GH Update Wednesday 10/23/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/23/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

First up, we have Michael reading an article, online about AJ. He's at Kelly's, where Kiki soon joins him. She gives him a kiss and asks how his visit with AJ went. Michael tells her that he kept telling AJ, that everything would be okay. She says something about "the power of positive thinking". He tells her that AJ doesn't even know if he killed Connie, so how can he convince 12 other people. Kiki says that the lawyer's job, and Michael says that Diane is the best, but he's not sure about the DA, Lazaro. Just then, Lucy enters and overhears the word D and A. She's campaigning for Scott Baldwin.

Sam has turned up at GH, where her mother has the test results we've all been waiting for. Alexis nervously rambles on, until Sam tells her to just open the envelope already. Alexis does, and to no one's surprise, it turns out that Sam and Lucas are a match. Sam just got a new sibling, whose also related to Carly. This means that the presumed dead Julian Jerome is her father.

Julian, uh, I mean, Derek is having breakfast with Carly. He's disappointed that she didn't spend the night with him. She tells him that she wants to take things slow. He thinks she's still hung up on that psycho Franco.

Speaking of Franco, he walks into his living room (half-dressed), and is surprised to see Heather's finished paintings. He's even more surprised, when she jumps up out of nowhere, and says "So give me your honest opinion. Do you like them?" He's scared to death.

In Derek/Julian's office, Carly denies her attraction to Franco, and says he's busy with his lawyer, Diane. Derek/Julian is glad, because he wants to get to know her. Suddenly, there's a call from Ava on his cell phone. He ignores it, which infuriates Ava.

At her penthouse, Ava doesn't like to be ignored by her brother. She leaves an angry message, and says "I just have one question...did you get the job done or not?" Morgan, half-dressed walks into the room, and overhears this.

This leads us to Sonny's warehouse, where a guard has been knocked out. Sonny and Shawn, guns drawn, are surveying the damage done to his latest shipment. When they enter the warehouse, they find it totally trashed. Sonny is not a happy camper.

Back at Kelly's, Michael, ever so politely, tries to get rid of the chatty Lucy. Kiki tells her that they're in the middle of something. Just then, Lucy notices the article Michael was reading. She goes on and on about Michael's two fathers, until she realizes her mistake. Michael tells her that he won't taking part in this year's election. Embarrassed by her faux paus, Lucy leaves them with some campaign buttons, and heads outside. Kiki wonders if Scott wins, if he would be helpful to AJ's case.

Scotty is there, half-heartedly, talking to a constituent. Lucy berates him for being grumpy, but Scotty is upset that Laura isn't there. He says the whole town loves Laura, and he loved her, too. Lucy tries to give him a pep talk, but he accuses her of just trying to keep busy because Kevin is ignoring her.

At GH, Alexis and Sam are taking in the fact, that the late Julian Jerome was her father. Alexis is sorry that Sam never got to meet her father. They were both hoping for closure, and Alexis tells her,that the Julian she remembered was a handsome, nice, sweet boy. The Julian Jerome she learned about was a very dangerous man.

Back at Metro Court, Carlos bursts into Derek/Julian's office, anxious to see to his boss. He introduces Carlos to Carly, and Carly uses this as an excuse to leave. Derek/Julian asks him to wait Before she leaves, Derek/Julian tells her he wants to see her again, and draws her into a passionate kiss. Carlos and his boss watch her leave, then Carlos says (with accent), "Nice catch." They both laugh.

Meanwhile, Morgan overhears Ava's message to Derek/Julian ending with "my darling". "What job?" he asks, startling Ava. She and Morgan start to argue about eavesdropping, but they are interrupted by a persistent knock on the door. Ava answers the door to find Diane, who notices a half-dressed Morgan, and quips "Oh Morgan, I see you still haven't found a shirt." She's there to hand Morgan the annulment papers, and Ava some more paper work for Franco's big show.

Franco is wondering , for the umpteenth time, how Heather managed to enter his suite unnoticed. She reminds him that she has her ways, and besides, "This time I came in disguise." as she pulls off her dark wig. She's there to bring him the paintings. "Ye ask and ye shall receive." she says. She explains the term "stan for him" to a confused Franco. She doesn't consider herself an obsessed fan, just a dedicated follower. She tells him that she'll do anything for him. Of course, that's when Carly starts pounding on the door. Heather gets upset to hear Carly, asking to see Franco.

In Ava's penthouse, she and Diane are talking, trying to avoid using the name Derek Wells. Morgan flashes back to finding the contract in Ava's purse. Morgan stuns both Ava and Diane, when he says he knows who Derek Wells is.

