GH Update Thursday 9/26/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/26/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Sabrina tried to leave the exam room to get a doctor for Carlos, but he blocked her path and told her he wanted her. Patrick happened to walk in just as Carlos leaned in close to Sabrina. Patrick sensed the tension in the room and asked if Sabrina was okay. She was. Sabrina introduced Patrick to Carlos. Carlos extended his hand, but Patrick didn't take it. Patrick asked Carlos why he was shirtless and Carlos said he'd been injured on the job. Patrick glanced at Carlos's cut from several feet away and declared it a minor injury, then asked what he did for a living. Carlos said he worked for Derek Wells. Carlos and Patrick made strained small talk about their careers, until Patrick cut to the chase and told Carlos that he knew Carlos was trying to get Sabrina back. Carlos admitted it and said his life hadn't been the same since he lost Sabrina. Patrick stated that Sabrina was with with him now, but Carlos countered that Patrick wouldn't be wearing his wedding ring if he was serious about Sabrina. Carlos said he'd come to accept and support Sabrina's desire for a career. Carlos didn't think Patrick cared about Sabrina the way he did. In his view, Patrick was using Sabrina as a substitute for his dead wife and as a glorified babysitter. Sabrina sensed that Patrick and Carlos were moments away from getting physical and she stepped in between them. She told Carlos that he was wrong about her relationship with Patrick and she and Carlos weren't friends, so he had no business judging or acting like he owned her. She handed him a bandage for his cut and told him to get dressed and get out. Carlos repeated that he was the man who was serious about her, then he blew her a kiss and left. Sabrina apologized and admitted she was embarrassed by what Carlos said. Patrick promised Sabrina that Carlos was wrong about Patrick. Sabrina claimed that she didn't believe a word Carlos said, but she her eyes focused on Patrick's wedding ring. Patrick hugged Sabrina, but she had a worried expression.

Spinelli was leaving Kelly's, but he tried to duck went back inside when he spotted Dante taking Connie for a walk. Dante noticed Spinelli's abrupt change of plans and joked that the baby was going to think Spinelli was avoiding her. Spinelli insisted that he'd never avoid Dante's precious child. He asked how the baby was and Dante told him she had colic. Spinelli was alarmed and wondered if Connie should be outside while she was sick. Dante explained that Connie's pediatrician told them that the colic was normal and advised them that taking her on walks would soothe her. Spinelli knelt down and admired the baby. He and Dante sat and talked and Spinelli noted that Dante seemed to be enjoying fatherhood. Spinelli stared wistfully at the baby when Dante gushed about how fatherhood had changed his perspective on life. Dante mentioned that Connie needed a godfather. He explained that he didn't want to ask Michael or Morgan, because choosing one of them over the other might put even more strain on his brothers' rocky relationship. Dante asked Spinelli to be Connie's godfather, because Spinelli was one of Lulu's closest friends and because Dante thought that Spinelli would be a good father to Connie, if something were to happen to Dante. Spinelli didn't think he was the right choice, due to his character flaws and his unfamiliarity with Catholicism. Dante told Spinelli that he could learn about Catholicism and he explained that Dante and Lulu didn't expect him to be perfect, they just wanted him to love their child and provide her with guidance. Dante added that Lulu considered Spinelli family, so he was technically the baby's family, too. Spinelli accepted Dante's offer and agreed to be the baby's godfather.

At the loft, Lulu smiled looked at baby Connie's christening gown and smiled. Maxie arrived and Lulu thanked her for coming on such short notice. Maxie noticed the empty crib and got worried that something had happened to the baby. Lulu assured her that the baby was fine and said that Dante took her for a walk. Lulu told Maxie how big Connie was getting, then she asked Maxie to be Connie's godmother. Maxie was caught off guard, because she didn't think Lulu would want her to spend that much time with Connie right now. Lulu explained that she felt better about letting Maxie be in Connie's life, because of the talk they had and because Maxie had been getting therapy. Lulu said she'd never wanted Maxie to suffer. Maxie urged Lulu not to worry about her, because Maxie had decided that Connie was Lulu's daughter. Lulu was curious what that meant, and Maxie said she was just clear on who the baby's mother was. Lulu told Maxie that it would mean a lot to her and Dante if Maxie would accept. Lulu worried that it was insensitive to ask Maxie to be the godmother, but Maxie assured her that it wasn't. She accepted the offer to be Connie's godmother. Lulu and Maxie hugged. Maxie looked pained.

