GH Update Monday 9/23/13

General Hospital Update Monday 9/23/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sabrina's ex boyfriend, Carlos comes to see her at Patrick's home unaware that she's moved on and is in a relationship with Patrick.

And when Derek (Julian) and Ava are on the docks discussing private business dealings, they run into Carlos and reveal that he is working with them.

Anna goes to visit Duke at the Crimson office while he is posing as his journalistic assistant, while he's really there to uncover information for the cops. He informs Anna that he just found out that Derek had some sort of connection to Daniel Morgan. But they don't have a clue as to exactly what that is.

At The Metro court, Sonny is behaving in a weird way while being off his meds. He announces to the entire party that he withheld the information from Michael that Kiki is not related to Michael. And the reason he did that was because Morgan asked him to keep the secret. Hearing that Michael is furious and finds out that not only did his dad keep the secret but so did Morgan. And it was all to prevent Kiki from having the relationship she'd like to have with Michael (by believing he's her first cousin when he is not.

Sam reveals that she is furious when she sees Silas kissing Ava at The Metro Court when he is supposed to be her date. He protests that there is an explanation But she does not buy anything he's ready to tell her. She tells him that although she had her reservations about going with him to the party, she had a conversation with Patrick Drake who encouraged her to consider having a relationship with him (Silas).

Sabrina is ready to tell Patrick that Carlos came by and had other reasons to see her than to conduct business.

Duke tells Anna that he has been investigating the private life of Derek wells but has not come up with much since there are no photos or other sources of information. She gets a call and leaves. She then gets on the elevator and sees Derek with Carlos who are getting off the elevator and revealing they are old friends.

Patrick tells Sabrina that he can see that Carlos is her ex boyfriend.

Sonny tells his sons that he has to do this whether they want to hear it or not. He tells Michael if he's furious with his brother, he may blame his father but not blame Morgan. Michael demands to know when Morgan found out for the first time that Kiki is not Michael's cousin. Was it before the wedding? And was that the very reason Morgan rushed to get the legally binding marriage contract? Morgan admits yes. Michael furious tells his brother he's a son of a bitch. Both Kiki and Michael are furious with Morgan knowing that he lied and schemed behind their backs. He protests that they can clearly see that his dad is behaving in a strange way and not making much sense. But they are both less concerned about Sonny than they are about what he has done.

Derek (Julian) comes by and introduces Duke to his friend Carlos. They also inquire where Anna went in such a hurry. Duke answers there was some sort of “explosion” at the docks.

When Sam informs Silas that it was Dr. Drake who convinced her to go out with Silas, he asks her if Patrick spoke negatively about him. She tells him their conversation was not primarily about him. She and Patrick are both widowed and have dealt with wondering when to move on and see other people and realize that their respective deceased spouses would want them to be happy. And so when she makes this decision, she walks in to see him kissing Ava. And it really upset her. He tells her he now understands but he was not kissing Ava. She kissed him.

Sonny tells Morgan that he has to live with knowing that his argument with Connie about whether to reveal that Kiki is not a Quartermaine is what got Connie shot. So that's why he is now revealing it. Kiki then demands that Morgan honestly tells her if he knew that Michael was not her cousin before he married her. He emotionally and regretfully admits yes, he knew. He then furiously turns to his father and demands to know how Sonny could do this to him.

At the Crimson office, Derek (Julian) tells Duke that he has some business to conduct in the office and encourages Duke and Carlos to get to know each other. Carlos tells Duke that the police commissioner is a beautiful woman whom Duke might not want to spend much time away from. He knows that Anna also is busy with her work. Duke tells him they are both busy and asks Carlos what about him. Does he have a woman waiting for him anywhere?

At that moment, Sabrina is talking to Patrick about Carlos wanting her back when she's moved on and done with him.

Anna meets with Shawn and asks just what he knows about the explosion at the docks that did not happen long ago and which she knows that Sonny is behind. She asks if Shawn might know who might be a new enemy of Sonny's. She now knows the Zaccharas are no longer in the picture. So could he shed some light? Shawn then replies that he might have an idea. He keeps hearing about a dead guy named Julian Jerome.

At the Metro Court, outside the party room, Ava notices texts on her phone from her brother that he's afraid some people might be onto their secrets.

