GH Update Friday 9/27/13

General Hospital Update Friday 9/27/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At Wyndemere, Nikolas hears Ben fussing and picks him up. Behind Nikolas’ back, Britt walks in and watches as Nikolas talks to Ben, telling him that Britt is new at being a mother, and for Ben not to fall in love with him, because he already has a daddy.

At the hospital, Felix comes off the elevator to a waiting Brad. Brad says he has a present for Felix. Felix says he has a policy of not taking presents from strangers, old men in limousines or deadbeat dads.

Britt walks into the room, asking Nikolas if Ben is giving him any trouble. Nikolas jokes with her about having a conversation with Ben, then hands him over to Britt. He tells her that he has to go to the christening. Britt says that it’s a big day for his family, but not so much for Maxie.

At the church, Maxie starts to pray. She says that she isn’t a model person, but she’s trying to change. She says being a surrogate didn’t go as planned but she’s trying to make it right. She asks for strength to let her daughter go to Dante and Lulu. She asks for something to help her accept being Connie’s godmother and not her mother, as Olivia listens from behind her.

Tracy arrives at Dante and Lulu’s place with a gift for Connie. Lulu reminds Tracy that the christening is at the church, but Tracy says she would like a private audience. Lulu tells her that she is happy to give Tracy a private audience, but she will have to wait for Connie because Dante took her godfather hunting.

Outside of Kelly’s, Dante tells Spinelli that he needs to go to get Connie ready for the christening. Spinelli promises to be there, but voices concerns over being Connie’s godfather as Ellie arrives and listens in. Dante tells him that he’s one of Lulu’s best friends, and he’s now a friend of his, so why wouldn’t he want Spinelli for a godfather.

Tracy is less than pleased about the choice of Spinelli as Connie’s godfather. Lulu voices confidence in Spinelli as a godfather, and mentions that any seediness the baby picks up will come from Luke. Tracy says that Luke will be happy to teach the baby such things when he returns. Lulu tells Tracy that she knows that Luke is dying.

At Cassadine Island, Luke overpowers a guard in a fight, then answers his phone. Holly calls and Luke tells her not to do something, and that she should stay close to Robert. He tells her that her tip paid off that with any luck, he will come face to face with Jerry. He tells her that if Jerry doesn’t have the antidote, he will die.

Nikolas says that he didn’t know that Britt and Maxie were so close. Britt says they aren’t, but Maxie was her patient. She comments on how difficult it must be for Maxie to give up the baby.

Brad asks if Felix isn’t at least curious about the gift he has for Felix. He then reveals a box of chocolate covered cherries. He admits that he has heard Felix in spin class mention that he works out extra when he’s had some. Felix starts to take the box, but asks what the ulterior motive is. Brad says he just wants to make Felix smile.

Dante tells Spinelli that part of the reason that he wants Spinelli as the godfather is because he takes it very seriously and would lead Connie down the right path. Ellie interrupts and meets Connie. She mentions how beautiful Connie is. Dante reassures Spinelli and leaves them. Ellie wonders if she heard correctly and that Spinelli is going to be his own daughter’s godfather.

Maxie was surprised by Olivia being there early. She asks Olivia how long she was there. Olivia says long enough. Maxie covers by saying that she had attachment issues, but she’s been getting therapy to work on them, so the issues won’t be a problem. Olivia says that Dante and Lulu mentioned it to her. Olivia says that Maxie is going to do fine, as long as she doesn’t stab Lulu in the back.

Tracy is surprised to hear that Luke told her the truth. Lulu says he only admitted it after she overheard him talking about it. Tracy asks that she not be hard on Luke for keeping it secret and swearing her to secrecy, but he thought he was protecting Lulu. Lulu tells Tracy that she’s not the one who needs protection. She begins to worry about Luke’s condition and that he may not come home. Tracy assures her that it would not happen, and that he will come home. She says there’s no way he lets Helena win.

Luke tries to use the thumb of the guard to unlock the door, but he is struck by a pain. He waits for the pain to pass, and tries to get the door open again. He is able to open the door using the guard’s thumb. He walks in to find another guard. Shots are exchanged and the guard is dead. Luke calls out to Jerry, but from the next room, Helena enters, asking if he really thinks that Jerry could fill her shoes. Luke is surprised as Helena tells him “Hello, lover boy”.

Nikolas draws a comparison between Maxie who is close to Connie, and Brad who is not close to Ben. Britt tells him that she holds no ill will towards Brad, but Nikolas says that Brad is the one missing out. He leaves to go get dressed, but on the way out, he tells Britt that if he was the father, he wouldn’t be far from the baby monitor.

