GH Update Tuesday 10/22/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/22/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Mac surprised Maxie at Crimson. They hugged and Maxie asked about Robert. Mac filled her in on his brother's progress, and Maxie asked why Mac wasn't still in Switzerland, managing Robert's care. Mac explained that he knew what was happening with Maxie and the baby and he thought was more important to be here for her right now. Maxie and Mac talked, and Maxie explained that she felt terrible about seeking a court order to have Connie returned to her, but she didn't think she had any other choice. Mac thought there had to be another way, and Maxie explained that her only other option was to involve the police. Mac agreed that going that route would only make things worse. Maxie asked if Mac thought she was right to seek custody, and Mac assured her that she was right to fight for her daughter. Maxie felt bad about what this was going to do to Dante and Lulu, who she considered family. According to Maxie, she'd proven that they never should have trusted her to be their surrogate and she'd lived down to everyone's expectations of her. Maxie hated this, but she knew she'd hate being without her daughter, more. Mac was confident that she was doing the right thing, but he wanted her to prepare herself for the fallout.

Maxie wished she could go back in time and tell the truth about the miscarriage on the day it happened. She wondered if Lulu had been right when she said she could have forgiven Maxie if she'd been honest from the start. Mac didn't think it was possible to know how things would have played out in hindsight. He encouraged Maxie to face things as they were right now. Maxie knew Mac was right, but she couldn't help thinking that she could have avoided all this and kept her friendship intact. Maxie asked Mac why she kept losing her best friends. According to Maxie, she'd killed Robin, because she carelessly caused a gas leak that caused the explosion. Then she ruined her friendship with Lulu and now Maxie was dead to Lulu. Mac agreed that Maxie had made some big mistakes with Lulu, but he was adamant that Robin's death was a horrible accident and that Robin wouldn't want her to blame herself. Maxie would do anything to have ten minutes with Robin. Maxie thought she could use Robin's advice right now. Mac said they had to accept that Robin wasn't coming back.

Patrick and Sabrina smiled at each other, thrilled about their engagement. Sabrina asked Patrick if he was sure about this, and said she'd taught him to love again and he wanted to spend the rest of his life loving her. Sabrina was bubbling over with excitement; she couldn't wait to tell Felix. Patrick told her they'd go ring shopping tomorrow, then have a private celebratory dinner. Emma entered the room. She hadn't been able to sleep and she wanted to know what they were talking about. Patrick and Sabrina sat Emma down and talked about how much the three of them loved each other. Patrick explained that he and Sabrina wanted the three of them to be a family, so they were going to get married. Emma looked uncertain. “I'm happy you're getting married, but what about Mommy?,” the girl said. Emma asked if Robin and Patrick were still married. Patrick said no, because Robin was in Heaven. Emma asked if that was why Patrick took off his ring. He said that was partially why, but the ring wasn't gone. Emma knew that the ring was being stored in a special box. Patrick confirmed this and added that he'd give the ring to her one day. Emma was worried that Robin would be sad about Patrick getting remarried. Patrick explained that Robin had asked him to make a family with someone who loved him and Emma. He thought Robin would be happy for them. Sabrina made it clear that Emma's opinion counted, and she asked if Emma was okay with the marriage. Emma decided that since Robin was okay with it, she was okay with it too. Sabrina and Patrick hugged and kissed Emma. “Yay we're getting married!” Emma said.

On Cassadine Island, Nikolas found Faison struggling with Britt, and he threatened to shoot Faison if he didn't let Britt have her baby. Britt urged her father to listen to Nik, and Faison let her go. A relieved Britt picked Ben up and held him close. Faison asked why she was so happy if she wasn't the baby's biological mother. Nik thought that was ludicrous – he'd watched Britt give birth. Nik motioned Britt to come toward him, then he advanced on Faison, forcing him back onto the bed. Nik asked what Faison was talking about. Faison repeated what Britt said about Ben not being her biological son. Nik asked Britt to confirm that Ben was her son with Brad. Britt stammered that of course he was. She said she lied to Faison, because she knew he would lose interest if the baby wasn't blood related to him. Faison ordered Britt to tell him whether “Little Cesar” was his flesh and blood or not. Britt would only say that Faison would never come near the baby again. Nik told Faison to shut up. Britt was worried about her mother being there, and Nik assured her that someone was guarding her.

