GH Update Wednesday 10/16/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/16/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis is at GH, handing Lucas's DNA sample to a lab tech. She tells her that she's a lawyer and has her daughter's consent. Just then Sam shows up and says "Consent for what?" Alexis is surprised to see her and asks what's she doing there. Sam says that she was there to see Silas, but she wants to know what they were just talking about. Alexis tries to change the subject, but Sam is persistent, so Alexis tells her that it's about her.

As Diane is leaving, Morgan tells her that he wants to hire her. Diane is amused because he can't afford her, but out of curiosity, wants to know with what. Morgan tells her that he wants to get rid of his wife. He wants out of his marriage. Diane is surprised to hear that he's married, and even more surprised to hear it's to Ava daughter.

Kiki is at Sonny's office telling Michael what Silas told her about Ava. When Sonny hears that Ava has a brother , Sonny's ears perk up.

Carly has arrived at the gym, where Franco and Derek are still going at it. "Franco, what the hell are you doing?" she asks. Franco who, is on the ropes, says "Winning." Derek takes advantage of the situation, and knocks Franco out. Carly yells "Franco!" and crawls into the ring, staring daggers at Derek. "Are you okay?" she asks. "I'm better now." he mumbles.

Back at GH, the lab tech leaves Alexis to deal with Sam. "I'll be in the lab if you want to run the tests. " say lab tech. (This lab tech is neither Ellie nor Brad, by the way!) Sam hears the word tests and freaks out. She's worried that something is wrong with Danny. Alexis calms her down and tells her that it's about her father.

Carly is infuriated with Derek, and tells him that Franco just had brain surgery. Derek tells her that boxing is a sport that you enter at your own risk. Franco is mumbling about seeing double of Carly. Carly is still berating his opponent telling him that "Franco's an artist. he knows nothing about boxing." Franco mumbles "Yes I do. I have the gloves." Carly glares daggers at both of them "I don't get it. What the hell is going on here?"

Ava tries to intervene between Diane and Morgan by saying "This is not the time." But Morgan, much like Sonny, doesn't care and says that Diane is here now. Diane tries to put all the pieces together, and says that she likes Kiki. When she mentions Kiki masquerading as a Quartermaine, Ava gets defensive. Diane ignores her to connect all the dots that lead right back to Ava. Ava and Diane have a battle of wits and Diane manages to get a dig in. Morgan tells her that he and Ava didn't hook up until after Kiki hooked up with his brother. 

In Sonny's office, Kiki wonders why Sonny is so interested in her family history. Michael reminds her of the first time they met, Sonny asked her about her last name. He says that Sonny was trying to figure out if she was related to the Jerome crime family. "And you think this proves that she does?" she asks Sonny. 

Carly helps Franco up and tries to flirt with her. She's still mad at Derek, and again asks what's going on. The boys flash back to their earlier conversation then Derek says "Will you tell her or should I?"

Sonny questions Kiki about what Silas told her. Kiki tells them what little Silas knew about Ava's brother.

At Ava's penthouse, Diane sends Ava off to get her "silent partner" to sign the contracts. She threatens to take Franco's show to another gallery. She really wants to talk to Morgan alone. When Diane suggests that Morgan go to Sonny for help. he explodes and says that his father is out of his life.

Back at GH, Alexis and Sam find a place to talk. Sam clears the air, and tells her mother that she's not mad at her. Alexis is nervous about what she has to tell Sam. She tells her that her father might be a man named Julian Jerome.

Derek is scoffing at Franco's injury, because he's still talking. The gym attendant it trying to help him. Actually, he's still trying to flirt with Carly, who wants to take him to the hospital. Franco says no hospital, so she takes him back to the hotel. Carly tells Derek to back off. Derek wants to know if his lunch with Carly is still on. Her look on her way out says no.

Diane tries to reason with Morgan, but he goes on a rant against Sonny. When he says that Sonny's favorite is Michael, and always has been, Diane tells him "That's load of crap."

At Sonny's office he ponders what Kiki just told him. "So Ava got the money for her gallery from her brother?" Kiki wonders if that's significant, but he says that it's probably just a coincidence. "A coincidence with what?" Michael sensing Sonny's distraction gets her to leave. Sonny thanks them for their help and he'll talk to Carly about the job. As soon as they leave, Shawn and Sonny start putting the pieces together. They aren't that far off.

Sam hopes that she isn't related to Ava Jerome. Alexis gives her a history lesson on crime families in Port Charles, and that Julian Jerome was part of that family.

Carly and Franco have arrived back at his hotel suite. He's still trying to flirt with her, but she won't have it. He wants to fall asleep on the couch, but Carly thinks he's had a concussion, but he won't go to a hospital. He tries to talk to her, but she keeps avoiding him. She gets a wash cloth and some ice, and tends to him.

Sam is confused as to why Alexis would look into whether a dead man is her father. Alexis tries to explain about closure, and wanting to know pertinent information for her and Danny. Sam is still confused, so Alexis tells her about a rival of Sonny's going after him. She explains how when Shawn questioned one of the men, he gave him the name Julian Jerome. Sam is even more confused, so Alexis tells her that she did some research. She tells her that she found out Julian Jerome went to school in the same area she did. She needs to know if her Julian and that Julian are the same person. Sam understands that but is upset that Alexis kept this from her, and lied to her. Alexis hedges, but knows Sam is right. She tells her that she wants to run a DNA test, and tells her that she has a brother. Sam learns that her half-brother is Carly's brother.

