GH Update Friday 10/4/13

General Hospital Update Friday 10/4/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

In Switzerland, Anna is on the phone with Duke, who is at Kelly’s. She explains that Holly had to leave because of some trouble with Ethan, so just she and Mac are there, waiting to see Robert. Duke asks her to call him and let him know how Robert is. As Duke hangs up the phone, Alexis joins him at his table. She thanks him for his time. Alexis asks about something he has for her, and comments on perhaps learning if Julian Jerome is Sam’s father.

In his office at Crimson, Julian looks at a newspaper article about the warehouse explosion which includes an old photo of him in the story. He is interrupted by the arrival of Carlos as he is lost in thought. Carlos asks if something is wrong. Julian confesses that Carlos was right about him playing a dangerous game.

At the hospital, Sabrina meets Patrick as he comes off of the elevator. She tells him how the news is filled with stories about Ben’s kidnapping. She confesses to feeling bad for Britt. Patrick tells her that Britt’s mother is insane and could have taken Ben anywhere.

Robin holds Ben, and tells her how she and Patrick wanted more children, but now he has Ben with another woman. Dr. Olbrecht walks in and takes Ben from Robin, asking how he is. Robin tells her that Ben would be better off if Dr. Olbrecht had just left Ben where he was. Dr. Olbrecht accuses Robin of being hostile, and hopes that her negative attitude doesn’t infect the baby. Robin wants to know what she is doing with Patrick’s son.

Sabrina wonders if Britt’s mother would hurt her own grandson. Patrick tells her of the damage that Dr. Olbrecht has done already. They are interrupted by a nurse asking if Patrick is going to send all of the nurses flowers. She points out a bouquet of red roses waiting for Sabrina at the nurses’ station. Patrick comments on experiencing déjà vu.

Robin asks Dr. Olbrecht if she has kidnapped Patrick’s son. Dr. Olbrecht tells her that she did not give her permission to interrogate her, that she is asking stupid questions and reminds her that the only reason she is alive is to save Jerry’s life.

A guard brings food to Jerry in Luke’s room as Jerry is looking at a cell phone. He asks if Anna Donnely called again. Jerry confirms that she did call, wanting more elixir for her father, but he has no reason to give it to her for bringing Luke to him. He takes the food from the guard who asks if Luke is dead yet. Jerry puts the tray of food on the bed next to an unconscious Luke.

Robin asks if she is supposed to be grateful to Dr. Olbrecht. Robin reminds her that she is alive because Robert caught Dr. Olbrecht and was given the drug that was meant for her.

Mac opens the door to Robert’s room. Anna asks if Robert is ok, and Mac tells her to see for herself. She walks in to see Robert awake. Robert greets her with “Hey Sweetheart”.

Alexis tells Duke that part of her wants to know if Julian Jerome is Sam’s father, but part of her dreads finding out that she has a child by yet another mobster. She recounts how Julian Jerome went to a college near the bar she met Sam’s father in, and that he was there around the same time she met Sam’s father. Duke agrees that the name “Julian” is uncommon enough to investigate, and Alexis is glad that he doesn’t think she is overreacting. Duke tells her that he has something for her, then produces a photo of young Julian Jerome from his pocket, and hands it to her. Alexis studies the photo as Duke asks her if the man in the photo is Sam’s father.

Julian tells Carlos that Duke has Alexis on the road to figuring out that Julian Jerome is Sam’s father. Carlos reminds him that Alexis thinks Julian Jerome is dead, and that Julian is Derek Wells like everyone else does. Julian tells Carlos that Alexis is very intelligent, and has a reputation. He says that if she and Duke continue to investigate, they could learn the truth, which will change everything for both him and Carlos.

Patrick guesses correctly that the roses are from Carlos, and comments that Carlos doesn’t quit. Sabrina tells him that’s what the card says. Patrick asks if she will read the card or should he read it. She reads the card which says that Carlos doesn’t give up, that Sabrina is first in his heart, and asks if she can say the same for Patrick. Patrick is less than pleased, but Sabrina promises to deal with Carlos. Sabrina walks away as Sam approaches and asks if Sabrina left because of something she said.

Dr. Olbrecht tells Robin that Robert’s timing was unfortunate, and that she had no choice but to put him in a coma when he was distracted. Robin tells her that if Robert wasn’t distracted, Robert would have put the needle in Dr. Olbrecht’s heart. Dr. Olbrecht tells her that Robin overestimates Robert. Robin tells her that Robert would have stopped Dr. Olbrecht if he wasn’t so surprised to see Robin. Dr. Olbrecht tells her that speculation is pointless, and that everything worked out well. Robin asks her how. Dr. Olbrecht tells Robin that she is still breathing thanks to Jerry’s refusal to let Dr. Olbrecht kill her.

