GH Update Monday 10/14/13

General Hospital Update Monday 10/14/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

While Patrick is in his office, he gets a muffled phone call when Robin manages to call him. She tells him she needs his help.

Sabrina is talking to Felix at the hospital. He remarks that he can see that she was talking to Patrick and noticed Patrick is no longer wearing his wedding ring. He concludes that it's a good sign and may mean that Patrick is ready to move on with her. But she is not entirely certain of that.

On Cassadine Island, Tracy is ready to pull a gun on Jerry Jacks to save Luke. But he tells her he doubts she will have the courage to go through with that. She tells him she's not going to let him get away with what he's doing to Luke and for killing her brother, Alan.

Back in Port Charles, after Nikolas asks Brit why Faison would be interested in her infant son, she reveals to him, for the first time that Faison is her biological father.

After Liesl goes to see Faison in his cell knowing the only way he'll see her if she has him believing she's Anna, she departs while Anna goes to find out why “someone” had gone to see Faison whom the guards believe is her. She confronts Liesl telling her she now knows the answer to that question.

Tracy holds the gun on Jerry and tells him she buts her father and brother is ready to encourage her to pull the trigger. She tells Jerry she has every reason to kill him but won't if he gives her the antidote. And she asks him what it's going to be.

At the hospital, Felix assumes that Sabrina finally got up the courage to tell Patrick how she really feels, revealing what's really going on. But she lets him know it's not that simple. She talks about how Carlos finally showed up out of nowhere revealing to her and to Patrick that she wants her back. It was he who first brought up that Patrick is still wearing his wedding ring, which means he's not over Robin. And Carlos had to tell Patrick, right in front of her, that Sabrina is nothing more to Patrick than a glorified babysitter with benefits. Hearing that, Felix encourages Sabrina to know that they must have proven Carlos wrong. But she tells him it's not that simple. She has her doubts. And she declares that it seems every time she takes a step closer to Patrick, he takes a step back.

Patrick is in the room on the phone hearing Robin but losing the connection while she protests that Jerry Jacks is holding her captive.

Tracy is determined to save Luke from Jerry, but Jerry warns them that they could ruin the serum that could save many lives that they do not want to lose.

Anna holds the gun on the “woman who looks exactly like her” whom she knows is Liesl, although the guard has no proof. He finds it hard to believe that the woman who looks and talks exactly like Anna (her twin standing right beside her while Anna holds a gun on her) is wearing an “Anna mask” just like Faison wore a “Duke Lavery mask” in order to impersonate him in the attempt to win Anna over and escape from captivity. The other woman (who looks and talks exactly like Anna) tells the guard it's true that Liesl Obrecht Westbourne is on the lose but she (herself) is the real Anna Devane (she looks and sounds exactly like Anna) and there is no proof to the contrary. Both women holds gun on each other. The guard demands they both drop their weapons. And he holds a gun on both of them, telling them they better do as he says or he will shoot both of them and he will let his superiors sort it out. They both drop their guns to the floor. He instructs them both to rise. They both stare at each other.

At the hospital, Sabrina informs Felix that she mistakenly thought that Patrick had tickets for them to go away together. But then she discovered that he kept tickets he was going to save for him and Robin for her birthday. He encourages her to know that she and Patrick are ready to move forward. She tells him that she knows that she and Patrick have a whole world to explore together.

Patrick is distraught after losing the connection when Robin attempted to call him. He calls information in a desperate attempt to retrieve and call the number that just called him.

On Cassadine Island, Robin struggles to call Patrick again. But the battery dies.

Jerry tells Tracy that she needs to know his intention was to use Luke as a guinea pig. He reminds her she has traveled a long way and asks if she is sure she wants to risk giving him a lethal dose. He tells her it's possible it will save Luke. He tells her the single dose could be fatal. But if she splits it among both him and Jerry, it could save them both. She tells Jerry she could care less if he dies but is not certain what to do.

Anna stands up and shoots at Liesl who shoots back at her and it appears Anna has shot Liesl who falls to the floor but gets up. They both struggle and fight. Liesl falls to the floor and appears to have passed out. Anna removes the mask from her to prove that she is the "Anna imposter."