At Metro Court, Franco leans in to kiss Carly. She quickly backs away and asks what he's doing. She gets up and says "What about your girlfriend?" He denies having one, but she grills him about Diane and his groupies. Franco tells her that he gave up the groupies. She accuses him of sleeping with Diane, but he denies it.  

Diane is at Ava's trying to talk sense into Morgan. She tells him of her rocky history with Sonny. Diane gives an impassioned defense of Sonny and says that she respects him. She also tells Morgan that Sonny really does love his children. Diane is amused at how rude Morgan is when he tells her "So when do lawyers stop giving advice, and stop doing what they're told!" He sounds just like Sonny! Morgan just wants to get on with his divorce.

Outside of Sonny's office, Michael apologizes to Kiki for Sonny questioning her. He tells her that they were just surprised to hear about Ava's brother. Kiki is just rolling with the punches, especially after her mother's lies about her father. Michael tries to comfort her, as she decides to go and see Ava. Michael has to drop the bombshell that her mother and his brother are living together.

Ava has found Derek still at the gym. She's surprised to find him in such a sleazy place. Ava hands him the contract, and her brother asks her what its for. She tells him that it's for a showing at her new gallery. He asks who's the artist, and is amused when she tells him that it's Franco. He reminds her that she hates Franco, but she admits that she's not opposed to making money off of him. She tells him that there is a lot of money to be made. He won't sign it because he doesn't want anyone to know of there connection.

Back in Sonny's office, Shawn and Sonny are trying to figure out that connection. They go over the events as they know them. They are not that far off the truth.

In Ava's penthouse, Morgan tells Diane the events that happened, up to and including the wedding party. He wants to know if he can get an annulment. Diane tells him that because the marriage was fraudulent, it would be better if Kiki sought the annulment. Morgan isn't happy, and says that Kiki left him. Diane is trying to write all this down but gets frustrated when Morgan whines that Kiki told him that she loved him when she actually loved his brother. She tells him to write everything down and talk to Ava. Morgan asks her not to flip on him. Diane tells him that she is committed to being on his side and is sure Ava is good for the money. She admits to him that she has a soft spot for Michael. She tells him that she feels partly responsible for Michael going to jail. She remembers how heartbroken Morgan was. No one could deny the love between him and Michael. He asks if this is more advice, and tells him it is. She reminds him that Michael has two fathers, and he only has one.

Kiki is freaking out after Michael tells her about Ava and Morgan. She is totally disgusted and doesn't trust Ava one bit. She surprises Michael by saying that they have to get Morgan out of there.

Ava is still at the gym, trying to convince to her brother to sign the contract. Ava is shocked to hear that Franco considers Derek, a rival for Carly's affections.

Back at GH, Alexis tells Sam that Bobbie and Tony Jones adopted Lucas. His real parents were Cheryl Stansbury and Julian Jerome, but Julian died before he was born. Like Carly before , Sam has the same reaction about their being possibly related. Alexis tells her that, and also tells her that she had to talk to Carly, because she hadn't seen Lucas since he was a teenager. So Carly talked to Bobbie, who talked to Lucas, who agreed to give the sample. Sam is slightly overwhelmed, but recalls she's been in the same place. Alexis says she wants to find out one way or the other. "How about you?" she asks Sam.

In Sonny's, office, both he and Shawn put two and two together, and come up Ava.

At the gym, Ava is appalled that Derek is interested in Carly. She tells him that Carly has been after her since she first came to town. She's gotten worse since she became involved with Morgan. Derek turns the tables on her, and says "You're involved with Sonny's son, so why shouldn't I be involved with his ex? He thinks Carly would know about Sonny's business more than Morgan. Ava warns him to be careful. "Aren't I always?" he asks smugly.

Back at Metro Court, Franco is trying to convince Carly that he's not sleeping with Diane. Carly is still curious about the woman who was in his room on his birthday. Of course, he can't tell her that it was Heather. Carly is freaking out, and Franco almost has her calmed down about Diane. Of course, that's when Diane barges in, and says "Franco, I need you now." Carly misunderstands, and takes off.

Back at GH, Alexis and Sam go over the consequences of running the DNA test. In the end, Sam agrees to let her do it.

Michael and Kiki are still outside of Sonny's office. She feels that Morgan being with her mother is all her fault. If she hadn't lied about how she felt about him, he wouldn't be with Ava right now. Michael disagrees, and says it his fault. They talk about they feel about each other again. He also says that he's sorry that Morgan got hurt, but not sorry or how he feels about her. Michael wonders why Ava is sleeping with Morgan. Kiki is convinced that Ava has an agenda, and that Morgan is in over his head.

Ava returns home to the penthouse, and asks Morgan if Diane is still here. She asks if he's okay, and he says he is. She tells him that she still has a lot of unpacking to do. She leaves him alone.  He has the legal pad still in his hand, and asks her if she has a pen. She doesn't hear him, so he goes through her purse. He finds the contract with Derek Wells's name on it.

Back in Sonny's office, Sonny is getting very very close to the truth. He wonders if Derek Wells is Julian Jerome.

An angry Carly returns to the gym. She asks Derek if lunch is still on, and he asks whether she prefers being called Corinthos or Jacks. She tells him Carly will do, and they go off.

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