Jerry douses Luke with ice water to try to awaken him. Luke stirs and wakes. Jerry dismisses his guard. Luke realizes he’s still on Cassadine Island. He tells Jerry that he’s woken up there before. Jerry comments on how what it lacks in ameneties, it makes up for in atmosphere. He says at least they have room service. Luke wonders if the food is poisoned. Jerry comments on how he has already been poisoned. Luke asks what is going on, and why Jerry hasn’t killed him yet.

Dr. Olbrecht tells Robin that she regrets not being able to remove Robert, because it was too dangerous. Robin tells her that Robert will eventually wake from the coma, then tell Anna that she is alive.

Anna hugs Robert, happy to see that Robert is awake. He looks around and realizes that he’s been out for a while. Anna tells him how they’ve all been praying that he would wake up, and Emma has been praying to angels. Robert tells her to tell Emma that it seems to have worked. Robert wants to know how long he’s been out. She tells him it’s been nearly 12 months. Mac tells Robert how hard Anna has been working to put Dr. Olbrecht behind bars for what she’s done to him. Robert asks who “he” is and what “he” has done to him. Anna looks at Mac with concern that Robert doesn’t remember. Anna tells Robert that Dr. Olbrecht is a woman, then asks if he doesn’t remember. Anna tells him that Dr. Olbrecht is a woman who injected him with a lethal dose of propofol, and how it nearly killed him. Mac mentions Dr. Olbrecht’s connection to Faison. Anna tells Robert how they were there to rescue Duke. Robert remembers the situation with Faison impersonating Duke. Anna asks if he remembers coming to the clinic and finding Duke alive. Robert doesn’t know it, but says that he can adjust to it. He says he doesn’t remember anything happening in the clinic.

Dr. Olbrecht tells Robin that if Robert wakes from the coma, it’s unlikely he will remember seeing Robin. She tells Robin that her only chance at freedom is to find a cure for Jerry. Robin refuses to work until Dr. Olbrecht tells her what she is doing with Ben. Dr. Olbrecht tells her that Ben is her grandson, and that he is important to her, even if Ben’s father isn’t. Robin doesn’t believe her. She doesn’t believe that Patrick is Ben’s father. Dr. Olbrecht flashes back to Britt telling her that she told Patrick the truth. Dr. Olbrecht continues to insist to Robin that Patrick is Ben’s father. Robin tells her that Patrick would never let her take Ben. Dr. Olbrecht says that she never said she asked permission. Robin correctly guesses that Ben was kidnapped, and worries that Patrick is losing his mind with worry over Ben.

Patrick congratulates Sam on being able to take Daniel home. Sam tells him how happy she is to finally being able to do so. She says that she wanted to thank him for being so patient with her the first night she took Daniel to the hospital. Patrick tells her that she is giving him too much credit. Sam asks if there is anything she can give him. He says that Daniel going home is the best gift for him, but Sam wants to do more for him. He tells her that she can get rid of Carlos Rivera.

Carlos promises to handle whatever happens, but Julian warns him against being too confident. Carlos says that he knew when Julian hired him, there was a risk of Julian being exposed. Julian says that’s why he hired Duke. He wants to see the look on Duke’s face when Duke learns the truth, but it can’t happen yet. He says that it has to be on his terms, not Duke’s or Alexis’ terms. He says that this has to stay between him and Carlos until he is ready for Julian Jerome to return from the dead. They are interrupted by Sabrina walking in.

Duke asks again if the man in the picture is Sam’s father as Alexis studies it. Alexis says she that she doesn’t know. She said that he doesn’t look like the man she remembers, but she doesn’t remember much either because she was drunk in the back seat of a car. Duke asks if it is possible that he is Sam’s father, and Alexis concedes that anything is possible. She says that she wants to find out, because if Julian Jerome isn’t Sam’s father, then there’s another Julian out there who is Sam’s father, and she and Sam may want to find him some day. She wishes that she could find out for sure if Julian Jerome is Sam’s father. Duke tells her that there is a way.

Jerry wonders why he should use a bullet on Luke when the polonium is doing the job already. Luke says that the last thing he remembers is Jerry telling a guard to take him somewhere to die. Jerry says he’s hoping for some karmic points for making Luke comfortable while he dies. Luke wishes him luck with his version of mercy. Jerry wonders if the polonium is making him soft, but Luke wonders if Jerry is keeping him alive because he needs something from him.

