GH Update Monday 9/30/13

General Hospital Update Monday 9/30/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sabrina notices Felix, at the hospital lost in thought and tells him she needs to know what is on his mind. She tells him that she can clearly see, although he's not about to admit it, that he's mooning over “Brad the cad”.

Brad goes to interrupt the christening of baby Connie. Dante, Lulu, Olivia, Nikolas, Spinelli and Maxie all demand to know what he is doing there uninvited. He tells them he has something very important to tell them.

Luke is far away in a locked lab with his life threatened, first by Helena Cassadine and now by Jerry Jacks. Jerry reminds Luke that he (Luke) has overstepped. Luke reminds Jerry that he poisoned the water in Port Charles and could have killed many people. Jerry smugly tells Luke he can make it up to him by offering him Brandy to make up for plutonium poisoning.

At Kelly's, Patrick talks to Anna about knowing some information about Britt's mom working with Faison. It was at that point that he told Britt he wanted full custody of the baby because he did not want his son near that. Suddenly she informed him for the first time that he was not the father of the baby.

Britt is with her mom. Her mom holds the baby and tells her daughter she is ready to carry out her plan and is not worried although Britt is.

At the hospital, Sabrina tells Felix he needs to know that Brad is not a good guy and cannot be trusted. He tells her that he so wanted her to be right about him. He tells her he realizes that he distrusted Brad but then ran into Ellie on the way out of the hospital and she informed him that Brad was on his way to “do the right thing”.

Brad tells the people at baby Connie's Christening that he has something very important to say. It's regarding the baby. Hearing that, they know about his “involvement” with the Westbourne baby but ask if it's regarding that one or if it is regarding baby Connie.

Jerry Jacks reveals to Luke that he supplied a remedy for a “mutual acquaintance” for the poisoning. Bu the can see that the remedy is wearing off on Luke. He reveals he knows about Luke's investigation to find out what both Faison and Liesl Westbourne are up to.

Liesl holds her infant “grandson” and tells her daughter she intends to take him with her. But Britt tells her mom she will keep her baby. She reveals she's named the baby Ben. Her mother yells that that is not a name for a baby. It's the name for a rat. She thought they agreed they would name him Cesar, after Britt's father. But Britt seems to know her mom's secrets and is not going to go along with her plan.

Patrick informs Anna that both Sabrina and Nikolas Cassadine have encouraged him to know that he need not worry about the deception regarding the baby may or may not be his. But, he admits, he is beginning to have some worries about Sabrina.

At the hospital, Sabrina urges Felix not to trust Brad. He knew what she needed to suspect about Britt and the baby. So maybe she is now similarly warning him about Brad. And they both wonder if Bread is really the sperm donor to Britt's baby.

When Connie's family recall Brad informing them that he might be the biological father of Britt's baby, they demand to know what he knows about their baby. He then reveals that this baby is not Dante and Lulu's. She's Maxie's.

Britt tells her mom she's unbelievable. She tried to murder someone. And when the cops came, she let her daughter take the fall. Anna arrested her when she was 9 months pregnant and she could have given birth in jail were it not for the kindness of Nikolas bailing her out. Hearing that, her mom sarcastically talks about her daughter believing that Nikolas is her knight in shining armor when it's all ridiculous. But, she tells her daughter, very soon Patrick will open up his home to her and their child. But Britt reveals to her mom that will not happen. She finally did the right thing and revealed to Patrick that Ben is not his son. Hearing that, her mom is ready to haul off and slap her. But she catches her mom's hand to prevent that.

Jerry informs Luke that “Dr. Westbourne” took pity on him and although she did not find a cure for the poisoning, she did perform a very heroic deed that may be of interest to Luke.

Luke informs Anna that when he thought that he and Sabrina had a good thing going, Sabrina's ex boyfriend showed up out of nowhere. And a concern he has is that the boyfriend revealed that Patrick is not committed to Sabrina when he's still wearing his wedding ring.

Felix asks Sabrina about her ex boyfriend appearing out of nowhere. He asks her what became of that. She informs him that Carlos told her he wants her back.

