GH Update Thursday 10/3/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/3/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Anna looked at a picture of Robin with Patrick and Emma, on the shelf of her office before calling Frisco. She told Frisco they could use any help the WSB could give, then she ended the call as Nikolas and a tired and worried looking Britt walked in. Anna quickly closed a file that contained a picture of Britt and her mother, Dr. Obrecht. It had been 24 hours since Ben's kidnapping and Britt and Nik wanted to know if Anna had any leads. Anna told them the police had discovered that Obrecht boarded a plane with Ben. The flight records had been expunged, which meant Obrecht had someone very powerful helping her out. Anna asked Britt about her mother's associates and Britt said her mother didn't confide in her. Anna could only assume Faison was helping in some way, but he was in prison and hadn't gotten any visitors.

Anna asked if Britt was keeping Ben's father up to date. Britt told her that the father wasn't part of the baby's life. Anna pressed the subject, pointing out that the father would be helpful if there was a ransom demand. Britt said her mother didn't need money and the baby's father was broke. Nik promised to take care of any ransom demand if it came to that. Anna told Nik and Britt that she wanted to find Obrecht as badly as they did, because Obrecht was suspected of attempting to murder Robert and Duke. Nik asked if there was anything else they could do and Anna told them to contact her if they heard from Obrecht and to sit tight otherwise. Britt lashed out at the idea of sitting tight when she had no idea what her mother was doing to her son. Anna commiserated with Britt and told her about the time Robin had been kidnapped as a child. Nik told Anna that Robin told her about her experience. Robin had said she was too young to understand what was happening, but she had been certain that Anna was coming for her. Nik comforted Britt and Anna urged Britt to stay positive. Nik and Britt left and a tearful Anna looked at Robin's picture. In the hallway, Britt wondered what she'd do if she never got her baby back. Nik promised her that she wouldn't have to find out. They hugged.

Robin used a tape recorder to narrate her day. She looked at some still frames of her relatives at the Nurses' Ball on her laptop. Jerry had been holding Robin captive for 289 days and Robin knew Jerry's time was running out and that this was her last chance to cure him. Robin wondered what would happen to her if her latest efforts failed and Jerry died. Robin admitted that the little girl in her still expected her mom to burst in like a superhero and rescue her. Robin divulged that she still wasn't used to imprisonment after all this time. She thought about her family constantly and wondered if Emma even remembered her. Robin was looking at a frame of Patrick and Emma when the monitor went dead. “No TV until you finish your homework, Doctor.” Jerry said. Robin snapped that she'd been working constantly, but Jerry wasn't swayed. He reminded her that if she failed, she'd lose her family to Sabrina. Robin told him he'd get his cure, but it would take time. Jerry wondered if she was stalling on purpose and he told her that if he died, she'd soon follow. Robin wanted assurances that Jerry wouldn't kill her after he got his cure. Jerry gave her his word, but Robin didn't think that meant much, since he had tried to kill her before, when he took everyone in the Metro Court hostage. Jerry claimed that he was careful to shoot her in a place that gave her good odds of survival. He made it clear that it was too bad if his word wasn't good enough for her. Jerry's dark tone suddenly disappeared and he told Robin he was very impressed with the temporary cure she'd developed.

Jerry cheerfully strolled out of the lab and was shocked when he saw that Dr. Obrecht had a baby with her. Obrecht cooed to Ben. Jerry wanted an explanation. Obrecht explained that she had gone to Port Charles and “liberated” the baby, “Cesar,” because she didn't think Britt would raise him right. Jerry told her that her reckless actions could bring lead the police, the WSB and Anna to the island. Obrecht wasn't concerned, because according to her, she'd deceived many women who were better than Anna. Obrecht was surprised that Jerry was so timid. Jerry told her he couldn't afford the distraction, just so she could see her grandson. Obrecht hinted about the big plans she had for little “Cesar: and she announced that she'd need a babysitter. Jerry quickly refused to do it, and Obrecht laughed at Jerry assumption that she'd trust him with the baby. She wanted Robin. Jerry told her it wouldn't happen and Obrecht told him she gave him Robin and could take her away. Jerry blocked Obrecht's path and dared her to try. Obrecht wasn't intimidated; she smiled and told Jerry to get out of her way.