Brad tells Felix that he should take the chocolates because people are watching. Felix says he can’t condone that Brad has a baby he pays no attention to. Brad insists that they had a moment recently, and he thought Felix felt the same way, too. Felix confessed that he did feel something with Brad.

Maxie asks Olivia why she would stab Lulu in the back. Olivia says that she doesn’t know, but it’s what she saw in a vision. Olivia explains the vision to her, and how she was so upset that she had to call Dante to come home, then he talked her down. She knows that Maxie would never hurt Lulu.  Olivia then mentions the visions with the puppy, and Maxie realizes that Olivia’s vision could have been a jackal.

Spinelli tells Ellie that he is going to be Connie’s godfather, and Ellie is surprised by this. Ellie wonders who he is doing it for. Spinelli says in part for Dante, and in part for himself.

Lulu asks Tracy if they’re supposed to pretend everything is normal, and Tracy says that’s what Luke would want. Lulu is upset that Luke isn’t around, and that Laura is handling her health issues, leaving her with no one. Tracy tells her that Lulu has her, and that she will stand in for Luke at the christening. Lulu tells her that she doesn’t have to do that, but Tracy says she wants to. They are interrupted by the arrival of Dante and Connie. Dante announces that Spinelli agreed to be the godfather, and Lulu tells him that Maxie agreed to be the godmother. Tracy stares at the baby and Lulu wonders why she is staring. Tracy says that she’s looking for some of Luke in the baby. Lulu says that she looks for it, too. Tracy leaves to go to the church so that Lulu could get dressed.

Luke stands up, surprised to see Helena. He is convinced that he’s seeing a clone, or a double, or Faison in a mask because Helena is dead. Helena says that he is right, she is dead. She asks that if she’s dead, what does that make Luke?

Brad is happy and says he knew it. Felix doesn’t want his business publicized in front of the nurses’ station. He tells Brad that they had a moment, but that was until he realized how selfish a person Brad is, that he’s a liar, and makes wrong choices. Brad says that he’s not all bad. Felix challenges him to name one selfless thing that he’s done. Brad can’t think of one, but asks what if he does one.

Britt tells Ben how kind Nikolas is to let them stay at Wyndemere, and that’s why she feels bad about keeping a secret. She says that she wishes that she didn’t have to lie to Nikolas. Nikolas walks in, hearing her, then asks what she’s lying to him about.

Spinelli tells Ellie that being Connie’s godfather will put him in Connie’s life, and give him some contact with her. Ellie asks if that is enough for him. Spinelli says it will have to be, then excuses himself to get his suit for the christening.

Dante asks what was going on with Tracy. Lulu tells him how Tracy is worrying about Luke, but trying to hide it, just like her. She hates that she has no way of contacting him, or knowing how he is. She wishes that someone could help them figure out where Luke is.

Olivia continues to try to figure out the dog she had visions of. Tracy walks in, then tells Olivia that Tracy can help her figure it out because she needs some air. Maxie leaves them, and Tracy asks what she is supposed to try to figure out. Olivia tells her dogs.  As Maxie steps out of the room, she nearly collides with a rushing Spinelli.  Meanwhile, Tracy can’t help Olivia figure out the dog. Olivia starts to tell her how her visions have had some meaning, but is interrupted by a new vision: Luke dead in a casket at the front of the church.

Luke asks Helena what she’s trying to say, but Helena is disappointed that he can’t figure it out. Luke says that he is alive, and happy to put Helena back into the grave. Helena tells him that he should join her, and that she has saved him a place by the fire next to her. She says he may not be dead yet, but he will be soon, unless.  Luke asks “unless what?”

Nikolas tells Britt that he didn’t mean to eavesdrop. Britt tells him that he overheard her telling Ben that she lied to him, and that she is keeping something from him. She tells him that her mother called from a blocked number. She wanted to hear about Ben, but Britt hung up on her. Nikolas wonders about her keeping that from him. Britt says that he’s been nice to her, and she didn’t want to bring trouble to him, and her mother is trouble. Nikolas tells her that he’s familiar with duty to family. Britt realizes that, and knows that she should have told him. Nikolas agrees.

Brad tells Felix that he knows how to do the right thing, but Felix doubts it. He tells Brad that Brad has given him no reason to believe him. Before he leaves to go on shift, he tells Brad to put the money towards his son’s education instead of getting a gift for him next time, then leaves. Ellie walks in and Brad tells her that she’s late. She says she knows, and that she ran into Spinelli. She tells him that they talked about the christening for Dante and Lulu’s baby.

