does not want her to get hurt. But she tells him they have both been hurt and she'd like him not to keep something from her that she knows is very serious and regarding his business. She urges him not to shut her out and keep her in the dark.

After Ava and Morgan return to their mutual home, she tells him he might want to think twice about working for her and her brother. He tells her he knows what he's doing. His brother is working for his dad. Why can't he work for them? She reminds him that Michael is merely working at a restaurant and Sonny would not let him do more so she has to warn him and ask him if he really wants to work for the man who almost had him killed.

Alexis gets a visit from “Derek” (whom she has no clue is the father of her oldest daughter or that he's Julian Jerome). He comes to visit Danny. She is friendly to him talking about her daughters and grandson. He asks her what Sam is doing in New York. Alexis replies her daughter is with her friend, Dr. Silas Clay, to attempt to dig up some dirt on “Ava Jerome's brother”. Little does she know she's speaking with him.

Sam and Silas are at a bar where they see a waitress/bartender who welcomes them to “Ryan's”. She is played by Ilene Kristen. She appears to be Delia Ryan Coleridge from Ryan's Hope. She remarks to Silas that he looks “very familiar”. He tells her he might have come in there a few times years ago. But she seems to know exactly whom he reminds her of.

When Alexis reveals to “Derek” that she heard about Ava's “mysterious brother”, he asks where she heard that Ava has a brother and why Sam is looking into this. Is it for a client? She replies that her daughter is doing it for personal reasons. “Derek” (Julian) asks what personal reasons those might be. Alexis replies it's for her daughter's quest to find her father.

Maxie admits to Patrick that she is still thinking about Robin and doesn't want to forget about her cousin/his wife. He tells her that he will never forget Robin either. And he admits that he thought he heard his deceased wife's voice when he got a phone call not long ago.

Carlos asks Sabrina just when Patrick popped the question. She replies after he believed he got the call from Robin. Carlos “scoffs” about how Patrick could have proposed to her right after he believed he got a call from his dead wife.

When Robin attempts to leave Wyndemere unseen in an attempt to find Patrick, Nikolas reminds her that if Jerry, Lisle or Faison catch her trying to leave without doing what she was supposed to do for them, they could have her killed.. But she tells him she can't just sit by while her husband marries another woman while having the false belief that she's dead.

Carlos asks Sabrina if she really wants to marry a guy who might not be over his deceased wife.

Patrick admits to Maxie that he got a phone call and for a moment he thought he heard Robin's voice although he knows that's completely crazy. In response to that, she tells him if he's crazy, she's certifiable. And she admits she's has “heard” Georgie's voice telling her she has to come clean and admit to Dante and Lulu that baby Connie is hers'. He tells her he knows all about her court battle with Dante and Lulu. He tells her he knows that Robin would encourage her to stand her ground and offer her support.

Robin tells Nikolas that she has the “idea” that Sabrina is a terrible person. He asks where she got that idea. She replies from Lisle Obrecht. He tells her she might want to consider the source. He admits he does not know Sabrina well. But from everything he's heard and seen, Sabrina is a good and kind person and genuinely loves Sabrina.

Carlos tells Sabrina that he wishes he could be the man for her instead of Patrick. He loved her because she was real and honest. She tells him she's changed. She's moved on and is marrying Patrick. He questions what might have motivated Patrick and if it's just because he's afraid he might lose her. And if she and Patrick are so happy and everything is so great, why is she always coming to see him?

Ava warns Morgan that her brother is ruthless and will not stop until he gets what he wants. Morgan might regret joining forces with Julian. He needs to know that Julian intends to go after Sonny and take him down. She tells Morgan she realizes he is angry with his father but asks if he really wants to go through with this.

Olivia tells Sonny she is not going to be shut out. She needs for him to trust her enough to tell her what is going on and what he is going. She then wrestles with him and pulls out the files he's trying to keep from her. She looks at the secret files and is able to see that Julian Jerome, his arch rival is not dead after all. He is alive and well.

Alexis is right then telling “Derek” that she has a very strong inclination to believe that Ava's brother is the “deceased” Julian Jerome who is also Sam's father.

The waitress, Delia, tells Silas and Sam that her son, Johnny, now owns the bar. She helps him out every so often. She talks about her and her husband, Roger, starting a place called Delia's before their profits tanked when the economy suffered. So she came back to the family bar where she spends most of her time. He asks if she's been around her for a while. And he remarks that she might be able to help them. They're trying to get some information about a woman who used to come here. They are not certain her name. But they tell her they are trying to find Victor Jerome. And as soon as Delia hears the name, Victor Jerome, she freaks and drops the pot of coffee on the floor.

Carlos tells Sabrina that he really believes that Patrick takes her for granted. He wonders if it's going to be a 2 year engagement. Has he set a wedding date? She protests that he does not know what he is talking about. And he knows her too well to believe that she has found the right person. She gets up to leave and tells him she should have known better than to come there and talk to him.

Patrick and Maxie reminisce about his history with Robin, all of their obstacles and issues, when they got married and when they had Emma.

Robin admits to Nikolas that she feels like a hypocrite remembering that she made a DVD for Patrick toe see where she encouraged him to move on with another woman if she pre-deceases him. But there's one problem in that she is not dead.

Alexis asks “Derek” if he was related to a mobster, wouldn't he not want people to know about it? He tells her he's “never thought about it”. She mentions that she has had this pattern about being with the “dangerous men” and has daughters by 3 of them. Still having no suspicion about who “Derek” really is, she asks if he can “keep it off the record” when she confides in him that she's been looking for this “mysterious man” who got her pregnant with Sam all those years ago during a one night stand. And she confides in “Derek” that she and Sam have concluded that he might be Julian Jerome.

In NY, Sam and Silas probe Delia the waitress for information about whether Victor Jerome might have had a mistress with whom he had a daughter named Ava or a son named Julian.

Ava sensitively appeals to Morgan about not wanting him to get hurt when he's so young. He may think he's invincible. But he's not. And right then, he pulls her toward him, kisses her and proceeds to take off both their clothes.

While talking to a very “friendly and trusting” Alexis and holding baby Danny (keeping the secret that it's his grandson), he asks her what hers and Sam's “concerns” about Julian Jerome are. She replies she's heard he “was” a vicious nasty criminal.

Sonny reveals to Olivia that very thing and she is ready to fight the evils of the Jerome family.

As Robin and Nikolas are reliving her history with Patrick, Patrick is doing the same with Maxie. They each talk about Robin and Patrick's commitment to marriage and having Emma.

Alexis tells “Derek” that she and Sam tried and failed to find Sam's father to test for bone marrow compatibility but could not because he's dead.

In New York, Sam and Silas can tell that Delia the waitress is lying when she says she knows nothing about Victor, Ava and Julian Jerome.

After Morgan and Ava sleep together, she tells him she has to get going. He tells her he's committed to work with her and Julian. She appears protective of him and concerned.

As soon as Julian returns to his office, he informs Carlos it appear his daughter, the PI, is ready to find out who he is.

At the bar, Sam tells Delia that she either knows the woman who is the mistress of the Victor Jerome or she is her.

Sabrina walks in on Patrick and Maxie. She greets Maxie. Maxie tells her she's happy and the ring is beautiful and soon departs. Alone with Patrick, Sabrina tells him she wants to be a part of his life, dive in, make plans and be with him and Emma forever.

Robin talks to Nikolas about how she is “so close” to Patrick and Emma but can't get to them.

Patrick tells Sabrina he takes it she does not want a “long engagement”. She tells him she wants to be together with him and Emma as a family. And isn't that what he wants? He tells her of course that is what he wants and they kiss.

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