GH Update Tuesday 10/15/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/15/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

It was morning in Port Charles, and Michael and Kiki had just finished having sex. Michael was startled when his alarm went off. He wanted to stay in bed with Kiki, but Kiki said she couldn't. They'd been spending most of their time in bed lately and she thought it was time that she go out and find a job. Kiki planned to ask Silas to put in a good word for her at the hospital. As a college dropout with no skills, Kiki wasn't optimistic about her prospects, but Michael urged her not to underestimate herself. Michael wished that he had the means to support the two of them, and Kiki made it clear that she wasn't interested in being a “kept woman.” Michael revealed that he'd be a very rich man in a few years once he got access to his trust fund. Kiki was surprised to hear about his trust fund. When Tracy took over ELQ, she fired Michael and banned him from the building, so he didn't have an income, either. Kiki was ready to be sole breadwinner, but Michael said her plan to ask her father for help getting a job gave him an idea.

Morgan walked up behind Ava and started kissing her neck. Ava got really into it and imagined that Morgan was Silas. Morgan, on the other hand, was imagining that he was kissing Kiki. Morgan moaned Kiki's name and it snapped him and Ava back to reality. Immediately after that, Diane arrived. She walked in and stopped short when she spotted Morgan, clad only in his pajama bottoms. Diane commented about how quickly he'd reached the age of consent. Ava wondered why Diane was there. Diane explained that she was looking for a place to host Franco's art exhibit and learned that Ava recently purchased the local art gallery.

Diane hoped that Ava would be interested in helping Franco showcase his new work. Ava wanted no part of it at first, but she reconsidered when Diane pointed out that there was a lot of money to be made. Diane pulled out a contract and said Ava just had to sign it and have her partner do the same. Morgan wanted to know who the partner was. Ava stated that her partner wouldn't be signing the contract, because they preferred to remain anonymous. Diane pointed out that the person could sign the contract without reservation, because Diane was legally obligated to keep their identity confidential. Ava was adamant that this wouldn't be good enough for her partner, so Diane gave up and said she'd go to Ava's competitor. At that point, Ava relented and agreed to have her partner sign the contract. As parting advice, Diane warned Ava that she was playing with fire getting involved with the son of two extremely protective people. Before Diane could leave, Morgan asked her to help him get out of his marriage.

Shawn met with Sonny at his office to discuss business. Sonny wanted to know if Shawn had any new leads on the person who destroyed Sonny's shipment. Everyone Shawn questioned so far had been too afraid to talk, but Shawn was going to keep working the case. Sonny asked if Shawn had any information on Ava. Shawn thought Ava and Derek's relationship ran deeper than art dealer/client as they were claiming. Shawn found it odd that Carly saw Derek and Ava having an intense conversation on the pier – the same spot where Sonny's shipment was destroyed. Shawn and Sonny noted that Derek seemed to take pleasure in plastering the details of Sonny's misfortunes on the front page of his paper. Shawn and Sonny didn't think it was a coincidence that Derek and Ava, two people who were doing things that irritated Sonny, were spending time together. Sonny wanted more information on Derek, so Shawn agreed to track him down.

Michael arrived just as Shawn left. Sonny mentioned that he hadn't seen Michael in a couple of days. Michael said he'd been a little distracted. Michael asked his father how he was feeling. Sonny felt better now that he'd taken Carly's advice and gotten back on his meds. While Sonny wasn't happy that Michael went after Morgan's girlfriend, Sonny felt bad for not telling Michael that Kiki wasn't his cousin. Sonny confessed that he'd regret his choice until the day he died and he hoped Michael could forgive him. Sonny was surprised that Michael immediately accepted Sonny's apology. He gave Michael permission to scream at him if he wanted. Sonny asked if Michael wasn't going to accuse him of choosing Morgan over him or say Sonny wasn't his father anymore. Michael assured Sonny that he'd always be his father, no matter what, and they hugged. Sonny was happy to hear that Michael and Kiki were together and happy. Michael started to tell his father that Morgan slept with Ava, but Sonny already knew. Sonny told Michael that Morgan had moved in with Ava and cut Sonny out of his life. Michael didn't think Morgan meant it. Sonny understood why Morgan wanted to live with Ava, but he didn't understand what Ava was getting out of the arrangement.

