GH Update Wednesday 10/2/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/2/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Dante and Lulu return to their apartment, where Olivia anxiously awaits with baby Connie. Lulu takes Connie from Olivia and fusses over her. Olivia asks Dante if the news is true. Dante tells her that Brad wasn't lying, and that Connie really is Maxie and Spinelli's baby. Olivia is as devastated as they are.

Maxie and Spinelli are still at the church, also devastated by Brad's appearance. Maxie doesn't understand what just happened. Spinelli wonders what they do next.

Michael and Kiki are at Michael's eating pizza and drinking wine, while they digest seeing Morgan and Ava in bed. Well, technically, the pizza just sat there.

Carly arrives at Ava's hotel room, with a couple of security guards. She asks them if they have any kids and they both answer yes. She then tells them not to be taken in by Ava's somewhat cheap beauty. She tells them that Ava has hurt her family and needs to be dealt with. The security guards are ready to obey but, unfortunately , she's not there. Carly is telling the guards to check with the front desk. Franco appears from around the corner, with drink in hand, and tells her that Ava is long gone. "No one here but me!"

Morgan is helping Ava move in to her new digs. He's amazed that she found the apartment so fast but she tells him that she had her eye on it for awhile. She says that she mentioned it to a couple of people. Carly was just the push that she needed to grab it! After all, she couldn't give Carly the satisfaction of throwing her out now, could she? Morgan is amused!

His mother isn't! She asks Franco "What the hell are you doing here?" The security guard is all ready to toss him out for her. Franco tells him to wait, and tells Carly he was there to read the riot act to Ava. Of course, she was gone before he got there. Carly scoffs at him, but he says that Ava crossed the line when she slept with Carly's dopey son, her son-in-law. He goes on to say that Ava hurt Carly, and he knows what Carly is like when she's hurt. He tells the guard that she yells really good. He was trying to help her with Ava, but Carly doesn't buy it. One of the guards asks her if she wants them to her him out. She says "Not yet." She asks Franco if he knows where Ava is, and he says he doesn't. "She flew the coop?" he asks. Carly tells him that she also took off with her son. She tries to call Morgan.

As Morgan and Ava are taking measurements in her new apartment, Morgan ignores his mother's calls. Ava guesses that it was Carly and Morgan says he's had enough of her yelling and apologizes for her behavior. "She can get a little crazy." he tells her. Ava admits that she enjoyed watching him battle Carly over her. He chuckles then goes on to say that Michael and Kiki's reaction was even better. When he starts to call Kiki names, Ava suddenly twists his arm (for real), and reminds him that Kiki is her daughter. His marriage may be over but she still wants a relationship with her daughter.

Meanwhile, Michael and Kiki are still trying to digest what they just saw. Michael says that Morgan has done some stupid things, but this is unbelievable. Kiki is back to where she started, looking for a place to live. Ava's is clearly out of the question. They talk about a couple of ideas, including Silas but she doesn't feel comfortable with that. She mentions Franco because she feels close to him, and he to her, but Michael isn't comfortable with that.

"Morgan Stone Corinthos, you answer your phone." Carly yells before she turns hers off. Franco tries to calm her down, but that's a mistake. She orders the guards to throw him out, and when he asks why. She tells him that since she can't throw Ava out, she'll have the satisfaction of throwing him out.

Maxie is having a meltdown at the church, trying to figure how it all went so wrong. She doesn't even know Brad, and doesn't understand why he would do this. She's upset that she lost control of the situation. She is devastated about losing Lulu as her best friend.

Lulu is at home, holding little Connie close to her. Dante explains the whole sordid mess to his mother.

Once again, Franco stops the guards, so he can talk to Carly. Carly tells him that the time for charity is over, and she wants her money. Franco tells her that he has money, but it's back in his suite. He tells her that he's been working on stuff all night. She scoffs in disbelief, but he asks her to go back to his suite with him, anyway.

Olivia is devastated that Connie isn't her grandbaby. They talk about the night she had the miscarriage. When Lulu mentions Maxie getting pregnant by The Jackal, Olivia starts babbling about her visions. She realizes that that's the animal she saw in her visions. Dante tries to shut her up, but Lulu tells her yes that she's right. Her visions did come true, especially the one with Maxie stabbing her in the back.

Back at the church, Maxie still can't believe what just happened. She doesn't even know Brad or how he even knew about Connie. She thinks that she's a bad person for lying to Lulu, and now she's lost her forever. She realizes that since she got Spinelli involved, that he's lost Lulu too. Spinelli tells her that he doesn't think that she's a bad person. He just thinks that she's tragically misguided, but Maxie says she wasn't. She knew what she was doing, and all she wanted to do was give Lulu and Dante the baby they wanted.

Carly and Franco enter his room. "Where's the money?" she asks. He shows her the paintings that he's done. Carly scoffs and says the hotel doesn't accept canvas as payment. He tells her that he's expecting a friend. A well-known art critic who's his biggest fan. Sebastian Leeds is on his way to see the paintings. Surprisingly, Carly has heard of him, but doesn't think he'll like Franco's paintings. She picks one up, and tells Franco that it sucks.

Michael and Kiki argue about where she's to live. Michael still wants her to move in with him.