Back in the lab, Robin was shaken when she watched the portion of the Ball where Britt announced that she was having Patrick's baby. Just then, Obrecht walked in carrying Ben and asked Robin to watch him. Robin refused. Obrecht thought Robin would change her mind when she found out who his parents were, then she told Robin that the boy was Patrick's. Obrecht told Robin that Patrick got her daughter pregnant then tired of her and moved on to Sabrina. Robin didn't believe Patrick would have a baby with another woman. Obrecht reminded Robin that Patrick wasn't known for his fidelity. Robin wondered whether Britt and Obrecht were working together and if Britt knew Robin was alive. Obrecht scoffed and said Britt had too much of a conscience to be trusted with the truth about Robin. Obrecht believed Britt would've told Patrick the truth, even though he caused her trouble. Robin defended Patrick, saying she was sure he wasn't responsible for the demise of his relationship with Britt. Obrecht accused Robin of refusing to admit what she knew – that Patrick couldn't be trusted among women. Obrecht told the baby that while Robin was a “sour little thing” she was sure she'd take good care of him. Robin asked why the baby was there. Obrecht said she needed him for her plan. Robin wondered what plan. “Wouldn't you like to know?” Obrecht teased.

Maxie stood outside Kelly's looking at a picture of Connie on her phone. She let out a deep sigh. Meanwhile, Emma, Patrick, Sabrina, Mac and Felicia were inside enjoying a family breakfast. Felicia took off a ring and gave it to Emma to use as part of her Halloween costume. It was too big, so Emma grabbed Patrick's hand, intending to put it on his finger. Emma noticed that Patrick wasn't wearing his wedding ring and asked why. Patrick said he used to think he needed the ring to help him remember Robin, but now he realized he could remember Robin without it, because she was a part of Emma and in their hearts. Emma smiled, satisfied by her father's explanation.

Maxie walked in and asked what was going on. Patrick said they were talking about Robin. Emma asked Maxie what she did to remember Robin. Maxie said she thought about her all the time, especially when she went down the street where Robin used to take her to watch the boats. Emma asked Maxie if she was sad. Maxie said she'd be okay, then she asked Felicia and Mac if they had a minute, then she rushed outside, with Mac and Felicia following. Patrick and Sabrina walked away from the table. Patrick confided that he was surprised that Emma had taken his decision to take off his ring in stride. He admitted it was hard for him, but he was certain that he'd made the right choice. Sabrina felt like she might have pressured Patrick into it, but he assured her it was his decision. Patrick stated that he was going to honor his love for Robin in a way that would allow him to move forward. Patrick asked if Sabrina had heard from Carlos. Sabrina hadn't and she thought he'd gotten the message that she was happy with Patrick. At that moment, a courier walked in and handed Sabrina a bouquet. Sabrina thought they were from Patrick, but he told her he didn't order them. Sabrina wondered how the courier knew where to find her. “I just go where I'm told” the man said. Patrick asked what the card said. Sabrina read it to herself and looked uncomfortable. She wanted to forget about it, but Patrick insisted on seeing it. It said:

“You avoid my calls but you can't avoid me forever. I love you now and always. Carlos”

Sabrina left the flowers on the table when they left Kelly's.

Britt told Nik she just wanted to go home, but Nik insisted that she get some food at Kelly's first. When they approached the diner, Emma spotted Britt and called her “the Britch” Patrick told her not to say that, but Britt said it was okay. Sabrina asked how Ben was, and she and Patrick were shocked to hear he'd been kidnapped by Obrecht.

Felicia and Mac let Maxie know they were concerned about her, because she was supposed to be in a therapy session with Kevin at that moment. Maxie announced that she'd quit therapy, because it wasn't necessary. Maxie solemnly revealed that she and Spinelli were Connie's parents. Felicia and Mac grinned when they realized Maxie had a daughter. They both wished that Maxie had told them upfront instead of keeping it bottled up. Maxie confessed that she told Frisco. Felicia and Mac groaned in disgust. Felicia couldn't believe “that jackass” would let Maxie keep quiet about this. Maxie defended Frisco and told Felicia that she begged him to keep her secret. Felicia thought Frisco must have felt good that Maxie confided in him after he'd abandoned her for most of he life. Felicia felt that Frisco had enabled Maxie instead of helping her. Mac wholeheartedly agreed, but he told Felicia that ranting about Frisco didn't help Maxie. Felicia started heaping blame on Frisco, but Maxie stopped her and took full responsibility for everything that happened. Maxie didn't think any of it mattered anymore, because the truth was out. Maxie felt terrible that her friends had been hurt. Mac stated that unfortunately, things would get worse for them when they gave the baby back to Maxie and Spinelli. Felicia asked Maxie she didn't take the baby home. Maxie asked if she should have ripped Connie out of Lulu's arms. Maxie refused to force Lulu and Dante to give Connie back, if they still wanted to raise her. She felt obligated to keep her promise to give them a baby. Felicia gently told Maxie that she'd tried her best and she her mistakes did not change the fact that the baby belonged to Maxie.

