GH Update Monday 10/21/13

General Hospital Update Monday 10/21/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Anna and Robert go to attempt to find their daughter, both armed with guns, at Cassadine Island. Not far away, Robin is in the lab when she hears someone and assumes it's Jerry Jacks. But she is happy to see that it's Nikolas.

At the hospital, Alexis asks a lab tech when the test results ill be ready so that she can see weather Julian Jerome (whom she assumes is dead) is Sam's father. She sees Lulu with baby Connie after taking her for a checkup

Faison is holding baby Ben when his “daughter” appears unexpectedly. Britt notices her father “bonding” with his “grandchild”. And they are startled to see each other.

While Patrick is talking to Sabrina and wondering how he could have gotten the call which he somehow knew came from Robin, he asks Sabrina to marry him.

Spinelli and Maxie go to talk to Diane hoping they can get legal assistance from her in order to prevent Lulu and Dante from taking their baby.

At the hospital, it appears Lulu wants Alexis to represent her and Dante. She protests to Alexis that she and Dante are baby Connie's parents. What Maxie and Spinelli want to do is wrong. Alexis tells her she deeply regrets what she has to tell her but warns Lulu that the legal odds do not look good for her and Dante.,

When Britt sees her “father” (Faison) holding her baby, she asks him to give her Ben. But he tells her that the baby's name is Cesar.

Robert and Anna find Liesl passed out on the floor and he attempts to awaken her to find out what they need to know.

After Patrick proposes to Sabrina, she admits she is not certain how to answer that. Only a short time ago, he believed he'd heard from his deceased wife and was determined to find her. Now he is asking Sabrina to marry him. She asks him where this is coming from.

At the lab, Robin hugs Nikolas and tells him Thank God he's there. Yet they do not entirely know how to get her out of there or what they are going to do given the present situation.

At the hospital, Lulu reminds Alexis that Maxie signed a contract giving Lulu and Dante legal rights to the baby. So why does Alexis tell her it does not look good? Alexis explains to Lulu that the contact was under the condition that the baby in question is the baby Maxie carried for them which nobody knew she had mis-carried. But since the baby she has given birth to, Connie, is a pregnancy she had with Spinelli, Lulu and Dante do not have legal rights under those conditions. Meanwhile, Maxie and Spinelli ask Diane if they have a case. She does not know exactly what to tell them but appears more confident she can help her clients than Alexis is of hers'.

When Britt finds Faison with her baby, she tells him he's incorrect to believe the baby is his flesh and blood. But he is not.

Patrick tells Sabrina he's asked her to marry him because he loves her. She tells him she knows and loves him too. But this is a big deal. He has not been over Robin for very long. A few hours ago, he did not seem ready to move on from Robin. So her question is what happened between then and now. he replies Elizabeth is what happened. He had a long talk with Elizabeth and she shared with him that she got a similarly baffling phone call after Jake died which gave her this false sense of hope that her deceased child was alive. And hearing that helped him to see that he's suffering from the same form of grief as Elizabeth did. There could be many explanations of how or from whom he got the phone call. But he now knows it was not from Robin.

Sabrina admits to Patrick that she was so convinced that the call he got from Robin was a crank, that she confronted and accused Carlos. he asks her if she believes that her ex is behind this. She replies she confronted and accused Carlos. He denied it. He may or may not have anything to do with it. But she then asks Patrick if that is the reason he's suddenly proposed to her. Is he afraid of Carlos wanting her back?

After Nikolas finds Robin in the lab, he tells her that he's looking for a baby of a friend of his who has been kidnapped. She tells him she knows about the baby in question. She was taking care of him since she has believed that he is Patrick's son. But Nikolas informs her that Britt's baby is not Patrick's.

Faison asks Britt if she is not his flesh and blood. She replies that she is. But Ben is not.

Alexis tells Lulu and Dante that they probably will not have the legal right to custody of the baby. What she can do for them, however, is potentially sue and collect from Maxie the medical bills they had to pay for her Ob/Gyn care. Other than that, she can't do much.

