GH Update Friday 10/18/13

General Hospital Update Friday 10/18/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

In the lab on Cassadine Island, Robin makes notes into a tape recorder about trying to recreate her cure for Jerry. The door opens, and she calls out for her parents, but Jerry enters.

At Patrick’s home, Elizabeth cleans up as Patrick walks in. Patrick tells her that she doesn’t have to do that, and that he feels guilty enough for asking her to babysit Emma. Elizabeth tells him that she didn’t have any plans anyway. Patrick asks where Sabrina is, and Elizabeth says that Sabrina only she had something to take care of.

In the Crimson office, Sabrina walks in to confront Carlos. Sabrina tells Carlos that she knows what he did.

On a plane to New York, Luke asks a flight attendant for some snacks and champagne. Luke tells Tracy that they have a lot to celebrate. Tracy flashes back to Luke telling her that he loves her, then tells him that they will have to see about that. Luke tells her that he is alive and Jerry will die, and that’s worth celebrating.

Jerry comments on how Robin seems surprised to see him, and wondered if she thought he’d died. She had hoped so, then asks him if he’s taking his meds. He says that they’re not really helping. Robin suggests that he get more rest, and Jerry accuses her of suggesting it so that she can escape.

In the Cassadine home, Faison speaks to Ben in Danish. Dr. Obrecht arrives, and the two sing Ben’s praises. Dr. Obrecht comments on how the two of them will raise Ben together. Faison comments on how Britt may have something to say about that.

Nikolas and Britt arrive to Cassadine Island. Britt is anxious to find her son. Nikolas promises that they will find him, then take care of Britt’s parents.

Tracy is upset with Luke for drinking, wondering if the alcohol mixed with his cure would cause a bad reaction. Luke doesn’t think that there is a bad reaction. He says that he intends to live his life celebrating it, and he wants to celebrate it with Tracy, starting with a toast to her.

Jerry wonders where Ben is. Robin sarcastically tells him that the baby escaped. Jerry asks if she isn’t concerned about her husband’s son, and Robin says that the baby’s parents don’t matter, the fact that he’s an innocent baby does. Jerry advises that perhaps Robin needs to focus on her competition, Sabrina, instead of Ben.

Carlos wonders what Sabrina is so upset with him about. He asks if it is about flowers, but she says it is not. She accuses him of calling Patrick. Carlos tells her that he never called Patrick, and that if he says he did, he’s lying. Sabrina tells him that Patrick didn’t say that he spoke to Carlos, he says he spoke to Robin.

Elizabeth mentions that she knows that Patrick is having problems with Sabrina, then tells him that pretty much everyone at the hospital knows that he and Sabrina had a fight. Patrick tells her that he and Sabrina have hit a rough patch. Elizabeth comments that things were going so well for him and Sabrina. Patrick agrees that they were, until he heard from Robin.

Robin reminds Jerry that she was taken from her family and her life. Jerry tells her that it was nothing personal, she was just a means to an end. Robin reminds him that he’s dying, and Jerry tells her that he feels like hell. Robin recommends that he, Dr. Obrecht and Faison let her get back to work. Jerry is surprised by her mention of Faison, thinking that Faison is in prison. Robin breaks the news to him that Dr. Obrecht has broken Faison out of prison so that he could bond with his grandson.

Dr. Obrecht tells Faison how Britt had briefly considered aborting her baby, but Faison points out that she did not. He comments that Britt is weak, but Dr. Obrecht is strong. He tells her that she did well, convincing Britt to have her baby. Dr. Obrecht tells him that she did it for him. She says that the two of them will raise Ben, and that Britt will eventually thank them for it.

Britt suggests that she and Nikolas split up in the search for Ben, but Nikolas advises against it, telling her how confusing the Cassadine home could be. He’d worry about Faison and Dr. Obrecht finding her, and he wouldn’t be able to get to her to help her. She says that she’s more lethal right now, because she’s trying to find her child. Nikolas and Britt agree that they won’t have to search long, as the baby is still on the premises. They are confronted by a man with a gun.

Carlos tells Sabrina that she isn’t making any sense. Sabrina explains how Patrick received a call from a blocked number on a bad connection from a woman claiming to be Robin. She says that it is exactly the type of thing that he would do. Carlos tells her that he didn’t arrange the call, but he isn’t surprised. He says anyone with eyes knows where Patrick’s head is at. Sabrina accuses Patrick of messing with Patrick’s head, and arranging the call because Robin is dead and buried.