In Derek/Julian's office, Carlos tells his boss that Sonny should be surveying the damage now.

Shawn and Sonny are surveying the damage done to the warehouse. Sonny is convinced that Julian Jerome is the culprit. Shawn asks Sonny where the guard is, and Sonny tells him that Max took him to the hospital. Shawn blames himself, but Sonny says it's supposed to be just a coffee shipment. Shawn suggests that Sonny leave, before the saboteurs come back. Just then, they hear cars pull up, so they draw their guns.

Outside of Kelly's, Lucy and Scotty are still arguing about the state of her marriage. She tells him that she's meeting Kevin for lunch today. Scotty is doubtful, since Kevin has cancelled numerous times. Scotty takes his frustration with Laura, out on Lucy. Lucy is hurt by his remarks, and tells him to go kiss some babies, and get some votes. She takes off in a huff. Scotty sighs in frustration.

Inside Kelly's, Michael tells Kiki what he knows about Scotty, which isn't much. He doesn't know if Scotty would help or harm AJ's case. He does think that Scotty would be better than that Lazaro guy.

That Lazaro guy turns up with the cops at Sonny's warehouse. Sonny demands to see a warrant, but the DA tells him, that the police got a tip about the warehouse break-in. Lazaro tells Sonny that, because of the election, that he needs to look tough on crime. Sonny tells to convict him AJ Quartermaine, and he says he's working on that. He's obviously on Sonny's payroll. Sonny tells him to look into Julian Jerome.

In Derek/Julian's office, Carlos expresses disappointment at his assignments. His boss reminds him that the first rule of business is to follow the money.

Back at GH, Sam and Alexis are still trying the take in the results of the DNA tests. Alexis points out that at least she has a new brother. Sam says that there is a lot of that going around. When Alexis asks her what she's talking about, Sam tells her about Silas's conversation with Kiki. She tells her that Ava has a brother that she never told her daughter about. Sam wonders if Ava Jerome is related to her father.

At Ava's penthouse, she gets upset when she realizes that Morgan has been snooping. He tells her that he was just looking for a pen. Diane just wants to hurry things along, and asks Morgan to sign the annulment papers. "Good thing I have a pen." he quips. Diane beats a hasty retreat, and leaves them to their bickering. Morgan is jealous of Ava's relationship with Derek/Julian.

Back at Metro court, Heather is upset that Franco gave Carly a key card. He frantically reminds her that Carly owns the hotel, and begs her to hide. Heather just want to make Carly disappear. Carly has given "fair warning", and bursts into Franco's room. "Oh my God!" she says. Franco is shirtless, and tells her that he was just having a shower. He covers up Heather's wig with a towel. He wonders why she's there, because she told him that she didn't want to see him again. Carly gets flustered, and tells him she doesn't. He owes her money, and she wants it now. As Carly surveys the paintings, Franco tells her that he has a big showing coming up . He's going to make lots of money, and will be able to pay her back. Heather is listening from around the corner, and is surprised when he calls her paintings, "his masterpieces".

In the meantime, at GH, Alexis tells Sam what Duke told her about Victor Jerome and his children. She says that as far as Duke knows, Victor had only one daughter, and she's dead. Sam wonders if he had any mistresses, and Alexis says that Victor had a fondness for women. Suddenly, they see Lucy march up to the nurse's station. "And there goes one now." Alexis says.

Lucy, who is still upset because of Scotty, tells the nurse that she's there to see Dr. Kevin Collins. She nervously rambles on about not bothering him if he's with a patient. She says that she'll wait, and by the way, she's Lucy Coe. "You may have heard of me."

At the warehouse Lazaro is looking for a high-profile case, to make himself look good. Sonny tells him about his theory, regarding Julian Jerome. Lazaro mentions that Julian is dead, but Sonny doesn't think so. He wants Lazaro to dig up Julian's file.

Diane has joined Michael and Kiki at Kelly's. She tells them that she plans to stall AJ's case again. Michael worries about AJ being in lockup with no bail. He realizes though that Diane is waiting until after the election. She is hoping that Scotty wins, even though they have a rocky history. When Michael tells her to do what she has to do, she tells him that he sounds like Jason Morgan. Suddenly, she spies Scotty entering Kelly's. She gives Kiki the annulment papers, and goes to chat up Scotty. Michael and Kiki read the annulment papers, and see that Morgan is charging her with fraud.

