GH Update Monday 10/7/13

General Hospital Update Monday 10/7/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny is on the phone with max telling him he does not want excuses he wants answers and that he and Shawn need to do better. Shawn enters and asks Sonny to not be so hard-nosed. But Sonny tells him that since he's been out of commission, their organization has gotten sloppy and he must find out who got in the way of their next shipment.

Derek/Julian goes to find his sister in her hotel room at the Metro Court. An attendant tells him that Ms. Jerome has checked out of her room and has moved. The guy adds, to Derek/Julian, that his sister was “with her toy boy”.

While Ava and Morgan are alone at their new empty place without furniture. And she's not as enthused about their living arrangement as he is. She reminds him they cannot hide out together forever. It will just be a matter of time before her mother finds them and takes action against her.

Luke is being held captive and lying in bed at the mercy of Jerry Jacks.

In the room nearby, in a lab, Robin finds a way to trick Liesl by making her think she's found a cure, in a microscope for Jerry. When Liesl goes to look. Robin knocks her out with a bottle and is determined to get back to her family in Port Charles.

Not far away, Robert Scorpio informs Anna that he is able to remember, for the first time, that he has seen their daughter and she is alive, although Anna does not believe he knows what he saw.

Morgan and Ava hear the doorbell ring. He smugly asks if she wants him to get it and tells her he doubts it's his mom. He opens the door and notices movers ready to move Ava's stuff from the city. They both appear relieved and not suspecting anything.

Derek asks the hotel attendant if he noticed whom this “toy boy” with Ava might be. But he doesn't get an answer.

Carly goes to find Sonny and tells him they have something very important to discuss that is more important than his business. It's about their family.

Luke lies in bed and coughs talking about the “psycho, Jerry Jack”. And right then, he notices a woman in a disguise who appears to be Tracy Quartermaine.

Anna urges Robert to know he's confused and needs his rest and he did not see Robin. But he protests that he went into a room to see Liesl with their daughter. He tells her he is not confused. She needs to know that Liesl has their daughter.

Robin grabs the baby (Brit's son) and gets ready to return him to Patrick. But before she gets out the door, Jerry finds her and asks if she's going somewhere.

Sonny asks Shawn if he can talk to Carly alone. He asks her what is up. She asks him if, before she says anything, that he can assure her he's taking his medication. She tells him that's a fair question. He assures her he is and reminds her she'd know better than anyone and asks her what is up. She replies it's about their son, Morgan.

The mover haul in Ava's furniture and indicate they assume Morgan is her son. She reminds him that it makes sense since he's younger than her daughter. She wants him to distract himself by reading a book. He tells her he has “better ideas” for what they can do together.

Derek/Julian is unable to find out where Ava went or whom she is with.

As soon as the couch is on the floor of their new place, Morgan is kissing all over Ava. She tells him that it's not right that they continue this. He is her son in law. They are not even trying to be discreet. He tells her he thinks they are a little beyond the point of discretion know that everybody including his mom, Kiki, Morgan and everyone knows about them. And he asks her why they should be miserable over something that feels so good. Derek/Julian is right then, meanwhile, leaving voice mail messages for his sister that she disregards or does not hear when he urges her to tell him where she went.

Tracy sneaks in to find Luke and tells him even though he does not want it, she is not going to let him die and do nothing. She knew she had to take action when Olivia had one of her visions. She warned Tracy that he is dying. And she heard that he needed a special person. It was not Skye Quartermaine. It was not Anna. It was herself.

Anna urges Robert to know that he's confused about believing he's seen Robin. She urges him to know that if he believes that he's seen Robin when they know she's dead, it will be all the more painful to have to accept that their daughter is gone. But Robert continues to protest what has really happened involving Liesl and Jerry Jacks holding Robin captive. And he urges his daughter's mom to know that they have to get Robin out of there.

Robin asks Jerry what more he wants from her. She’s already done her research and found the cure that she did not have before although it may be temporary.. She tells him that if he does not let her go now, she will press the button that turns his entire lab into deep freeze and he will never find a cure.

Anna tells Robert that what he believes is hope is really denial. She knows all too well how people create these delusions because they cannot accept the pain of reality. And she tells him that they both know that Robin is dead. They saw her body after she was killed. They identified her and everything. But he protests to Anna that it's entirely possible that they did not see what they thought they saw and that the people engineering this dastardly operation are capable of doing anything which would explain what he knows is true.

Jerry reminds Robin that he knows she is bluffing about leaving. She holds the baby and protests that she is not afraid of Jerry. But is that really true?

Tracy tells Luke that she is the Bonnie to his Clyde. He mustn't worry that she cannot look out for herself. He asks how she got there. She tells him she found a way. He tells her that Jerry Jacks is going to come back with enough of the cure not to kill him in order to test it. And if it works, then Jerry will use the cure for himself. She then asks if he is allowing himself to be a guinea pig for a psychopath. He tells her that he doesn't like it anymore than she does. But if he leaves right now, he is a dead man.

