GH Update Friday 9/20/13

General Hospital Update Friday 9/20/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Carly is on her phone as Michael comes out of Sonnyís house. She hangs up, mentioning how she found a dress last minute for Avaís party, because Ava told her about it late. Michael mentions going to the party as well to give his blessing to Morgan and Kiki. Carly tells him thatís the last thing he needs to do.

At the hospital, Patrick calls Sabrina, but gets her voicemail. He tells her that he appreciates her taking care of Emma. He also tells her that Felix mentioned a friend of hers from Puerto Rico looking for her and he wonders if she met up with him.

At Patrickís house, Sabrina pushes Carlos off of her, and asks what he is doing. He says he is doing something heís wanted to do for a very long time: Heís kissing his girl.

At the Metro Court, Morgan is concerned that Ava may still tell Kiki the truth. Ava tells him that it depends how cooperative he is with her, and how willing he is to pay off his debt to her. Morgan agrees. Ava tells him that in that case, thereís no reason for Kiki to know anything. Kiki approaches, overhears, and asks what she isnít supposed to know. Morgan tells her that he didnít see her come in. Kiki says she noticed, and asks again what she isnít supposed to know.

At the hospital, Samís cell phone rings. She answers it, asking for Julian.  Julian asks how Daniel is. Heís glad when Sam tells him that Daniel is fine. He tells her that this would be his last call for the night. Sam asks if he has big plans. Julian tells her that heís about to take his business to the next level.

In his home, Sonny turns on some music and starts to dance. Olivia walks in, and Sonny asks her to dance with him, then takes her in is arms and dances with her.

Sabrina tells Carlos that she hasnít been his girl in a long time, since they broke up. She asks what he is doing there. He tells her that a business opportunity came up, and when he saw it was in Port Charles, he grabbed it, knowing he would see her. He asks if she isnít going to invite her in.

Patrick puts away a medical file, and asks how Sam is doing. She says sheís good, and that sheís taking a break. She mentions that Alexis is with Daniel. Patrick hears that Daniel is doing well. Sam tells him that Daniel is doing great. Patrick tells her that itís thanks to Derek. Sam tells him that Silas gets some credit, too. Patrick shares with her that he didnít think much of Silas at first. Sam agrees that Silas gave her a bad first impression, too, but things got better. Patrick asks how much better. Sam tells him that Silas asked her to go to the party for Kiki and Morgan with him.

Ava comments how itís impossible to keep anything from Kiki. She covers by telling Kiki that Morgan is planning a little surprise for Kiki. Morgan agrees, telling her that now it wonít be a surprise. Kiki says since she knows, now, maybe he could give her a hint. Ava tells her no hints, then tells her to go get dressed. Kiki kisses Morgan, then leaves to get ready for the party.  Morgan thinks that was too close, and Ava tells him how at least one of them can think on their feet. Morgan says the last think he needs is for Kiki to find out that he knew that she and Michael werenít cousins before they married.

Carly tells Michael that he doesnít have to attend the party. Michael feels like itís the least he can do after not trusting Morgan when Morgan was on the level. He says he wants to wish them well, and heís even bringing a date. He says he needs to go get Penny, so Carly tells him to go. She says she needs to talk to Sonny anyhow.

Olivia asks whatís going on, and Sonny says that heís just trying to get into a party mood. Heís ready to go, and Olivia asks about his good mood.  Sheís wanting to make sure the good mood is coming from the right place. Sonny tells her how they need to celebrate, and that Connie would want him to do to. Olivia agrees that heís right. He tells her how Ava told him that they need to celebrate life, not death.

Ava tells Morgan that heíd better go. He wonders where he is going. Ava tells him to go get the wonderful surprise for Kiki, and she gives him permission to use her credit card one last time. Morgan thanks Ava for the party, and she tells him to get lost. Once heís gone, Ava calls Julian, asking if plans are moving along. He tells her that theyíre about to take Sonnyís shipment, so she can enjoy the party. She sees Silas walk in and tells Julian that she intends to.