Back at Port Charles, Nikolas informs Brit that he's called in a few favors and will hopefully be able to find Faison. She explains that she knows her mother is working with Faison. Because she always wanted “in” with Faison and his dastardly deeds, she got pregnant by him. That's the reason she's alive. He then asks her if her mother her up to pulling a similar stunt with Patrick by having him falsely believing that Ben was his. She tells him she's sure he must be disgraced to hear that. But he tells her he has enough evil in his family. His father was an evil psychopath. And his mother abandoned him after choosing to marry the psychopath and getting pregnant by his father with him. She concludes that he has one evil parent but she has two. She tells him she has lied enough to him and knows she better leave him alone and he has to reason to ever see her again. But he tells her he does not think ill of her. She's been a great friend to him. She's shown him she's amazingly strong after all she's been through. She's a great doctor and has earned his respect and mustn't feel he judges her. She thanks him for saying that. He holds her and tells her they will find her son. He promises.

Anna finds Faison whose hands are in shackles while Liesl is on the ground. She tells him he better not come any closer. He tells her he would never hurt her and is in love with her. But she tells him to shut up and she does not want to hear another word about his sick obsession. What she wants is answer. She wants to know if her daughter, Robin is alive.

After Robin loses the phone connection to Patrick, she holds the baby and assures him things will be ok and she wile return him to his father.

Patrick struggles, tries and fails to find the number that just called him. While in the other room, Felix encourages Sabrina to know that she and Patrick have a whole world in front of them. Patrick rushes out , distraught and reveals to them that Robin has just called him and he needs to get back to her.

Robin holds the baby and assesses that she has to get back to Patrick one way or another.

While Luke is in the bed and sick, Tracy fires a shot at Jerry and shoots him in the arm failing to kill him. He tells them that he wishes them luck getting back to Port Charles, warning them that the plutonium could kill them before they get back. They escape while he yells to the guard to prevent them from escaping. But the guard does not respond.

Robin recalls that she learned a little trick from her cousin, Maxie who could not keep a cell phone charged to save her soul but learned to be very resourceful reviving dead batteries. She tells the baby if she can master this, she might be able to reach Patrick. She rubs the phone and batteries with a towel hoping the plan will work.

In the other room, Faison responds to Anna's question about Robin telling her that her daughter passed away in a tragic lab accident over a year ago. But she tells him she knows otherwise. Robert told her he saw her and knew that Jerry and Liesl are keeping her captive. He asks her what she wants from him. She tells him if he says he loves her and has always loved her, then he must know how much her daughter means to her. She cries and tells him if Robin is out there somewhere, she needs to find her daughter. Robin needs her mother. She pleads with Faison to tell her if Robin is alright. He replies yes. She is alive and alright for the time being. Anna then concludes that it was not a dream. She asks Faison if her daughter was really at the clinic and demands to know how he could keep her from her mother. H then tells her he knew that he could make her love him if he brought Robin back to him. She then concludes that is how he orchestrated playing Duke. She tells him he is demented. And this stops now. She tells him she demands to know where Liesl took Robin.

Jerry runs into the room where Robin is. She can see he's been shot. She tells him she's done what he has wanted. So he now has to let her go home. But Jerry tells her that there's been a “slight change of plans”.

Back at Port Charles, Patrick declares to Sabrina that he heard from Robin. He now has to call Anna and tell her that her daughter is alive. She does not believe he knows what he's talking about and urges him not to tell his from her mother in law that her deceased daughter is alive when it's not true.

When Anna appears to have convinced Faison to help her find Robin, Liesl comes to and prevents that from happening. She tells Faison he needs to forget about that woman who does not love him. He does not have a future with her. He has a future with her (Liesl) and their grandson. If they make it out of there soon enough, they will get out of there without consequence in enough time. So, she asks him, what is it going to be?

Nikolas makes calls for Brit to attempt to find her mom and Faison. She plays the video of her mother holding the baby and “assuring” her daughter that she did what she did for a reason and one day they will all be one big happy family.. Nikolas closely observes the video and surroundings of where Liesl is and he concludes to her that he can see that Liesl is right now on Cassadine Island.

Jerry tells Robin that it's too late for the plutonium to save him. But he tells her that they can only go free of he has the cure. And their agreement still stands. If he dies, so does she.

Patrick protests to Sabrina that he has to do what he has to do and he knows he heard from Robin. Meanwhile, she struggles to get back to him.

Luke and Tracy struggle to get back to Port Charles and save his life before it's too late.

Anna struggles with Faison who is tempted to help her find Robin in order to win her love and Liesl who wants to discourage him from yet again pursuing his one-sided love for Anna and to, instead, join forces with her, their daughter and their grandson.

Nikolas now knows how to find the people who have Britt's son knowing that they are on his family's island.

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