Elizabeth wonders if Patrick means that he heard from Robin in a dream. He tells her that he received a call from her on her birthday, then wonders if his head was playing tricks on him. Elizabeth suggests that the call was from someone who sounds like Robin. Patrick says that it was Robin’s voice, and she identified herself as Robin. He then mentions how he told Sabrina about the call, and asks why he can’t let Robin go.

Jerry is surprised to hear that Dr. Obrecht brought Faison to the house, then worries that Faison being there will bring the WSB to the house. Robin comments that perhaps the “cavalry” is already there.

Nikolas orders the guard to put the gun down.  The guard apologizes, and Nikolas tells him that he became aware of some people in the house. He says he wants to investigate, but doesn’t want anyone to know they are there. The guard says that they were led to believe that the people were Nikolas’ guests. Nikolas asks about the guests, and if there’s a baby in the home. The guard says he doesn’t know about a baby, but perhaps Dr. Obrecht does.

Dr. Obrecht walks into a room to find Faison still talking to Ben, promising him the world. Dr. Obrecht comments on how the baby is tired, and perhaps they should all retire.

Jerry tells Robin that the WSB may be coming for Faison, but not for Robin. Robin tells him that her parents will come for her, but Jerry says they will not be on time. Jerry tells her that he has no intention of staying there and waiting for the WSB to come. He is going to go home to see his mother and Jax before he dies. Robin asks if he will release her, too. Jerry tells her that he has no intention of doing so, and asks if she has any last words.

Carlos tells Sabrina she hurts him by accusing him of using Robin against Patrick. She reminds him of how he always pointed out how Patrick still wore his wedding ring, and how it was Patrick holding her at arm’s length, then drowned her in flowers and telling her that she’ll always be second in Patrick’s mind to Robin. Carlos challenges her to tell him that he’s wrong.

Elizabeth tells Patrick that she’s been where he is when she lost Jake. She tells him how she used to think she saw Jake at the grocery store, but when she’d start walking to him, she’d realize she was going to different little boys. She says it took calling Cameron “Jake”, and Cameron yelling at her that he is Cameron, and that Jake is dead for her to get past it. She tells him that she was unfair to Cameron and Aiden. Patrick tells her that it was unfair to her as well. Elizabeth tells Patrick that holding onto Robin is not fair to him either.

Jerry tells Robin that their deal was that she saves him and he saves her. Robin tells him that she can still save him. Jerry comments that everyone has to die, but she’s going to die first. Robin agrees that there’s not enough time for her to make another cure, but there’s another way.

Nikolas asks the guard if anyone was with Dr. Obrecht. The guard confirms that Jerry Jacks has been there, and has been their overseer.

Jerry comments on how convenient it is that Robin comes up with another way to save him when he’s about to shoot her.  She tells him that a dose may exist in the blood of the person who received the cure. She tells him that he just has to find this person and get the cure from his blood. Jerry tells her that the problem is that the person in question is Luke Spencer, and he’s gone.

Tracy flashes back to Luke’s proclamations to her. Luke then asks if he can try Tracy’s slippers. Tracy begins to wonder if Luke received a placebo instead of an actual cure. Luke is convinced that he received a cure because he is feeling better.  She reminds him how Jerry didn’t trust the doctor who created the cure. Luke tells her that it is a good thing, otherwise Jerry wouldn’t have wanted to test the cure on him. Tracy wonders if they should have left the doctor on the island.

Dr. Obrecht continues to try to talk Faison into coming to bed. He tells her that he isn’t tired, but Dr. Obrecht tells him that she never mentioned sleeping. Faison tells her that he can’t make her happy. Dr. Obrecht tells him that she’s not asking to be happy, she’s asking for allegiance. She wants to make love to Faison. Faison as one request: that she wear the “Anna” mask.

Sabrina tells Carlos that she is angry, but not at Patrick for mourning his wife, but because someone is trying to ruin her relationship with Patrick. Carlos tells her that he’s angry because Sabrina is going without while Patrick mourns. Sabrina tells him that she’s going without nothing.  He asks why she is there, and Sabrina tells him that she’s there to tell him to back off. Carlos tells her how she deserves better, and how one day, Patrick will have nothing more to give to her.

Patrick thanks Elizabeth for sharing her story about Jake with him. He tells her that she helped him to get his head straight. Elizabeth tells him that he doesn’t need her for that. She advises him that if he thinks about what Robin would want, all of his questions will be answered.