Brad informs Connie’s family that Connie is Maxie's. They do not believe that. But he reveals that he overheard Spinelli revealing to Maxie that Dante and Lulu will never know the truth that their baby is not theirs and is his with Maxie. Lulu then tells him he's out of his mind and urges Spinelli and Maxie to assure her that it's not true.

Britt firmly tells her mom she will never hit her daughter again. Her mom demands to know how she could do something so stupid. Britt replies because Patrick was threatening to take her kid from her. He could have done that. She's tired of lying for her mom and helping her with her insane and ridiculous plan. She tells her mom she's lucky her daughter did not give her up to the cops. And if she pushes Britt any farther, she will report her.

Patrick informs Anna that Sabrina's ex boyfriend managed to find her at his house and kissed her. He booted the guy. But then Carlos finds her again at the hospital. The guy obviously did not respect her boundaries or get that she's moved on. And when he confronted Carlos, Carlos brought up the fact that Patrick still wears his wedding ring. It was none of Carlos' business. Anna affirms of course not. But, she asks Patrick, why is he still wearing his wedding ring.

At the hospital, Sabrina reveals to Felix that her ex kissed her although she revealed to him that she is seriously committed to Patrick. But Felix can kind of tell that she might have her doubts about that.

When all the people at the christening question Brad and ask if they should believe a word he says., he protests that he was “motivated” by someone to do the right thing. He attempted to do that although he does not know or care about any of them. And this is the thanks he gets. He leaves. All of the people, however do not know what to think or do. Spinelli, Maxie, and Nikolas all seem to want to “avoid and escape”. Dante senses this sudden behavior from both of them after being accused of lying about the baby's parentage. And he tells them he won't let them escape from discussing this further. They protest that Brad is delusional and psychotic. But Dante seems to know that Brad was coherent and knew what he was saying and doing. And he demands that they tell him what they might know about why Brad would come there to make up a story about Spinelli being the father of Maxie's baby.

Anna tells Patrick they both know that Robin would want him to be happy. He tells her he knows. And he loves Sabrina. But he realizes he cannot let Robin go.

Jerry Jacks tells Luke that poisoning Port Charles was hard work. So why should he share the remedy with Luke? He tells him that he cannot share it with Luke. It's not personal. His doctor said there's no enough medication and it can only cure one person.

Britt tells her mom she wants her out of there out of her life. Her mom asks her what she will do if she refuses to leave. Britt replies nothing. Her mother replies that's obvious because Britt is weak. Britt tells her mom no. It's because Nikolas will be home soon and will throw her mom out.

Patrick looks like he's going to cry when he admits to Anna that he cannot take his wedding ring off and completely let go of Robin. He cannot accept the fact that he will never see Robin again. Anna tells him he has to for him and for Sabrina.

Sabrina expresses the same concern to Felix about Patrick's wedding ring. He asks her to discuss it with Patrick. But she's hesitating to tell him he has to lose the ring.

Dante tells Maxie he remembers when awoke from giving birth, she told them the baby was hers'. She tells them that she was on pain pills and delirious. Nikolas tells them he could see that when he talked to her. Spinelli protests that Brad is psychotic and delusional. But he is determined to play police detective.

Brad returns to Felix and tells him he's the new and improved Brad Cooper. He's done a heroic deed. Felix asks him what he did. He tells him he walked right into the church and revealed to Dante and Lulu that the baby is Maxie and Spinelli's.

Spinelli, Maxie and Nikolas are silent when Lulu protests to Dante that he cannot believe the word of a disturbed person over the word of their very close friends. But right Lulu remembers Maxie attempting but failing to tell her something very important. And she realizes that this confirms that Connie is their baby.

Nikolas returns to Britt but sees she's passed out on his living room floor.

Anna is on her phone knowing that she has to take serious legal action against Dr. Liesl Westbourne... And she admits that it is personal. She notices many pictures of Robin still on her phone.

Patrick returns to Sabrina at the hospital and tells her they need to talk. She asks him what about. He replies about Robin.

Jerry returns to the room on the other side of where he is keeping Luke and reveals that Robin is there with him.

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