GH Update Tuesday 10/1/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/1/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

On Cassadine Island, Jerry used a fingerprint scanner to open the door to a lab. He entered and asked Robin if she'd made any progress in developing a cure for him. Robin spat in his face. Jerry admired her fighting spirit but warned her that if she kept it up, he might not follow through on his promise to free her after she developed the antidote. Jerry gave Robin a DVD that he hoped would help motivate her. He told her it was a copy of the 2013 Nurses' Ball. Robin was stunned that GH had found the funds to hold the benefit again. Jerry revealed that he'd financed the whole thing, both because he thought it was important to fund HIV/AIDS research and because he cared about Robin and wanted to lift her spirits. He reminded her that he made sure she got her medicinal cocktail every day. Robin told Jerry not to pretend he cared about her well-being, when he actually wanted to keep her healthy enough to develop a cure. Jerry played some portions of the DVD. Robin was overcome with emotion when she saw Patrick, Emma and Anna and surprised to find out Duke was alive. Jerry told Robin he was going to give her stronger incentive to get home, and he showed her a clip of Sabrina with Patrick and Emma and he made it clear that Patrick and Sabrina dating. Jerry left the room and Robin vowed to come home to Patrick.

Patrick took Sabrina to his house to talk. Once they got there, he stalled, offering her a drink, but Sabrina encouraged him to say what was on his mind. Patrick took Sabrina's hand and started by acknowledging that they didn't discuss Robin as often as they used to, before they started dating. Sabrina made sure Patrick knew that it didn't make her uncomfortable to talk about Robin. Patrick said it wasn't that. He struggled to find the right words, and Sabrina assured him that he could tell her anything. Patrick took her hand and said that he knew Robin was dead, but there was a big part of him that couldn't accept that she was gone. Sabrina was supportive of Patrick's feelings. She shared that it was hard for her to think of life without her mother. “The love never goes away and it shouldn't” Sabrina said. Patrick thought Sabrina was being too kind and he felt like he was being unfair to her. He admitted he was still wearing his wedding ring because it let him hold onto the fantasy that Robin might still be alive.

Sabrina wondered if Patrick was letting what Carlos said get to him. Patrick thought Carlos made a fair point when he asked how serious Patrick could really be about Sabrina when he was still wearing his wedding ring. Patrick said he thought Sabrina was funny and kind and smart and sexy. He admitted that he felt hypocritical because he'd practically ordered Sam to get over Jason when he couldn't take his own advice and let go of the fantasy. Patrick assured Sabrina that he was serious about their relationship. Sabrina respected and understood that Patrick would always love Robin, but she admitted that Carlos's words had made her wonder if the ring was a sign that Robin would always be first in Patrick's heart. Patrick used to think he was going to wake up one day and realize that it was time to remove the ring, but that day hadn't came yet and now he wasn't sure if it ever would. Patrick declared that he'd always love Robin, and he didn't know if he'd ever fully accept that she was dead, but she and the life that they shared were gone. Patrick announced that it was time for him to let it go. Sabrina assured him that he didn't have to. “I want to” Patrick said, haltingly. Patrick felt that he needed to live in the present, with Sabrina. They kissed. Patrick slowly removed his ring and placed it in a ring box that held Robin's ring. Then he took Sabrina's hand and they kissed again.

At the church, Lulu realized Connie really was Maxie's daughter and she demanded that Maxie admit it. Maxie quietly confirmed that Connie was her baby. Spinelli acknowledged that he was the father. Lulu and Dante were hurt, shocked and angry. Maxie said she could explain. “You're damn right you can explain!” Dante yelled. Spinelli said he knew Dante and Lulu were angry, but he asked them to hear Spinelli and Maxie out. Maxie wouldn't let Spinelli share in the blame. She took full responsibility for what she was about to tell them. Lulu let out a sob as Maxie told them about the miscarriage. Lulu said that a tiny piece of her and Dante, that was growing in Maxie, essentially died, and Maxie didn't tell them. A sorrowful Maxie said she'd been too raw after the miscarriage to tell them the truth, then Lulu and Dante left town to rescue Luke. Dante ordered her not to put the blame on him and Lulu. He yelled that she had owed them the truth. Maxie explained that she felt she also owed them a baby and she hadn't wanted them to look at her with the pain and anger they were looking at her with right now. Maxie told them she approached Britt and asked to be implanted with one of Dante and Lulu's other embryos. Dante asked if Maxie understood how messed up that was. Maxie continued and told them Britt couldn't do it, because she was already pregnant. Lulu recalled being angry with Maxie for having sex, because she was afraid it would disrupt the implantation, not realizing there was no implantation anymore.

