GH Update Thursday 10/17/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/17/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick, who was at GH, called Duke looking for Anna. Duke, who was at the pier, told him Anna was out of town. Patrick asked Duke to have her call him when she got home. Sabrina was concerned when she overheard Patrick's end of the call. When he hung up, she asked him if he was going to tell Anna about the phone call. Later, Sabrina brought Patrick a coffee as a peace-offering. Patrick assured her that she didn't have to offer peace. Sabrina reminded him that they'd agreed that he wouldn't tell Anna about the call from “Robin” since it wasn't really her. Patrick confessed that he was becoming convinced that Robin really had called. Sabrina tried to gently get him to admit that this wasn't possible, but Patrick didn't really want to hear what Sabrina had to say. “If it wasn't her, then who was it?” He challenged. Sabrina said it must have been a wrong number. Patrick admitted that he'd thought about that and concluded that it was too much of a coincidence to be a missed number, because the caller said Robin's name. Sabrina placed her hand over Patrick's and softly stated that Robin was gone, so it couldn't have been her. Patrick admitted there had to be another explanation for the call, but he wasn't sure what it could be. Sabrina suggested that it was a prank. Patrick didn't think a kid would do something like that, and Sabrina agreed with him. Patrick wondered who would do that. Sabrina got a knowing look on her face. She told Patrick she didn't know who'd do that, then she quickly announced that she had promised to meet Felix right now. Sabrina told Patrick to try not to let this get to him, because Robin wouldn't want that. Sabrina kissed him goodbye and told him Robin loved him and so did Sabrina. Sabrina left.

Sonny and Shawn were at his office looking up photos of Julian Jerome online. Shawn pointed out that Derek didn't look anything like Julian. Sonny said from what he'd heard, it was best not to underestimate Julian. He mentioned that there was someone in town who could give them answers. Shawn said he'd just talked to “him” and told him how serious Shawn and Sonny were. Shawn thought the person would be there shortly. Duke arrived and Sonny thanked him for coming. Duke calmly said that Shawn had made it clear that Duke wasn't allowed to decline Sonny's invitation. Sonny told Duke about the mafia enforcer who told Shawn that he was working for Julian Jerome. Duke was certain that the man was lying, because Julian was dead. Sonny asked how he died, and Duke explained that Julian had been killed in a gunfight by Jonathan Paget, a man who was pretending to be Duke at the time. Jonathan died in the same gunfight. Duke felt that he and Julian were destined to destroy each other, no matter who was in Duke's role. Robert had discovered Julian's body. Sonny had some concerns about that, because Robert had been known to fake people's deaths. Duke was confident that Robert wouldn't have helped Julian out. “If Robert said he was dead, he was dead.” Duke stated.

Duke said the only Jerome left was Carly's adopted brother Lucas Jones, so if there was another Julian Jerome out there, he wasn't part of the Jerome crime family. Duke turned to leave, but Sonny stopped him and asked what he knew about Derek. Duke asked why – did this have something to do with Julian? Sonny said the topics weren't related and that he was trying to figure out why Derek kept using his newspaper to take shots at Sonny. Duke had no idea, because he didn't work in that department and because he barely knew Derek. Sonny and Shawn wanted to know how Duke came to work for Derek. Duke explained that Derek had been reluctant to hire Duke because of his ties to organized crime, and he'd only hired Duke after Duke had assured him that he'd left the criminal life behind, because of Anna. Sonny shook Duke's hand and thanked him for coming. Duke hoped that Sonny would contact him if Sonny happened to discover something that concerned Duke or Anna. “Yeah. We'll see.” Sonny said. Duke left. Shawn now believed that Julian Jerome was dead, but Sonny didn't. Sonny theorized that Duke saw Julian as a symbol of Duke's criminal past. Sonny thought that Duke had convinced himself that Julian was dead, because Duke wanted his dark past to stay dead. Shawn pointed out that Robert, the police commissioner at the time, said Julian was dead, but Sonny countered that cops lie all the time. He told Shawn to keep looking into the possibility that Derek was really Julian.

On Cassadine Island, Robin agonized over the predicament she found herself in. It would take another year to synthesize enough medicine to save Jerry, but he was too sick to survive that long, and if he died, she would die too. Robin wondered what would become of “Patrick's” baby if that happened. Obrecht entered the lab, disguised as Anna. Robin was overjoyed and relieved. Her happiness was short-lived, because Obrecht quickly removed her mask, then cackled over Robin's disappointment. Robin asked where Jerry was – he was off recovering from his shoulder wound. Robin asked if Obrecht was planning on kidnapping Anna too, and Obrecht explained that she used the mask to free Faison. At that time, Faison stepped into the lab. “Dear Robin. It's been too long” Faison said, as he approached Robin. Robin ordered him to stay away from her. Faison told her to be careful not to upset the baby. A stunned Robin watched as Obrecht announced that she wanted to introduce Faison to his grandson and placed the boy in Faison's arms. Faison told the baby that the two of them were going to accomplish a lot. While Faison cooed at the baby, Obrecht told Robin that Faison was Britt's father. Robin wanted to know if Patrick now knew that about Britt's connection to Faison and that Obrecht had Ben with her. Obrecht refused to answer any more questions. She fawned over Faison and Ben.