Down in the lab, Robert and Anna noticed the video on the laptop was paused on a picture of Patrick and Emma. They knew Robin must have been there. Just then, Jerry entered the lab, holding a gun. Robert, Anna, and Jerry were all aware of each others reputation. Robert and Anna ordered Jerry out of the way, so they could find Robin. Jerry refused, because he believed that he needed Robin more than they did. He fired off a few rounds to distract them, then he dashed back out of the lab, then locked them in. Anna and Robert tried shooting the electronic keypad, but it was no use. They were trapped. Anna thought about how hard it must have been for Robin to be trapped in that room, looking at the video of her family. The two walked around the room trying to find a way out. Robert found Robin's tape recorder and pressed play. They got emotional when they heard Robin's voice journaling her experiences, and they were relieved when they realized she'd recorded an entry earlier that day. It was solid proof that Robin was still alive. Robert swore that they would get out of the room and find her. They hugged.

Robin held a gun on the unconscious Obrecht and vowed that no one would ever separate her from Patrick and Emma again. Obrecht woke up and saw Robin standing over her. The triumphant Robin announced that she wasn't a prisoner anymore, now that Nikolas found her. Obrecht didn't understand what Nik was doing there. Robin explained that Obrecht unwittingly lead Nik to the island by recording a video in his childhood home and sending it to Britt. Now Nik was there to rescue the baby. Robin added that she knew Obrecht was lying about the baby being Patrick's. Robin wondered who knocked Obrecht out, and the woman spat Robin's parents did it. Robin asked where they were now, and Obrecht told her about sending them to the lab. Robin was going to force Obrecht to go to the lab with her, but Jerry arrived before they could leave the room. Jerry made Robin drop the gun, and he asked if Robin had knocked Obrecht out. Obrecht explained that Britt had knocked her out the first time. Jerry was annoyed that Obrecht had caused so much trouble by kidnapping the baby, and he turned the gun on her. Obrecht was confident that Jerry wouldn't shoot her, but Jerry said that depended on where her daughter was right now. Obrecht told him that Britt had gone to try and take her baby from Faison. “And I succeeded” Britt said as she she descended the stairs with Ben in her arms.

Britt recognized Robin and was shocked to see her. Robin made it clear that she knew who Britt was and how she'd lied to Patrick about the baby. Britt asked her mother if she'd known Robin was alive all along. Obrecht blew the question off, and asked where Faison was. Just then, Nik ushered Faison into the room. Jerry quickly grabbed Robin and held the gun against her side. Nik confessed that he was pleased that Jerry had been poisoned; Nik saw it as payback for the time Jerry poisoned him. Nik ordered him to drop his weapon, but Jerry threatened to shoot Robin and Nik like he had before. Robin pointed out that Jerry needed her alive, so Jerry threatened to kill her parents. To Obrecht's chagrin, Faison perked up when he heard that Anna was there. Robin asked Jerry if her parents were really there, and he used his tablet to show her surveillance video from the lab. Jerry announced that Robert and Anna would stay in the lab, indefinitely, unlike the rest of them. Obrecht griped about her and Faison being lumped in with everyone else, and Jerry fired the gun into a wall in exasperation. He yelled that this was a dictatorship and he was fighting for his life. Jerry told Robin that she'd shoot one of her parents if she didn't cooperate. Robin agreed to do what Jerry wanted, so Jerry let go of her and she walked over to Nik. Jerry laid out his plan – he wanted Nik, Robin, Obrecht and Faison to travel to Port Charles. Nik and Robin were to get some of Luke's blood and Obrecht and Faison would keep an eye on them and report back to Jerry with updates. Robin was to synthesize a cure while in NY. Jerry threatened to call the authorities about Faison and Obrecht if they didn't help. Obrecht made it clear that she didn't care if Anna died, but Faison pledged his full cooperation to ensure Anna's safety. Robin promised to cooperate too, then Jerry told her the catch – she couldn't let anyone in Port Charles know she was alive. Robin couldn't believe that he expected her to go home without reaching out to her husband and daughter. Jerry told her she would do things his way if she wanted her parents to survive. He made it clear that he would kill them if he saw a boat or plane he didn't recognize approaching the island. Robin asked to see her parents again, but Jerry told her she could see them after she cured him.