Nikolas is surprised to hear that his guard is taking orders from Jerry. The guard says that he was led to believe that Nikolas put Jerry in charge. The guard tells Nikolas that Jerry is downstairs in the lab.

Jerry tells Robin how Luke and Tracy were waiting for him in Luke’s room. Robin wonders if they were looking for her, but Jerry tells her that they were just there looking for the cure for polonium poisoning as well. Robin asks how Luke was poisoned, and Jerry tells her it was courtesy of Helena Cassadine.  He tells her that he intended to test a sample of the cure on Luke but they got the whole thing and escaped. Robin tells him that it sucks that Luke is his hope, and he let Luke escape.

Tracy attempts to convince Luke that they should go back and rescue the doctor who created the cure. Luke is unwilling. He tells her that they almost lost their lives on the island. Tracy suggests that maybe there’s another person who needs to escape as well. Luke is touched by Tracy’s compassion, but still refuses to return to the island to rescue the doctor, commenting that anyone who gets involved with Jerry deserves what they get, and he mentions Dr. Obrecht as an example.

Dr. Obrecht is very upset over the suggestion that she wear the “Anna” mask.  Faison tells her that it could be fun, but Dr. Obrecht asks if he can’t look at her. Faison reminds her that she said she would do anything for him. Dr. Obrecht reminds him of all she’s done for him, but it stops. He threatens her if she continues to push him, but Dr. Obrecht tells him that his influence has diminished while hers has increased. She suggests that he wear the mask and look in the mirror if he wants it for pleasure.

Nikolas orders the guard to round up all of the outsiders, warning that they may have an infant. He tells the guard that the infant should be separated from the rest, and protected. The guard leaves to do his job. Nikolas tells Britt that he needs to find out what Jerry is doing in his lab. Britt wants to go with him, but Nikolas tells her that she should stay behind. He tells her how dangerous Jerry is, and promises that she will be reunited with her son, but she must wait there for him.

Jerry tells Robin that his plans have changed. He’s going to go to Port Charles to get Luke’s blood. He asks how much he needs, then says he’ll just take all of it. Robin tells him she’s ready to go, but Jerry tells her he never said she would go along. Robin tells him that she never said he would be cured by a transfusion. Jerry warns her against stalling and keeping him from spending his final days with his family. Robin assures him that it is not a stall, but a transfusion won’t cure him. She tells him that she needs to go with him.

Carlos tells Sabrina that even if she doesn’t believe it, but it doesn’t make him happy to show her what he is showing her about Patrick. Sabrina tells him that he knows nothing about her or Patrick. Carlos tells her again that he didn’t arrange the call, but also points out that Patrick will never let go of his dead wife. Sabrina tells him to never speak to her again.

Patrick watches the video Robin left for him, telling him to move on and be happy after she’s gone.

Robin asks when they are going to Port Charles. Jerry says he leaves tonight, but he hasn’t decided if he’s taking Robin with him. She tries to convince him that he can’t be saved without her. Jerry tells her that he has other business to attend to, namely Faison and the $88 million dollars. Robin tells him that time is of the essence. Jerry walks off as Nikolas arrives, gun in hand, searching for Jerry.

Britt decides that she can’t just sit around and wait for Nikolas. As she prepares to look for him, she hears the door, then turns to find her mother there.

Tracy relents and admits that they can’t go get the doctor, but she will have Luke examined when they get home.

Sabrina arrives home to find Patrick happy to see her. Sabrina asks if he is happy to see her.

Robin comments to a computer screensaver photo of Patrick and Emma that she is coming home whether Jerry or her parents brings her home.

Dr. Obrecht is surprised to see Britt there. Britt tells her that she’s there to get her son. Dr. Obrecht tries to share what happened between her and Faison, but Britt doesn’t care. She wants to know where her son is.

Faison tries to calm a crying Ben.

Britt continues to try to demand the whereabouts of her son. Dr. Obrecht tells her that Ben is upstairs, and tries to tell her something else. Britt shoves her mother off of her, knocking her to the floor, unconscious.

Nikolas presses his thumb to the scanner to get into the lab.

Patrick tells Sabrina that he is happy to see her, and that everything is finally right.

The door buzzes and opens as Robin comments on how fast that was. Robin asks if Jerry has made his decision already.

Britt goes upstairs to find her son. She walks into a room to find Faison with her son.

Patrick asks Sabrina to marry him.

Robin asks Jerry if they are going to Port Charles tonight, or not, as she turns to see a surprised Nikolas standing there with his gun.

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