GH Update Tuesday 10/8/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/8/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

After Derek left Ava's, Morgan asked why Derek was talking about Sonny. Ava made it clear to Morgan that if he was going to live there, he was not to listen in on her conversations. Ava asked Morgan to admit he cared about Sonny, but Morgan insisted that he didn't. Ava lied and said Derek had hoped Ava would give him some anonymous quotes about her relationship with Morgan for his newspaper article on Sonny. Ava said she refused to supply Derek with quotes. Morgan made it clear that he'd be willing to go on record and allow Derek to quote him by name. Morgan was gearing up for another rant about Sonny, when a knock at the door interrupted him. It was Sonny, who threatened to knock the door down if Ava didn't open it. Morgan opened the door, and Sonny told his son to get his things and come with him. Morgan yelled that he wasn't going anywhere with Sonny ever again. Ava offered to leave and let them work this out. Sonny accused her of damaging his family, and Morgan countered that it was Sonny, not Ava, who'd caused the damage. Sonny accepted some of the blame, but Morgan argued that Sonny deserved all of the blame.

Sonny wanted to have a talk with Morgan, but Morgan refused, because Sonny had “betrayed” him after their last talk. Morgan felt that Sonny had failed to uphold the ideals about loyalty and respect that he'd always preached. Sonny believed he'd made a mistake when he agreed to keep Morgan's secret and let him lie to Kiki and Michael and to himself. Morgan yelled that it was Sonny who lied when he claimed to be on Morgan's side. Sonny admitted that he shouldn't have blurted out the truth at the reception, but Morgan argued that Sonny shouldn't have said anything at all. Morgan told Sonny, it was fine – he'd made his choice and picked Michael over Morgan. Morgan asked Sonny who he was to... Sonny cut him off and yelled that he was Morgan's father. “No you're not! You're just some guy that can't keep his word. My father is dead to me.” The pain and anger were evident on Morgan's face, and Sonny was near tears. Morgan walked away, ignoring Sonny, who told him to come back. Ava told Sonny she was sorry. Sonny didn't buy it. He stated that it was funny how you could build a rapport with someone, then realize you didn't know them at all. Ava insisted that she plan this; it just happened. Sonny replied that lots of things just happen – people get in accidents, or go for a walk and are never seen again. Sonny told Ava that when she was at his house, she made comments about going off meds to go to a dark place, but she didn't realize he didn't have to go off his meds to get there. “I live in that dark place” Sonny hissed. Sonny shared that Olivia and Carly thought Ava was manipulating him, and he defended her, because he wasn't taking his medication at the time, but now he saw things clearly. “You have made me your enemy, and now you have a target on your back,” Sonny said. Morgan returned and was unhappy that Sonny was still there. Sonny said he was going, but before he left, he told Morgan that he'd always love him and to watch his back when it came to Ava.

At the Metro Court, Carly went to Derek's suite and asked where to find Ava. A shirtless Derek asked what this was about, and Carly replied that she wanted to wring Ava's neck. It was obvious that Carly wasn't going to leave, so Derek told her to make herself at home. Derek pretended to think Ava still lived at the hotel. Carly told him Ava was gone, and Derek asked if Ava left, because Carly barged into her room, too. Carly pointed out that this was her hotel. Carly said that Ava snuck away, to escape Carly's wrath, because Ava slept with Morgan. Derek realized that Carly wasn't going to be leaving any time soon, so he put his shirt on and postponed his shower. Derek was curious about why Carly felt the need to intervene. Carly figured that Derek must not have children, because if he did, he'd understand that you don't stop worrying about your child once they turn 18. Carly felt that Ava, as Morgan's mother-in-law, was in a position of trust and abused it. She likened Ava's actions to that of a teacher sleeping with a minor student. Derek pointed out that Morgan wasn't underage, and Carly argued that Morgan was acting like a twelve-year-old and Ava was taking advantage of his immaturity.