Faison wished that his prison break hadn't come at “dear Anna's” expense. Robin demanded to know what happened to her mother. Obrecht was pained to admit that Anna was still alive. Obrecht crowed about having been one step ahead of Anna and getting the upper hand on her. Robin noticed Obrecht's bandaged hand and said Anna must not have gone down without a fight. Robin asked why Anna was at the prison, and Faison said she came to visit him. To Obrecht's chagrin, Faison made it clear that Robert was awake and had told Anna about seeing Robin. Robin was elated to hear that her parents knew she was alive, and she was certain that they were looking for her. Faison shared that he had offered to take Anna to Robin. Obrecht pointed out that Faison had deceived and manipulated Anna so often that she probably didn't believe him and even if she did, she had no idea where Robin was. “This changes nothing,” Obrecht said. Despite Obrecht's words, Robin remained convinced that her parents would find her and make Obrecht and Faison pay. She predicted that the next time Robert saw them, he'd kill them both. Faison saw Anna's fire in Robin. Obrecht and Faison took the baby and went to get settled in. Robin banged on the door and ordered Faison to let her out, then she sank to the floor and told herself that her parents were going to come get her.

Britt and Nikolas were on a plane bound for Athens. Britt watched the video of Obrecht and Ben filmed at Cassadine Island, until Nik told her that they had to turn off all electronics. Nik had chartered a car and a boat to get them from the airport to Cassadine Island without being spotted. Britt wondered why her mother would have gone to Nik's family's property. Nik explained that his family had connections to Britt's parents. Helena and Faison had worked together to kidnap Lucky, and Stavros had received treatment at Obrecht's clinic. Since most of the Cassadines were dead and Nik rarely visited, Obrecht and Faison would be able to make themselves at home on the island. Britt knew that since Obrecht couldn't take Ben to Faison in prison, she'd take Faison to Ben. Britt realized Nik was keeping something from her. Nik didn't want Britt to worry, but he admitted he'd been in contact with some prison reps and they hadn't been forthcoming. Nik thought something must have happened at the prison, but he wasn't sure what. The plane landed, but there weren't any open gates, so everyone was forced to stay on board. Nik tried to distract the frustrated Britt by telling her about his childhood on Cassadine Island. He was raised by his uncle, until he was eight and his grandmother took control and forced his uncle off the island. Nik liked his uncle but was terrified of his grandmother. After a year, his uncle regained control. The flight attendant gave the okay to use cell phones. Nik checked his messages and saw one from Anna.

Robert practiced walking around his hospital room with a cane. Mac noticed that Robert was agitated and asked what was bothering him. Robert remembered Anna telling him not to say anything about the possibility that Robin was alive, so he told Mac he was worried about Anna. A curious Mac asked why Robert was so concerned about Anna when they knew she was capable of taking care of herself. Robert was about to tell Mac the truth when Anna walked in. Robert tried to find out what Anna had learned without tipping Mac off. Mac assumed that Anna and Robert were talking about apprehending Obrecht, and he offered to help. Mac was dying to lend a hand, especially because of what Obrecht did to Robert, but Anna said she wasn't at liberty to accept his help. Mac accepted this and decided to check in with Felicia while Anna and Robert talked. Once Mac left, Anna revealed that Faison said Robin was alive and had promised to lead Anna to her, but Obrecht jumped Anna, and the fugitives escaped. Robert asked if Anna was okay. Anna was fine physically, but she was frustrated, because she thought it had been careless of her not to have someone restrain Obrecht. Robert was upset that they didn't have any leads on Robin's location. Anna wondered if Faison was lying about Robin being alive as a way to play mind games with Anna. Robert told Anna ignore Faison and to trust him (Robert). He was certain that finding Obrecht was the key to finding Robin. Nik returned Anna's call. Anna apologized and said she let Obrecht slip away. Nik told Anna about Obrecht's video message and shared that he and Britt were on their way to Cassadine Island to investigate. Anna gave him firm instructions to stay away from the island. Nik pointed out that the island belonged to him, but Anna was adamant that it was too dangerous for them to go to the compound. Nik understood. Anna had Nik forward her the video, and they hung up.

Robert was eager to go get Robin, but Anna didn't think he was strong enough to be a part of the rescue mission. Robert felt guilty for missing most of Robin's life because he was out rescuing other people's kids. He believed that he'd failed Robin and he wanted to rescue her to make up for it. Anna countered that Robin saw Robert as her hero, not as a failure. Robert thought it was time for him to live up to that characterization. Robert remembered Robin seeing him at the Swiss clinic, and he was convinced that Robin was waiting on him to come for her. Anna was sympathetic to Robert's feelings, but she argued that that Robin would want Robert to stay at the hospital and recover. Robert still insisted on going with Anna. He pointed out that he was familiar with Cassadine Island and could get them into the compound undetected. Anna tried to deter Robert by asking how they would explain Robert leaving the hospital to Mac. Mac walked in and Anna started trying to cover her tracks, but Mac told her he knew she was talking about the case. Mac didn't press for information this time. He admitted that, for a moment, he'd missed that life. Mac announced that he had to go home, because Felicia said Maxie needed him. Robert was completely supportive of Mac doing what he had to for his daughter. It was clear that Robert was trying to make a point to Anna. Mac said his goodbyes and left. Robert told Anna there were two options - they could go Cassadine Island as a team, or Robert would follow Anna there. “Shall we?” Robert asked. Anna smiled and handed Robert his cane. “What are we waiting for? Let's go get our daughter,” she said. Anna linked her arm into Robert's and they walked toward the exit.

Nik told Britt that they could stay at his apartment in Athens. Britt wasn't confident that Anna had made finding Ben a priority, so she wanted to ignore Anna's instructions and go to Cassadine Island. “That's my baby out there, Nikolas. I'm going to get him. Now. Whether Anna likes it or not,” Britt said.

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