GH Update Wednesday 10/9/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/9/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Carly is at the Metro Court restaurant, when Alexis approaches her saying "Just the woman I'm looking for." Carly huffs in disbelief. She tells Carly that she wants to talk to her about her brother Lucas. Carly doesn't understand why, then Alexis says she really wants to talk about his father. "Tony?" Carly assumes. Carly is thrown for a loop, but Alexis tells her that she wants to talk about Lucas's biological father, Julian Jerome.

Taylor turns up at Kelly's, much to TJ's surprise. He asks what she's doing there. She says that she likes the way he makes a milkshake with extra whipped cream. She says that she'll pay for it and says besides "We're friends, right?" TJ isn't so sure since she's been hanging around her new boyfriend Rafe. Taylor chuckles.

Rafe and Molly have arrived at Sam's bearing gifts and balloons to welcome home Danny. They ask where Danny is and a nervous Sam tells them it's not a good time. Just as Molly asks "Why not?" Silas comes downstairs without his shirt on.

Franco approaches Derek's room, just as he is leaving for his date with Carly. Franco asks where he is going, knowing full well about who his date is. Derek tells him that he's having dinner with Carly. Franco tells him that isn't a good idea.

Maxie and Spinelli have arrived at the Falconeri loft, with a vastly different agenda than its owners. Lulu start with saying, that they just want to clear the air. Dante backs her up saying, that they want to get things straightened out. For Connie's sake, they say so she knows where she belongs. Lulu hands Maxie the adoption papers for them to sign. Maxie is surprised at this turn of events. She and Spinelli glance at each other realizing their mistake. Seeing her hesitation, Lulu hands her a pen.

Carly is surprised that Alexis knows who Lucas's real father was. Carly tells her that it isn't public knowledge, but Alexis knows that. She just found out recently about the connection. Carly thinks it's none of Alexis's business. She warns her that neither Bobbie or Lucas want this advertised. Alexis tells her that's not a problem.

Silas cracks a joke about the balloons but it doesn't go over well. Molly and Rafe are in shock, especially since Silas doesn't have a shirt on. Sam and Silas nervously explain about Danny dousing Silas with milk. Sam comments on Silas's casual look ,and he jokes "I'll live." Seeing that the guest of honor isn't available, Molly and Rafe beat a hasty retreat. Once outside Rafe and Molly have a chuckle.

Taylor defends her relationship with Rafe to TJ. He's making her milkshake, when she asks where Molly is, so TJ tells her that went to her sister's place. Suddenly, she remembers that Rafey told her about that. TJ scoffs at the nickname and doesn't believe her for a minute. While TJ is clearing tables. Taylor babbles on about how wonderful Rafe is. TJ tells her that he doesn't believe any of it. When she asks why he says "Maybe because he's been dogging Molly from day one just like you've been dogging me."

Molly and Rafe are talking about Sam and Silas. They wonder what is going on between her sister and his uncle, and both admit it would be awkward. Speaking of awkward, Molly asks what's going on between him and Taylor.

Sam and Silas are talking about Rafe, but then Sam suggests that they have their own celebration. She pretends to know about wine, but Silas is onto her. She offers him a glass of wine while he waits for his shirt to be done. He happily accepts.

Alexis has no choice, but to tell Carly about her long ago, one night stand with a man named Julian. She is amused at hearing about Alexis's indiscretion and starts to make fun of her. Carly offers her a drink and Alexis accepts it. She continues on with her story, and tells Carly that she thinks that Julian is actually Julian Jerome. When Carly seems incredulous, Alexis tells her that Julian Jerome was attending a school in the same area. Carly suggests ha could be coincidence, but still doesn't understand what this has to do with Lucas. Alexis tells her that Julian Jerome could be Sam's father too. Carly immediately wonders if she and Sam could be related, Alexis squashes that idea. Carly tells her that she and Sam have been getting along but being sisters? Alexis then tells her that she needs Lucas to take a DNA test to prove her theory true.

Franco tries to intimidate Derek from keeping his date with Carly. It doesn't work and Derek takes off happily calling Franco "Mr. Franco". This infuriates Franco, of course , and is about to go into a rage when Diane shows up. "Something wrong?" she asks

Lulu is asking Maxie the same thing. She doesn't understand why Maxie is stalling signing the papers. Lulu keeps pushing ,because she wants to get it done before Connie wakes up. She tells them that the baby hasn't been sleeping well lately. As Maxie holds the papers, Spinelli intervenes and says that it won't be possible. Lulu suggests they call Alexis to explain the papers. Maxie finally speaks up and says it won't be necessary. They don't want Dante and Lulu to adopt Connie. Dante and Lulu are stunned, but Dante isn't surprised. He was expecting something like this. Things turn ugly real fast, and the claws come out between Lulu and Maxie. When Maxie tells them that they want to take Connie home now, Lulu tells them over her dead body.