Dante prepares Connie in her christening gown. Dante and Lulu both admire Connie. Dante admits that Spinelli is an unconventional choice for a godfather, but he has a good heart. He asks Lulu if she’s ok with Maxie being Connie’s godmother. Lulu says she’s fine with it, and tells him how Maxie is working through her issues, and is her best friend.

Maxie wonders what Spinelli is doing at the church. He tells her he’s there to be Connie’s godfather. Maxie tells him that she’s going to be the godmother. Spinelli is surprised that she agreed, but Maxie explained that she was surprised when Lulu asked. She says she intended to say no, but said yes. Spinelli asks why. Maxie says that being the godmother means she won’t need excuses to be close to Connie.

Olivia freaks out over the vision she sees, and Tracy wants to know why she is freaking out. Olivia explains that her vision is of Luke in a casket at the altar.

Helena tells Luke that she can help him. Luke wonders how. Helena says she offers him a way out, and salvation. Luke wonders if she means Jerry’s cure. Helena says that Jerry isn’t there, she only offers her bargain.

Tracy asks if Luke is there, but Olivia points to where she sees the casket. Tracy asks if Luke is dead. Luke says that she doesn’t know. Tracy wants her to check for a pulse. Olivia tells her that she never interacted with a vision before but Tracy pushes her to do it. Olivia checks for a pulse, and Luke opens his eyes and moves his mouth. Olivia bends to him to hear what he has to say. She stands up after he whispers to her, and Tracy asks what he said.

Helena tells Luke that she can end his suffering. She asks him to take her hand and die now. Luke asks what kind of deal it is for him to die to keep from dying. Helena explains that she wants it to be his choice. Luke asks what if he passes. Helena says then he would be her slave. Helena tells him that there’s no reason for him to stay there. Luke refuses to go with her now or ever. Helena disagrees. She kisses him, then tells him that he will see her sooner than he thinks, and then she won’t take no for an answer. She leaves him. Luke tells him that he will find the cure and live.

Tracy asks what Luke said. Olivia tells her that the vision is gone. Tracy asks what Luke said. Olivia tells her that he said “I need Spanks”. Olivia is confused by this, but Tracy says that “Spanks” is his nickname for her, and that he’s telling her that he needs her.

Britt apologizes for keeping her mother’s call from him. Nikolas says that he’s not angry, but with a new baby, she doesn’t need the stress of her mother. She asks if they are still friends, and Nikolas says they are, and that he has to go to the christening.. He hugs her and she back away. He asks her what is up, and she says that she realizes that someone cares about her and Ben. Nikolas says that she should get used to it.

Spinelli says that they had the same idea: being godparents to be able to stay close to Connie. He wonders what will happen if it brings them more pain. Maxie says that they won’t let that happen. She tells him that she was there to pray for strength to do this. She is convinced that God heard her prayer and sent Spinelli to her. They agree that it may not be so bad if they are in it together.  Dante and Lulu arrive with Connie and Sonny. Spinelli comments that Sonny must be proud, and he says he is. Lulu hopes that Spinelli is going to change clothes, and that he and Maxie are ready to make their debuts as godparents.

Ellie tells Brad that Spinelli is going to be the godfather to Dante and Lulu’s baby, then tells him where the christening is at when he asks. He gives her the chocolate covered cherries that he bought for Felix, telling her to consider it a thank you for covering for him, then he rushes out.  Ellie asks where he is going. As he got onto the elevator, he tells her that he’s going to prove that he can do the right thing.

Maxie watches as Dante, Olivia and Sonny interact with Connie. Tracy leaves the chapel, and approaches Lulu. She apologizes as she tells Lulu that she has to leave right after the christening, but tells her that she may be able to bring her a present back.

Britt hears Ben fussing, and rushes into the living room to find her mother holding Ben, and comforting him.

The christening begins as Nikolas arrives and has a seat. Dante and Lulu have their daughter christened “Constanza Louise”  and the priest names Spinelli and Maxie as the godparents. As the ceremony continues Brad rushes in.

Ellie is eating the chocolate covered cherries as Felix approaches. He tells her that Brad bought those from him, but he suspects that Brad stole them from a comatose patient. He tells her how he doesn’t believe that Brad knows how to do the right thing. Ellie tells him how Brad mentioned leaving to prove that he can do the right thing.

Brad watches as the christening continues. After the ceremony is over, Tracy kisses Lulu goodbye, and Sonny tells Olivia and Dante that he has to leave. He tells Dante how important being a father is. As Sonny leaves, Dante thanks him for coming. Lulu says that they forgot to bring in the gift for the priest. Spinelli offers to go get it. As he heads out, he sees Brad, and asks what he is doing there. Brad says that he needs to talk to Dante and Lulu. He says there’s something they need to know.

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