GH Update Thursday 10/24/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/24/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Morgan followed Ava to Crimson and eavesdropped on her and Derek. “Can you believe it, Julian? [Morgan] actually thought I was sleeping with my own brother.” Ava said, with a laugh. Derek hoped Ava had set Morgan straight. Ava replied that she'd honestly told Morgan that she found the idea of sleeping with Derek to be revolting. Derek laughed; he'd done a lot of things, but incest was one thing he wouldn't consider. Ava mused that he might have unwittingly crossed that line already; their father was very promiscuous and Ava and Derek might have other siblings they didn't know about.

Derek admitted that it was true that their dad slept around, but he pointed out that Ava was sleeping with someone half her age. Ava got defensive and reminded Derek that their father had young mistresses. Derek made it clear that he wasn't criticizing Ava. He thought she'd been very creative to make a move on Morgan when Kiki left him. Morgan, who was still listening, looked hurt. Ava insisted that her relationship with Morgan was more complex than Derek was making it sound. She said that Morgan had been having a tough time. Derek wasn't concerned about that, but he was concerned that Ava wasn't keeping a good enough eye on Morgan. After all, Morgan had figured out that Ava wasn't just Derek's art dealer. Ava was adamant that Morgan didn't know anything for sure, and she insisted that she could handle him. Derek thought the important thing was that Morgan didn't find out they were going after Sonny. Ava was confident that Morgan didn't know about their plan and that he wouldn't find out. Morgan strolled in and told Ava that maybe she shouldn't be.

Ava was hopeful that Morgan didn't know overhear anything. She played it cool and put her arms around him. “Did you follow me here, baby?” she asked. Morgan admitted he had, as he brushed past her and scowled at Derek. Morgan angrily announced that he'd wanted to find out what was going on between Ava and this “loser.” Ava started to lie about why she was there, but Morgan revealed that he overheard everything. Ava tried to convince Morgan that he misunderstood, but he wouldn't fall for it. Then Ava started scolding him for eavesdropping again, but Morgan ordered her to shut up and stop pretending, because he knew they were going after his father. Ava's eyes darted over to Derek, then she firmly whispered that Morgan needed to chill out, right now. Morgan ignored her and confronted Derek about blowing up Sonny's shipment. Derek was silent and still, and his eyes were fixed on Morgan. Ava watched her brother with a worried expression. Derek asked Morgan why he cared. “He's my father” Morgan said. Derek revealed that he knew Morgan hated Sonny. Derek adopted a concerned tone and attempted to manipulate Morgan. Derek admitted Kiki was his niece, and he claimed to believe Sonny had denied Morgan and Kiki the happiness they deserved. Derek asked Morgan if he (Derek) was correct in his belief that Sonny had broken up Kiki and Morgan as a way to make Michael happy. Derek apologized for opening up old wounds, but said it was clear to him that Sonny didn't give a damn about Morgan. Ava told Derek to stop, but Derek claimed he was just trying to be up front with Morgan, the way Sonny and Ava had failed to. Derek asked Morgan again why he cared that they were going after Sonny. Morgan said he had to go. Derek asked him to wait and said he was worried about Morgan, due to the way he was acting. Morgan told Derek he didn't have to worry about him. Derek's tone changed from concerned to serious and he advised Morgan to forget everything he just heard. Morgan asked if that was a threat. Derek laughed and said he and no reason to threaten Morgan. According to Derek, after what Sonny had done to Morgan, Morgan should pick up where he left off with Ava and let business run its course.