Morgan is still gloating over sticking it to Michael and Kiki, but when he starts trashing Kiki, Ava grabs his arm and twists it. He screams in pain saying, that's the arm that Alice hurt trying to show him some moves. Ava warns him not to talk about Kiki like that again. She understands that his marriage may be over but she still wants a relationship with her daughter.

Still at the church, Maxie admits to Spinelli that she blackmailed Ellie into keeping her secret. She says that she's to blame for ruining his relationship with Ellie. Spinelli says that Ellie made her own choices as did he. He agreed to keep the secret even as he looked at his daughter's beautiful face. In the end, Maxie says that it doesn't matter who's to blame because Dante and Lulu know the truth. Spinelli thinks that Dante and Lulu wouldn't want to raise a baby they now know isn't theirs. Unfortunately, he would be wrong. Lulu is going off the deep end berating Maxie. She swears to Dante that no one is going to take Connie away from them. Dante tries to calm her down, to no avail. She hands the baby to Olivia before leaving the room, to go and change. Olivia and Dante watch her leave, with great concern on their faces.

Kiki turns down Michael's invitation, because she and Morgan are still technically married. She also doesn't want his parents to hate her. Michael assures her that after what they just walked in on his parents won't be concerned at all about them. Michael again tries to persuade her to move in with him and this time Kiki says yes.

Ava won't let go of Morgan's arm until he apologies. He finally does, and is impressed with her move. Of course he's turned on by it, and she tells him to shut up. Ava tells him that she knows that he has issues with Kiki, but she loves her daughter. Morgan admits to Ava that the reason why he was so hurt that Kiki chose Michael over him is because he loves her, too. He tells her that he'll drop it, then suggests that they order some food before going to bed. Ava is appalled and says no he's still married to her daughter. He's says not or long, but she still says no. She still wants a relationship with Kiki. Ava tells him to go home, but Morgan says that he has no place to go.

Franco is shocked that Carly thinks his paintings suck. They're arguing over her taste, when Sebastian Leeds arrives. Franco introduces Carly to Sebastian saying that she knows nothing about art. Franco calls Carly a rube, and is shocked when Sebastian agrees with her assessment. Franco shows him another one but Sebastian doesn't change his mind. "Told ya so!" chirps Carly. "Smug isn't a pretty color on anyone." he tells her. He asks Sebastian what's wrong with them. Sebastian tells him that there's no loneliness or darkness. He seems to have lost his edge. Sebastian tells him he's not interested, and suggest he teach at a community college. Franco gasps in horror, but Carly tells him "No sale. Get packing." Just then, Sebastian spies Heather's painting and say that this is something he can work with.

Michael and Kiki are making out on the couch. She again questions Michael about his invite, because they haven't been intimate yet. Michael suggests that if she's not comfortable yet because of Morgan. They talk about all the things that kept them apart, and then finally admit their feelings or each other. They end up making love for the first time.

Morgan tells Ava that he has no one on his side. He goes off on Sonny, and doesn't want to be near him. He tells Ava that he's the only that he can trust.

Dante and Olivia are standing over Connie's crib where they've placed her. Dante tells his mother how much he loves her already. He talks about what Lulu said that nothing's changed. Olivia asks him if he feels the same way. Neither of them hear Lulu come back, and she hears them talking. Olivia says that what Maxie did was a horrible thing, but Connie is her baby. Dante is confused, and Lulu slips away in tears.

Maxie and Spinelli are still at the church wondering the same. Spinelli thinks that Dante and Lulu will give up Connie to them, but Maxie isn't so sure. Spinelli admits how hard it was for him at the christening knowing that Connie was his. Maxie admits the same thing.

Olivia tells Dante that she supports him and Lulu whatever they decide to do. She hugs him goodbye, and tells him to talk to his wife. Dante is heartbroken. Lulu waits for Olivia to leave before joining him. They hug it out.

In the meantime, Sebastian orders 20 or 30 more of Heather's "Stripes". Franco is upset that he called his work crap.

Michael and Kiki make love.

Morgan seduces Ava into letting him stay with her. She tells him that she loves Silas. He says that he loves Kiki, but it doesn't hurt when he with her.

Carly and Franco talk about his work. She talks him into doing the series. unaware that it isn't his. She leaves to go find Morgan, but not before telling him, his eviction has been delayed. She leaves saying good luck. "I'm gonna need it." he mutters.

Carly once again tries calling Morgan. Morgan and Ava are getting dressed after their latest sexcapade. Morgan is enthralled, but Ava is hesitant. He begs her to let him stay with her.

Carly leaves an urgent message on Morgan's phone.

Michael and Kiki bask in the afterglow. They vow to stand by each other no matter what.

Lulu tells Dante that she heard what Olivia said about Connie not being theirs. Dante tells her that she was just worried. Lulu says that Olivia is wrong and that she's not giving Connie up. Dante tries to talk to her, but Lulu is determined to keep her.

Maxie and Spinelli talk about how much they love Connie. They talk about raising her themselves.

Franco stares at Heather's painting and repeats what Sebastian called it " a diamond in the rough" he gets up and makes a phone call to the institution that Heather is in. He tells them that he needs to see a patient Heather Webber.

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