GH Update Wednesday 9/25/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/25/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

After a rough night with a fussy baby, Dante and Lulu wake up with her between them. They talk about the christening and how excited they are to welcome baby Connie into their community. Dante hopes that it takes Olivia and Sonny's mind off losing Connie. Dante gets up to retrieve the paper and sees his father splashed all over the front page. So much for that idea.

The man responsible is sitting at the counter at Kelly's. He's on the phone with Carlos congratulating him on a job well done. Derek/Julian flashes back to the night before, when he and Carlos were watching Sonny's shipment go up in flames. They are very pleased with themselves. Derek/Julian is startled when Alexis throws the paper down on the counter. "Someone is pleased with his handiwork," she says. He gets off the phone with Carlos.

Carlos is at GH where he is eavesdropping on Patrick and Sabrina. Patrick apologizes to Sabrina for her having to sneak off because of Emma. She tells him not to worry about it and he tells her that Emma is feeling better. She's glad, and he's grateful for her missing her OB rotation to look after Emma. She brushes it off and says that's what families are for. Patrick is glad she feels that way but is curious about Carlos. Sabrina thinks Carlos is long gone, and that he won't be a problem anymore. She is unaware that he was listening and has slipped away.

At Metro Court, a half-naked Franco is talking to the painting that Heather gave him for his birthday. He still doesn't understand what's it's about. He also thinks that Heather showing up may have ruined his chance with Carly.

Carly is on her way to talk to Ava Jerome. She runs into Diane who want to know what room Franco is in. she tells Carly that he hasn't returned any of her calls. Carly gives her the room number and tells Diane that her clients bill is due, and she wants her money. Diane tells her that may be a problem. Carly has too many other things on her mind to worry about it.

In the Metro Court restaurant, Michael and Kiki have fallen asleep at one of the tables. She has her head on his shoulder, but they are woken up by the maintenance man, who has to clean up after the wedding party. He makes a crack about most couples using the honeymoon suite, then Kiki tells him that Michael isn't her husband.

Her husband is waking up next to her mother in Ava's bed. Morgan can't believe what they actually did. Ava suddenly comes to her senses and freaks out about anyone finding them together. She is especially concerned about Carly, who has reached Ava's room and is pounding on the door. Carly calls for Ava to answer, and when she doesn't answer right away, Carly threatens to use the master key. Ava shoots Morgan a worried look.

Diane has found Franco's room and is startled when he answers it, still half-naked but looking very "healthy." She finds herself flustered, but manages to get a grip when Franco asks her why she's there. She tells him that she's there to discuss his finances. Ah, he was going to ask her about why his credit cards don't work. Diane informs him that the state has frozen all his assets. He calls them "sore losers" because his brilliant got all the charges dropped. Diane accepts the flattery, and toots her own horn. He high fives her, but she has more bad news. The victim's families have filed a civil suit against him ala O. J. She tells him yes, and he realizes that could take years. As he starts to ask her, she bluntly tells him that he's broke.

Sabrina reassures Patrick that he has nothing to worry about regarding Carlos. She thinks that Carlos is long gone.

When Alexis tells Derek/Julian that she meant the front page of the newspaper, he quietly breathes an inner sigh of relief. She comments about mob wars selling more papers than ELQ scandals. Derek/Julian feigns innocence saying he thought Sonny was a coffee importer. "Sometimes Sonny's shipments explode!" she quips. They banter back and forth, until he mentions her past with someone from Sonny's organization. She reminds him that that has ended. When she sees Shawn, she admits that why she's there.

Dante and Lulu discuss the event of the night before. "I guess little Connie wasn't the only one that wasn't sleeping." Dante quips, as he shows Lulu the front page. Dante wonders why Anna hasn't called him in yet, he knows she's short-staffed. Lulu reminds him that she knows, he on paternity leave. Suddenly, there's a persistent knock on the door. Lulu jokes that if that's Anna, she can't have him. Dante doubts that the commissioner would make house calls. He's right, it's Olivia, carrying a beautiful christening gown for little Connie. Dante tries to ask about Sonny, but Olivia brushes him off. She tells him that Sonny doesn't know about the explosion. She told Shawn not to tell him especially after what happened at the wedding party. Dante has no clue what she's talking about.

In the Metro Court, Kiki is still bantering with the maintenance man. He can't get over the fact that she wasn't with her husband. When he leaves, she and Michael talk about Sonny's meltdown. Kiki can't believe that they stayed up, all night talking about it. They are both still in shock, but Michael is actually relieved that the truth is out. They are both very concerned about Morgan, and hate that they hurt him.

Morgan is busy with Carly banging on Ava's door. She keeps calling her, while Ava tries to get Morgan to hide. Carly warns Ava that she has a master key, and isn't afraid to use it. Morgan finally grabs his clothes and heads for the bathroom.

In Franco's suite, Diane explains how the civil suit works . Franco wonders what he is going to live on. Diane tells Franco that she ran into Carly, and tells him that she wants him to pay up and get out. She wonders why, until Franco admits that he may have hurt Carly's feelings. Diane isn't surprised, that she wants him out then. Franco wonders what he'll live on. Diane sees Heather's painting and suggests that he sell it. Franco can't admit that it's not his, because he promised not to rat Heather out.

At Kelly's, Shawn joins Alexis and Derek/Julian at the counter. Alexis introduces them, and tells Shawn that Derek/Julian was the donor that saved Danny. Shawn asks how Danny's doing and Alexis proudly tells him that he's much better. Derek/Julian butts in changing the subject to the fire down on the docks. Shawn doesn't really respond so Derek/Julian tells him that he knows that he works for Sonny. He presents him with the paper that Alexis brought in.