At the Metro Court, Carly was on her phone, ordering security to throw Ava out, when she bumped into Franco, a causing him to drop his bag of art supplies. He wondered why she was so angry and she said it was because of Ava. When Franco urged Carly to calm down, she vowed to have security throw him out as soon as they were finished with Ava. Franco asked Carly to go into his suite, so she could calm down, but Carly snapped that she'd never go in there. Franco wondered what Ava did and Carly told him about her and Morgan. Franco thought that was low, even for Ava. Carly told Franco how Morgan had lashed out at his relatives after he lost Kiki. Carly blamed herself for allowing Morgan to push her away and leaving the party with Sonny, giving Ava the opportunity to take advantage of him. Carly yelled that both Franco and Ava were crazy. She maintained that it was Franco's fault that Kiki and Ava were in Carly's life. The enraged Carly decided to go kill Ava. Franco grabbed her arm, because he'd feel terrible if she went to prison for killing Ava. Carly didn't understand why Franco cared. Franco had an idea to help Carly get rid of her frustration and anger. He took her into his room and set up an easel and canvas for her. Carly knew Franco was trying to get her to take a step back, but she resisted his efforts. Carly recalled that Jason used to ask her to count to ten as a way to calm down and gain perspective, but she was believed that even he would approve of her killing Ava. Franco thought it was more likely that Jason would kill Ava for her, but Franco said they'd have to improvise, since Jason wasn't there. Franco told Carly he was going to put on an art show with Diane, because the state had frozen his assets and he needed some cash. Carly wasn't sympathetic to his troubles.

Franco handed Carly a paintbrush and some paint, then he told her to picture the person she hated on the canvas and explode it with paint. Franco thought he was getting through to Carly, so he was surprised and confused when she flung the contents of the paint cup onto his face and chest. Carly absentmindedly painted the canvas while ranting about the turmoil her family was in. She blamed Franco; in her view, if Franco had stayed away from Port Charles, Ava and Kiki wouldn't be here right now. Carly said Franco had terrorized her family then manipulated her into letting down her guard. Then, just when she started to think they might have something real, he slept with a groupie. Carly admitted that she thought he was the man in Ava's room at first. Franco thought that was absurd, but Carly pointed out that he'd slept with Ava before. Carly was adamant that nothing would ever happen between the two of them. Franco told her the woman in his room didn't mean anything, then he suddenly kissed her, deeply. Carly reciprocated, then she pulled away. Near tears, she whispered that she couldn't make this mistake with Franco. Franco whispered that it would be a mistake to leave, but Carly walked out. Franco looked at Carly's painting and smiled.

Meanwhile, Michael and Kiki walked into Ava's room and caught her and Morgan in bed. A stunned and disgusted Kiki begged Morgan not to try and get back at her by sleeping with her mother. Morgan told her it was too late he and Ava had already slept together last night. Morgan twisted the knife by going into detail until Ava told him to stop. Michael questioned Morgan's behavior, but Morgan didn't want to hear it. Morgan assumed that Michael and Kiki had had sex last night, too, and he didn't believe Michael when he said that he and Kiki had spent the whole night discussing Morgan's hurt feelings. Morgan tried to deck Michael, but Michael dodged the punch. Ava suggested that the four of them have a civil discussion. Kiki slapped her mother across the face, to give her a small taste of the pain that Kiki felt. Kiki remembered what a lenient parent Ava had been when Kiki was growing up. Kiki used to think Ava was cool, but now she saw Ava as a liar, user and a slut. Ava tried to explain herself, but Kiki ignored her. Kiki complained about all the lies Ava had told her about her father and said Ava topped it off by sleeping with her husband. Morgan interjected that Kiki had no right to complain about what he and Ava did after what she and Michael did. While Michael acknowledged that he and Kiki hurt Morgan, he argued that Morgan's marriage had been doomed from the start because it was built on lies. In Morgan's view, the marriage was bound to fail, because Sonny would always put Michael first. Morgan felt that everyone gave Michael everything he wanted, even things that things that belonged to Morgan, in an attempt to make up for the bad things Michael had experienced. Michael countered that Kiki wasn't property and that she made her own choices, and Morgan moaned that she chose Michael, just like everyone else.

Michael told Morgan that hooking up with Ava was a mistake. Morgan disagreed. He felt that Ava was the only person who hadn't betrayed him. Michael argued that Morgan hadn't been betrayed and was only being forced to deal with the result of his lies. Morgan didn't think Michael cared about him, but Michael insisted that he loved Morgan, even though Morgan was wrong. Morgan said Ava never thought he was wrong and she'd supported him all along. He ordered Michael and Kiki to get out and leave him and Ava alone.

Kiki told Ava and Morgan that she was finished with both of them. Ava begged Kiki not to write her off, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Kiki and Michael left.

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