Dr. Olbrecht suggests that Robin not worry about Patrick, since he has Sabrina to comfort him. Robin says that Sabrina is the woman she saw in the video, and the one Jerry called her replacement. Dr. Olbrecht says that she has to admire Sabrina’s shrewdness. She mentions how Sabrina is not a doctor, not Patrick’s equal, and no beauty, but she wormed her way into Patrick’s heart. She comments on how pretty Britt is, and asks Robin if she mentioned that Britt is a brilliant doctor, but Britt was no match for Sabrina because Britt is too weak and principled. Robin asks what Sabrina did.

Robert wants to know why he can’t remember. Anna and Mac tell him that he was in a coma, and they didn’t know if he would even live, so it’s no surprise that he can’t remember. Anna says they can explain things to him. Robert says that there is something vital that he needs to remember. Anna remembers that before Robert lost consciousness, he was trying desperately to tell her something. Robert asks her to help him remember.

Jerry tells Luke that he does have a use for him. Luke wants to know what Jerry wants from him. Jerry reveals that when he receives the cure for the polonium poisoning, he intends to give it to Luke.

Dr. Olbrecht tells Robin how both Patrick and Emma have bonded with their “stalker”, Sabrina. She tells Robin that Sabrina’s “stalking” paid off and she has won them over. Dr. Olbrecht expresses sympathy for Robin, but Robin doubts that Dr. Olbrecht has ever felt sympathy or compassion in her life. Dr. Olbrecht tells her that she is wrong. She says that while Robin as a rival in Sabrina, she has a rival, too. She says that she attempted to remove her rival, but nearly killed her rival’s boyfriend instead.

Alexis asks how to prove whether or not Julian Jerome is Sam’s father. Duke recommends a DNA test. Alexis asks how to run a DNA test on a dead man. Duke says that he didn’t mean to suggest comparing Sam’s DNA to Julian’s, but they can compare it to the DNA of Julian’s son.

Julian asks Sabrina if he can help her. Carlos introduces Sabrina and “Derek Wells” to each other. Carlos leads Sabrina aside, asking if she received his flowers and notes. She says she received both of them, tears them up and hands then to him, telling him to back off.

Sam asks who Carlos Rivera is. Patrick explains that he is Sabrina’s ex-boyfriend. He says that Sabrina broke up with Carlos years ago, but he isn’t getting the message. He explains how Carlos keep sending flowers and love notes to Sabrina. Sam asks if he is sure that things are over between Carlos and Sabrina, then wonders if Carlos is getting to Sabrina. Patrick says that he isn’t but Carlos is getting to him, by trying to convince Sabrina that he is still hung up on Robin.

Robin says she’s not surprised that Patrick has moved on. Dr. Olbrecht asks about Robin’s faith in Patrick’s fidelity. Robin says that she left Patrick a message that he should move on after she dies, knowing that Patrick’s first instinct would be to shut down and close everyone out. Dr. Olbrecht tells Robin how he did that to her daughter, but not Sabrina. Robin says that Dr. Olbrecht is so eager to tell her, so she should just tell her how Sabrina got to Patrick. Dr. Olbrecht tells her that Sabrina got to Patrick using Robin.

Anna fills Robert in on what they were doing at the clinic before Robert was put into coma. She tells him that they found Duke, then Robert went to pursue Dr. Olbrecht alone. Robert closes his eyes and says that he does remember.

Luke tells Jerry that he’d mentioned there’s only enough cure for one person. Jerry says there is, but he will give Luke a sample of the cure. Luke guesses that Jerry doesn’t want to save him. Jerry tells him that this is true, then confesses that he intends to test the cure on Luke before taking it himself. He says that Luke shouldn’t get his hopes up, because the cure won’t save him, but he just wants to make sure that the cure won’t kill either of them. Luke asks if his doctor is so brilliant, how would they make that kind of mistake. Jerry tells him that it wouldn’t be a mistake, it would be intentional. Luke asks why a doctor would want to kill him.

Robin asks how Sabrina used her to get to Patrick if she never met her. Dr. Olbrecht tells Robin that Sabrina made a big show of being there for grieving Patrick, and for Emma who needed a mother. She tells Robin how Sabrina babysat for Emma all of the time, and acted as a mother figure. She tells Robin how Emma objected while Patrick dated Britt. Robin comments on how smart Emma is, and how she trusts Emma’s judgment. Dr. Olbrecht says that Sabrina does, too, so she asked Emma all about Robin, and that’s how she got the information about the Nurses’ Ball and how much good Robin had done. She says that it was Sabrina’s idea to resurrect the Nurses’ Ball, but Sabrina doesn’t care about Robin, she was just using Robin and the Nurses’ Ball to get to Patrick.