Morgan furiously reminds his father that he's been sent away while Michael has been so important and worth all of these sacrifices. Sonny and Carly and everyone wants to do whatever they can just to make Michael happy. Hearing that, Sonny tells his son that the reason he revealed this secret was not for Michael's happiness. It was for Morgan. He tells his son he does not want him to be unhappily married to a woman who does not love him back. He deserves to be with someone who loves him just like Connie loved his father. Sonny then reaches to hug his father but Morgan pulls away and demands he not touch him.

Silas tells Sam that Ava means nothing to him. The only connection they have is to their daughter. The only person he's interested in is her (Sam).

Morgan tells his father he has no reason to trust him. Sonny is a known criminal. Why should he believe a word he says? He's a liar who gets away with hurting people and corrupting society. Carly then tells her son she realizes he is upset but has no right to talk that way to his dad. He asks his dad what his motives were to reveal the secret. If it was not a set-up, then his father must really be losing it. So it's not just Connie who had a terrible sickness. At that point, Sonny is provoked to physically attack Morgan for what just came out of his mouth.. They then concludes that Sonny has to go home with Olivia. Michael stares coldly at Morgan who asks him what he is looking at. Michael replies that he's looking at the stranger who “used to“ be his brother.

Outside the room, Silas protests to Sam that he wants to be with her. And asks her what she says. Before Sam can reply, Ava come out of hiding after overhearing. And she tells Sam before she answers, she might want to know some things about Silas.

Patrick asks Sabrina just exactly what Carlos told her. She laughs and doesn't want to discuss it. But Patrick seems to know that her ex boyfriend might want her back. She does admit as soon as she opened the door, Carlos kissed her.

Carlos admits to Duke that he did, in fact, have a relationship with a beautiful young woman whom he made a serious mistake letting her get away.

Inside the room, Morgan tells Michael that he knows that his brother wanted to take his woman away from him. Kiki protests to Morgan that she and Michael “tried” to stop what they were feeling and not act on their desires for each other because they both “care about him”. He talks about how he is devalued by both of them as well as by his family when Kiki tells him that he has betrayed her and betrayed Michael by lying to them telling them he did not know that they were not related when he did know.

After Ava comes out of hiding to reveal “secrets” about Silas to Sam, he tells her to go away. Ava protests that she does not want some poor unsuspecting woman who knows nothing about her daughter’s father to learn the hard way. Sam admits that she knows that she and Silas barely know each other but she wonders what Ava believes is so evil about him. And if Ava believes he's to terrible, why does she want him back?

At the docks, Anna asks Shawn what he has heard about Julian Jerome. Shawn said he heard about Julian but discovered Julian has been dead for years.

At the Crimson office, Carlos asks Derek (Julian) why he has hired Duke Lavery. Isn't Duke a liability for him?

Patrick asks Sabrina how it was that Carlos thought to look for her at Patrick's home if he did not know they were together. She replies that he probably thought she was just there babysitting for Patrick as she used to do that. But Patrick seems to know that there are questions that need to be asked and answered about Carlos.

Sonny goes home accompanied by both Olivia and Carly who are very concerned about him.

Morgan still wants to get back with Kiki who is furious to know that he has lied and betrayed her.

Sabrina asks Patrick if he's jealous and assures him he shouldn't be. He asks her what she's going to do in order to prove that. She tells him since Emma is in bed, she can prove to him that he has no reason to be jealous of Carlos.

At Crimson, Carlos asks Julian (Derek) if he's not a bit concerned about Duke and his commissioner girlfriend.

Anna and Duke are continuing to brainstorm and she reveals she is pretty certain, based upon what Shawn told her that Sonny is behind the explosion.

Olivia gets ready to leave Sonny's home when Shawn comes by. She tells him that Sonny is “not himself” and whate3ver he wants may have to wait. Inside Carly tells Sonny she is not going anywhere until he discusses with her what he just did to Morgan tonight.

Kiki reveals to Morgan that she odes not want to be married to him. He asks why. Is it just because of one lie? She tells him no. It’s because of far more. And his dad was right, she tells him. They should not be married. He will not be happily with her. Michael stands beside them and Morgan turns to his brother and furiously tells him he now has what he wants.

Sam decides to go inside the room with Silas and not listen to what Ava is going to reveal about him. Alone in the lobby, Ava cries and smashes a vase on the floor.

Morgan furiously and distraughtly tells his wife and his brother congratulations. He knows they will be very happy together.

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