Sonny told Michael he'd received word that the gambling ring Morgan had been caught up in was run by the Jerome crime family. Then he'd been told that Julian Jerome was moving in on his territory. Sonny had suspicions that that Ava was a part of that mob family and that she'd used her daughter to target Morgan, then gone after him herself when Kiki and Morgan's marriage fell apart. Michael told Sonny that Kiki had cut Ava out of her life. Sonny advised Michael to stay away from Ava. After the business talk was over, Sonny asked for an update on Michael. Michael asked Sonny for a job on the legitimate side of Sonny's business, at the coffee warehouse. No one else would hire him, because he was a felon. Sonny had reservations; someone had just blown up one of his coffee shipments, so Carly would never approve and Sonny didn't want to risk losing another son. Michael countered that it wasn't Carly's decision. He added that he wanted to do something to help Sonny and that he'd never turn his back on him the way Morgan had. Sonny promised to see what he could do, but first they had to deal with Carly.

Alexis went to the Metro Court and asked Carly if she asked Lucas about giving a DNA sample to be tested against Sam's. Carly pointed out that Alexis could have called if that was her real reason for the visit. Carly theorized that Alexis was there fishing for details about Carly and Derek's date. Alexis insisted that she didn't care about that. Carly felt that Alexis had been flustered when she realized Carly and Derek went on a date, but Alexis swore that wasn't true, and she was adamant that there was nothing going on between her and Derek. Carly revealed that Derek had said otherwise. Alexis was curious about what Derek said about her, but then she tried to spin it like she didn't truly care what he said. Carly explained that he said he and Alexis had gotten very close during Danny's illness. Alexis said they had gotten close as acquaintances, but Carly countered that it didn't look that way to her. Carly asked if Alexis wanted Derek. Alexis wondered why Carly cared; she thought Carly wanted him for herself. Carly revealed that she only went to dinner with Derek to find information on Ava. Alexis didn't understand, so Carly brought her up to speed on Ava sleeping with Morgan and on Derek's mysterious connection to Ava. Carly thought Ava and Derek had a close, but non- romantic, non- business relationship. “So your date with Derek wasn't romantic?” Alexis asked. Carly said it wasn't at first, but things changed when Franco showed up. Alexis was shocked and wondered if this meant Carly had a romantic interest in Franco. Carly quickly said no. Just then, a a man arrived and handed Carly an envelope. Carly gave it to Alexis – it was Lucas' DNA sample. Carly was motivated to help because she thought Jason's son deserved to know his heritage. Alexis thanked Carly. Carly wondered how Sam would feel about having a mobster father, and Alexis said it would be something Sam had in common with her sisters.

Sam, who was all dressed up in a little black dress, went to the hospital to see Silas. He asked if Danny was okay. He was fine and with Monica. Silas mentioned that GH hadn't hired Monica's replacement yet. He was curious about the reason for Sam's visit, and she revealed that she was returning his shirt. Silas made a joke about Sam running a laundry service that offered wine and delivery. Sam added that it included a kiss. It was clear that they were both disappointed that their evening had been cut short. Silas suggested a do-over tonight. Sam wondered if he had a plan that was interruption-proof. Before he could answer, Kiki walked over to them. She asked if Danny was okay and Sam said yes, thanks to his donor and Kiki's dad. Sam sensed the awkwardness and realized it had been too soon to refer to Silas that way. Kiki and Silas admitted it was still weird for them. Silas had been meaning to call. He still felt bad for running out of Kiki's and Morgan's party, but he hoped they were doing well. Silas and Sam were shocked when Kiki told them the marriage was over, she was with her brother in law and Morgan was with her mother. Kiki admitted she never should have married Morgan, because she was in love with Michael, but she worried that she was “trampy for moving from one brother to the other. Silas assured her that she wasn't. He blamed Ava for leading Kiki and Michael to believe they were related. Sam added that at least Alexis had good reason for not telling Sam who her father was.