Sabrina tells Carlos to stay away from her. Carlos tells her that she says she wants him to stay away, but she came all the way down there to talk to him. Sabrina says she only went there to tell him to back off, not to see him. Carlos tells her that “Mr. Wells” has work to do, so maybe they can speak outside the office. Julian tells them that he has to leave anyway. Sabrina apologizes for the interruption. Julian tells her that it’s fine, and advises her not to be hard on Carlos, because she’ll never find another man so loyal and devoted to her, then he leaves. Carlos tells her that what Julian says is true. He says he loves her and he does more than Patrick ever will, because Patrick’s heart is still with his wife.

Patrick tells Sam how Carlos commented to Sabrina how he is still wearing his wedding ring, so he is misrepresenting himself to Sabrina. Patrick tells her that he advised her to get over Jason, yet he was still wearing his wedding ring. Sam tells him how she noticed it, and was going to call him out on it, but she didn’t because he gave her good advice, even though she doesn’t think he’s as far along in getting over Robin as he thinks he is. She asks if she can ask him a question. She asks him why he decided to take his ring off. Patrick says it wasn’t about Carlos, but it wasn’t fair to Sabrina. Sam comments that maybe it wasn’t fair to Robin either. Sam gives Patrick the same advice he gave her about Jason not wanting her to sit alone, missing him, saying that Robin wouldn’t want it for Patrick either. Sam tells him that he advised her to let go of Jason and be happy. She gives him the same advice to do likewise. He tells her how hard it is to do so. Sam agrees, and shows him how she is still wearing her wedding ring.

Dr. Olbrecht tells Robin that Sabrina played things just right. She tells Robin how Sabrina made her big move the night of the Nurses’ Ball, how Sabrina stole Patrick and Emma, and that’s why Robin has nothing to go home to. Robin tells Dr. Olbrecht that it is all her fault, and how none of it would have happened if it wasn’t for her.

Robert tells Anna that he remembers them finding Duke alive, and then pursuing Dr. Olbrecht, and going in the direction of raised voices. Mac advises Robert not to push it, and Anna tells him how she found him conscious with a syringe sticking out of his chest, telling her “We have to find her”. Mac and Anna want to know who “her” is. Anna asks who they are supposed to find.

Robin tells Dr. Olbrecht how she stole her life, not Sabrina. Dr. Olbrecht tells her that she’s making excuses for a man who has already forgotten her. Robin says she isn’t, because she told him to move on. She says that Patrick thinks she’s dead, so what is he supposed to do?

Sabrina tells Carlos that he doesn’t know Patrick or Robin. Carlos asks how long Patrick was wearing his wedding ring. Sabrina tells him that Patrick took it off. Carlos wonders if the timing is a bit suspect. He reminds her how he mentioned the ring, and now he takes it off. Sabrina insists it has nothing to do with him. Carlos is convinced it has everything to do with him because Patrick is afraid of losing Sabrina to him. Sabrina tells him that there is nothing between her and Carlos. Carlos says that he wishes Patrick would have taken the ring off without being prompted by him. Sabrina tells him that she doesn’t care about the timing, because he realizes it’s time to put Robin behind him and move on. Carlos asks about his devotion to Robin. Sabrina says that she doesn’t expect Patrick to stop loving Robin, and she wouldn’t ask him to. She says that she knows Patrick loves her, and wants to share his future with her. Carlos asks if she is trying to convince him or herself.

Patrick hugs Sam, telling her that he likes talking to her. She says she likes talking to him, too. She tells him about the date she went on with Silas to Kiki’s wedding party, and how it was a disaster. She says that she and Silas actually ended up having a good time. She tells him how she will never stop loving Jason, and she knows that he will never stop loving Robin, but when she went out with Slias, she realized that there is hope for both her and Patrick. She urges him to take his own advice, and let him be happy. Patrick asks if she likes roses. She guesses that giving her the roses is his way of getting rid of Carlos. He congratulates her on Daniel, and she leaves him. At the elevator, she runs into Julian. She says she didn’t expect to see him. Julian says he heard that she is taking Daniel home, so he decided to come for a visit. She thanks him. He then asks if Alexis is with Daniel. Sam says that she hasn’t seen Alexis yet. Julian asks where Alexis is.