“I may be pissed at my father, but he's still my dad” Morgan said. Ava tried to get Morgan to reconsider. Morgan didn't care what Ava had to say, and he accused her of playing him the whole time. Morgan started toward the door, planning to tell Sonny everything. Derek grabbed his arm and told him it wasn't a good idea. Morgan pulled away and walked out, with Ava running after him. Ava returned and said she couldn't stop him. Derek wasn't surprised. He felt like Ava had been reckless to keep Morgan around after he'd proven that he couldn't mind his own business. Ava argued that she had to keep Morgan close to her, so she and Derek could turn him against Sonny. Derek didn't buy it, and he thought Ava's real motive was to use Morgan as a substitute for Silas. Ava swore that her relationship with Morgan had nothing to do with Silas. Derek sarcastically agreed and said she was with Morgan due to Morgan's wit and sophistication. Ava said she didn't think Morgan would really tell Sonny what they were up to. Derek disagreed and he paged Carlos. Ava asked what Derek was going to do. Derek asked what she thought he was going to do - he was going to have Morgan taken out before he could get to Sonny.

Michael arrived at the warehouse, dressed in a suit and tie. The place was ransacked. He'd seen the cops outside the building and assumed there had been a raid. Sonny told him that the cops weren't involved. Someone had knocked out the security guard and trashed the place. Michael and Sonny were both sure that this was connected to the destroyed shipment. Michael asked if Sonny still thought that Julian Jerome was connected to this, and Sonny said yes. Michael theorized that Ava had lied about having a brother because there was something shady about him. Sonny disclosed that he was waiting on information that could prove that Julian was still alive. Michael was worried about Morgan – if Ava and Julian were going after Sonny, Morgan would be caught in the middle. Michael thought he and Sonny should go get Morgan right now, but Sonny pointed out that he'd already made an unsuccessful attempt to get Morgan away from Ava. Once Sonny had proof that Ava was dangerous, he was going to show it to Morgan. Sonny knew Morgan wouldn't listen to him or Michael otherwise. Michael admitted that Sonny was right.

Sonny was curious about Michael's clothes. Michael explained that he was coming from a job interview. He didn't get the job, because the company thought it would look bad if they hired a Corinthos. Sonny offered to have Shawn persuade them to hire Michael, but Michael thought that would prove the company's point. Michael asked Sonny again to hire him at the warehouse. Sonny didn't want to hire Michael, because it would make Carly angry and because Sonny had always shielded Michael from the business. Michael pointed out that the warehouse was legitimate and that Sonny was going to need more manpower at the warehouse after what just happened. Michael was also eager to have a job that protected Sonny, because protected Michael. Sonny argued that he was the father, so Michael wasn't supposed to protect him. Sonny offered to loan Michael some money, but Michael wanted to pay his own way. Sonny offered to let Michael work at Pozzulo's. Michael was surprised, because he thought that Sonny didn't want customers at the restaurant. Sonny explained that there was a front entrance that never got used. He and Connie had been planning to give the restaurant a makeover and open it to the public, but they never got the chance. Michael warned Sonny that he didn't have any experience running a restaurant, but Sonny was confident that Michael could succeed at anything. Michael took the job, and he and Sonny hugged. Sonny knew that getting Carly on board would be a challenge. Michael thanked Sonny, but Sonny said Michael was doing him a favor. Morgan walked in and overheard Sonny telling Michael how good Sonny felt to have his son close to him.

Diane visited Franco's suite and he showed off “his” paintings. Diane knew this wasn't his work, because the paintings looked just like the painting that he said someone else did. Franco sputtered that he'd created those paintings after being inspired by the other artist's work. Diane wanted the other artist to sign a release saying that they were okay with Franco plagiarizing their style. Franco said that “she” would prefer to remain anonymous. Diane asked if the true artist was the “groupie” whose presence in Franco's room had made Carly so upset. Franco acted evasive, and Diane theorized that brain surgery had stripped him of his talent, so he was taking credit for someone else's paintings. Diane reminded Franco that as his lawyer, she was bound by confidentiality. Franco fessed up and admitted that the art wasn't his. He explained that he had tried his best to make good art, but he just couldn't. Diane was concerned about what the groupie would do when she found out Franco stole her art. Franco didn't think she'd make trouble for him, because she was his biggest fan. Diane made reference to a Stephen King novel about a writer and a psychotic fan. “When obsessed fans feel betrayed, they can become violent,” Diane said. She asked Franco if he thought his fan was incapable of violence. Franco looked worried, then he recovered and said that the audience wanted him to do a comeback show and that was what they were going to get. Diane asked if the groupie would be okay with Franco passing off her work as his own. Franco thought about how upset Heather had been when she heard him take credit for her paintings. He lied and told Diane that his fan was pleased about the arrangement. Diane wanted him to get that in writing. Franco exploded and he yelled that they weren't going to make a contract. Franco wanted to focus on the money he and Diane would make and to stop talking about his fan.