Sonny and Olivia are interrupted by Shawn and Max. Shawn says they need to talk to Sonny. Olivia excuses herself to give them some privacy. Carly walks in as Olivia walks out of the living room. Carly asks Olivia about Sonny. Olivia says heís better than ever, but Carly canít believe it. Olivia tells her what went on between her and Sonny in the living room. She tells Carly that they apparently have Ava to thank for Sonnyís good mood.

Ava tells Derek that Sonny will be occupied all night, and nowhere near the dock. She watches Silas get on the elevator, and tells Julian that her party is about to start. Julian says his party is about to start, too, then hangs up.

Shawn and Max mention to Sonny how his shipment is due to come in while Sonny is at the party. Sonny asks if they can handle it, and they say they can. Sonny reminds them how they interrogated a man and got the name of a dead man as the person who is moving against him. He starts shouting at Max, but then says heís kidding, and laughs as he mentions Maxís reaction to Shawn. Sonny tells them that they should do what they need to do, but do it right, and donít play with dead people. He leaves and joins Carly and Olivia in the entryway. He tells Carly how good she looks, then leaves for the party with Carly and Olivia.

Ava comes off the elevator, and tells Silas that sheís glad heís there. He says that he promised Kiki heíd be there. Ava mentions how he hasnít returned her calls. He said he was going to in 20 years, the same length of time it took her to tell him about Kiki. Ava asks for understanding, telling him that she had good reasons for keeping Kiki secret, and that he should understand that. Silas comments how the news is out, and nothing happened. Ava tells him that heís right, and that gives them more reason so celebrate together, especially since he is alone.

Sam tells Patrick how Silas asked her out, and Patrick mentions Silas making a move on her. Sam disagrees, saying it was just a dinner invitation, but then the party came up, so Silas asked her to attend with him, but she declined. Patrick wonders why she declined. Sam tells him that she needs to be there for Daniel. Patrick says that Daniel is a good excuse, if thatís the real reason she said no.

Sabrina asks Carlos if heís crazy. He says heís crazy about her. Sabrina says that thereís a little girl sleeping, then asks how he knew where she was. He tells her that he met Felix at the apartment. Sabrina canít believe that Felix would tell him where to find her. He says that Felix referred him to the hospital, but they told him she was taking care of a sick girl. He then tells her how he loves how caring and compassionate she is. Sabrina reminds him how he didnít want her to become a nurse. Carlos tells her how heís changed, but she laughs. He tells her that she hasnít changed a bit. Sheís still the girl he was in love with, and he is still in love with her.

Sabrina tells him not to say that because he isnít in love with her. He says that she broke up with him. He wanted to marry her and have a family with her. He still wants it. He walks into the house, telling her that heís there for her.

Sam wonders what other excuse she would use. Patrick suggests that she would use Jason. He says that moving on is hard. Sam asks if he ever used Emma as an excuse. Patrick tells her that Emma is just one excuse that he used. Sam admits that she is using Daniel as an excuse. Patrick tells her that admitting it is the first step.

Silas tells Ava that he needs a drink. Ava tells him that she wants him to help her greet guests. He says heís not the host, she is. Ava tells him that as the father of the bride, heís just as important. Sonny steps off the elevator with Carly and Olivia. Ava welcomes them to the party. Ava tries to introduce Silas but Sonny is ready for drinks. Carly watches Sonny with concern as he orders champagne. Ava comments on Sonnyís mood, but Olivia disagrees that heís in a good mood. Carly asks to speak with Olivia privately, the leads her aside. Silas to Ava comments on how itís going to be a hell of a party. Olivia comments to Carly that Sonny seems off, but Carly asks Olivia if Sonny is on his meds.