Lulu demanded to know why Maxie didn't tell them the truth. Maxie explained that she saw her pregnancy with Spinelli's baby as a way to make good on her promise. Dante was furious. He yelled that he and Lulu wanted THEIR baby, not Maxie's. Maxie defended her actions by reminding that they considered adoption, but Dante snapped that that gave her no right to pass off her baby as theirs. Lulu screamed that she and Dante could have started over with another embryo, but Maxie and Spinelli kept them in the dark and allowed them to fall more in love with every kick and every sonogram. Maxie told them that Spinelli didn't know the truth until after the birth. Spinelli added that he and Maxie made the mutual decision to give the baby up. Dante wondered what was wrong with them. Lulu asked Maxie what she thought would happen when Dante and Lulu found out Connie wasn't theirs? Maxie begged Lulu to stop saying the baby wasn't theirs. She said she and Spinelli were giving Connie to them. Dante wondered what Spinelli had to say, because Dante was convinced that Maxie had forced Spinelli to give the baby up. Spinelli said that it didn't happen like that. Dante got in Maxie's face and told her she didn't know what it meant to be a parent. His voice broke as he said being a parent meant doing everything to protect the child. “Kids aren't interchangeable, Maxie!” he screamed. He was appalled that she tried to pass off her child as theirs in order to get out of having a conversation.

Maxie tried to get Lulu to see her point of view. “Lulu you know me” Maxie said, pleadingly. “No, I THOUGHT I did” Lulu spat. Lulu regretted having trusted Maxie to be their surrogate. Lulu called Maxie a cruel human being. Spinelli interjected that it was a terrible mistake. Dante did not understand how Spinelli could defend Maxie after she gave away his child. Spinelli told them it had been the only option. Lulu said the right thing to do was tell the truth. She asked Maxie how it was easier to go through this than to tell them about the miscarriage from day one. Maxie admitted that she hadn't thought about this part. She screamed that the truth was never supposed to come out.

Lulu asked Maxie to consider what would have happened if Connie got sick and Lulu and Dante didn't have her true medical history. Maxie begged Lulu to listen, but Lulu had enough. She told Maxie she was through listening to her suggestions to name the baby Georgie and to her lies and excuses. Lulu asked Dante how they didn't figure out the truth after Maxie's lies and attempt to breastfeed the baby. Dante said they didn't think her best friend would do something so terrible. Maxie stammered that she'd made this decision out of her love for Lulu. “I gave up my daughter, because you're best friend” Maxie said. Lulu slapped Maxie and told her to never call herself that again, when she let Lulu dream and then took it all away. When Maxie insisted again that she did this because she loved lulu and wanted her to be happy, Lulu yelled that Maxie had failed miserably, because Maxie didn't know what love was. “You're too selfish and blinded by all things Maxie to have feelings for anyone else.” Maxie admitted she was selfish, but said that didn't means she didn't care about Lulu. Maxie claimed she wouldn't have been her surrogate if she didn't care. Lulu argued that Maxie had already admitted she wanted to be a surrogate for her own benefit as a way to get over Spinelli. Maxie cried that Lulu was twisting her words. “You twisted our life!” Lulu said. Lulu yelled that if Maxie had been honest from the start, their friendship probably would have been strengthened, but instead, Maxie had trapped them in a lie and dragged Spinelli along with her. Lulu quietly asked Dante to take her (Lulu) out of there, because she didn't want to look at Maxie ever again. Dante and Lulu left and Maxie and Spinelli hugged.

