GH Update Friday 10/11/13

General Hospital Update Friday 10/11/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the Metro Court, Olivia tells Duke that she saw Faison kissing Anna. Duke tells her that it is not possible, because Anna would never kiss Faison.

In the visitation room at the prison, Faison kisses “Anna”, then tells her how she kissed him, not Duke or Robert, but him. “Anna” agrees with him that she did. Faison asks her if it is possible that she loves him, and she says that she does.

At check in at the prison, Anna arrives, telling the guard that she is there to see Cesar Faison.

Faison tells “Anna” that he knew she would love him after he told her about Robin. “Anna” tells him how she does love him, then starts to speak German. She begins to remove her ask as Faison asks her what she is doing. Dr. Obrecht tells him that she is not Anna, but Dr. Obrecht.

At Wyndemere, Britt flashes back to conversations with Nikolas about Ben disappearing, and to the conversation she and Nikolas had with Anna about Dr. Obrecht covering her tracks, making a flight “disappear”.  Nikolas walks into the room, telling Britt that he just got off the phone with the PCPD. Britt asks what Anna said. Nikolas tells her that he didn’t speak with Anna, because she is out of the country.

Dr. Obrecht tells Faison that she’s sorry to have disappointed him, but Anna is far away.

Anna tells the guard that she’s cleared to see Faison, and the guard agrees. He tells her that she’s already signed in on the visitor’s log.

In his room on Cassadine Island, stirs violently in response to a nightmare as Tracy sits by his side.

In the lab on Cassadine Island, Robin calls Jerry into the lab. He asks what she wants. Robin announces that she has the cure for him, now she wants to be released.

In his office at General Hospital, Patrick remembers a conversation with Robin about going away to Paris together as he looks at the tickets he had purchased for them. He is interrupted by Sabrina’s arrival. Sabrina sees the tickets to Paris, and asks if she’s ruined a surprise.

Jerry tells Robin he can’t let her go yet, because he doesn’t know that he can trust the cure she came up with. He tells her that a part of this is thanks to Robin’s trying to kill Dr. Obrecht. Robin tells him that she doesn’t know how to prove that the cure is real. Jerry says that he does.

Tracy wakes Luke from his nightmare. Luke shares with her that he had a nightmare about being with Helena, that Helena was surrounded by flames and pushing him to the abyss. Tracy tells him that Helena is not here, and she’s not going to get to him. She tells him that if Helena tried, she would have to fight her to get to him.

Britt wonders if Anna is out of the country, following a lead on Dr. Obrecht. Nikolas informs her that Anna left the country because Robert had come out of his coma. Britt is worried that no one is working on finding Ben, because Anna hates her. Nikolas assures her that Anna put her best people on the case. Britt apologizes for her behavior, reminding him how her mother is a terrible mother and person.

Faison lays into Dr. Obrecht for disguising herself as Anna and kissing him. Dr. Obrecht reminds him that he did the exact same thing when he disguised himself as Duke to get close to Anna.

Duke and Olivia discuss how Anna kissing Faison is a ridiculous notion, and how Anna is in Switzerland with Robert. Duke then hesitates when he tells Olivia that with Faison, anything is possible.

Faison tells Dr. Obrecht that what he said was for Anna’s ears only, not hers, and that the reason he previously disguised himself as Duke is that it was the only way he could get close to Anna.

Anna continues to argue with the guard over whether or not she had checked in. The guard tells her that Anna Devane checked in 30 minutes ago, and that as a high security facility, they don’t make mistakes. Anna asks to see his supervisor when the guard starts to wonder if perhaps there was a mistake after all, then said he would look into seeing what happened. As she waits, her cell phone rings. Duke has called her, and first asks her how Robert is doing, then tells her about Olivia’s vision of her kissing Faison.

Faison tries to dismiss Dr. Obrecht after acknowledging that she has gotten her revenge on him. Dr. Obrecht refuses to leave just yet. She says she wants to tell him about his grandchild.

Jerry tells a crying Ben how he won’t go anywhere until he is able to make sure Robin’s cure works by testing it on someone. Robin volunteers to test the cure on herself.

Sabrina guesses first that the tickets are because they watched MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, then guessed that they are a birthday present. Patrick then breaks the news to her that the tickets were for him and Robin.

Jerry tells Robin that she can’t test the cure on herself, because she doesn’t have polonium poisoning, and that he has concerns that the cure could cause a bad reaction when combined with Robin’s HIV cocktail. Robin wonders if he is going to intentionally give someone polonium poisoning to be able to test the cure. Jerry announces to her that he’s already found someone with polonium poisoning that he intends to test the cure on.

Luke tells Tracy that he would pay good money to see her fight Helena. Tracy reminds him that he doesn’t have money. Tracy tells him that Helena is not a concern right now, but Jerry is because he’s going to be back to test a cure on Luke. Tracy tells him that Jerry doesn’t know she’s there, so she can get the jump on him and fix him up. Luke tells her that he doesn’t know if he will last that long

Dr. Obrecht tells Faison that their daughter gave birth to their grandchild. Faison only vaguely remembers Britt. Dr. Obrecht tells him that without Britt, they would not have their grandson.

Anna tells Duke that Olivia’s vision of her kissing Faison is insane, and Duke agrees. Anna then breaks the news to Duke that there’s been a complication to her visit to Switzerland.