On the docks, Shawn tells Max that the delivery should be there in thirty minutes. Max is concerned about Sonny and his good mood. Shawn comments on how strange the Vince thing was. Max tells Shawn how Sonny wasnít thinking very clearly, but Shawn tells Max how pissed Sonny was at him when he shared Vinceís information with Sonny. Max wonders why Vince would lie when he thought they were going to fry him. Shawn says maybe because his boss isnít dead. A short distance away, Julian listens to Shawn and Max.

While Sonny instructs the bartender, Carly and Olivia watch, then Carly tells Olivia that Sonny has highs and lows, but that is a huge mood swing. Olivia asks if she thinks Sonny is off his meds, but Carly says Olivia needs to tell her. Olivia isnít sure, but Carly stresses how important it is for them to make sure heís on his meds. She tells Olivia that when he gets into moods like this, it could get very bad. Sonny joins them with some champagne for each of them. He tells them how good they look. Sonny notices Michael arriving with Penny. Carly tells Sonny how Michael says he wants to be there to support Morgan and Kiki. Sonny notices that at least Michael brought a date. Michael introduces Penny to Sonny, Carly and Olivia. Ava then announces the arrival of Morgan and Kiki. They enter the room to applause and then dance as everyone watches. Penny comments on Kikiís dress, and how cute Morgan and Kiki are together. As she dances with Morgan, Kiki looks over his shoulder at Michael, who is staring back.

Sabrina asks if Carlos is there to tell her that he wants her back. He says he wants to share his life with her. Sabrina accuses him of wanting her barefoot and pregnant, but he says he never said that. She tells him that he made his expectations of her clear, but sheís followed her dreams. He tells her that heís proud of her.  Carlos tells her that she can have her dreams and have a life with him. Sabrina tells him that things have changed. She says that she now has Patrick and that she and Patrick are in love.

Sam asks why it feels like sheís betraying Jason. Patrick says itís because they were in love when Jason died. She wonders if the feeling like sheís betraying Jason ever goes away. Patrick believes it does. He tells her that she will open up and things will fall into place. He shares his experience with Sabrina, telling her that Robin would want him to be happy, and he imagines that Jason would want the same for Sam.

Ava asks Silas if he can believe they created such a beautiful daughter. Kiki and Morgan exchange compliments. Morgan tells Kiki that now heís glad that Ava threw the party for them. He tells her how much he loves her, and that sheís the best thing to happen to him. They exchanges I love you and kiss. As Michael watches Kiki and Morgan, Sonny assures Michael that heís a good man, and a good brother, then urges him to hang in there.  Penny asks Michael what Sonny meant, and Michael blows it off. Penny then guesses that Kiki is the one Michael is I love with. Michael tells her that sheís right. Morgan and Kiki finish dancing. Ava now orders a dance for the parents of the bride and groom. Sonny and Carly dance after Sonny urges Carly to dance with him. Ava presses a reluctant Silas to dance with her for their daughter. As he dances with Ava, Silas congratulates Kiki, and tells her that she is beautiful. Kiki tells him that sheís glad he came to the party. Silas starts to leave the dance, but Ava stops him, and they share memories they had of the song. Silas comments that he vaguely remembers the night Ava brought up. Sonny comments to Carly how Ava throws a great party. Carly says the party isnít great for Michael. She tells him how miserable Michael is. Sonny urges them to celebrate. Carly then asks if heís off his med. Sonny gets upset and starts to walk away. Carly stops him, reminding him that she knows what heís like when heís off his meds, and thatís whatís going on.  Carly tells Sonny to take care of himself, and he insists that he is. She wants to know where his meds are, and he says theyíre at home. She tries to take him home, but he walks away from her to Olivia and dances with her. Silas tells Ava that they were young and crazy once. Ava says they were crazy about each other, just like Morgan and Kiki.

Sam tells Patrick that Jason would want her to be happy, but she doesnít feel ready. She then tells him how good a person Sabrina is, and he agrees. Patrick tells Sam how wonderful Sabrina has been for him and Emma. Sam tells Patrick how heís found a keeper. Patrick tells her how heís glad he was smart enough to fall in love with Sabrina.