Felicia asked Maxie if she wanted the baby back and Maxie admitted that she did. Felicia announced that Maxie had to claim her, then, because Maxie and the baby needed each other. Maxie asked how she could do that to Dante and Lulu. Felicia told her she simply had to do it. Mac suspected that Dante and Lulu were already coming to realize they couldn't keep the child. Maxie realized that Mac and Felicia made sense. She wondered if there was a way to get her child back without destroying Dante and Lulu. Felicia told her they'd go ask Kevin for advice. Felicia was curious about whether Kevin knew the truth and Maxie said she lied to him, too. Holly called Mac to give him an update on Robert, while Maxie and Felicia went to GH.

Back at the station, Anna looked at a picture of Robin, then she wept as she remembered herself and a young Robin reuniting after Robin's kidnapping. Anna asked Robin to help her find the baby. Just then, an excited Mac ran in and told her Robert was awake.

At the loft, Dante woke up and panicked because Lulu wasn't in bed. He relaxed when he saw her watching Connie sleep. Lulu joined Dante and told him she had a nightmare – she and Dante were at GH and a nurse gave them a bundle that was supposed to be their baby, but when they unwrapped the blankets, there was no baby inside. They hugged. Dante and Lulu were both still near tears. Dante talked about the baby he and Lulu lost – the child that carried their history and future. “As much as we love Connie, we're not her parents in that way” Dante said. Lulu's face contorted in confusion and she asked Dante if he didn't love Connie as much because she wasn't his blood. Dante assured her that his feelings about Connie hadn't changed. Lulu relaxed and announced that things were still the same - Maxie and Spinelli said they could keep Connie and they would. They hugged. Dante pointed out that Maxie and Spinelli made that promise in the heat of the moment. Dante had seen suspects make statements out of guilt or stress that they wished they could take back once they calmed down. He noted that both Maxie and Spinelli had shown an attachment to Connie and he thought it was best for them to prepare for the possibility that Maxie and Spinelli might their minds. The way Lulu saw it, Maxie was too wracked with guilt and lacked the backbone to take the baby back. Lulu also felt that there was no way Maxie would do anything to discredit her claims that she loved Lulu and thought of her as a best friend. Dante wasn't as certain as Lulu was that Maxie would “do right” by them, so Lulu suggested that they legally adopt Connie.

Spinelli went to GH. Ellie noticed his distressed expression and asked if it was because of the christening. Spinelli told Ellie that Brad told Dante and Lulu the truth. Ellie told Spinelli how Brad had asked where the christening was happening then rushed out of the hospital after vowing to do the right thing. Ellie thought Brad may have really done the right thing. Ellie encouraged Spinelli to be honest with himself. Spinelli was still reluctant to hurt the others involved. Ellie found that noble, but she countered that he couldn't protect Dante and Lulu anymore. Ellie urged Spinelli to do what he'd been wanting to do – be a father to his daughter. Spinelli said Dante and Lulu would be great parents, but Ellie told him the baby wasn't theirs. Ellie thought it was inevitable that the baby would be returned to him. Spinelli admitted that it did seem possible, because he knew Maxie wanted their baby back as much as Spinelli did, even if she swore she'd never take her away from the Falconeris. Ellie advised Spinelli to find Maxie and have a discussion about how to break the news to Dante and Lulu. She told him to follow his heart and to feel free to come to her if there was anything she could do to help. She left and Spinelli looked at a photo of his daughter as he headed toward the elevator. He ran into Maxie on her way to her appointment. Spinelli confessed that he wanted their daughter back. “Me too,” Maxie replied.

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