When Nikolas got home, he found Britt passed out on the floor. He rushed to her side, and she quickly woke up and told him that her mother did this to her. Britt stood and looked into the bassinet and screamed that her mother took the baby. While Britt panicked about what her “crazy” mother would do with Ben, Nik pulled out his phone. When Britt found out Nik was calling Anna, she snatched the phone away. Britt insisted that Anna hated her and wouldn't help her, but Nik promised that Anna would do her job.

Anna was outside Kelly's looking at pictures of Robin on her phone, when Duke happened to swing by on his lunch break. They kissed hello then went into the diner. Duke mentioned that he worked so well with Derek that it almost seemed like they'd worked together before. Anna didn't respond and Duke noticed that she was preoccupied. Anna confessed that she was a hypocrite – she'd just told Patrick to let Robin go, but she was incapable of taking her own advice. Anna dabbed at her tears as she explained that she felt like Robin was still out there. Anna admitted that sometimes she almost bought things for Robin, before remembering that she was dead. Once Anna pulled herself together, Duke decided to blow off the rest of the work day and spend time with her. Anna told Duke they couldn't, because he just got hired and she had work to do, including catching Dr. Obrecht and making her pay for attacking Duke.

As Duke and Anna were leaving Kelly's, Anna received Nik's call, then she called it in to the station. Anna told Duke what happened to Britt and called it karma.

Anna went to Wyndemere and asked Britt to walk her through what happened. Britt thought that was a waste of time and that Anna's should be searching for her son. Anna replied that she'd put an APB out on Obrecht and an AMBER alert out on Ben, but any information Britt could give would help. Britt told Anna and Nik how her mother let herself in. Anna asked Britt why she didn't call the police immediately and turn her mother in. While a distraught Britt paced the room, Nik asked Anna if she really thought Britt's mother would let her call the police. Anna pointed out that Britt had worked with her mother before and she might be again. Anna asked Britt what her mother said. Britt told them Obrecht said she needed the baby, then she pushed Britt when Britt tried to stop her. Britt thought she must have hit her head. Anna asked why Obrecht took the baby. Britt screamed that she didn't know. Anna wondered if the kidnapping was tied into Britt's original plan to pass the baby off as Patrick's. Anna noted that Britt had a history of having a hidden agenda. Britt insisted that she didn't know what her mother's plans were. Nik told Anna he knew she was just doing her job, but all that mattered was finding the baby. Anna told Britt that holding back information could prevent them from finding Ben. Britt nodded.

Alexis went to Derek's office. He noticed her troubled expression and asked if Danny was okay. Alexis told him that Danny was fine would be going home today. Alexis explained that she was there to talk about Julian Jerome. Derek pretended he'd never heard the name before. Alexis told him a bit about the Jerome family and explained that although they were supposed to be dead, Shawn thought that Julian might be behind the explosion at the pier. Derek wondered why Alexis was telling him this. Alexis wanted a favor. She hoped she wasn't being presumptuous and Derek eased her fears by telling her he was happy to help. He came out from behind his desk and sat in another chair, closer to Alexis. Alexis had a hunch that Sam's father Julian and Julian Jerome might be the same person, and she wanted Derek to use his media connections to find out if she was right. Derek promised to have his research department look into it. Alexis suggested that she take out for dinner as a small way to thank him for all he'd done for her and her family. Derek was interested in her offer.

Duke walked in just as Alexis said she'd be grateful to have any information about Julian Jerome. He offered to help and told Alexis he'd worked closely with Julian in the past. Alexis asked if Julian had ever been to New Hampshire. Duke said yes; Julian attended Dartmouth and had been very proud of that. Duke left and Alexis reeled about the new information, but Derek tried to downplay it. He acted skeptical that a mobster went to Dartmouth. Alexis pointed out that Michael Corleone, from The Godfather went there. Derek laughed and pointed out that the Godfather was fiction. Alexis tried to digest the possibility that she'd had another child with mobster.

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