At GH, Lulu told Connie that Alexis was filing the paperwork to have Maxie declared an unfit mother. Lulu vowed to tell the court about Maxie's misdeeds in order to keep the judge from giving Connie to Maxie and Spinelli. She stepped off the elevator and ran into Spinelli, who was there to visit Ellie. Spinelli, who fixed his gaze on his daughter, asked if the baby was sick. Lulu coolly told him she was there to get vitamins and she tried to walk away. Spinelli stopped her and said they had to talk about the baby. Lulu was adamant that there was nothing to talk about – she and Dante were keeping Connie and had would be getting legal custody of her with Alexis' help. A stunned Spinelli sputtered that Connie wasn't hers, and Lulu snapped that they'd see what the courts had to say. Spinelli revealed that Diane was filing paperwork to have Connie returned to him and Maxie. Lulu told him he was wasting his time and money, because they weren't giving Connie back. Spinelli countered that she'd have no choice. Lulu was surprised Spinelli would seek a court order, and she thought it was more like something Maxie would do. Lulu walked away and Spinelli followed her. Lulu stopped and asked Spinelli if he remembered the time they were trapped in Alcazar's warehouse. They smiled a bit as they reminisced about the ordeal, and Spinelli said Lulu had taught him how to be a friend. Lulu began to cry and she asked Spinelli how he could do this to her, after they'd always been there for each other. Spinelli admitted that Lulu had saved his life physically and mentally and made him want to become better, so it was very difficult for him to be in this spot right now.

Spinelli pointed out that he didn't ask for any of this and that Maxie had kept him in the dark too. Lulu asked why he was taking Maxie's side, then. Spinelli tearfully explained that he'd been furious when he discovered Maxie's lie and that he told Maxie that they had to give Connie up to spare their friends the pain of losing her. Spinelli now realized that he couldn't give Connie up. Lulu disagreed, and she urged him to drop the court order and convince Maxie to do the same. Lulu pointed out that Spinelli and Maxie weren't ready to take care of Connie. They weren't together, Maxie had a roommate and Spinelli lived in his office. Spinelli admitted that they'd have to sort out the logistics. Lulu said that she and Dante were already caring for Connie, whom they'd spent nine months falling in love with. She added that she and Dante were doing a good job taking care of the baby and Spinelli agreed that they were. Lulu reminded Spinelli that he'd been willing to give Connie up at the christening. Spinelli said he'd been naïve to think he could keep the secret. “Now that I know I'm the father, I ache for her...I want to be the father I know that I am.”

Spinelli didn't want to hurt Lulu and he wished that he could take Lulu's pain away but he wasn't willing to give up his child. Lulu asked what she was supposed to do, and Spinelli suggested that she use one of her remaining two embryos to have another baby. Lulu asked if he thought she and Dante could replace this child that they loved with another one. Tears rolled down Spinelli's cheeks as he silently listened to Lulu pour her heart out about how she and Dante had fallen more and more in love with this particular baby as they cared for her and watched her change and grow. “She's ours” Lulu cried. Spinelli apologized, because he hadn't meant to be insensitive or suggest that Lulu could replace one baby with another. However, he said, that didn't change the fact that this baby was his and Maxie's and that they were the ones who should be celebrating those milestones. Maxie's tone suddenly hardened again and she snapped that they couldn't have her. “I guess there's nothing more to say, except see you in court” Spinelli replied, before walking away.

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