Diane didn't like this arrangement – it was fraud and it would be putting everyone, including herself and Ava, at risk. Franco wanted to know what Ava had to do with this, and Diane explained that his show would be held at her gallery. Franco slowly started walking toward Diane. He was upset and he wanted to know how long Diane had been aware that Ava was hosting his show. Diane stammered that she'd tried to tell him the other day, but didn't, because he was already freaking out because of Carly. Franco ordered her to rip up the contract. Franco admitted that it was possible that he deserved to be used by Ava, but Kiki didn't deserve to be tricked. Diane shared that Ava didn't want to work with Franco at first, but she'd come to her senses. Franco changed his mind about doing a show with the “crap” artwork at all. Diane wasn't ready to give up. She still wanted to do the show and she thought there might be a way to get around the fact that Franco was committing fraud.

Diane's first priority was to stage Franco's comeback. Franco asked how he could have a comeback now that he'd lost his talent. Diane explained that he had no choice; Franco had to make some money because he owed Diane and Carly was on the verge of throwing him out for non-payment. Franco was depressed about his plight, and Diane warned him that it would get a lot worse if he didn't suck it up and sign the contract. Franco decided she was right. Franco confessed that he was really doing this as a way to show Carly that he was better than Derek. Franco asked for the contract and said there had better not be any more surprises. Diane realized that Franco would be upset if he saw that Derek had signed the contract, so she tried to cover up his signature. It didn't work, and Franco asked why Derek's name was on the contract. Diane explained that he was Ava's silent partner. Franco called the deal off again, because he refused to work with Derek. Diane took the contract back and said she'd send him her bill. Diane hoped he came up with a plan before he ended up homeless and penniless, then she left.

Sam and Lucy were still at the hospital, after their talk on Victor Jerome. Sam did some research on her phone and found out the Ryan's, NYC bar where Victor liked to take one of his mistresses, was still in operation. Lucy was happy that Sam might be able to get answers there. Lucy stressed that she was never romantically involved with Victor, then she asked why Sam was looking into the man's past. Before Sam could answer, a nurse walked up and informed Lucy that Kevin wouldn't be able to make their lunch date, due to a patient's crisis. Lucy was very disappointed that Kevin's job had gotten in the way again. She told Sam not to ever fall for a doctor, and Silas appeared just in time to hear Lucy's advice. Silas walked up to Sam and positioned himself directly behind her. According to Lucy, doctors didn't care about people. They just cared about their patients. “Case in point, Dr. Silas Clay.” When Lucy said Silas's name, Sam realized he was there and spun around and smiled at him. Lucy thought Sam should steer clear of Silas because of his job, because he was insensitive and because his blood relative was a serial killer. Lucy added that “Doc” and told her that evil runs in families. Silas wasn't fazed. Lucy left to track down Kevin, and Silas told Sam that he hoped she wouldn't take Lucy's advice. Sam thought it was too late for that, and she added that she had evil in her DNA as well. Sam went on to fill Silas in on her “dead” mobster father and the possibility that Ava was her aunt.