Carly has grown tired of waiting and barges into Ava's suite. She catches Ava off guard as she is still trying to hide the evidence. Morgan is hiding around the corner and hears his mother berate Ava. Carly blames her for Sonny's meltdown and for throwing the party. She accuses her of talking Sonny into not taking his meds. When Carly worries about Morgan and Kiki 's marriage, Ava tells her that it's over. Carly wonders how she knows that, as Morgan listens nearby, still carrying his clothes.

Michael and Kiki are speculating who Morgan would turn to, considering he's angry at everyone right now. Michael quotes Jason, saying "you feel what you feel." Kiki is confused so Michael explains that since Morgan feels betrayed, he wouldn't go to Sonny's. Kiki doesn't think that she'll be welcome there either. Michael tells her otherwise. Kiki worries how Sonny and Carly, and everyone else will accept them as a couple. They both feel bad for lying to Morgan, but are glad to be able to be together. Michael isn't about to give up on them being a couple, but Kiki still turns down his invitation to live with him.

They have no idea that all hell is about to break loose in Ava's suite. Carly thinks that Ava is hiding Franco, and demands for him to come out. Ava tries to tell her that she's not hiding Franco, but Carly doesn't believe her. Carly goes off on Ava, leaving Morgan no choice, but to reveal himself.  Carly is shocked beyond words.

Franco is stuck between a rock and hard place. Diane keeps going on about Heather's painting. Her critique is dead on when she says it looks like someone from a mental institution did it. She suggests that because it's his, she can sell it. Franco wonders about the government seizing his work, but Diane assures him that she can find a way around that. Franco admits that the painting isn't his. He tells Diane that he needs 7200.

Still in the restaurant, Michael and Kiki finally admit that they love each other. He agrees that moving in together right now, isn't the greatest move. She decides to stay with her mom.

Her mom is a bit busy trying to stop Carly from killing her. Carly is having a bad case of déja vu. She is reminded of finding Brenda and Michael together, but clings to the hope that this is also a lie. Morgan makes an unfortunate crack about that, which upsets Carly even further. Morgan demolishes that idea which causes Carly to physically attack Ava.

Dante and Lulu listen to Olivia's account of Sonny's meltdown. They are both shocked, but Dante feels bad for Morgan. Dante wants to go and see his father, but Olivia discourages it. Olivia tells him that Carly managed to get Sonny to calm down and take his meds. Carly called her this morning to let her know. She tells Dante that Sonny doesn't need to know about the explosion right now.

Speaking of which, Sabrina is surprised to find out that her next patient is Carlos. Carlos got into a scuffle with one of Sonny's men, and has a gash in his arm. Carlos asks her hat happened to her glasses, and she tells him that she wears contacts now. He also notices the change in hairstyles, and is glad to see that she is finally showing the world how beautiful she is. She tells him to stop it, and that she is with Patrick now. He takes off his shirt, and reveals his buff body.

At Kelly's, Derek/Julian has words with Shawn, so Alexis has to break them up. Shawn is upset that Alexis told Derek/Julian what he does for a living. Alexis apologizes and tells him it happened during an emotional moment after Danny's surgery. Shawn calms down and wonders why she is even there. She tells him that she heard about the explosion and was worried about him. She asks if he's okay, and he says yes. She says that they have to be civil now, because of Molly and TJ. She then asks if he has any leads, and he tells her that of the men gave him a name. They both glance at Derek/Julian, who realizes they are watching him.

Back to the Falconeri loft, Olivia tells her son and Lulu that Sonny will be at the christening. Olivia gets upset when Dante suggests that they postpone the christening. She doesn't want to bring any more bad luck to their family. She rambles on about her visions, and says that Sonny is looking forward to the christening. She brings up the godparents and is surprised that they haven't picked any yet.

In the Metro Court restaurant, Michael questions Kiki's decision to move in with Ava. Kiki declares that she can handle Ava. Michael is worried that Ava can manipulate her. Kiki assures him that she won't let her.

Little does she know, that Ava is fighting for her life just then. Morgan finally tears Carly off of Ava. Carly is convinced that Ava manipulated Sonny into going off his meds. She is convinced that Ava will manipulating Morgan as well. Carly calls Ava a predator, but Morgan defends her, saying that she is the only he trusts. Carly demands that he leave with her, but he refuses. Carly tells him that he can watch security throw Ava out then. Carly storms off, and Morgan turns to Ava, saying "What now?"

Olivia hands little Connie back to her mother. They talk some more about godparents. Dante was going to use Michael or Morgan, but that's out of the question now. Olivia wonder why Lulu hasn't asked Maxie, whom she thinks is the perfect choice. She leaves them to their task, and tells Dante to ignore the news about the Sonny.

This leads us back to Kelly's, where Shawn tells Alexis the name his informant gave him was Julian Jerome. Derek/Julian tries to hear what they're saying.

Back at GH, Carlos lies to Sabrina about how he got his wound. She tries to attend to him, but decides he needs a doctor. "I don't need a doctor," he says. "I need you." Of course, that's just when Patrick enters the room.

Carly is storming through the halls of the hotel. She's on the phone ordering her security staff to get rid of Ava. She literally collides with Franco, who drops an armload of packages.

Ava apologizes to Morgan for the way things went down with Carly. Morgan doesn't care, he just wants to get it on with Ava. Ava finally gives in, unaware that Michael and Kiki are on their way. Kiki opens the door, and is in for the shock of her life!

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