Carly attempts to explain that although he was out of control and it was not the appropriate time or place to reveal that Morgan lied about Kiki's parentage so that he could marry a girl who did not love him. So she realizes they have to set him straight and not buy into their son's pity party. Not knowing what his ex wife is about to tell him, Sonny tells her that he has tried to contact Morgan by phone but he's not answering and he does not know where their son is. She then informs Sonny she knows where Morgan is. He's with Ava Jerome.

Morgan and Ava get into bed again although she has regrets. He tells her she has the right to be happy. He tells her he wants to try out the shower. As soon as Ava is alone, she hears her brother pounding on the door and demanding she lets him in. She gets the door but does not want Derek/Julian to know where she is or whom she's with. He tells her he spent a lot of time but finally tracked her down. He seems to know she has a “younger boyfriend” but no suspicions or worries not knowing whom he is. He tells his sister she mustn't let things of this nature distract her because they still have Sonny to take down. At that point she knows she cannot reveal anything more to her brother or to Morgan. Right then she turns to see Morgan and wonders how long he's been standing there. Derek does not reveal to Morgan that he's Ava's brother and introduces himself as Derek Wells' a business associate of Ava's. But he knows very well that Morgan is Sonny's son. Morgan returns to the shower. Alone with his sister, Derek laughs to find out that his sister is shacking up with Sonny's son.

Carly tells Sonny that she has tried and failed to get Morgan to come home with her and get Ava arrested. But Ava has moved out of the hotel. And Morgan won't listen to her or anyone. He believes that she and Sonny and Michael are the bad guys. Sonny reminds Carly that Morgan's heart has been broken, is very upset and irrational at the present time. But she is more worried than he is.

Luke tells Tracy she cannot do something reckless without her. But she reminds him that she can walk and he cannot. He tells her she is not a spy. She's great in the boardroom. But this place takes cut-throat precision beyond what she can muster. She tell shim she got past Jerry Jacks and he did not question her. And whether Luke wants her to or not, she is going to get the cure, save his life and they are going to get off this island.

Jerry tells Robin she cannot go anywhere. She tells her that her parents would be so proud of her.

Anna asks Robert if he thinks that Faison faked Robin's death and if she was there in this room when Duke was there. Robert tells her it stands to reason that Faison has had her believing that Duke was dead when he was not. The same could have happened with Robin. And he reminds her that Faison came to down and pretended to be her boyfriend. Anna then assesses what her ex is telling her and he asks if she is giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Liesl comes to after Robin has knocked her out and struggles to prevent her from escaping and does not trust Jerry to do what she needs done. And not far away, Tracy stands unseen disguised as a delivery person watching and overhearing them.

Sonny tells Carly he agrees that Morgan with Ava is not what they want. But there's not a lot they can do. Their son is an adult. And if they attempt to coerce him, it's only going to push him away further and make him do more of what he's doing to defy them. He tells her in the meantime, he needs to find out how took his shipment, let them know they do not cross him and give that jackass Derek Wells the message that you do not cross him and Derek needs to know who owns this town. Carly leaves and Shawn enter. Sonny tells Shawn he needs for him to find Derek and Ava.

Derek tells Ava he just wants to make certain she is not “developing feelings” for Morgan Corinthos. She assures him it's not like that. He tells his sister that's good. So he intends for them both to carry out their plan/

Anna emotionally admits to Robert that she has wanted Robin alive. She knows how blinded she has been by grief. And that is how Faison got to her in the first place. And she' snot going to let it happen again. Robert tells his ex wife that this is not delusional thinking talking. He can prove to her that Liesl has their daughter and they must find her.

Jerry and Liesl believe they are alone and have Robin and the baby locked in the room when he tells her that they will soon have their treatment and everything they want. But little do they know that Tracy is hiding, hearing and ready to take action.

Derek/Julian returns to his room at The Metro Court when Carly knocks on his door. He asks if he can help her. She tells him he sure can. He can tell her where the hell she can find Ava Jerome.

When Morgan gets out of the shower, he asks Ava about her conversation with her “business consultant”. She keeps the secret. But Morgan tells her he could overhear this guy talking about taking care of Sonny> He asks her what that was all about.

Anna talks about how Liesl gave drugs to attempt to kill Duke as well as to attempt to kill him. And her latest crime is she's now kidnapped a child. He tells her he knows about that.

Robin bangs on the locked door and demands somebody lets her out while she holds the crying baby. Outside the room, Liesl and Jerry argue about the best way to deal with their adversaries.

Anna tells Robert that she was already on the trail to find Liesl after she disappeared with a baby. He tells her that gives them all the more confirmation that she might have their daughter. She then concludes that they have to find Faison.

Tracy returns to Luke and tells him about how she had to hide herself from Jerry and that German woman. She tells him if they cannot find Jerry and Liesl, they will let Jerry and Liesl find them. Luke concludes that what that means is when Jerry comes to give him the cure, the two of them will be ready to strike. And he confirms that he is very impressed by Tracy's plan.

Anna tells Robert she has to find Faison by herself while he stays there. And she urges him not to breathe a word to anyone that he believes Robin might be alive. Not to Patrick or Emma or anybody. They know all too well what it's like to get one's hopes crushed.

Robin is alone in the lab imprisoned and unattainable for anybody to find.

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