Faison asks Dr. Obrecht what his grandson’s name is. Dr. Obrecht comments that it’s an American name, but they will re-name him “Little Cesar”, then promises to take Faison to his grandson.

Britt worries about her son, and that her mother doesn’t appear to care about how much she worries about him. Nikolas tells her that she doesn’t know her mother’s motives, and he tries to calm her. Britt admits to looking through missing person websites, hoping to find a lead on her son. She then finds an email from her mother.

Patrick explains to Sabrina that the he was going to take Robin to Paris, Rio and Tokyo for her birthday. Sabrina is embarrassed for assuming that the tickets were for her and Patrick. Patrick tries to let her know that she has nothing to be embarrassed about, but she starts to leave to go to the hospital, not able to face Patrick.

Jerry explains to Robin that he intends to give his test subject just enough of the cure to see if it will kill him, or if it is ok, but not enough to cure him. He reveals to Robin that he intends to allow the test subject to die after the test, and that he believes that this person is going to die sooner rather than later, given his condition.

Luke tells Tracy that he may no longer be able to be cured. Tracy refuses to hear such things. Luke tells her that he has some things that he wants to say to her, the proceeds to tell her how much she means to him and how much he loves her. Tracy thinks that he’s just saying such things because he’s about to die. Luke tells her that if he survives and they get out of their predicament, he wants to give himself to her completely, if she wants him. Tracy tells him that she wants it more than anything.

Robin says that she doesn’t like knowing that Jerry will let someone die after testing the cure on them. Jerry promises her that once they test the cure, see that their test subject doesn’t die and Jerry himself starts to improve, Robin will be allowed to go home to her family.

Patrick tells Sabrina about his conversation with Elizabeth. He tells Sabrina that Elizabeth believes that the reason he’s been thinking about Robin so much is because he’s ready to move on. Sabrina asks him what he thinks.

Anna fills Duke in on Robert remembering what happened before he went into his coma, then tells him that she needs to confirm the information with Faison. Duke isn’t happy about it, and ask what she needs confirm. Anna tells him that she prefers to keep that between her and Robert, for now, but does promise that she will not kiss Faison.

Faison accuses Dr. Obrecht of tormenting him with promises of freedom and seeing his grandson when his grandson is in Port Charles. Dr. Obrecht tells him that his grandson is no longer in Pot Charles.

Britt opens the email that her mother sent to find a picture of Ben, and a note stating that Dr. Obrecht would not harm him. She promises that they will all be together soon, and will be a happy family.

Patrick tells Sabrina that he has accepted that Robin is gone. He tells her that he wants to be fair to her as well. He says that he wants to take trips with Sabrina, and Sabrina says she would like that.  Patrick then tears up the tickets he purchased for himself and Robin.

Jerry leaves Robin to go test her cure. Robin tries to comfort a crying Ben, wondering aloud if Jerry is lying, or would he honestly keep his word and let her go when he gets his cure.

Dr. Obrecht tells Faison that Robin is caring for his grandson until they get home. Faison doubts that Dr. Obrecht would be able to get him out of prison. Dr. Obrecht that In her Anna Devane disguise, she will be able to fool the prison officials into believing that she is taking him to the WSB facilities in Hague. Faison still doubts that she can so it.

The guard returns to Anna to inform her that he was told by the guard on duty that she is currently in visiting with Faison, as the other guard escorted her there personally.

Britt and Nikolas try to figure out where Dr. Obrecht has taken Ben. Nikolas tries to help her figure out if Dr. Obrecht had a favorite place. Reviewing her mother’s message, Britt says she thinks she knows where her mother took her son.

Robin continues to wonder if Jerry will release her, theorizing that if Jerry had no intention of doing so, he could have killed her at any time. She wonders if she knows too much and will never see Patrick and Emma again.

Tracy tells Luke that she intends to hold him to his promise to give himself to her when they get home. She hides as Jerry returns. Jerry tells Luke that he has a cure to test on him. Luke asks if he is sure he doesn’t want to share. Jerry is sure that he doesn’t. Tracy reveals herself, demanding that Jerry hand over the cure.

Duke tells Olivia that he has spoken to Anna, and shares with her what Anna told him about being with Faison. He tells her that Anna is looking for answers, but doesn’t know regarding what, as Anna wouldn’t tell him yet.

Robin tries to get a signal on her cell phone to be able to call out for help.

Britt tells Nikolas that she believes that her mother took her son to see Faison. Nikolas asks where Britt got that from. Britt reveals to Nikolas that Faison is her father.

Anna tries to convince the guard that she is not with Faison, and has not been. The guard tells her that he’s following protocol. Anna tells him that she cannot be in two places at once.

Dr. Obrecht puts the Anna mask back on, and asks Faison how she looks. He says she never looked better, but Dr. Obrecht tells him that if he doesn’t stop drooling over the Anna mask, she won’t help him. She tells him to wait while she goes to arrange the transfer.

Anna tells the guard that she intends to prove that the person in with Faison is not her, and that she is really Anna Devane.

Sabrina tells Patrick that he didn’t have to tear up the tickets, but he believes that he did. They share “I love you”s, and they plan to go on the trip of a lifetime. Sabrina tells him that she would like to start with Rome.

Robin is able to get enough signal to make a cell phone call. She calls home and Patrick answers the phone.

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