GH Update Thursday 10/10/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/10/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

On Cassadine Island, Jerry walked into the lab carrying a breakfast tray with food and medicine for Robin. Robin was feeding Ben a bottle. She snapped that if Jerry wanted a cure, he was going to have to wait. Jerry said he came to bring her a motivator. Robin sarcastically asked if it was a plane ticket. Jerry revealed that had a jet fueled and waiting to take her home once she cured him. Jerry felt that it had been foolish of Robin to hit Obrecht and try to escape. Robin recalled Dr. Obrecht saying that she was going to visit someone she loved as much as Robin loved Patrick. Robin wondered why Obrecht didn't take Ben with her, and Jerry told her not to try and understand the motives of a sociopath. Robin was glad she had the baby to keep her company. Jerry told her not to get sidetracked from her assignment. He lifted the cover off of a plate and revealed a muffin with a candle in it. Robin didn't understand. Jerry told her that it was her birthday. Robin didn't know what day it was, for sure, and didn't trust Jerry to tell her the truth.

Jerry launched into a little history lesson on Robin. She'd been born in Italy and called Robin Soltini, a fake last name to protect her from her WSB agent mother's enemies. As a child, Robin thought Anna was just a family friend, and Robert didn't know Robin existed until well after her birth. Robin asked Jerry what he hoped to gain by acknowledging her birthday. Jerry hoped it would motivate her to find a cure, so she didn't have to spend any more birthdays away from her family. Jerry reminded her that she'd die if he died. Robin said she remembered all his death threats. Jerry preferred to think of the more pleasant scenario in which they both lived. He told her to get back to work and he left. Robin lit the candle in her muffin. She put Ben in his stroller and sat down at her microscope. Robin vowed to find a cure and go home today.

Robert phoned Anna from his hospital bed and left her a voicemail. He advised her to take a weapon when she visited Faison. Robert added that Faison would clam up if Anna came on too strong, so she shouldn't ask him any direct questions about Robin. Robert ended the phone call and looked up to see Mac standing in the doorway. Mac hadn't heard anything. Robert told him he'd been leaving a message for Anna. Mac didn't understand why Anna had just left out of the blue, and he pressed Robert for an explanation. Robert thought about Anna telling him not to tell anyone about Robin. He told Mac she was out chasing bad guys. Mac assumed Anna went after Obrecht, and he told Robert that Obrecht kidnapped her grandson. Mac hoped the baby would be okay, but he figured there was a good chance that Obrecht planned to use him as a lab rat. Mac changed the subject to Robert's recovery and he noted that the doctors were surprised by Robert's quick progress. Mac and Robert talked about it being Robert's birthday. Robert felt guilty for missing so many important moments in Robin's. Life. He noted that he even missed her funeral, “even though...” Robert trailed off and Mac asked him what he meant. Robert said he regretted not being there. Mac didn't think anyone had expected Robert to show up after he'd seen Robin's body after the explosion, but Robert felt like he could have been stronger, especially for Anna. Mac told Robert that Robin's funeral had been recorded, so some of the footage could be used in a tribute to her. Robert asked Mac to play it, so Mac let Robert watch from his laptop.

Mac's speech from the funeral was paired with current scenes of Robin in the lab. Mac spoke about Robin's courage and large capacity for hope and love. In the lab, Robin sighed in frustration and laid down on her cot. Elizabeth talked about Robin's stubbornness and her habit of fighting hard for the people she loved. Robin bolted upright and went back to the microscope. Anna talked about how capable and self sufficient Robin was. Patrick shared the ways that Robin had changed his life and taught him that family and love mattered and taught him compassion. Robin looked up from the microscope and smiled. She called Jerry into the lab and told him she found the cure.

Watching the funeral was hard on Mac. Robert saw his brother's tears and almost told him that Robin was alive, but decided against it when he remembered Anna telling him not to get anyone's hopes up. Robert said he thought they should stop focusing on Robin's funeral and remember her as the way she was before she died, instead. Mac agreed. Mac put his hand on Robert's and they wished Robin a happy birthday.

Duke went to the Metro Court for breakfast. Olivia asked if he wanted his usual table for two, and Duke told her he was alone today, because Anna was off visiting Robert. Olivia joined Duke at the table. Duke had gotten some messages from Anna but hadn't spoken to her yet. He assumed she was spending a lot of time with Robert. Olivia noticed that Duke looked kind of down. Duke admitted he was concerned Robert might decide he wanted Anna back. Olivia smacked him across the back of his head for thinking Anna would leave him. She pointed out that Robert and Anna had had twenty years to get back together, but they didn't because Anna loved Duke. Duke thanked Olivia for making him feel better, but Duke started feeling insecure again when Olivia gushed about how appealing she found Robert. She thought he was attractive, that his job was exciting and she loved his accent. Olivia had developed a crush on Robert back when she helped him figure out that Faison was masquerading as Duke. Duke was still angry that Faison had attempted to steal his life, and he wondered how Robert figured out the truth. Olivia recounted her role in exposing Faison. She had a psychic vision of Faison's face whenever she saw “Duke” and Lulu put her in contact with Robert, who had Elizabeth sketch the face in Olivia's vision. Duke thought he should try to call Anna again. He explained that this was Robin's birthday and would be difficult for Anna. Although Olivia didn't know Robin well, she knew how much Sonny loved her. Duke talked about what a wonderful stepdaughter Robin had been.