Alexis is surprised to hear that Julian Jerome had a son. Duke shares with her that Lucas Jones is Julian’s son, and that Tony and Bobbie adopted him. He explains that Cheryl Stansbury was Lucas’ mother and Julian was his father, but Julian didn’t know he had a son when he died.

Luke says that doctors are supposed to do no harm, so why is his doctor trying to kill him. Jerry says that his doctor just isn’t that into him. Luke isn’t surprised to hear this. Jerry says it’s discouraging, because he’s been polite to her. He tells Luke that it is advantageous to her if there is a “taster” of sorts. Jerry says he can’t be too careful. Luke asks what Jerry will do if his doctor wants to kill him, and not save him.

Dr. Olbrecht comments on how emotional Americans are. She says that she was just trying warn her not to expect Patrick and Emma to be waiting for her, but then again, if she doesn’t succeed with the cure, she will be removed anyway. Robin says she feels sorry for Britt, because no one deserves a mother like Dr. Olbrecht. Dr. Olbrecht says that Ben is sleeping, so she will leave to allow Robin to do some work before Ben wakes and needs her. Robin asks where she is going. Dr. Olbrecht says she’s going to see someone she loves as much as Robin loves Patrick.

Anna tries to jog Robert’s memory by reminding him what they know. Robert because frustrated, and Anna tells him she’s not going anywhere. Mac tells them that he wants to call Felicia to share the good news. He then tells Robert how he re-married Felicia. Mac tells Robert how he could have used Robert at the wedding. Robert thinks Mac wanted him there to fight off Frisco, then is surprise when Mac tells him that Frisco didn’t show up at the wedding. Robert would have bet all of his money that Frisco would have crashed. Mac tells him how Frisco made a play for Felicia, then how Felicia turned Frisco down, then proposed to him. Robert is happy for Mac, then tells him to tell Felicia how Felicia chose the right guy. Mac leaves, and Robert wants to keep working on his memory. Anna refuses, telling him that he’s pushing himself, and he needs to rest. Robert closes his eyes to rest and flashes back to seeing Robin with Dr. Olbrecht. He sits up, getting Anna’s attention.

Sam tells Julian that she is sure that Alexis will be there soon, but how Alexis mentioned that since Daniel is better, she needs to look into something. Julian asks if she knows what Alexis is looking into. Sam says she doesn’t know, but she got the feeling that it was something important.

As Duke and Alexis leave Kelly’s, Alexis puts together how if Julian Jerome is Sam’s father, then Lucas is her brother on Julian’s side. Duke says that if Lucas consents to a DNA test, then they will know for sure if Julian Jerome is Sam’s father.

Carlos accuses Sabrina of being insecure about Patrick’s feelings for Robin. Sabrina tells Carlos to stop twisting her words. Carlos tells her that he is relentless when it comes to her. Sabrina insists that it’s over between them, so he needs to stop sending flowers and notes. She tells him that she doesn’t love him anymore. Carlos tells her that she is the love of his life, and asks if Patrick has ever said that to her. Sabrina tells him goodbye and leaves. Carlos says goodbye for now, then tells her that when Patrick breaks her heart, he will be waiting for her.

Patrick looks at his ring, and flashes back to his wedding to Robin.

Dr. Olbrecht tells Robin to take care of Patrick’s baby, and she will be back after she tends to her private matter. Robin tells Dr. Olbrecht how she may have found what will save Jerry’s life, then invites her to come and look. Dr. Olbrecht says she has no time for it. Robin tells her that she could use the opinion of a brilliant doctor like Dr. Olbrecht, then Dr. Olbrecht agrees to come and look. Dr. Olbrecht looks in the microscope, and starts to say that there is nothing there when Robin hits her from behind with a glass beaker. Dr. Olbrecht falls to the floor unconscious.

Luke asks Jerry what he will do if the cure kills him. Luke guesses that Jerry will die. Jerry tells him that his doctor won’t do that to him, because she has too much at stake.

Robin calls Dr. Olbrecht stupid, then tells her that she is leaving to go home to her family, then goes to get Ben from the crib.

Anna asks what is wrong with Robert, commenting that he looks like he’s seen a ghost. He tells her that she has no idea. Anna asks what he means. Robert tells her that he remembered running down the hall, and entering a room to find Dr. Olbrecht there. He tells her that she wasn’t alone. Anna asks who was with her. Robert tells her that Robin was with her.

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