Carlos looks at a picture of Patrick with Robin and Emma, then asks Sabrina if sheís seeing a married man. Sabrina explains that Patrick is a widower. Carlos thinks that sheís consoling Patrick but Sabrina says thatís not it. Carlos asks what about them, reminding her that she told him that he was her soul mate. Sabrina blames youth for what she told him. Sabrina tells him how different things are with Patrick than with Carlos. She tells him that he needs to leave. She urges him to finish his business and leave, and not to come back. Carlos vows to not give up, saying that he loves her, and he is sure he loves him deep down. He then leaves.

Patrick tells Sam that heís not going to tell her what to do, but he encourages her to leave Daniel with her mother, and go out to have fun. She thanks him for the talk as he leaves her.

Silas approaches Kiki and Morgan, and they make small talk. Morgan goes to speak with Sonny. Silas guesses that Kiki invited her to irritate Ava. She admits it is a perk of his being there, but sheís glad heís there. She admits that she is scared. Silas tells her that they can take things as slow as she wants. Penny tells Michael that she doesnít want to get involves with any family drama. She wishes him the best, an leaves. Morgan thanks Sonny for the party, and for being on his side. Sonny tells him how he wants Morgan to be happy. Michael comments to Kiki how great she looks. Kiki tells him that he recognized his date. Michael tells her that Penny left, and he thinks she knows why. Morgan joins them, and asks  Michael to propose a toast to them, and he promises to. Carly and Olivia watch as Sonny starts flirting with a waitress. Carly suggests they try to get Sonny home to take his meds.

Shawn tells Max how he tried to find Vince to discuss his lying to Shawn, but he couldnít find Vince. They wonder if Vince maybe left town or was taken out. They then notice a speedboat approaching. Shawn and Max note how the boat is right on time. The speedboat then explodes. From his hiding space, Julian looks at his watch and comments that the explosion is right on time.

 Silas approaches Ava who asks how his talk with Kiki went. Silas tells her it was brief but he sees potential. He says that Kiki is wary but he doesnít blame her. Ava tells him how wonderful Kiki is, and how she sees both of them in her. She tells him that she feels the connection with Silas when she looks at Kiki. Silas says that the connection is gone, and itís not coming back. Ava insists that itís there and she knows Silas feels it, too. Ava leans up and kisses him. Sam arrives and gets off the elevator to see Ava kissing Silas. Sam then gets back on the elevator as Silas pushes Ava away, asking what sheís doing. He tries to stop Sam on the elevator, but is too late as the doors close. He then runs out of the room to go after Sam. Ava watches him go as Kiki calls her over, telling her that Michael is about to make his toast. Michael makes a toast to Kiki and Morgan.

Patrick arrives home, and kisses Sabrina hello. Patrick asks if she got his message, but Sabrina doesnít know about his message. She says she must have left her phone in the other room. Patrick tells her about a friend from Puerto Rico looking for her. As he walks off, she says to herself that the ďfriendĒ found her.

Max asks what happened, and Shawn asks Max if heís ok. Shawn and Max run off to investigate. Julian steps out of his hiding place to watch them. Heís joined by another man. He compliments the man on a nice job. The second man thanks him. The second man is Carlos.

Carly and Olivia try to take Sonny home to get him to his meds. Sonny isnít ready to go. He says that he wants to say his peace and wants to make a toast of his own. Carly tries again to stop Sonny, but Sonny continues on. He begins to rant about Connie not being there, and being murdered by AJ. Michael tries to stop him, but Sonny continues on. Sonny tells Michael that he never wanted to hurt Michael. He confesses to Michael that he knew Michael and Kiki were not related before Morgan and Kiki got married.  He says that he let Michael believe a lie, because he promised Morgan that he would.

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