Duke credited Olivia and Robert for giving him his life back. If it hadn't been for them, he would still be in Switzerland strapped to a bed and he wouldn't have gotten Anna back. Duke noticed that Olivia was staring intently at something over his shoulder. Olivia saw Faison and Anna locked in a kiss. Shocked, she told Duke about her vision.

At Kelly's, Patrick urged Emma to eat, but she was too preoccupied with drawing. Elizabeth walked in and greeted them. Liz showed Patrick the newspaper – AJ was on the front page, for a story about Connie's murder. Liz joined the Drakes and shared that she hadn't seen AJ since the arraignment. Liz admitted that she missed AJ; he made her laugh and he was good with her sons. Patrick apologized for not being there for Liz. Liz understood that he was busy, but Patrick felt that it was inexcusable that he hadn't supported Liz the way Liz had supported him and Emma after Robin's death. Emma cheerfully piped up that today was Robin's birthday. Liz knew and she had thought about that as soon as she woke up that morning. Emma showed Liz her drawing – it was a birthday card for Robin. Emma had drawn Robin as angel floating above Patrick and Emma. Emma wished they were able to see Robin in Heaven. Emma asked Patrick if they could put the card in the memory box they had for Robin. Emma told Liz that Patrick kept Robin's wedding ring in the box and he'd put his ring in it, too. Patrick sent Emma to show her card to TJ. It was clear that Patrick was still emotional about his decision. Patrick explained that Sabrina had been amazing and that he took off the ring to show her that he was ready to move on. Liz shared that people at the hospital had been gossiping about Sabrina's ex. She wondered how much of an impact Carlos' arrival had on Patrick's decision. Patrick admitted that Carlos had coincidentally made a comment about the ring. However, Patrick insisted that he only removed the ring because he loved Sabrina and desired a future with her. Patrick was surprised by his feelings. He had assumed that he'd gain closure when he took off the ring, but instead, he felt more connected to Robin than he ever had. Emma returned carrying a muffin with a candle in it. TJ gave it to her, so she could celebrate Robin's birthday. Patrick lit the candle, and he thought about the last time he and Robin celebrated her birthday. Patrick had given her tickets for trips to Rio, Tokyo and Paris. Meanwhile, back on Cassadine Island, Robin had the same memory.

Emma made a wish for Robin. She told Patrick that Robin wished she could come home to them. Emma realized she left her card behind, and she went to get it. Patrick told Liz about his memory. Liz revealed that Robin had told Liz about the tickets, and even though Robin had lived in Paris for years, she had been looking forward to seeing it with Patrick. Patrick regretted that he didn't immediately whisk Robin away and take her on the trips – if he had, Robin wouldn't have been in the lab when it exploded. Liz urged him to focus on the good times he and Robin had instead of on the things they missed out on. Patrick dried his tears. Liz told Patrick not to forget how much Robin loved him. She theorized that Patrick felt so close to Robin today, because it was her birthday and because he realized it was time to let her go. Patrick thought she was probably right. Patrick said that when he took off the ring, he felt in his body that something was missing. Liz told him that taking the ring off meant he was saying goodbye. Patrick started crying again. Liz realized she had to leave. She hugged Patrick and asked him to call if he needed her. Emma returned with her card. Patrick told her it was time for school. Emma asked him to hold on to the card for her. “Happy birthday, my love” Patrick said to Robin.

Anna arrived at Steinmauer Maximum Security prison and showed the guard her badge. She announced that she was there to visit Cesar Faison on a matter of life and death. Anna asked for and was given permission to take her gun with her. She was lead to a small room, and Faison was brought in soon afterward. Faison was pleased that his dream had come true – Anna had come to see him. Anna told him she had to ask him something very important. Faison interrupted and apologized for deceiving Anna by pretending to be Duke. Faison still believed he and Anna could have been happy together if his plan hadn't fallen apart. He asked her forgiveness and Anna said she might be able to forgive him some day, but it would depend on how he answered her question. Anna brought up Robin. Faison knew Robin was at the forefront of Anna's mind, especially since today was her birthday. Anna was surprised he knew. Faison said he knew, because Robin was the daughter of the woman he loved above all. Faison seemed concerned about Anna's feelings. He thought Robin must feel as far away from Anna as Anna felt from him. Anna talked about the pain of knowing she'd never see Robin again.

Faison revealed that Robin was alive. “That's impossible!” Anna exclaimed. Faison told her it was true – he'd kept her alive, for Anna, with help from Ewen Keenan, Jerry and Dr. Obrecht. Anna stated that Obrecht was devoted to Faison. Loyal to him, to a fault and had even tried to kill someone to gain his affection. Faison seemed exasperated about hat and yelled that Obrecht was in love with him. Anna stood and stepped back. Anna figured Faison must have some affection for Obrecht, but Faison said he had never, and would never, return Obrecht's feelings. He insisted that he loved Anna and only Anna. Faison stood and began to approach Anna, who looked frightened and moved backward until she was against the wall. Faison leaned in toward Anna and kissed her lightly. Anna didn't move, so he raised his handcuffed arms and gently cupped her face. Faison was pleased that Anna had kissed him back. He said he knew she'd fall in love with him when he told her about Robin. “Yes, I love you” Anna growled, while crying. She started grumbling in German and grabbed the skin at the base of her neck. Faison backed away and cowered as he watched “Anna” peel off her face and reveal that she was actually Obrecht.

The real Anna walked into the prison lobby and asked to see Faison.

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