Diane talks to Maxie and Spinelli telling them that Dante and Lulu could argue that not only did she lie to them, she lied to Spinelli. She tells them she is “taking off her lawyer's hat” and telling Maxie she finds it appalling that she was willing to let Spinelli go for the rest of his life not even knowing that he has a daughter and forcing his hand to give her up as soon as he finds out by accident. She is very fortunate that this poor young man is speaking to her much less helping her in this matter. Maxie tells Diane she realizes that is true. Diane tells her regardless of her personal feelings that Maxie's actions are reprehensible, she is representing her in this legal matter and can probably deliver what Maxie wants. Alexis does not have such hopeful news for Lulu, however.

Britt tells Faison that she is his biological daughter. But Ben is not her biological son.

Robert awakens Liesl and asks her where his daughter is. Anna reminds her that they've been under the belief that Robin is dead. But Faison has told her otherwise. Hearing that, Liesl tells Anna that Faison will tell her anything she wants to hear. She cries when she reveals that Faison is desperately in love with Anna and has broken her (Lisle's) heart. Anna then tells Liesl that maybe she can hurt Faison the way he's hurt her by telling them where their daughter is. She asks Liesl if she does not want to help them nail Faison. She tells Liesl she will be in some legal trouble for kidnapping the baby and kidnapping Robin. But if Liesl helps them put Faison away, she can get a much lighter sentence. She attempts to reason with Liesl telling her she knows that Liesl is a mother and cares about her daughter. So if Liesl can find their daughter for them, she can reunite Liesl with her daughter. Liesl then tells them she can tell them what they need to know.

Nikolas asks Robin if Liesl or Faison have given any information about where they might have taken Ben.

Faison asks his daughter how the baby could not be hers. She tells him if he's such a mad scientist, he can figure it out for himself.

Alexis tells Lulu that courts always favor the biological parents of a baby. So this is not entirely unlike property law. Since Connie was conceived by Maxie and Spinelli, they have complete parental rights. Lulu cries and asks her what about the law that can't take Connie away from the parents that love her. If there is nothing Alexis can do for her, do they need to go on the run with Connie and be fugitives for the rest of their lives? Alexis tells her she does not advise her to do that. And she tells Lulu there might be another answer.

Diane is confident that she can win the legal case for Spinelli and Maxie although not entirely in good conscience.

Alexis tells Lulu that if she is absolutely desperate, bound and determined to not let Connie be taken from her, there might be something they can do in court. But it will involve hurting someone. Lulu asks her whom it would hurt. Alexis replies it will hurt Maxie. She tells Lulu they could go to court to attempt to prove Maxie an unfit mother. Lulu then tells Alexis she's willing to go through with that and hopes they can pull it off. But Alexis tells her although she agrees that it was reprehensible for Maxie to lie to her and to the baby's biological father, being able to prove her an unfit mother in court is easily said than done.

Diane forewarns Maxie and Spinelli that Dante and Lulu will lose. But she warns them that this whole thing will get ugly.

Alexis warns Lulu to go home and think very hard about whether she wants to go through with this. Lulu protests that she knows about Maxie's long history of lying, cheating, scamming and breaking the law. She can reveal it all. And when she’s done, no court would give Maxie custody of a parakeet. Alexis protests she knows that Lulu wants to fight. She is a mother herself and knows what Lulu is feeling. But she warns her that she might regret doing this to Maxie.

Robert tells Liesl if she is lying about where Robin is, she will regret it.

Nikolas warns Robin not to put herself at risk knowing how dangerous Jerry, Liesl and Faison are.

Back at Port Charles, Patrick tells Sabrina about since he first met her when she was a brand new nursing student with her big glasses, her smiling face and her big heart. He did not know how he could have a life again. But she was there for him and for Emma. He doesn't to have a life without her. He does not have a ring. But he loves her and wants her to be his wife. He wants to have a family with her and Emma and for her to be with him for the rest of his life. He asks her if she will marry him.

Faison tells Britt he's going and taking “Cesar” with him. She tells him he will have to kill her first. He's not afraid to do that until Nikolas arrives, holds a gun on him and demands that he lets Britt go.

Robin is in the other room emotionally vowing to return to Patrick and never be kept away from her family again.

In Port Charles, Sabrina happily and emotionally agrees to marry Patrick and the deal is sealed that they are going to get married.

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