Back at Metro Court, Carly and Alexis are still talking about Lucas. Carly tells Alexis that she'll think about talking to Bobbie about Alexis's request. Carly tells her, "Not tonight. Because I have a date." Derek arrives, leaving Alexis very surprised.

"Something wrong?" Diane asks Franco, who becomes irritated with her and everyone else asks him that. Franco asks her why she's there. Diane tells him that Sebastian has sent over the paperwork, for the series he wants Franco to do. She tells him that Sebastian is very excited about the new series, and says that Franco is making great progress. "She'd better be..." he mutters. "He'd better be...excited." Diane goes on to say how excited she is to see his work. She suggests that they go to his room to talk. Suddenly, Franco switches gears and starts complimenting her, causing Diane to be suspicious. Rightly so, he talks her into having dinner with him. They argue over money cause he has none, but he tells her that he'll charge to his room. She agrees because she love the duck they serve.

Still in Sam's building, Rafe tells Molly that he and Taylor are dating. Molly seems surprised that he got over her so fast. At Kelly's, TJ and Taylor are discussing the same thing. Rafe and Taylor tell Molly and TJ that they were commiserating over them.

Silas and Sam are having their own little celebration. They enjoy some pleasant banter as sparks begin to fly. They talk about Danny, and things going back to normal. They lean in for a long awaited kiss, and start to take things to the next level. Of course, that's when Danny wakes up.

Rafe and Molly have arrived at Kelly's, where Taylor makes a big fuss over Rafe. TJ asks how Danny is and Molly is happy to report that he's doing great. TJ tells Molly that he got Danny a present, and goes upstairs to fetch it. Taylor is making Molly feel uncomfortable, so she goes with him. Once they're gone, Rafe admits to Taylor that her plan is working.

At Metro Court Derek greets Carly and Alexis. He asks Alexis about Danny and she tells him that he's doing great. Alexis is obviously flustered by Derek meeting up with Carly. Carly mentions that she wants to see Danny soon and Derek is surprised at the connection. She tells him that Jason was her best friend. She thanks him for saving Danny. Things are very awkward.

Awkward doesn't even begin to cover it over at Dante and Lulu's. Battle lines are being drawn, and words are being said that will never be forgiven. Lulu refuses to give up Connie and Dante decides that they're getting nowhere. He tells Maxie and Spinelli to leave. Lulu is frantic and says that they have to do something. She says that they have to call Alexis.

Alexis is still at Metro court trying to figure out the Carly and Derek thing. "have fun...not" she says, as she leaves. She, almost gratefully, answers Dante's call, and asks if there's a problem. Dante tells her "Yea a big one." He asks if she's busy and she ells him that she's on her way.

Carly and Derek discuss Alexis' behavior. Carly asks if there is anything going on between him and Alexis. He tells her that they got close because of Danny, but that's all. He asks her about her conversation with Alexis, and she gives him the short version . As she's talking, she sees Franco arrive with Diane on his arm.

Back at Kelly's, Rafe and Taylor compare notes about their plan He tells her that Molly was grilling him about them. They talk about people wanting what they can't have. How moving on makes some people jealous .

Case in point, being Carly, who makes Derek ask if he's boring. She tries to be interested, but is too distracted by Franco and Diane. Franco tells Diane that he want to do something special for her. Franco pulls out all the stops, and orders champagne. Diane reminds that he has no money, and again he tells her that he's charging it to the room. Franco puts on a show for Carly and asks Diane to go along with it. He tells her he'll give her 10 percent of his next show. He surprises her by kissing her. Carly springs out of her chair, and asks Franco what he's doing.

Alexis has arrived at Dante and Lulu's, relieved to be away from Carly and Derek. She asks what the problem with the papers was. They tell her that Maxie and Spinelli won't sign them.

Maxie and Spinelli have arrived at Kelly's, where Maxie is freaking out. She doesn't understand what happened, and how they misjudged the situation. They are determined to get Connie back.

At the same time, Franco tells Carly that he and Diane are a couple. Diane goes along with it much to Carly's annoyance. He tells her that he's trying to make Carly jealous. When Carly returns to her table, Derek tells her that he had a run in with Franco earlier. She tells him that she doesn't feel talking anymore, and gets him to dance with her. Diane is berating Franco, and asks him what's going on. He tells her that he's trying to make Carly jealous, but when she's sees Carly kissing Derek she quips. "Yeah, really working here. Got it going on."

Sam and Silas have their evening interrupted, first by Danny, and then by the hospital. They both act like teenagers on a first date.

Speaking of teenagers, TJ and Molly are being grossed out by Rafe and Taylor.

Back at Metro Court, Franco is grossed out by Carly and Derek kissing. Carly apologies for her actions, but Derek doesn't mind. He realizes that it's for Franco's benefit. Franco's has had enough, and wants to leave. Diane receives a phone call from Spinelli asking for her help. He tells her that he needs her help in getting his baby back.

Alexis is giving Dante and Lulu bad news, regarding Connie. Lulu is determined to keep her daughter.

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