Morgan is at Ava's, where they are still arguing over Derek/Julian. Morgan asks her if Ava is having sex with Derek/Julian, and she catergorically denies it. Morgan is jealous, and doesn't believe her. Morgan is supicious, because of her secrets. Ava reminds him that they're relationship isn't, and he surprises her when he says that he wants it to be.

Back in Franco's suite, Carly is impressed with what Franco has accomplished. Franco puts on a good act, and tells Carly that he has to give the people what they want. He tells her that he hopes to see her there, but she gets jealous about Diane. He tries to tell her there's nothing going on. She tells him that she and Derek/Julian were talking about their third date at breakfast. She goes off in a huff. Heather runs out of her hiding place, and demands "What the hell was that about?"

At Kelly's, Diane tells Scotty that the coffee's on her. "Diane Miller." he says. "It's been awhile." They banter back and forth, before she tells him that he's got her vote. He wonders what she wants, and she brings up AJ's case. He tells her he knows about the case. She tries to gauge his feelings on the subject. He gets testy, and tells her that he'll let her know, when he's in office. He hands her a button, and tells her to "wear it", before taking off. It's Diane's turn to sigh in frustration.

Diane looks over at Michael and Kiki's table, where they are discussing the annulment papers. Kiki says that Morgan is accusing her of marrying him under false pretenses , because she was in love with someone else. She touches Michael's face lovingly, and says she can't deny it.

Morgan tells Ava that he wants to have a real relationship with her. Ava gets nervous, and uses the papers to see Derek/Julian. Morgan is confused, but Ava tells him that it's just business, and leaves.

In his office, her brother is explaining his method of attack to Carlos. He's trying to get through to Sonny's business sideways.

Sonny tells Lazaro what he knows about Julian Jerome's case. Lazaro tells him that because of Anna, 20 year old cases are hard to get at. Sonny gives Lazaro a not -so-so thinly veiled threat.

Sam and Alexis have approached Lucy at GH, to ask her about Victor Jerome. When Alexis asks about her involvement with Victor, Lucy catergorically denies it. She does admit that Victor was in love with her, but when she rejected him, he ate it. Actually, he choked on her necklace. Sam and Alexis, awkwardly ask about Victor's mistresses. Lucy tells him about Dimetria, whobore him a love child.

At Metro Court, Franco has to explain himself to Heather, and lie to her about what he's planning to dowith her paintings. Heather thinks Diane is a better choice for him than Carly. She wants to stop for a BLT, but he tells her that he's expecting Diane soon. He manages to fob her off, by telling her of a show with his new paintings. She puts on her wig, and happily flounces off.

Alexis andSam are disappointed to learn that Dimetria had a son. When Sam says they were looking for a daughter, Lucy suddenly remembers another mistress.

Ava waltzs into her brother's office, and is warmly greeted by her old friend Carlos. Derek/Julian sends Carlos off on another job, and tells Ava that Sonny is down for the count.

Carly shows up, and is horrified to ind the warehouse in a mess. Shawn, who's trying to clean up tells her there's been another hit. Carly is there to find out where Morgan is, and is surprised to learn, he's living with Ava. Sonny warns her that he's already talked to him, and he doesn't want to come home. Sonny tries to calm her down, but she demands to know where he is.

At the penthouse, Morgan, finally dressed, is stewing about Ava, and her supposed lover. He flashes back to everyone trying to warn him about Ava, and the conversations he's overheard between Ava and Derek/Julian. He grabs his jacket, and takes off.

Back at Kelly's, Kiki hands Diane the signed annulment papers. Diane asks if she's sure, and Kiki says she is. Diane says she'll file them, and leaves. Kiki is upset, so Michael suggests they leave. On the way out, they nearly collide with Heather Webber.

Diane has gone to Franco's suite, and sees his latest work. She tells Franco, point blank, that he didn't paint any of them.

Scotty comes outside of Kelly's, where Heather is still trying to hide. She reveals herself, when he asks for her vote.

AT GH, Lucy tells Sam and Alexis that Victor used to take his New York mistrees to a bar called Ryan's. Hmmm!

Unfortunately, Morgan has followed Ava to her brother's office. Derek/Julian tells Ava that things are going well with his plans for Sonny and Carly. Morgan overhears Ava telling her brother that Morgan is falling for her.

Meanwhile, Carly lets herself into Ava's suite, looking for Morgan.

Shawn and Sonny are still at the warehouse. Sonny tells Shawn that they're going to wait, until Lazaro comes back with that file. Then they are going to make Julian Jerome wish he had stayed dead.

Timing is everything, and Morgan hears something he shouldn't.

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