Derek suggested that Carly was so focused on Morgan's sex life because she didn't have one of her own. Carly asked where he got off commenting on her sex life and Derek felt that Carly had given him license to speak his mind, when she invited herself into his room. Carly wondered why he thought her sex life was lacking and he reminded her that he'd seen her break up with her “boyfriend” on the pier. Derek added that her ex was obviously gay, so her sex life must not have been satisfying before the breakup, either. Derek surmised that this was probably why Carly was fixated on Morgan's sex life. Carly laughed and said he had no idea. Derek asked if that meant she was seeing someone new. Carly remembered kissing Franco, then told Derek that she wasn't dating anyone, then she asked Derek to dinner. Derek was caught off guard. Carly claimed she'd decided to shift her focus to a handsome, charming, stranger. Derek told Carly he didn't buy it. He was suspicious of the way she'd quickly gone from hostile to asking him out. Carly remembered asking Spinelli to try and find out what was going on between Ava and Derek, but she told Derek that he was right about her– she was lonely and thought it might be nice to have dinner with someone she wasn't related to or feuding with. Derek asked her to give him 20 minutes to get ready.

In his suite, Franco was extremely frustrated because he couldn't replicate Heather's painting. Franco unsuccessfully tried to understand Heather's vision. Sebastian, the art dealer called, and Franco lied about his progress, then hung up the phone. Just then, Heather arrived, disguised in dark sunglasses, an overcoat and a floppy hat. Franco quickly pulled her into the room and asked what she was doing there, and Heather reminded Franco that he'd wanted to talk to her. Heather decided to come by, so they could talk in private without her handlers at the psychiatric ward listening in. Franco grudgingly admitted he needed Heather's help. Heather jumped to the conclusion that he wanted to get rid of Carly and she was gleeful at the prospect of making her disappear. Franco told her it wasn't about Carly; it was about the painting. Heather assumed he didn't like it and was hurt. Franco was about to admit he hated the painting, but he did some fast talking and convinced Heather that the painting was so mesmerizing, he couldn't focus on anything else. Heather quickly rummaged through her purse, found a knife and prepared to destroy the painting, to keep it from distracting Franco from making his own art. Franco rushed over and took the knife away and told her the painting was a masterpiece that should never be damaged. Heather was delighted, because she assumed Franco understood her work. Franco asked her to make a dozen more. Heather agreed, on the condition that he stay away from Carly. Franco didn't understand what Heather had against her. Heather didn't like Carly, because she tried to have Franco killed. Franco countered that everyone made mistakes. He asked if Heather hadn't ever done something she regretted. Heather was appalled that he'd compare her to Carly.

Heather warned Franco to steer clear of Carly, unless he wanted Carly to “lure” him to his doom. Heather asked if he'd seen Carly lately. Franco flashed back to kissing Carly, but lied and said no, and Heather was pleased. Franco started leading Heather out the door, so she could go back to Miscavige Hospital. Franco noticed Carly walking down the hall, so he shoved Heather back inside, and stepped into the hallway and tried to act casual. Carly asked him to explain why he shoved the woman into his room. Franco stammered something about it not being a woman and he held the door tight, when Heather tried to get out. Carly said that she didn't care, because she had to go get ready for her date with Derek. Franco looked hurt. Carly gushed about Derek being attractive and wealthy and an upstanding citizen. She smirked and said if things went well, she might get to find out how “upstanding” Derek really was later that night, then she flounced off. Franco returned to his room and said it had been a close call. Heather made it clear that she wouldn't have had any qualms about dealing with Carly, if Carly had caught her. Heather urged Franco to listen to Carly. Heather believed that Carly had finally found someone as unworthy as Carly was. Heather left and Franco made his way to Derek's suite, just as Derek was about to leave. “Going somewhere?” Franco said with a smile.

Olivia was in the hotel dining area. She glanced at the paper and damned Derek Wells. The front page featured a large picture of Sonny with cross-hairs over it, and the story was about someone targeting his territory. Olivia then spotted Maxie and Spinelli coming in for a meal. Olivia, who was furious about the baby lie, had choice words for the two of them. She also called Maxie's actions deceitful, selfish and cruel. Spinelli insisted that Maxie hadn't acted out of malice. Olivia asked Maxie how she could allow her friends to fall in love with a baby who wasn't theirs. Spinelli acknowledged Olivia's right to her anger, causing Olivia to ponder why Spinelli wasn't just as angry with Maxie for giving his child away. Spinelli replied that how he and Maxie dealt with this was their business. Olivia told them to take their business elsewhere. Maxie told Olivia that this was Maxie's fault, not Spinelli's. Olivia spat that Maxie's apologies were worthless, because Maxie had hurt Olivia's son and Lulu so deeply.