Silas didn't think Ava was one of those Jeromes, because she was the kind of person who'd brag about having a mobster father. Sam asked Silas to hear her out, and she repeated what Lucy told her about Victor taking his mistress to Ryan's. Sam asked if Silas ever heard of the place. Silas told Sam that Ava had taken him to a bar by that name a few times, but he wasn't sure it was significant, because they went to lots of bars back then. Sam wanted to check it out anyway, and Silas announced that he was going with her. Sam asked what about his patients and he said he didn't care about them. Then he smiled and said that was for Lucy. Silas said he'd get someone to cover his shift. Silas needed to go to NYC anyway to tie up some loose ends that were left after he sold his place. He also thought this would be a good way to get some uninterrupted time with Sam.

Lucy cornered a nurse and gave her a long message for Kevin. Lucy wanted Kevin to know that he'd canceled so many dates, that Lucy now felt he cared more about his patients than he did about her. She left word that if Kevin wanted to find her, she'd be on the campaign trail with her “very attractive, very attentive ex husband, Scott” since Kevin was never available. Then she stormed off.

Scotty was outside Kelly's campaigning for votes. He approached a woman to ask for her vote, and was surprised when she called him by name. He realized it was Heather in disguise. Heather greeted Scott like an old friend, but it was clear that Scott was wary. He tried to hide his nervousness when he asked why Heather wasn't still at the mental institution. Heather said she'd left to get a BLT. She loved Kelly's BLTs and used to eat them years ago, back when she was dating Joe Kelly. Heather smiled as she reminisced and kept walking toward Scott, who kept backing away, until hit a wall. Heather remarked that she and Joe were in bliss until Scott destroyed it. With that, she suddenly pulled out a butcher knife and attempted to plunge it into Scott's neck. Scott grabbed her wrist just in time. They struggled and Scott told her he that he didn't remember things the way she had. Heather was skeptical. She asked if he really didn't remember Joe catching Heather and Scott in bed and becoming furious with Heather. Scott admitted that he did remember that, but he argued that the affair had been mutual. Scott added that it wasn't like he forced himself on Heather the way that Luke... Before Scott could finish his sentence, Heather ordered him not to say that about Luke. Scott dropped it and told Heather that they had a lot of good times together before Joe caught them. Scott insisted that he had felt very passionately about Heather and he reminded Heather that she'd said she felt the same way at the time. Scott asked Heather if she remembered. Heather said yes, and she dropped the knife and kissed Scott deeply.

Lucy arrived and yelled that Scott was supposed to be kissing babies, not... Heather turned around, and Lucy couldn't believe who Scott had been kissing. Scott scrubbed his lips with his handkerchief while Heather wasn't looking, then he stepped between the women and urged Lucy to calm down. Lucy didn't take his advice. She was about to go off on a tirade about Scott making out with an escapee from an insane asylum but she quieted down when Scott mouthed “she's got a knife.” Heather pointed out that she and Lucy once escaped from an insane asylum together. Lucy argued that she had been exonerated, while Heather belonged behind bars. Then, Lucy turned to Scott and told him that he'd hurt his chances of becoming DA if he was seen kissing Heather. Scott explained that he'd been trying to keep Heather from stabbing him, when one thing lead to another. Lucy whispered that Scott should subdue Heather while Lucy called the police. “Yes, Scott, subdue me” Heather said seductively. Lucy had a change of heart. She thought Scott should be the one to call the police, that way he'd get good press and gain favor with the public. Heather threatened to tell the police that Scott broke her out Miscavige, because he still had a thing for her. Lucy countered that she'd vouch for Scott, so Heather said she'd tell everyone that Lucy was in on it too, in hopes of having a threesome with Scott and Heather. Scott spotted someone walking toward Kelly's. He spun Heather around and kissed her, so the man wouldn't see her face. Lucy participated in the distraction. Once the man was gone, Lucy urged Scott to make the phone call. Scott didn't want to take the risk, so he told Heather that they'd look the other way and let her go back to the mental hospital on her own. Heather agreed to go back as soon as she had her BLT.

Heather thanked Lucy and promised to always remember her kindness. Then she thanked Scott for the trip down lover's lane and blew him a kiss, before leaving.

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