Kiki was curious about how Silas and Ava met. Silas had been drawn to Ava from the moment they met. He was in his last year of med school and she was opening a gallery. Silas recalled that Ava had borrowed money from her brother. Kiki was confused and angry; Ava always said she was an only child. Silas had never met Ava's brother, but he knew Ava claimed her brother was connected and very wealthy. Sam offered to look into this for Kiki for free, and Kiki appreciated the offer, but turned Sam down because she liked to pay her own way. Kiki used that to segue into asking Silas to put in a good word for her at the hospital. Kiki was concerned that she wasn't asking too much, but Silas assured her he was happy to help. Silas wondered why Kiki wanted to work at GH and Kiki explained that she hoped it would give them a chance to get to know each other. Silas felt the same way. Kiki left. Sam was impressed with Kiki for remaining strong despite all the things she'd been dealing with. Silas was too. He was glad Kiki could take care of herself, because he didn't know how to be a father to her. He decided to start by taking her resume to HR. Sam decided to help find Kiki's uncle. Sam and Silas resumed the their discussion about Silas's interruption-proof idea for them. Silas smiled and told Sam she'd see later. He was glad he had a clean shirt to wear. Sam said if he was lucky, he'd get to take it off again. Silas grinned and walked away. Sam suddenly became embarrassed by what she'd just said.

Alexis went to GH and asked a lab tech to run Sam's DNA, which was on file, against Lucas's. The tech asked about consent forms. Alexis had Lucas's written consent and she tried to trick the lab tech into thinking she had Sam's consent too. Sam rounded the corner and asked what was going on.

Derek was at the Volonino's Gym kicking a punching bag when Franco walked in and approached him. Derek wanted to know how Franco knew he was there. “I followed you” Franco replied, plainly. Franco warned Derek to stay away from Carly. Derek wasn't shaken. He asked what Franco would do if he did see her again – kill him? “You just stay away from Carly and then I won't have to kill you” Franco said. Derek resumed his workout, while noting that Franco had already made an unsuccessful attempt to keep him away from Carly. Derek told Franco that he and Carly had noticed Franco and Diane stage a date in order to make Carly jealous. At first Franco tried to pretend he was actually into Diane, but he quickly gave up and asked if his plan had worked. Derek said Carly wasn't jealous. Derek explained that Carly had spontaneously kissed him, while Franco was kissing Diane. Franco took that as a sign that Carly had indeed been jealous. Derek didn't care why Carly kissed him; he found her attractive and was eager to get to know her better. Franco disapproved of the way Derek was talking about Carly and he made it clear that he wouldn't let Derek use her. Derek thought it was hypocritical for a criminal like Franco to see himself as Carly's protector. He wondered if Franco was going to try and convince Carly that she redeemed him.

Derek pondered whether or not someone as evil as Franco was capable of love, and if he was, did that mean he wasn't evil. Franco had enough of the hypotheticals and he tried to buy Derek off. Derek replied that he didn't need Franco's money and Carly didn't need his protection. Franco asked what Derek wanted in exchange for leaving Carly alone. Derek suggested a sparring match. Shawn entered the gym, but hung back out of sight. He overheard Derek ask Franco if he knew how to box. Franco said yes. Derek set the terms – if Derek won, Franco would stay away from both Derek and Carly. Derek, Franco and a ref got into the ring and went over the rules of the sport. Derek was ready to fight, but Franco stalled – he wanted to talk. Derek stopped jabbing at Franco and agreed to talk. He asked if Franco had kissed Carly before and when Franco refused to answer, Derek raved about Carly's kissing skills. Franco had enough and punched Derek in the face. Derek laughed and admitted Franco was better at this than he thought he would be. Franco punched Derek again and knocked him against the ropes. Derek called it a lucky shot, and Franco countered that it had been more like a couple of dozen lucky shots, Derek said he was distracted by thoughts of Carly. Franco responded by punching Derek in the face again, knocking him down. Derek noticed Carly walking in, out of Franco's line of sight. He called a timeout and asked Franco why they were fighting. Franco assumed Derek was punch-drunk. He told him they were fighting for Carly. Franco saw Carly, just as he said this. Carly demanded to know what Franco was doing. “I'm winning” Franco said, while looking at Carly. Derek seized the moment and punched Franco in the face, causing him to fall flat on his back. Carly yelled Franco's name.

Back at Sonny's office, Sonny and Michael wrapped up their talk. Michael thanked Sonny for telling him about Morgan. Sonny was glad Michael had his life together. Shawn walked in and discreetly told Sonny that Derek and Franco were sparring. Sonny wondered what that was about.

Kiki stopped by Sonny's office to meet Michael. As they were getting ready to leave, Kiki told Michael about the uncle Ava been keeping secret from her. Sonny and Shawn were intrigued, and Sonny asked Kiki for more details.

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