Spinelli said they had to deal with the situation and figure out how to proceed. Olivia realized Spinelli and Maxie wanted to raise Connie. Olivia was hurt, but realized she shouldn't be surprised that Maxie couldn't go through with giving up her daughter. Olivia asked Maxie, “one baby-liar to another,” how she could think the secret wouldn't come out. Maxie admitted she'd been naive, but she had been fully prepared to keep her lie going, until Brad told everyone the truth. Spinelli hoped Olivia could understand, even if she couldn't forgive. He explained that he'd planned to keep quiet at first, to spare his friends the pain, but now the truth was out. Spinelli said he and Maxie had agonized over their decision and realized they couldn't live without their daughter. Olivia recalled advising Dante to prepare himself and Lulu for this. Spinelli asked if that meant this wouldn't come as a surprise to Dante and Lulu. Olivia bristled at the idea of providing Maxie and Spinelli with “advance Intel,” and said she had no idea how the conversation would go, but she didn't think Dante and Lulu would be shocked by it.

Dante and Lulu met with Alexis at their home. They made small talk about Danny, then filled Alexis in on the truth about Connie's parentage. Dante and Lulu told Alexis that Maxie and Spinelli still wanted them to raise Connie, and they asked Alexis to help them legally adopt her. Alexis explained that the adoption couldn't go through without Maxie and Spinelli's express consent. Alexis drew up some forms on her laptop and printed them out. Alexis understood that they hadn't expected to deal with so much drama as new parents. Lulu realized things could be worse; she referenced Sam's first year as a parent, as an example. Lulu thought Sam was lucky to have Alexis. Alexis asked if Lulu's family was there for her right now, and Lulu explained that they were all dealing with their own issues. Alexis asked what about her aunt Bobbie and cousin Lucas. Lulu exchanged emails with her aunt, but she wasn't in touch with Lucas. Alexis guessed that meant that he wouldn't be dropping by to visit. Lulu wondered what this was about, and Alexis told her that she hoped Lucas might lead her to Sam's father. Alexis explained that she thought Sam and Lucas might be half brother and sister, through Julian Jerome and she wanted to get answers for Sam. Lulu and Dante understood, all too well, because of Connie. Alexis thought it would be awkward to contact Lucas, whom she hadn't seen since he was a teen, and ask for a DNA sample. Lulu suggested that Alexis get in touch with Lucas's sister. Dante and Lulu filled out the adoption forms, and Alexis told them to have Maxie and Spinelli fill out their portions, then give the forms to Alexis to file. Alexis left and Lulu called Maxie.

Back at the Metro Court, Maxie and Spinelli realized it was time to have the conversation with Dante and Lulu. A tearful Olivia asked them to please tread lightly and be mindful of Dante and Lulu's feelings. Olivia asked that they keep in mind that while they were going to walk away with their daughter, Dante and Lulu would be left with an empty crib. Maxie got Lulu's phone call – she asked her and Spinelli to come by and talk about Connie. Maxie agreed. When Maxie ended the call, she looked hopeful and told Spinelli that they might all be on the same page about the baby.

Carly went to the restaurant, and Olivia showed her the paper. They discussed Sonny. Carly shared that she'd seen him that morning and he was already back at work. Olivia thought it might be too soon, but Carly thought Sonny seemed to be handling it. Olivia noted that the paper had written a lot of scathing articles about Sonny once Derek took over, as if Derek had an ax to grind. Carly asked Olivia not to confront Derek about it, because she and Derek were having dinner. Olivia was curious about why Carly would get involved with someone who was gunning for Sonny. Carly said she knew what she was doing. “Famous last words” Olivia replied, as she walked away. Alexis walked in and asked to talk to Carly about her brother Lucas.

Back at the loft, Lulu was nervous, but tried to tell herself everything would be fine. Dante assured her that they'd get through whatever happened. Maxie and Spinelli arrived, and everyone was civil and cautiously optimistic, thinking they were all on the same page. Lulu stated that she and Dante wanted to get things taken care of ASAP, so Connie could get settled where she belonged. Maxie agreed. Lulu handed Maxie and Spinelli the adoption papers and asked them to sign them, so she and Dante could keep Connie. Maxie and Spinelli exchanged a concerned look.

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